SOFI – THE NAKED NUN – 2CHAPTER TWO: THE GATEIt took a long, bumpy, regional, prop plane ride, a long bus journey, and two legs of boat segments before I arrived on the docks of a tiny village very deep in the jungle. The villagers were clearly a mixed group of regional tribes in wide-ranging dress … or undress. In my full habit garments, I received many stares of curiosity. Struggling with communication, they looked at me and simply pointed me through the village and out the far side. In short order, I found myself at something of a compound. The crude road I had walked from the dock through the village had now given way to nothing more than a well beaten path. Beyond where I stood was nothing but deeper jungle.It was afternoon. After days of travel in bad conditions, I was tired, hungry, and felt dirty from sweat and the lack of adequate opportunity to wash myself. I knew I looked a sight in my messy habit and was suddenly very nervous about the impression I would make, if I had indeed found the compound of the Sisters of Mary Magdalene. But I put pride and vanity aside, as was our teaching, and considered my situation. I stood before a roughly constructed gate that provided an entry through an equally roughly constructed fence. Inside were several buildings, huts really, constructed of wood, bamboo, and thatch similar to those in the village I had just passed through. I could see expansive gardens of vegetables, various farm a****ls, some behind smaller fences, but no human movement.I looked back in the direction of the village. I was at the edge of the village, clearly separated, but within easy view of it. The village had been very active with people milling and moving about, c***dren playing and smaller ones seeking comfort behind women as I passed. There had been many fires in shacks and outside where women prepared breads and food. Dogs, goats, and donkeys were visible along the way or behind the shacks. Men were visible. All seemed to know what needed to be done and were doing it without the rush of cities. The humidity this deep in the jungle was oppressive, if not necessarily the heat. The people comfortably wore a minimum of clothing, many nothing but a simple cloth over their loins or wrapped around the waist. Nearly all women were bare-breasted and all the c***dren were naked even into puberty. It was quite a contrast as I passed through in full black and white habit of heavy, thick material.I refocused on the inside of the compound. What was the purpose of the gate? Do I just enter to make contact? Is the gate simply to keep the a****ls inside the fenced area? Or, is the gate like the door to a dwelling that you are expected to be invited through? What is the custom and expected practice? As I stood before the gate, I was sure I detected movement, shadows, fleeting images of movement through the openings and doors of the huts. I was convinced my presence was known to them. My garments most certainly would indicate to them what I was, if not who I was or why I was there. That they didn’t come out seemed to me, finally, to be some form of trial on their part to discern my intentions. From their standpoint, what is a strange nun in full habit doing this far in the remote jungle? What would bring her to this remote village and their front door? It certainly couldn’t be happenstance or coincidence.So, I did the only thing I could do under the circumstances, the only thing our training provided as a guide … I knelt on the hard-packed dirt in front of the gate of wooden slats. After another look at the window and door opening, again spotting fleeting movement, I bowed my head to pray. I prayed for guidance and awareness. I prayed for calm and understanding. I prayed that I might be accepted, that I might be worthy.I didn’t know how long I had been in that position before the gate. Prayer can become hypnotic, deeply meditative where conscious thought and awareness ceases. That condition was broken by an awareness of something before me. My eyes opened in a flutter to find bare legs with sandaled feet on the other side of the gate. I looked up the body in front of me to find a naked woman. Well, nearly naked. A cross on a necklace hung between her breasts and her head was covered by the short veil of a habit. Before I could recover from my shock, she passed a wooden hewed cup over the gate.“Drink.” I took the cup from her, glanced inside at the liquid, and trustingly and gratefully drank it fully. She offered only a small smile and five words, “Perhaps you may be worthy.”Perhaps you may be worthy. Those five words echoed in my head long after the woman had turned from the gate and returned to the nearest hut. I saw a few faces and forms appear in the openings but no other movement to welcome me or to give me instruction. So, this was a trial of some short. But, what kind? What must I do for their approval, their acceptance?The drink was good. The heat … but the humidity is oppressive. Small wonder everyone is naked or nearly so. I considered the woman who approached me and left so quickly. Her nudity was such a surprise but the offered drink captured my attention. After I drank, she turned and left with only those five words. She wasn’t a particularly attractive body. As I continued kneeling, left to my imagination and serious consideration of what I was doing here, I replayed the very brief encounter. There had been no indication of shyness or embarrassment from her. She was overweight, her breast sagging, her belly, hips, and thighs full and jiggled