Son You Know We Shouldn’t Ch. 04


The Cashmore house was quiet and tense all day Sunday; you could have cut the tension with a knife. Jennifer was perplexed; she didn’t know whether to confront her mother, her brother, or just leave their dirty secret a dirty secret.

Michele could tell that something was bothering her daughter; Jennifer had been cold and remote ever since she and David had returned from their Saturday afternoon fuck-fest. Did she suspect? Did she know something? Michele was worried. She cornered David in the kitchen just after lunch.

“She knows David! She knows something!” Michele hissed.

“Settle down mom; she’s just moody is all,” David whispered.

“She’s separated from her husband and cooped up here with us; no wonder she’s batty; but why would she suspect anything?”

David stroked his mother’s shoulder and, checking to make sure the door was closed, he kissed her quickly on the lips.

“Jesus David I wish she’d move out; this sneaking around is very unnerving,” Michele sighed.

“But fun though,” David slid his hand under his mothers skirt and stroked the front panel of her satin panties.

“Stop it you naughty boy,” Michele giggled and squeezed the bulge in the front of her son’s trousers; she traced the outline of his manhood through his denim jeans with a long red fingernail and then pushed him away.

“Not in the house!” she mouthed silently at him and turned on her heels for the door to the lounge room.

She flicked up the hem of her skirt giving David a quick peek at her red satin bikini panties; she smiled mischievously at him and then opened the door and stepped into the lounge.

David went up to his room and fired up his computer. He opened up the hidden ‘MILF’ folder. The folder contained a subfolder called ‘MOM’; a new shaded subfolder now existed beside it. It read ‘SIS’. David opened it up and opened the video file.

He watched the video footage he had secretly taken of his sister as she lay on his mother’s bed. She was fully clothed but had pulled down her pantyhose and knickers and was fucking herself with her mother’s vibrator. She pushed the vibrator inside her vagina and fucked herself with long slow strokes while she fingered her clitty with her free hand. She removed the throbbing vibrator and ran it over her clitty and screwed up her eyes as her orgasm shook her.

David opened the top drawer of his desk and removed the items he had stolen from the laundry basket earlier that day. It was the very same pair of panties still entangled in the sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose that his sister was wearing in the video.

David bought the flimsy garments to his face and inhaled his sister’s scent. The aromas of her perfume and vaginal secretions assaulted his nose and he released his thickening penis from his flies and began to stroke it. He desperately wanted to wrap the knickers and hose around his cock and come in them but he was saving them for something special. Instead he reached into the drawer again and extracted a pair of his mother’s stockings.

He draped the leg of a stocking over his penis and gasped as the diaphanous fabric slid over his glans. He tightened his grip and began to frantically pump his engorged organ, he was close to climax in seconds. The beige coloured nylon suddenly darkened as he ejaculated and his semen soaked into the stocking. The stain spread and gobbets of creamy ejaculate seeped through the sheer fabric and stuck to his fingers.

David groaned and inhaled the odours infused in his sister’s panties as his orgasm washed over him. He stared at the video of his sister fucking herself with the vibrator and smiled wickedly. As he cleaned himself up, wiping his slowly subsiding erection with his mother’s stocking, he thought about how he would execute his cunning plan.

His plan was bold. It was risky and could easily backfire but he had to confront his sister before she told anyone about he and his mother’s illicit behaviour, or even worse, confronted his mother. David had not consulted his mother regarding his cunning plan and had certainly not confirmed her suspicions that Jennifer knew about their incestuous relationship.

David worked on his computer late into the night, stopping only for a quick dinner, and once again to masturbate; this time to video footage of him fucking his mother doggy style. She was fully clothed and he had hiked up her skirt, pulled down her knickers and pushed himself into the folds of her sopping cunt and fucked her until she screamed with excitement and ground her ample buttocks against his groin as she came; then he had pulled out and shot his load over her back and her arse-cheeks and thighs.

His spunk pooled on her skirt and ran in rivulets down her plump white buttocks and thighs and soaked into the welts of her stockings. His mother had chided him about coming over her good suit but he had caught her on his hidden camera the next day masturbating while she licked the crusty dried semen stains off her skirt.

