Softball Ch. 01

Non Nude

To be perfectly honest, Kristen never thought she had a chance with Andrea.

Andrea was, after all, the sexiest woman Kristen had ever laid eyes on; everything on her perfect-woman checklist, neatly marked off. Kristen considered her well out of her league, and contented herself to admire from afar. Or, since they ran in overlapping social circles and had a lot of common interests, from not-so-afar.

Somehow Kristen managed to get herself roped into playing bar league softball with some friends. “Sure,” she had grumbled. “I’m a lesbian, I must play softball, right?”

Her friend Jeff’s smile had faded, replaced with a look of embarrassed horror. “I didn’t think because you were a lesbian… so you DON’T play softball? You look like a softball player.”

Even after convincing the entire team of her ineptitude, they forced her to play. Despite her lack of experience with ball sports (pun very much intended), the team worked their way through the season and ended up in the championship game. What they lacked in athletic talent they made up for in a marked ability to perform while intoxicated.

That in that final game, Carl’s Uptown Tavern was scheduled to take on The Friendly Bar. Kristen looked forward to the game with mild anticipation; Andrea played for The Friendly Bar (apparently they needed a token lesbian, too), so even if everything else went wrong, Kristen still got to gawk at her in spandex shorts.

The game got underway with little fanfare, and what little fanfare there was mostly consisted of tapping the quarter-barrel. Three innings in, the score stood at 4-3 in Carl’s Tavern’s favor, and everyone had a friendly little buzz on.

As the innings ticked away, Kristen managed not to make a fool of herself, and helped put a few runs on the board. Andrea, on the other hand, was apparently some kind of softball prodigy.

The muscles on her slender arms packed quite a punch, it would seem. Her first at-bat, she drove home a solo home run, and later, in the final inning, belted out a triple that put her team in position to score the winning runs. Down 10-8, with no outs against them, she had pretty much ensured The Friendly Bar the mecidiyeköy escort bayan win, or at least a shot at extra innings, unless Carl’s could hold them to nothing.

Well, it didn’t happen. Jeff successfully struck out the next batter up, but was unable to keep it going. Ultimately, Dan (who was a co-worker of Andrea), hit one out of the park… or what would have been out of the park if they had been playing in a real ballpark with a fence. In any case, Andrea and then Dan trotted easily across home plate, and the game was over.

As the players and their fans (a smattering of spouses and a few random drunk guys who were “regulars” at the two sponsoring bars) congratulated each other and made promises of beers to be bought at the after-party at the winning team’s sponsor bar, Andrea strode past Kristen, slapping her ass on the way by. “Looking good out there,” she laughed as Kristen jumped in surprise.


The after-party, as these things tend to do, got a little out of hand. The losing team bought the winning team a round of drinks. The winning team bought the losing team a round of drinks. The bar bought both teams a round of drinks.

At some point, somehow, Kristen found herself leaning against the bar next to Andrea, who smiled, leaned in, and whisper-shouted over the din, “I meant what I said after the game. You’re looking really good tonight.” Her voice had that joyful not-quite drunk lilt to it.

Kristen wasn’t sure how to react. “Oh! Thanks. You’re… you’re looking really good, too.”

“I mean seriously!” Andrea went on, “This ass!” And then, for the second time in less than two hours, she smacked Kristen’s ass. This time, though, she let her hand linger there for a few seconds. Kristen felt the blood rushing to her clit, and everything in her suddenly ached for Andrea. Apparently maybe she had a shot.

Still struck somewhat dumb by the recent turn of events, Kristen lifted her eyes to Amanda’s and said, “Really?”

Stunning oratory, there, Shakespeare, Kristen mentally scolded herself.

Andrea laughed, “REALLY! I remember you being more talkative than this. I downed three drinks to get up the courage to approach you and all you say is, ‘really?’ Am I getting shot down here?”

That was enough to shake Kristen out of her stupor. “No. Fuck no! I was just… surprised. I didn’t think you were interested.”