as she stepped. She hadn’t nervously looked about as if she feared being seen. She was calm and comfortable and seemed to reflect a natural behavior. This was a surprise. Should it have been, I wondered? If the Magdalenes accepted sex in their ministry to reach and support those they ministered to, why should their appearance be the same as the restrictive Orders decreed by the Church? It occurred to me that the priest’s research and comments opened the door to my imagination without providing me with any real information or expectation of what I would find if I actually found an enclave of Magdalenes. He said they evolved and adapted to the needs of each people and environment they encountered. Being driven from the lands taken over by the Church, escaping Europe, and retreating further and further to remote lands, what adaptations might have occurred in a remote, primitive region such as this where civilization has had limited impact and is now somewhat protected from impact?If the heat and humidity hadn’t been uncomfortable enough, the sky suddenly opened up. My mental exercises diverted me from awareness of my surroundings. The speckled sunlight through the canopy of trees overhead was replaced by deep shadow. When the afternoon rain started, it was like a huge tarp canopy filled with water was released at once. I thought my sweat under the habit was uncomfortable but instantly I was drenched through all the layers of my garments. The heavy garments hung on me with surprising weight. I considered rushing to the dwelling in front of me, but I had not been invited. The surrounding massive trees might provide some cover but I was already sodden. With rain dripping from my face over my eyes, I spied shapes in the openings of the hut. They were aware … of course they were aware. These sudden rains probably happen every afternoon. So, I didn’t move as small rivulets of rainwater trickled past me on the hard-packed ground.Then … the rains stopped. Just as suddenly as it had occurred, it was gone and the sun again beat down on the open spaces. Unbelievably, the humidity seemed to somehow spike higher. It had seemed like 100% before, how could it be higher now? But it was, oppressively higher.That was when a second woman came from the hut to the gate. She too held a cup in her hands. She too was naked except she wore a small cloth around her hips tied at the side. The cloth did little to really cover her. It was worn thin and short, opening with each step. She was overweight and older, too. Her breasts were fuller, sagging even more than the previous woman. She too wore a simple short veil on her head and a cross hanging between her swaying breasts. The two women already reflected the variety of dress I had tuzla escort seen as I ventured through the village earlier.She handed the cup through the gate and waited as I consumed it. She remained as we seemed to consider each other. Would this be when I might be invited in? No.“What brings you here, c***d? How did you know to even look for us?” I told her my story including the priest’s research. I assured her the priest’s intention was to impart the role of women and not to speculate where they might still be ministering. She seemed to relax and it occurred to me they might be in constant concern of being discovered by civilization and be forced to retreat further into the remoteness of the Amazon basin or resign any claim to their Order. She nodded in consideration. “Then, you intend to join us here in our ministry?” I nodded, my expression becoming hopeful. “We’ll see. Stand and remove your habit … everything but your cross and veil. We will see if you are worthy of being a Magdalene.”I gazed up at her. I was shocked by the order. Strip off my habit? Outside the gate of the compound? At the edge of the village? But how could I reasonably be shocked? Wasn’t she herself basically naked? Hadn’t the previous Sister been naked?I rose before her. My knees seemed to not want to straighten after the long time kneeling on the hard ground. I glanced down at my mud-covered habit. It was soaked by the downpour and felt like a ton weighing on me. I slowly began removing layers of garment, the heavy outer garments, the lighter, conservative under garments. After removing the utilitarian black shoes and socks, I stood before her naked but for the cross hanging between my breasts and the veil covering my head. The Sister bundled up my garments.“These will be cleaned in case you don’t remain. If you do remain with us …”, she smiled, “you won’t be needing them and they will be stored away.”Just like that, she turned and left. I was confused. I was sure by the interaction I would be invited inside, perhaps on a trial basis, but still allowed inside. I stood naked, exposed, confused, and uncertain outside the gate. I glanced back in the direction of the village. I saw a small gathering of people in roadway passing through the village. My ancestry was a mix of nationalities, common for Brazilians, with European, Spanish, Portuguese, and Indian mixed over the generations. Compared to these people, my skin was light, even if it could otherwise be considered brown by most descriptions. The people watching, the people of the village, were essentially naked, too. Somehow, though, my standing before them made me feel especially exposed. I came here blindly, not really knowing what to expect. My thinking had been simplistic. What did I expect from an order in the remoteness of the jungle that somehow incorporated allowance for sexual