Monday morning his mother escort bayan şanlıurfa and sister had left for work. David had dressed in his school uniform and made a pretext of preparing himself for another school week. When the house was vacant he went up to his bedroom and began to compose an email. He waited until nine thirty then he called Jennifer on the office phone where she was temping as a secretary. As soon as he heard her say hello he hung up.

Sure that his sister was at her desk he clicked the send button on the email and waited for a response.

The email read:

‘Jennifer, I know you know. I also know about you! We need to talk. Come home for lunch; tell no one! Hope you like the attachments.

Love, David’

David had attached several screenshots of his sister lying her mother’s bed fucking herself with her mother’s dildo.

Jennifer paled and nearly fainted when she opened the email. She started to shake and had to gasp for air to get her breathing under control. She looked vigilantly around the office and confirmed that no one could see her computer screen in her small cramped cubicle. She opened the email attachments again.

“The little fuck!” she whispered.

It was obvious to her now that somehow David had somehow activated the hidden camera in their mother’s bedroom. She was sure that the camera wasn’t recording when she had sat down on her mother’s bed, but somehow that bastard had activated the camera and filmed her masturbating with her mother’s vibrator.

Maybe the camera was on a timer or had a motion sensor or something! The fact of the matter was; it didn’t matter! Her brother now had evidence of her own indiscretions. Sure; it was not as dreadful as the evidence she had of her brother’s incest but it was damning just the same. She was sure her brother was going to blackmail her with the video footage to make sure she that didn’t tell anyone about his incestuous relationship with their mother!

She picked up her cigarettes and stomped out of the office after first locking her computer. She stalked up and down the outside smoking area puffing on one cigarette after another as she tried to figure out what she was going to do. She sat down on a bench and put her face into her hands and quietly sobbed. She pulled herself together and set her resolve. She would go home at lunchtime and confront the little weasel!

Jennifer looked up and saw that a middle-aged man in a business suit was sitting across from her staring intently at her legs. In her distressed state she had allowed her skirt to ride up and her legs to spread far enough apart to reveal the dark bands of her control-top pantyhose and her white satin panties under the dark nylon gusset. The man had an obvious erection tenting the front of his trousers.

“Here! Get a fucking eyeful you fucking perv!” Jennifer spat, spreading her legs wide and showing off the crotch of her panties under her control-tops.

The man was shaken from his reverie and looked guiltily away; the other smokers in the small smoking area stared at her incredulously.

“Fucking men! They’re all perverts!” she screeched at the small group of stunned onlookers.

The got to her feet, smoothed her skirt and stormed off; her high-heels echoing off the concrete path. She replied to the email David had sent her.

‘See you at lunch’

At twelve thirty David sat at his computer desk in his bedroom; the curtains were drawn; only the light of his desk lamp illuminated the room. He heard the front door open and close and then the click-clack of his sister’s high-heels on the stairs. The door opened slowly and Jennifer entered the bedroom and closed the door behind her. She had fixed her makeup and composed herself in the car on the way over. She smelled of freshly applied perfume, Poison, David’s favourite, and cigarette smoke.

David looked up from where he sat in front of his computer screen and grinned at her.

“You evil little bastard,” Jennifer hissed.

“I never thought I’d see the day when I would come to hate my own brother!”

“Easy sis! Let’s not let our emotions run away on us here; we can fix both of our problems quite easily,” David smiled.

Jennifer looked at the computer screen and saw that David had placed the cursor over an icon that was named ‘Send All’. She knew that David majored in computer science at school and that he was a whiz at program writing and coding; this didn’t bode well.

“Let me explain how this is going to work,” David said.

“I’m sure you have heard of phisting, worms, viruses, hacking and backdoors and other such Internet jargon haven’t you Jennifer?”

She nodded her head in response amazed at her brother’s audacity. Here she was about to confront him about his incestuous relationship with their mother and he was giving her a lecture about computer programming!

“Well yesterday, using techniques I won’t bore you with, I hacked into your escort gaziantep sarışın bayan work and personal computers and stole your email address books and your login and passwords for your messenger and personal network sites.”

“All I have to do is click this button and the streaming video of you fucking yourself with mom’s vibrator will be sent to every person in your email address books and be posted on your Facebook and Twitter websites.”

