Son Of A Bitch: Part 2


It had been about a week since my night with James, and his mother still had no idea. Today, however, could be the day she knew. She called me and invited me over to hang out by the pool and maybe drink some wine. It is what women our age did, even if we were fake friends. What if she invited me over to talk about James? What if he told her? What if James and I run into each other? All these questions had my mind and heart going crazy. As I rang the doorbell, Julia was the one to answer. She was wearing jeans with a pink shirt similar to mine, only mine was black. “Hey you,” she said giving me a fake hug. “Thanks for inviting me over,” I said nicely as I hugged her back. “It’s the least I could do,” she replied. “Come on in.” I felt relieved that Julia was still clueless. She would’ve brought it up, if she knew about James and I. That was the kind of woman she was. We made bahçesehir escort our way to the kitchen and Julia wasted no time grabbing a bottle of wine. “Thanks for taking care of James’ pants,” she said pouring a glass. “No problem. It was my pleasure,” I replied with a smile. I looked around the kitchen and the living room. No sign of James. Part of me was relieved, but I also wanted to see him. “Is James home?” I asked trying to seem like I didn’t care. “Yeah, he’s upstairs in his room,” Julia replied pointing upstairs. My heart started racing as I began having flashbacks of what happened. I remembered James’ lips, his touch, and the way he made me feel. It was wrong of me to think that way around his mother, but I couldn’t help it. It was the feeling he left. Julia and I began sharing the bottle of wine along with many details about our beylikdüzü bayan escort marriages. I was surprisingly starting to enjoy it. Usually talking to Julia made me sick, but she seemed like a real friend at this point. Maybe that is just how fake we are? After a few glasses of wine, I kind of felt a little tipsy. “Can I use your bathroom?” I asked setting my glass down. “Sure. Go ahead. You okay?” Julia asked. “Yeah, I just think that last glass was the one,” I replied laughing. I made my way upstairs to the bathroom. Just as I was about to enter the bathroom, I heard his voice. “I thought I heard you here,” James said walking out of his room. He was wearing jeans and a plain white shirt that showed off his body perfectly. “Hello James. How are you?” I asked trying to cover up my tension. “Much better now,” he replied walking towards escort beylikdüzü me. He kept moving towards me. I backed up into the wall and he leaned in. “Thanks for my pants the other night,” he whispered in my ear. “James, your mother is right downstairs,” I whispered back. As bad as I wanted James, I couldn’t risk Julia seeing us in the hallway. “Not here okay.” James slowly kissed my neck. “How about here?” He moved to the other side of my neck. “Maybe here?” He then ran his tongue up towards my ear. I was instantly wet from his touch. I moved my hand along the wall looking for the bathroom door. I opened the door and James and I both went in. We began kissing like we did on that first night. He then spun me around and pushed me towards the bathroom sink. I placed both my hands on the counter by the sink and I could feel James behind me. He began biting my ear hard. “Ah, fuck,” I whispered. I knew I had to be quiet with Julia right downstairs. James moved his hands towards my back. He moved them up my shirt and began rubbing my soft skin with his equally soft hands. As good as it felt, I wanted more. I grabbed both his hands and forced them onto my breasts.

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