interaction into the ministry? How naïve can a girl be? What would be expected of me here? The flush burned in my humiliation of standing naked before these people. Again, I asked myself, why? Why was I feeling humiliation? Why would I feel humiliation when the other Sisters were also naked? They have adapted to the people by being like them. Isn’t that what the priest said about the Magdalenes?I knelt in the sloppy ground and resumed my wait. Clearly, this was part of a trial. Could I blame them for wanting to test me? A nun in full habit suddenly appearing before them. Now accepting what was happening, I wondered what this trial might include before they became satisfied.People roamed closer, some passing by behind me. Some passed along the path into the jungle. Others appeared only to be curious about me. Should I remain kneeling or attempt interaction? I turned and sat on my heels. I connected with the young, first. They seemed to look at the veil and cross as if they were indicators, but I was new and they were tentative. I could also see something else in our awkward interaction hindered by my communication in Portuguese while their language was something else but some words seemed to connect between us. The something else was my body and it occurred to me … they were used to Sisters being old, plump if not fat, with sagging breasts and jiggling bodies. I was quite young, my breasts and body firm and tight. I noticed them talking quietly among themselves with some controlled excitement. I didn’t know what that was about but I accepted and welcomed whatever connection was occurring. After a time, the initial fascination waned and I was left alone at the gate when the appearance of more men indicated it was evening meal time. That reminded me that I hadn’t eaten since some pieces of fruit offered to me on the small boat coming up the river that morning.It had long since become dark and the nun brought a lit torch, which she inserted into a holder in the supports of the gate. She also brought me a drink, but that was all. She smiled at me but all she said to me was, “Perhaps you may be worthy.” She said that as she closed the gate on me.Much later in the night, my shoulder was being nudged by a sandaled foot. I had apparently fallen asleep on the hard dirt in front of the gate. It surprised me given the unfamiliar sounds of the nearby jungle and the sounds of dogs and people from the village earlier. All was very quiet now, even the nearby jungle. The nun was still naked except for the veil on her head, cross around her neck, and sandals. After taking more drink, I sensed additional movement near the open gate. Anticipating perhaps another nun, I instead found a dog. A mongrel, certainly, with dark rough hair and about 50 pounds in weight.As I looked from the dog to the nun, I guessed she was in her mid-60’s, but she could have been younger or older. It occurred to me that life would be hard here and aging of the body and face could easily mask reality. The hair on her pelvis was not trimmed or cut. As I looked higher, her stomach had a bit of a pouch and her breasts sagged. Her face was soft, even in the light of only the torch, but it also had a stern look on it. She didn’t introduce herself like the other two nuns before her.“You may be worthy, but we’ll have to see.” She spoke sternly and with authority. “We must be sure.” There was something in her eyes and face that seemed to betray the sternness of her voice. In the flickering light of the torch, I thought I saw concern reflected for just a moment. She then stepped away from me and through the gate. When she closed the gate, the dog remained outside with me.She remained just inside the gate. She offered no other comment, demand, or guidance. I was kneeling with my butt on my heels in front of the dog who was sitting and the two of us in front of the gate where the older nun patiently watched. Her comment, ‘You may be worthy, but we’ll have to see’ repeated in my mind. The priest appeared to be correct in all his assessments: the existence of this Order, the general location of it, and even the sexual proclivity the Order might practice. He mentioned that some regions of Brazil were said to practice not only b********y but more advanced activities like bellyriding, which I was not familiar with and he chose not to comment on further.My previous singular experience, though leaving a lasting memory, was an accident or possibly ****, if a dog could actually **** a woman. The truth was that I was drunk from both alcohol and sex. I had been fucked by male acquaintances and aware of my circumstances when a dog was brought to me. They were laughing but I was making some effort to resist. The idea seemed too deviant at the time, but between my being held in place and the dog having assistance to achieve penetration, my mating and knotting with the dog had been accomplished. Despite my earlier resistance to the act, the primal pleasures were impossible for me to deny, though I attempted deny them after.Now, once again, I am naked and facing a male dog with my next actions possibly to be a judgment of my worthiness to be a member of this Order of nuns and the older nun was intently watching. Was this yet another trial? Was my willingness to engage in this form of sexual activity in some way an indicator of my commitment? This time, unlike that previous experience, I would be acting of my own will escort tuzla and without duress. I wasn’t sure how this was supposed to happen. But perhaps I shouldn’t need to worry