Jennifer inhaled abruptly as she watched her brother circle the cursor around the ‘Send All’ button. She had expected him to blackmail her with the video footage but not to this extent.

“Your secret’s safe David; do you really think I’d tell anyone about you and mom your dirty little secret? Do you really think I’d see my own mother go to jail and the family shamed?”

“Oh no; I didn’t really think you would do that. I thought you might tell mom what you knew and threaten her to make her stop. But that’s not going to happen now is it?” David replied smarmily.

“Ok! You win David. Now I’d appreciate if you would spend the rest of the day dismantling your little program. I’m going back to work and then I’m going to look for my own apartment; I can’t stay here knowing what’s going on under this roof!” Jennifer turned on her heels to leave.

“Not so fast Jennifer!” David barked.

She spun around and saw that he still held the cursor over the send button.

“That’s not all I want!”

Jennifer paled; what could the little fuck want now? Money?

“Show me,” David whispered, his voice croaked.

“Show you what?” Jennifer answered, exasperated.

“You know what,” he murmured.

Jennifer felt faint; David’s eyes locked on her thighs and then scanned her legs and lower body. Surely he couldn’t mean………..

“I want to see them,” he grunted.

“David you don’t mean………..” her voice trailed off as she looked into her brother’s cold blue eyes.

“LIFT YOUR SKIRT RIGHT NOW!!!!” his bellow echoed around the quiet empty house and Jennifer visibly jumped.

David deliberately moved the cursor over the send button and gently tapped the mouse.

“Five, four, three, two……………….”

“Ok! Ok! Ok!” Jennifer beseeched him; holding out her hands as a sign of her supplication.

“David; are sure you want to do this? I’m your sister and I’m thirty-two years old and you’re only eighteen for god’s sake!” she begged.

“Three, two, one……….”

Jennifer shot her hands down to the hem of her skirt and slowly began to lift it up her thighs.

She had worn a teal business suit to work this morning; the skirt was lined so she hadn’t worn a slip, the hem rested six inches above her knees; a kick-pleat was tailored into the rear of the skirt. She wore a salmon-pink satin camisole blouse to complement the suit, and four-inch stiletto pumps. She had selected a pair of expensive high-sheen taupe control-top pantyhose, white full-cut satin panties and matching bra to complete her lingerie ensemble.

Like her mother, Jennifer was a little plump with great legs large breasts and an attractive face. She wore her hair in a jet-black bob which she kept dyed and coiffured. She wore heavy makeup: blue, pink and green eyeshadow to complement her suit and her hazel eyes, black mascara and eyeliner, rouged cheeks and ruby-red lipstick and nailpolish.

Jennifer liked gold jewellery: gold drop earrings glittered through her black hair, a gold necklace and pendant-set accentuated her décolletage which was nicely framed by the scalloped-neck camisole, gold bangles, bracelets and a large gold watch glittered on her wrists. She had gold rings on most of her fingers; conspicuously absent were her wedding band and engagement ring. She even had a fine gold chain clipped around her left ankle; it sparkled in the dim light reflecting little flickers of light glistening along her lustrous hosiery.

David gasped as the hem of his sister’s skirt slid slowly up her thighs; the room was deathly quiet and he could hear the gentle rasp of the material of her skirt as is slid along her nylons. He could hear his own deep breaths and those of his sister. She was sobbing, but almost silently, she wasn’t crying, no tears ran down her cheeks. Jennifer closed her eyes and tried to send her conscious self to another place.

“Keep going Sis; all the way up,” David whispered when she faltered.

Jennifer felt the cool air against her thighs as her skirt rose higher; the dark coffee-coloured bands of her control-tops came into view. The expensive hosiery glistened; the hosiery did not have a cotton gusset sewn into the crotch and Jennifer’s white full-cut satin panties could be discerned through the darker nylon of the control-top pantyhose. David’s cock was rampant; seeing his sister close up in real life was infinitely more arousing than the video he had of her or the touch and the smell her soiled panties.

She escort şehitkamil looked gorgeous and smelt divine. Her perfume drifted to his nose and he inhaled her scent.

