Some Sex Is Better


I was a virgin until I got to college. I met John the first day, at registration. He was an upper class man. It took two months before I actually had my first sex. Partly, I guess I had a hard time getting rid of all the reasons why I was still a virgin. Partly, I was finally on my own and wanted to experience more out of life. Partly it was because John was very nice and patient but never stopped trying. He also made me feel good, kept telling me how attractive I was and what a great body I had.

I do have a good body. A few years ago some of the catty girls at school called me skinny. I’m still slim but I think of it as slim and trim. I‘m taller than the norm, 5’9”. I weigh 126 pounds, which does mean I have no extra weight. I guess it’s genes. My Mom is a little thicker now than years ago but is still in good shape. And I love vegetables. I eat hamburgers on occasion but could easily be a vegetarian. So I guess my diet helps. But I’m not skinny. I’ve got a very feminine butt and hips, my legs have shape to them. I’ve always been athletic which helps the legs. My breasts aren’t huge but they’re full B cups and I think nicely shaped. My stomach and abdomen are flat, almost nothing there. A model would envy me. I guess I could be a model except I know I wouldn’t like that life.

I don’t like my hair. It’s brown. Just brown, nothing fancy. Matches my eyes. But it’s kinky. It’s like I have pubic hair on my head. I once asked my Mother if there was some African blood in me from somewhere. I can’t do much with it as far as styling so I just wear it fairly short. On the other hand, wind and rain don’t do much with it either, it doesn’t mess up so I guess that’s an advantage.

That first time was on my bed in the dorm. My room mate was out. I ended up with my panties off and John had his pants unfastened and pulled down with his boxers, and he got it in me. It hurt some but overall ended up pretty good. So I got him to undress and I got naked and we did it again eventually. The second time was better. John kept telling me, “Joanne you have a perfect body”.

After that we had sex three or four times a week for two years. Two school years. I learned to masturbate, diddle my clit, while he was moving inside me and managed to have orgasms fairly often. Not always. Overall, I liked it. I went on the pill. I finagled a single room so we could have privacy any time. I began to have thoughts that perhaps it was going to be like this the rest of my life. Then John graduated and moved a thousand miles away. We talked on the phone a couple times and wrote but after a couple months it became obvious to both of us that we weren’t destined to be together.

For another couple months, I missed the sex but got along. Eventually I got horny enough that I decided I better go pick up a guy somewhere. There’s a club — well, a bar with a dance floor — that’s sort of the main pick up place. Girls don’t want to go alone so I got this one girl in one of my classes to go with me one night. She had a lousy reputation and was planning on picking up a guy herself, so I didn’t really care what she thought of me anyway. There was a cute guy that I danced with, Brad, and when he indicated any interest at all, I led him away and back to my room.

MY whole life changed. I found out what sex really was for the first time. To begin with, as soon as we were naked and Brad raved about my body he sucked and chomped on my breasts like he was making a meal, and then he moved down and started eating my pussy. That had never happened before. I had the biggest orgasm of my life. I think I ended up in a sexual daze for a couple avcılar escort hours. He was insatiable, always wanted more, and had great stamina, lasted and lasted. After he ate me he was in me. Then he had me roll over and, on my knees, he was in me again. This time, while he pumped into me, he reached around and diddled my clit himself and I had another orgasm. Then I was sitting on him, riding him until he finally filled my insides with his sticky cum. Then we showered. He let me know I was to suck him. I’d never done that but in my condition it just felt right so I did and he kept telling me what to do. I actually swallowed cum and liked it. Then he ate me again. Then he was in me again. And again and again. Then he finally left so I got a couple hours sleep before class the next morning.

He called me and the very next night we just about repeated the first night. And then I was back to sex three or four nights a week but sex with Brad was like a different world that with John. This went on for a month or so. I was ready to have him move in with me except I can’t, in the dorm. So I wanted to see about moving in with him. I was ready for sex every night. Then I got a phone call. He was in jail. It turns out he wasn’t a student. I assumed he was but in truth he never said he was. The nights we weren’t having sex, he was holding up liquor stores and mini-markets. I wasn’t going to see him again for something like twenty years.