about the how. I saw between the dog’s legs that his penis was showing from its sheath and what should have been obvious to me became obvious. The dog knew mating, whether with human females or not, and may require little additional encouragement. Any hesitancy was clearly on my part.With a deep breath and a shiver that rippled through my body, I crawled forward and nuzzled the a****l’s head between my breasts. I scratched behind his ears and down the ruff of his neck. After a few moments of this, I venture a hand underneath to slowly, reassuringly ease my hand over his belly. I soon encountered more penis out of the sheath than I had earlier observed. I lowered my face into his fur and breathed in his scent, which was musty and wild. Unsurprisingly, this was an a****l who lived in nature with comfortable association with humans. After another shiver, I released the a****l and turned around while assuming a position on my hands and knees before him and hoped he would act on the offering I was presenting. I shouldn’t have worried.After turning, the dog approached me with his snout seeking my scent until his nose was against my pussy. Up to that point I hadn’t considered how much this situation was affecting me physically. The first swipe of his tongue along my pussy caused me to gasp and sent another shiver through my body. The second lick easily parted my pussy lips, convincing me of my bodily excitement and anticipation. I arched my back as the next lick started, then sagged my back in a vain attempt to hold contact with the tongue for a milli-second longer.Somewhere in the distance I heard sounds, guttural and indistinct, only to slowly recognize the sounds as coming from me. I reacted instinctually, naturally, unthinking, and primally. I lowered my butt from his tongue, then raised it while wagging it from side to side, and the image that came to me was like a bitch in heat. Although I had to know I was still being watched, at the moment it was only the unknown dog and me. The feeling coursing through me was beyond a hoped-for experience like before and was instead a primal need so intense it could easily have scared me if I wasn’t so completely consumed by it.Even if I didn’t, the dog knew exactly what to do. After another lick to my drooling pussy, he jumped onto my back, his front legs lightly clamping around my waist as his pelvis thrust in rapid fire action until his penis sank into my pussy after 5 or 6 attempts, the bony tip jabbing around my hole until that moment of success. But, once he found my wet, clasping pussy, he loosened his grip on my waist, pressed forward, gripping me tighter. Then it was like having a small jackhammer ramming into me. And all the while he plowed into me his cock increased steadily in length and girth until I was gasping at the size, the dripping pre-cum escaping from it, and the a****l energy of it all.It was all too much and I moaned in the most a****listic and guttural way that added to my own arousal. I could feel an orgasm cresting already and it never relented, never slowed. When I came on his marvelous penis, his wonderous cock, I cried out as I felt like my body was going to explode. My pussy clamped tightly around the invading cock and for a moment he hesitated but my orgasmic explosive seemed to drive him further into a frenzy as if he was trying to consume me from the inside.That first orgasm hadn’t fully subsided when I felt something bumping, pressing against my pussy opening. The knot. I had forgotten since the first time. I am about to be tied to this dog! The knot pressed and bumped insistently for entry. My mind registered these thoughts, but my body was on fire as if my first orgasm only intensified my bodily need for more. I adjusted my hands and knees in the hard-pack dirt and pressed firmly, rigidly against this a****listic lover. I pressed back as he plowed forward at me until my pussy began to spread wider and wider, until I felt the delicious pain of being opened obscenely to be mated completely. When the knot popped into my pussy, I grunted and gasped, then settled in for his pending climax, which I remembered would be imminent. I was shocked, delightfully so, when I orgasmed, again. As soon as I felt the first spurt of his warm seed shoot into my pussy, it happened. I missed the feeling of any more spurts he gave me as a result, but my body shook and trembled, my nerve endings seemed to be firing in rapid and random sequences like some crazy fireworks display.The dog was still on my back. His furry chest and belly felt so intimate as he panted for breath, his saliva dripping onto my shoulder and back. His panting seemed to match my own. I smiled wickedly. We were one. Panting. Tied. A dominant dog and his … his … bitch. It wasn’t demeaning. I brought him satisfaction. I serviced him. How could a male and female bring each other such pleasure be wrong? If this is what life here will be like, I have found where I belong. The thought was clear to me. The sexuality I couldn’t push out of my mind and the service and caring I longed to continue were possible, but, instead of the favelas of Sao Paulo, it will the jungle tribes of the Amazon.As I felt the dog begin to climb over me and turn, I felt him stop as if restrained. I peered over my shoulder to find the nun with a hand on the dog’s back and another hand dip into a small bowl at her feet. Her hand moved from the dog’s back to lift its tail while her other hand dipped into the bowl moved to the rear of the dog.The nun knelt next to my head