Solo Ch. 04: The ‘Reunion’

Cute Emo

Having given my name to the receptionist, she gave me the room key and directed me to the general location of the room. As I followed her directions, I thought of everything that led me here. From my first encounter with Bill and then a chance meeting with Karl. Well here I was, in the hotel on the edge of town.

I had told my wife that I was attending a school reunion, though just a few friends instead of the whole year group. She was happy for me to go as she had a weekend planned with some work colleagues and as I’m away, she may as well have a sleepover too.

But I was not at a school reunion. Well yes, I was here to see an old school friend who had moved away, but two weeks ago, at the chance meeting, we became more than just two old school friends. Karl had shown me new pleasures and, I think, I had shown him a good time too, so we had arranged this weekend as he was staying in the area for a separate matter. Karl had booked the room long in advance but had suggested I stay with him. I agreed, as last time my room at the conference I was attending was not used!

When I opened the door I was expecting to be the first to arrive, and though Karl wasn’t here, he had obviously arrived as his bags were in the cupboard as I went to store mine there. I left mine on top of his for now and looked around the room. The shower room was a walk in room, not as grand as before, but just as practical. Good! Then I wondered into the main area and noticed how large the room was. There was a sofa area with a tv and drinks table and in the sleeping area there was a double bed. A double bed! Good good! Karl only had one thing in mind.

I then noticed the box of beer on the desk. I walked over to it and found a note which read:

“I knew the beer would attract you so left this message here for you. If I’m not in the room it is because I’m in the sauna. Meet me there. Strict policy by the way, towels only!”

Having looked forward to this the last two weeks I suddenly became nervous as I walked toward the sauna area. The changing rooms were quiet and I undressed slowly, trying to get my bearings as well as building up confidence to head into the sauna. Having put everything in the locker I walked nakedly to the towel racks and helped myself to one, wrapping it around my waist and tying it at the front.

Upon opening the door I could see Karl sitting in the corner. He looked calm and collected, as I knew him to be, and he smiled and beckoned me over next to him. I sat with him on the bench before talking.

“Didn’t think you’d be here so early.” I stated.

“Oh, I like to check in ASAP, and take advantage of the facilities.”

“You never actually told me why you’re here.”

“School reunion. I told you.” Karl laughed, and so did I.

Karl raised his knee so his foot perched on the seating causing his towel to fall away. I had been looking forward to playing with his cock again and here it was right in front of me in this steamy environment. I moved my hand across and he stopped me.

“This is not the place.” He warned.

Shaking his hand off I ignored him and took hold of this beauty. I massaged his shaft with tender touches. He started growing almost immediately and he had to grab his towel to cover himself up again. I kept my hand where it was and he closed his eyes and rested his head on the wall behind.

I felt myself grow too and the towel wasn’t doing that much to hide it. I thought now was the time to stop in case someone walked in. With a little squeeze I released Karl and withdrew my hand. As I did so his towel dropped away again displaying his perfect erection. Big but manageable, lengthy but not difficultly long and thick without being mouth breaking. I could not ignore this moment and I reached over with my head and took him straight into my mouth, his hand on my head but not stopping me and I gorged on his magnificent meaty cock. Twisting my lips around his head, pushing down and pulling up I was having the steamiest feast of my life.

If I was to finish this then it would take a while. Karl was not an easy cummer like some of my recent participants. Karl had great staying power. I pushed down some more and then scared of being caught out I reluctantly stopped knowing we’d have plenty of time later.

Karl reached over and placed his hand on my thigh, reaching under the towel, and checking my own cock.

“We are both so hard. It’s a crime not to use them.” He said and then he gripped me enough to start rubbing my dick as he played with his own. I reached back over and massaged his head as he worked his shaft. I could sense he was close and he was struggling to maintain control. Quickly throwing my mouth round his tip again he pumped for dear life, wave after wave of deliciously hot Karl cum. I pushed to his base and pulled out, licking every bit of stickiness off him and then gently lip wanked his end to completely empty his cock of juices.