After I calmed down and had time to think, I had a blood test at the school health center to make sure I didn’t have any sexual disease. Fortunately, I had nothing. He had actually been clean that way. Well, if I messed sex after John, I was really in need after losing Brad.

Ever since I had started school, I worked out regularly in the gym that was part of the health center. A guy named Jesse started getting the exercycle next to me and spotting for me on weights. He’d be in the pool often when I was. Eventually he asked me out. He was cute. He was a student, the same class as me. We went to some movies, had some snacks together. He would hold me and kiss me good night but nothing more. Actually, we only dated four or five times so maybe the problem was me. I was ready the first date to go to bed with him but I guess he wasn’t. Then he asked me to go camping with him the next weekend. I wasn’t big on camping but I had done it before so that was o.k. I figured two nights in a tent had to lead to sex. So I agreed to go with him.

We’re in the San Joaquin Valley of California. We were going camping up towards the mountains, in what is termed the Gold Country. Mountainous but not yet really high up, sort of toward rolling hills but maybe a little steeper. He says a cousin owns some land and there’s a place on it where he’s camped before. It’s not on any regular trails so its private. And his cousin has already told him that it’s fine for him to camp there this weekend, nobody else will be there. So we ride in his truck for a couple hours. Then we carry back packs — his bigger than mine — and hike up some fairly rugged terrain for a couple hours. We stop on the way for lunch. I made us some sandwiches and we had bottled water. Finally we get to the camp site.

I have to admit, it’s beautiful. There’s a stream. A fairly good sized stream that almost pools right where we are. Big rocks. Boulders really, the size of cars and larger. Trees. And a flat area right near the stream with a fire ring and space for the tent. We’re only going to be there two nights, we don’t have a whole lot, so it only takes ataköy escort a few minutes to set up the tent and roll out our sleeping bags and put our food way up in a tree on a rope. Hopefully no bears will get at it. Or get at us. By now, it’s still early. About 4 pm. The sun’s out, it’s a lovely day, fairly warm.

“I’m hot from the hike, Jesse. Is it safe to go in the creek?”

“Oh, sure. It’s a little cold, though.”

I figure he’s liable to never get around to having sex so maybe I need to help arouse him. I take off my boots and socks. Then I take off my blouse. Then I take off my jeans. I’m in a bra and panties. The hell with it. I take them off, too. I’m naked and head into the stream. I don’t even look to see what Jesse is doing. It is cold. But cold like some swimming pools feel cold at first. I wade out into what is almost a pond, just the creek naturally damned up by some rocks. It’s maybe twenty feet across. At the deepest point it comes about halfway up my thighs, maybe a foot below my butt. I was out, naked, then sort of just flop forward into the water. I go completely under and then come up, sitting on a rock on the bottom. “”Wow, this is cold,” I call out, looking back at Jesse. He’s just standing there, staring at me. I laugh and splash a little, then stand up, facing him. I’m sure my nipples are small and hard by now. It’s cold. “C’mon in, Jesse,” I say.

He’s still standing there, staring at me. I turn and walk a little further into the stream. On the far side is a huge boulder. The top is almost flat, has a little slant to it. Looks like a good place to climb up on and lay out in the sun. So I make my way to it, at the lowest end, and get on it and stand up and walk up some and then turn to face him so he can see my naked boy, then sit down and then lay back, my knees up a little and spread a little. If he ever managed to get here, as he starts onto the boulder he’s going to be looking right at my pussy.

I turn my head to look at him. He’s finally moved, is getting out of his clothes. He looks great. I already knew he was in good shape with a nice body. I don’t know whether his cock is partly up because he’s been seeing my body or is just a really big one but it looks great to me. He starts into the stream. I hear him “brr” as he feels the cold water. His arms up a little for balance, he wades across. The bottom is all rocks and pebbles, hard to keep your balance. I don’t think he meant to go under, I think he lost his balance but all of a sudden, he’s down in the water. “Oh, shit!” he calls out as he stands up again, I smile. His cock had been partly erect before, it’s smaller now that the cold water got to it.