and stroked my shoulder. “You did very well, my c***d, but I have a suspicion there is much more to you. Enjoy what is to follow.”As if on cue, I felt the dog’s cock and knot begin swelling, again. After its climax, it had begun to soften but no more. The dog turned back and started humping me with new energy despite our being tied. With the knot firmly in place and only getting larger, his thrusting motion was greatly restricted. Two things happened almost immediately, though. My pussy began clamping around the struggling cock and knot. And, the frantic motion of the knot repeatedly slammed into my g-spot. Both had the effect of driving both of us into a new frenzy.In between gasps and groans, “What … did you … do?”Through the increasing panting, moans, and guttural sounds from both the dog and me I heard her response. “Yerba Dura, little Sister. It is a mixture of natural herbs and plants that has the effect to keep a penis hard and increase the production of semen. Some tribes use it for mating season of their livestock to improve insemination.”I gasped, “Oh, Lord ….”She chuckled, “I have never tried it, but it is said to have a remarkable effect on the female, also.” She put her lips close to my sagging head as if there might be anyone else to hear, “I dripped some over your clitoris, too. Is what they say true?”I cried out as I orgasmed, again. “OH, LORD! LORD, YESSSSSSS!”Her next words caused a small orgasmic peak to the one I was already experiencing. “I think you have found your true calling and place to serve your Lord, little Sister.” She stroked my shoulder, “But, your night has only begun.” Then she left. I heard the gate close behind her but I was already refocused on the dog cum leaking into my saturated pussy and the knot grinding against my g-spot bringing me to orgasm after orgasm.I have no idea how long my body spasmed on the knot and cock that never relented, never stopped seeping seed into my pussy. When my mind cleared, though, the earliest morning light was piercing through the towering trees to the East and flickering against my eyes. I was curled on the ground as though at some point in the night the dog had released me finally and I sought to protect myself subconsciously. The dog was nowhere to be seen but 3 naked nuns were gathered around me. They seemed to range in age from the upper-50’s to 60’s, though I guessed that the hard life in the primitive jungle conditions could seem to accelerate the aging appearance.I rose to rest on my knees and was given water by one of the nuns. It was then that I noticed tuzla escort bayan a large wet area where I had been on my hands and knees during the night. I blushed at the realization that all that had to have come from me and the dog.“You did well, Sister.” I looked up to the voice. It came from the nun I had been interacting with in the night. The other nuns smiled down at me, all were adorned in similar short veils, crosses, and sandals. “There is one more task I want you to try.” It was then that I heard the shuffling of hooves approaching.I turned to look into the face of a donkey. And, like the dog the previous night, its penis was coming out of its sheath. Obviously, the scent of sex was heavy in the still, moisture-saturated morning air … and saturated into the ground.“You want me to … to fuck him?”“No … well …” The lead nun chuckled but seemed to consider what I asked. Perhaps she hadn’t meant that before, but … “Little Sister, you have had some previous experience with sex.” It wasn’t really a question but I nodded, anyway. “By chance have you also fucked a donkey, too?”My mouth dropped, “NO!”She smiled and there was a lot more behind that smile. “Then, no, not at this time.” She smiled at the other nuns who seemed to be enjoying my situation a little too much, I thought. “For now, just suck him off. But, be careful. When he comes, I hear it might well be a gusher. We wouldn’t want you to choke so soon on arriving.” That was followed by more giggling and chuckling.In my kneeling position, I had a clear view of the donkey’s cock partially exposed from its sheath underneath him. My mind reeled and I glanced up at the three nuns standing around me and the donkey. One of the nuns held the donkey reassuringly and it seemed quite calm. But my eyes continued to return to the cock as if it were magnetic to my gaze. My mind tried to come up to speed with the expectation as my eyes settled on it. At 8 inches of exposed cock, it was clearly the largest thing I could have imagined and I was sure that was only part of it and there was much more still to drop. I felt a flush rush over me as I recognized in me a fascination and curiosity for it. I flushed because I had no idea what I had considered as a longing for sexual contact could take on such an intensity for deviance and extreme behavior. I glanced up at each of the nuns and found no judgement in them. Their countenances only registered expectation, excitement, anticipation, and their own shared curiosity.I ducked my head and moved on my knees further under the donkey. My hands reached up and gently touched the exposed cock. I peeked out from under at the nuns I could see. They stood expressionless watching me. The dog seemed to be one thing to me, but the donkey … was this really the kind of thing these nuns have been involved in? Was this a supreme test? Was this a deal breaker if I refused? Those thoughts and question bounced around in my head, but there was something else that became as defining when recognition hit me. Despite the