Having swallowed the lot I sat back up and Karl set off to work on me, wanking with güvenilir bahis his trademark ferocity and feeling my balls tighten too late he mistimed planting his face around my cock and I squirted my first shot over his chin before he regained his composure and found my dick with his mouth. With seemingly little effort he was able to time his licks with my throbs and soon I was so sensitive I had to stop him from cleaning me up. Wiping his chin with his towel he set his head back again into the wall and closed his eyes

For a moment we sat in silence, at peace with ourselves and then we thought it was time for a quick shower and a drink at the bar. Over a drink I took the opportunity to ask Karl again what he was doing here and he explained that there were three reasons. One, he was here to see his family and two he was here because his partner Luke, was in another room with his mistress. I was astounded.

“It’s fine, he says. As I mentioned before we have a very open relationship but with his lady friend, I am always nearby. Usually so he can tell me all about it as we make love immediately. I find that a huge turn in. Also, in the past we have both had a session with her, although I don’t interact with her, but she does like it when Luke is being sucked off as he licks her out. I think she finds the man on man thing a huge turn on.”

“Oh,” I was astounded. Never had I realised how many people enjoyed such things. I was still very naïve despite my recent actions. “What’s the third?” I continued.

“You, you fool. Or rather your mouth and knob!” Karl chuckled behind his bottle as he took a swig.

Finishing our drinks we headed back to the room. I opened the door and walked in and was startled to see some bloke sat on the bed with just a towel on the bed.

“Sorry, I think we have the wrong room.” I said. Karl pushed past and was equally surprised.

“Oh hi,” he said. “What brings you to my room?”

“The woman only won herself an evening of pampering in the spa so I’m at a loose end for a couple of hours. Thought I’d come and meet your fancy man.” He smiled mischievously, but without malice.

“Well here he is,” he pointed at me, and then pointed at the man on the bed, “and this is my hunk Luke “

“Hi Luke.” I said feeling awkward.

“Hi there.” Luke smiled again. “Help yourself to a beer boys and pass me one. I’m feeling somewhat underdressed here boys. Why not slip into a towel each yourselves?”

Karl passed over a bottle of beer to Luke and started undressing. I started too, though unsurely. I felt Luke’s eyes on me, taking me all in. His eyes were full of appreciation for my toned body. Having wrapped a towel around me I helped myself to a bottle and sat on the edge of the desk. Karl took position next to me.

“How was the sauna?” Luke asked.

“Satisfying.” Karl replied. “Shame you couldn’t join us. Risky but successful, for both of us.”

“I’m afraid I’m having to wait to get any action. I was hoping for a bit earlier, but as I said, my bitch went to the spa for pampering. Karl, do you think your bitch will help me with this?” With that he he unfurled his towel to demonstrate an erection that rivalled Karl’s. They made a great pair. And like Karl, Luke was shaven, but I noticed his balls were bigger and heavier. Never had I seen the like before. I stared. It was rude I know but that was all I could do.

“Stop thinking about it, help yourself.” Luke coaxed me. Slowly I headed his way. Bottle still in hand I took position between his legs and with my free hand I gently edged his impressive cock aside so I could have a free run at his balls. A tender flick with the tip sent sensual shivers through his body and then I flicked some more before slowly licking all around his sack.

Groans of pleasure were audible from Luke and this encouraged me further. I took as much of his ball bag into my mouth as I could and I started humming slightly to create vibrations. This was having an amazing effect on Luke and I could feel his cock throbbing with anticipation. This was thirsty work, and remembering my bottle in the other hand I poured a little over the end of his bulb and watched it drip down over his shaft and balls. The sudden coolness had shown how sensitive Luke was as he thrashed around with pleasure. I started lapping at the the beer drenched balls, savouring every drop. When I was finished I ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft only to be met by Karl. He had taken Luke’s bulb into his own mouth so he had the attention of two men licking and sucking away on his Crown Jewels.

Luke was in his element and even more so when Karl and I locked our lips together around his shaft so we were face fucking him in unison. This is the first time I licked lips with a man and especially with a cock in between, but Karl guided me up and down Luke’s knob and when we reached his bulb our mouths locked tighter and we started tonguing each other while tasting purple.

Luke was experienced. I could tell he never came easily türkçe bahis but this attention was too much even for him. Watching his partner kiss another man over his cock. He put a hand out to Karl to stop him from carrying on.

“Take a break brother. Let the new man have my cock to himself!”