He comes to the boulder I’m on. He stands there, his feet and calves in the water, looking at me. The way I’m laying, he’s looking right at my pussy, almost at eye level, maybe ten feet from him. He just stands there. I wait. And wait. Finally I prop my head and shoulders up on my arms and look at him. “Jesse,” I say, smiling. “Do something. Eat me. Fuck me. But don’t just stand there.”

He actually looks embarrassed and starts climbing up on the boulder. “Joanne, you’re absolutely gorgeous.” He’s finally standing, almost over me. I’m still laying on my back.

“You’re pretty gorgeous yourself, Jesse,” I reply. “Get down here, I won’t bite.”

He lays down next to me. I turn on my side to face him. He puts his arm over me, sort of around me and kisses me. I kiss back and put my arm onto him and slide it down to hold his butt.

“Joanne,” he says fairly quiet, looking at me earnestly, bahçelievler escort “I want to do everything with you that I’ve heard of or seen on the ‘net. But I’ve never actually done this before. I don’t know what to do or where to start.”

‘Jesse,” I say to him in the same voice he used with me, “I have done this before. Not all that much but I have. There is no right way, no only way to do anything. You just have to do what you feel like doing. I think it comes pretty much naturally. I’ll love whatever it is you’re doing, I know. And if I think you should do it just a little different, I’ll tell you. Maybe I should start. Then you can do to me what I’ve just done to you.”

I move almost on top of him, pushing him onto his back, I kiss him, run my hands over his shoulders, Then I start kissing his neck, his shoulders. I get mostly off him and kiss his chest, lick his nipples and run my h and ahead, down his stomach, finally wrapping my fingers around his cock. I kiss on down his stomach and move on down. I actually kiss around his cock onto his thigh. I climb between his legs, kiss his other thigh. I get my one hand under his balls and start rolling them around while I get my mouth to his cock and kiss the side of it, lick the side of it.

“This is all very sexy for me, Jesse, and I really want to do this. Your cock is just beautiful.”

I kiss the head of his cock. It really is beautiful. It’s recovered from its dunking in the cold water and is big and hard. And warm and alive. Bigger than Brad’s. Probably bigger than John’s but I never was like this with John. I get my mouth around the head and start to lick and suck. It’s so sexy. I move my head down, taking as much of it in as I can and lick and suck the whole time. I slide my mouth up and lift off, looking at his now red and wet cock and smiling. I use my hand around its base to slide up and down, jerking him off, then get my mouth back around it and start to lick and suck harder. I start bobbing my head up and down, gripping him tightly with my lips. I want him to cum. I want him to feel this. And he does. I get a mouthful and swallow and another mouthful and swallow and keep getting smaller spurts as I lick and suck and play with it with my fingers.

I finally sit back and look at him. His mouth is hanging open. “I loved that, Jesse. It’s so sexy. Now it’s your turn. Just do whatever you feel like.” I move from between his legs to lay next to him again and aim my face to him to kiss him.

He was terrific. Cautious, slow. He kissed me, kissed my shoulders, Held my breasts and kissed them, licked them, then kissed down my stomach . He actually kissed down my whole leg and up the other one as he moved between my legs. I made it as easy as possible, spread my legs and brought my knees up almost to my shoulders. He felt with his fingers, then his tongue. He got his tongue in me and licked. I reached down and touched my clit. “Lick here, too,” I said. He did. I aahed and moaned, enjoying it. “You could do that all day.”

He almost did. He kept at it longer than I’ve ever experienced it before. He wasn’t trying to get me to cum the way Brad did, I hoped he was enjoying it. Finally I did cum. I almost screamed. My hips jumped and jerked and I yelled out, “I’m cumming!” He sat back on his heels and looked at me with a worried frown.

“That was good, Jesse. I had an orgasm.” I said. I looked at him and could see he was erect again. “Now get over me and let me aim that cock of yours into me.”

And he did and it all seemed to come to him naturally after that. He was bigger, I could feel that. I came again just before he did. When he was about to cum he said, “I’m going to cum.” I wrapped my legs up around him and pulled him tightly to me as I felt his warm semen spurting into me. I got both arms around him and kissed him. “For a beginner, you’re awfully good,” I told him, very contented. “A lot of practice is probably in order. Really a lot.”

# # #

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