“Well, I guess you don’t have eyes on your ass, then, because I’m pretty much always staring at it. GOD, did I just say that?”

“It’s OK. I spend more than a little bit of time staring at your tits, so I guess we’re even.”

The two of the spent the next few hours chatting, the physical distance between them shrinking as the after-party crowd cleared out. Jeff was among the last to leave, throwing his arms around the two of them and instructing them to “have fun” before being coaxed out the door by his sober, mildly annoyed, companion.

Andrea shook her head as they watched Kristen’s friend stumble out the door of the bar. “I think that might be my cue to leave. Looks like things are dying down. Want to head to my place? It’s like a half-mile from here.”

Kristen fought off the urge to go into struck-dumb mode again. “Sure, sounds good. Let me go to the bathroom quick first.”

In the tiny bathroom, Kristen peed and washed her hands. As she was drying her hands, the door swung open and Andrea strode in.

“You need to go, too? The stall is op…”

Andrea cut her off mid-sentence by pushing her up against the wall. “I couldn’t wait.”

That was all Kristen needed to hear. Their lips met in a frantic kiss, and her hands quickly made their way to Andrea’s chest. “God, these fucking tits. You know how long I’ve been wanting to get my hands on these fucking tits?”

Andrea moaned as Kristen gently rubbed her nipples. “Harder,” she panted. You’re going to have to be a little less nice about this.”

“Now that I can do,” Kristen responded. She pulled up Andrea’s shirt to reveal a flowered sports bra. Kristen pinched a nipple playfully but forcefully, and Andrea moaned again… though this time her moans were approaching a noise level that might draw attention.

“Shhhhhh… shhhhhh… you’re going to need to quiet it down if we’re going güngören escort bayan to do this here,” Kristen admonished, her thumb and forefinger still pinching Andrea’s left nipple.

“Oh god. I don’t… FUCK! I don’t care.”

“All right. Well in that case…” Kristen thrust her hand down Andrea’s compression shorts and promptly found her clit, engorged from all the nipple attention. She flicked it quickly a few times, and was delighted to feel Andrea shudder and move her hips instinctively into a more accessible position. Her pussy was positively dripping, and it was all Kristen could do to restrain herself from ripping Andrea’s shorts off and diving in face-first.

This tall, beautiful woman was wet… no, she was beyond wet, and Kristen had gotten her that wet. She had never felt so powerful, so completely sexual.

“Fuck me. Please, fuck me.” Andrea’s moans had quieted to an almost-breathless whisper.

Kristen, happy to oblige, stuck the middle two fingers of her left hand deep inside Andrea, settled her palm against the engorged clitoris, and then paused. “What was it you wanted?”

“Oh god… please.” It was Andrea’s turn to be dumbstruck, apparently.

Kristen’s right hand found Andrea’s left breast, once again. She pinched, harder than before, and Andrea let out an involuntary scream.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Fuck me! Just fuck me!”

“There we go.” Kristen began to thrust her left hand into and out of Andrea’s cunt. Andrea ground her clit up against Kristen’s palm, and she let out more more little screams and moans as Kristen continued to work her nipples with her right hand, and soon her mouth. Within what felt like a few seconds, Andrea was ready to burst.

“Oh god. Please… fuck. Just keep doing that. I’m going to come.” The volume of her voice, again, reached a level that made Kristen wonder if anyone outside could hear.

“That’s it, right there… Oh god. OH GOD…” Andrea’s words dissolved into rhythmic grunts as she came, hard. Her body bucked involuntarily, and she draped herself over Kristen as the waves dissipated.

“That was… refreshing,” Andrea laughed, straightening her clothing. “I guess I owe you one.”

“I’ll take it, but not here. I want to get a good look at you without all these fucking clothes on. And I need to taste that pussy at some point if you’re up for it.”

Andrea’s eyes glittered. “Let’s go back to my house.”

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