With that Karl backed off and got off the bed. I was still positioned between Luke’s legs, lying on the bed with only my shoulders raised so I could snack on Luke’s meaty feast. I was enjoying myself so much and then I felt Karl take the bottle out of my hand and I felt the beer splash my back as he poured it over me. With his big hands he started massaging away as I sucked on his boyfriend. The feeling was surreal. I was being treated to a back rub and yet I was enjoying working away at Luke. I moved up onto my knees so I could attack this delicious cock from above and get him deeper into my throat.

I felt a tug at my towel and it fell away exposing my whole body. Karl moved his hands down towards my butt and started massaging my cheeks. I knew he wouldn’t attempt anything with my ass as he knew it was not one of my things, so I remained relaxed and rejoiced in the moment. After a while though he massaged something cold onto me which I later found out was lube and not beer and he traced his finger between my crack all the way to my balls. He stopped at my hole briefly and pressed gently. I was ok with this as he had done it before. Karl knew what I liked and I trusted him.

I changed my technique on Luke to gauge his reaction. I took his bulb into my mouth and turned my head in semi circle movements while I held and stroked his shaft. Luke was in his element. Leakage was trickling into my mouth and I was revelling in its warmth as I swallowed it down.

As I was doing this Karl slid his cock between my ass cheeks, pushing upwards towards my back and every time he got as far forward as possible his balls pushed against my hole. The feeling of it was sensational and I could feel myself being harder than ever before. Karl used my crack as a masturbator like this before stopping and placing the end against my hole and put just enough pressure to send me delirious.

Trusting that Karl would go no further than this I attacked Luke’s dick with extra gusto and this was sending him wild too. But for Luke, the action would soon stop as Karl suddenly pushed himself further into my ass. I could feel myself resist Karl’s intrusion but at the same time I was surprised at the intensity of pleasure it was giving me.

I could no longer concentrate on Luke and instead I rested my head next to his cock. He stroked my hair in a soothing way and then all of a sudden, my ass relented and Karl’s huge cock slid all the way in, his balls banging against mine. He thrust slightly, just so it reminded me he was actually fucking my ass but massaged my cheeks to help me feel settled. Luke continued to stroke my hair and I tried to take him back in my mouth but Karl, feeling my ass was now loosening slightly, started to withdraw further out before pushing in again.

Bearing in mind he has an eight inch cock, it felt eternal as he pulled back and pushed forward.

Soon he was pounding away behind me at a steady rhythm, tempo increasing every few thrusts. Karl the betrayer of my trust. Karl, my ass-cherry popper. I was feeling stretched and with every throb of his cock I was expecting his hot special filling up my crack but he carried on, not yet ready to give me my first cream pie.

I saw Luke wanking himself frantically as he was watching his boyfriend fuck this ass virgin. I took his purple in my mouth and sucked vigorously as he wanked. I don’t know if it was my help or Karl behind me but i soon found my mouth filling up with Luke’s plentiful cum. Luke’s groans were drowned out only by Karl’s as I felt him throb deep inside me. He throbbed three times and then I felt the most powerful throb ever, followed by another as Karl exploded inside me. Still pumping my ass as he filled me up. I was cummed at in two places at once and I felt good. I could feel it dripping on my chin, dripping over my balls and both boys were still emptying their sacks inside me. I was so hard. I reached down and started wanking myself.

Karl saw what I was doing and pulled out of me with a squelch. He then ducked under me to take me in my mouth but Luke then freed himself from my mouth, took position next to me and wanked me off into Karl’s mouth. One, two and then it was Karl having his mouth filled as I came uncontrollably, possibly the most I have ever come in my life.

Luke also got in on the act, firstly licking off what was left on my cock and then moving me to one side, he squatted in front of Karl and kissed him, swapping my cum between them, sharing my juices.

Following a brief moment of rest, Karl headed off for a shower. Luke looked over at me then gestured to the shower. “Let’s go.” Was all he said.

I followed and Karl was already washing himself down. Luke grabbed the soap dispenser güvenilir bahis siteleri and covered Karl in soap. Between us, Luke and I lathered Karl up, from his torso down to his legs. Luke even started kissing Karl’s balls when he was down on his knees so I moved behind Karl and started rubbing his back, moving my hands in circles until they reached his buttocks.