She stood stock still, eyes closed, holding the hem of her skirt delicately in her fingers, her red-painted fingernails in stark contrast to the teal fabric of the skirt. Her well-toned legs, clad in shimmering taupe pantyhose with the coffee-coloured control-top were slightly parted, David followed her thighs down to her calves and her ankles and feet shod in the high-heeled pumps and he sighed with desire.

Her legs were slightly parted and the tops of her thighs met just before her crotch; the nylon hissed as she moved to adjust her stance. Her panties glowed a ghostly white under the dark hose and David thought he could feel the heat emanating from her sex; a discrete musky odour drifted towards his nose.

“Ok David you’ve had your fun; can I lower my skirt please?” Jennifer asked in a subdued tone, hoping that her brother had humiliated her enough.

She kept her eyes closed and tried to repress the feelings of indignity and shame that she felt. A thirty-two-year-old married woman had allowed herself to be blackmailed and extorted by a eighteen-year-old schoolboy. Her brother no less!

But deep in her subconscious, down in the dark place where she seldom ever went; down in the place where she had discovered the warped psyche that had made her reach into the drawer and take out her mother’s vibrator, vague feelings began to stir. Jennifer felt her vaginal secretions begin to flow. She sighed and tried to repress the scintilla of desire that was awakening in her.

David sensed more than actually heard his sister sigh; her body shifted slightly and somehow he could feel the sense of resignation that radiated from his sister; he also thought the vague muskiness that he could smell was starting to grow in intensity. He smiled and slowly reached out a hand.

“Just a little longer Sis and you can go back to work,” he whispered.

Jennifer held the hem of her skirt at waist height and tried to think of anything but sex but her mind kept replaying the video she had seen on David’s computer only two days ago.

Her mother lay on the bed dressed in a red satin basque, fully-fashioned black silk stockings and black high-heeled pumps. She was wearing heavy makeup and gold jewellery. Her legs were spread wide, her back was arched and her face was contorted in ecstasy. She held David’s face in her hands while he performed cunnilingus on her.

Then the apparition changed; it wasn’t her mother lying on the bed; it was Jennifer!

She shivered just as David’s hand lightly caressed her thigh.

“David? What are you going!” she demanded.

“Stand still Jennifer; the cursor is still on the send button; one click and you’re fucked!” David whispered back.

Jennifer kept her eyes screwed closed as she felt her brothers fingers slowly explore her thighs; his fingers lightly caressing her nylon-clad legs. She hated to admit to herself but it felt quite erotic.

David ran his fingers lightly over his sister’s thighs relishing the feel of the cool sleek nylon on his fingertips. He ran his hands down her legs all the way to her ankles causing him to bend forward so that his head was only inches from his sister’s panty-encased pubis. He could smell her secretions and her perfume a lot stronger now and his cock was uncomfortably hard in his jeans.

Jennifer gasped when her brother ran his hands down her legs; she shivered slightly and was unsure if it loathing or lust that made her do so. Deep down she knew it was a little of both. She could feel his hot breath on her legs and crotch and although her eyes remained screwed shut could sense his face was only inches from her most intimate parts.

David ran his hands slowly back up Jennifer’s legs and stopped to explore the change in texture where the dark welts of the control-tops began near the top of her thighs. The fabric was still sheer and slippery but it felt slightly coarser, he adored the contrast and ran his hands continually over where the taupe nylon changed to the darker coffee colour.

Jennifer’s breathing was deepening and David noticed. He slid his hand up to the top of her thigh and stroked the place where her thigh met her pelvis.

“David!” Jennifer warned him, but he felt the protest was symbolic.

Jennifer’s knees had began to buckle and she fought hard to keep her balance. Her breathing was sharp and erratic. A warm glow, a precursor to arousal, smouldered inside her; inflamed by the sensations invoked when her brother caressed the very top of her thigh.

David used his free hand to unzip his flies while he gently stroked his sister’s thigh with the other hand. His erection sprang free but he was too scared to touch it lest he bring on an unwanted premature orgasm.

Jennifer heard the ominous sound of her brother’s zip being opened but she subconsciously suppressed what the consequences might be. For the moment it was taking all of her will to remain standing as her body responded to the continued manipulation of her sensitive flesh.

David was now certain that his sister was getting sexually aroused and he decided to test how far she was willing to let him go before her shame and rage overcame her reluctant acquiescence to his blackmail.

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