doubt and question and anxiety, my hands were slowly moving over the increasing length of the donkey’s cock. Realizing that action coming from me without thought being involved set off a chain reaction of sorts. My eyes couldn’t leave the cock as my hands slid over it, more and more length immerging from the sheath as I did, and the size becoming something of intense curiosity. As the cock immerged and grew in my hands, a growing curiosity overtook me with wonder and amazement. Then, a powerful compulsion took hold of me to experience it in some way. It was like a d**g that started with being told to be naked in public, magnified by being taken by the mongrel, and finally now with the most amazing cock I could imagine.My hands didn’t stop moving over the length of the cock as it was now at least a foot and a half long and stiff in my hands. Could the Yerba Dura the nun rubbed over my clit still be stimulating my desire? Or, was this merely my nature, my natural lust-expression being released. I wasn’t going to deny myself this experience. I knew in my soul I wanted it. I wanted to experience this deviance, something that seemed to be the expression of willingness to do whatever would be needed to be done.I reached my lips up to the tip of the straining cock in my hands. I touched the oddly shaped head to my lips. My hands continued to stroke and one hand slid down to the base to feel the ball sack hanging behind. It was all so obscene, so stimulating, so exciting, so arousing. As I crouched under the donkey, I could feel my pussy leaking fluid. Dog cum, yes, but probably also my increasing arousal, too.My mouth opened and the head of the cock passed between my lips. My tongue probed against it, pressing against the hole in the end. My lips closed around the end of the cock and I sucked on it. My tongue had felt the precum escaping from it but now I felt and tasted more of the precum flowing into my mouth. Even with my limited experience, I wasn’t repulsed by the taste and feel which propelled me to push my mouth over the cock, taking more of it into my mouth. My entire body shivered and I dropped from a crouch to my knees. The arousal was amazing. I felt another orgasm rising within me and I was not even being physically stimulated. The arousal was only what I was doing and what I was doing was making love to what I considered a giant cock.I nearly forgot about the b**st attached to the cock until it jerked above me. It stutter-stepped and the cock thrust into my mouth, jamming against the back of my mouth and partially into my throat. I pulled back enough to cough around it and swallow hard but I immediately resumed my mouth action over it. I was sliding my mouth over it, as far as I could comfortably take it into my mouth and throat without gagging, then clamping my lips and sucking as I pulled my mouth back.I had one hand on the balls, the other still stroking the length of cock not inside my mouth, which was the vast majority of it. My hand on the balls felt it first. The ball I clutched tightened. The cock in my hand pulsed and jerked which was felt in my mouth as the head swelled and the jerk sent it deeper into my mouth. I pulled my head back until the head was the only part in my mouth as the cock swelled fuller and tightened with increased size. The next pulse my hand felt caused my eyes to open wide in anticipation and lustful intent. But, even with the warning from my hand, I wasn’t prepared for the explosion in my mouth. Cum shot out of the cock opening and splashed against the back of my mouth, into my throat, and instantly filled my mouth. Rather than swallowing, my throat closed at the sensation of something suddenly forcing its way in. My conscious recovery was too slow. I tried opening my throat to swallow but the cum was already backing up, forcing its way out of the confines of my mouth. My lips assisted by opening around the cock and cum sprayed out but it was too much. The cum that entered my closed throat found another passage to escape through … my nasal passage. In desperation, I pulled my mouth completely off the cock. Cum ran out of my mouth and nose. Just as I took a refreshing breath, though, the cock erupted a second time. This time it was pointed directly at my face as I gasped for air. The stream of cum splashed into my face and held my breath. When it stopped, I used the fingers of one hand to clear the cum from my eyes. My other hand sagged as I did so when the cock spewed out more cum, this time splashing my chest and breasts. I sighed and gasped. Donkey cum flowed down my body and between my spread thighs. I could feel the warm substance flow over my skin, between my legs, and over my aroused clit and pussy. I shuddered and shivered at the sensation.And then, it hit me … what had happened … what I had done … that I had an audience throughout it all … and not just before the sisters but in daylight near the edge of the village. Not that anyone could see through all the cum but I flushed intensely, my eyes fixed downcast on the ground. But even then, my eyes found puddles of cum to highlight my action.Rising from underneath the donkey covered in cum, I drew a reaction from the 3 sisters I wasn’t prepared for … very much of celebration or adulation. Each one of them hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead or cheek without regard to the donkey cum coating me. I was welcomed, finally, into the compound.* * * Chapter Three will follow * * * Thanks for reading

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