“Enjoy that?” He asked me, though without waiting for an answer, “I thought you might.”

“Smart ass!” I retorted. And with that I slapped his right ass cheek with my right hand. God it was toned, hardly moved, but I could see the effect it was having alongside Luke’s resuscitation skills. I was feeling myself get hard again too and when I looked down at Luke, he was also standing proud.

Reaching round, I started wanking Karl into Luke’s mouth but Luke didn’t stay on his knees much longer. He stood and reached for me. He started fondling my buttock while using his other hand to stroke me. When I looked, I saw Karl doing the same for Luke; in effect, we were stood triangularly , side on with each other, fondling asses and pulling on dicks.

It felt amazing, though I had to concentrate more on what I was doing than what was happening to me. The water being sprayed on us enhanced the sensation and I could feel myself once again reaching my point of no return. To delay this, and to prevent me looking like the new boy, I pulled free of the other two then took both their cocks, one in each hand and started rubbing them together. Stroking their bulbs together, massaging the shafts, I then went on my knees and took Karl into my mouth and pushed him deep into my throat. I carried on wanking Luke while I sucked on his boyfriend. I could feel both men move together and embrace. With a mouthful I took a glance upwards and saw them kissing. Moving my head to take Luke instead, I heard Luke gasp with joy and Karl gasp with anguish. I was doing something right that’s for sure!

Enjoying the alternating suck and wank, both immediately placed their hands on my head so they could force it so I was facing between them, then together they pushed their cocks in together, side by side. They moved forward together and pulled back together. When they were in I made a sucking action and I could feel them both throb in unison. We carried on like this for a few minutes but then Luke withdrew, leaving Karl in my mouth, then he slowly helped me up, my mouth and Karl’s cock parting reluctantly. Then he grabbed both our cocks in two separate hands and led us out of the shower. Still wet he moved Karl aside and threw me on the bed backwards.

He parted my legs and lifted them, holding them above me so I was in a lying down squat position. Karl came back with the lube and splashed it on his man’s rock hard tool. Once happy, Luke pushed towards me and placed his nib against my hole. With what felt a long time of teasing, Luke suddenly but slowly pushed into me. Again my ass put up a struggle, keeping out the invading fleshy probe and Luke appeared content with this, moving his bulb out and in, out and in when suddenly my ass gave way and in Luke fell, deep inside. Holding my legs tight so I couldn’t move, he pushed right to the hilt and when there he started thrusting his hips which resulted in his heavy balls banging and slamming against mine.

Karl placed his knees on the bed, either side of my head, and carefully lowered his dick into my mouth. He started thrusting gently and I could feel him reaching over between my legs to kiss Luke again. Both were giving it full tongues while fucking me. My own dick was throbbing, devoid of attention, but I think Karl could feel my anguish because he then moved from Luke’s lips and took me whole in his mouth. While sucking me, I’m sure he was getting a good view of me being fucked by his man.

The feeling was intense, Karl was in rhythm with Luke. When Luke was fully in, Karl swallowed me deep. When Luke was nearly out, Karl just had my purple in his mouth. The tempo between them was amazing, and all the time Karl was still fucking my mouth.

Karl soon had enough though and I was shocked at what happened next but was so overjoyed and curious that I did not stop it from happening. Luke lubed up my cock as he continued fucking my ass. Then Karl turned around, and squatting down, lowered himself onto my throbbing flesh.

Luke still holding my legs, but now thrusting inside me slowly, watching everything that was going on. Karl, reached for one hand and started rubbing my cock against his hole, slowly and in circles and when he felt ready, he lowered himself further so my head was pushing against his entry. As Karl adjusted his stance from a squat to kneeling astride me I felt his ass relent with a pop and my cock went sailing deep inside his hot ass. Sitting deep for a moment to get used to me, he started playing with himself, pulling his cock back and to, putting on an exhibition for me as he squeezed his ass cheeks and then pulled up, released his cheeks and pushed down.

Luke, enjoying the view of his boyfriend sitting on me, started pounding me quicker and Karl soon rode me in time with Luke’s thrusting. When Luke went deep, I was deep inside Karl, when Luke pulled out, Karl was squeezing his ass on my purple.

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