Subject: Søren’s Birthday Party PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING VIA fty/ THEY ARE THE PEOPLE WHO GET YOU OFF. It was one of those online chats that you don’t expect and that for that very reason make your evening a bit nicer. We didn’t hook up or anything, not even chat about sex really. Søren told me he had just moved here from Copenhagen and was just getting to know the city, trying to make friends. We had a really good chat and I assumed that was that. Until a couple of days later, when he contacted me again and invited me to his house. Not in `that’ way — it was his birthday and because outside of work he really only knew online acquaintances, those were the ones he invited. I admit it struck me as a bit strange but I thought what the hell. I don’t exactly have a lot of friends and if I didn’t like it I could always make my excuses after the starter and say I had somewhere else to go. The Saturday came round and the Google maps reference pointed me… right next to his house. After a quick sorting out of the misunderstanding with his neighbour, who really did look a little bit like Søren’s profile pic, I made my way to the house next door. I was relieved to find that I wasn’t the first guest. Søren had invited a couple who introduced themselves as Kieran and Dan. I immediately recognised Kieran from a night at the gay sauna a couple of months ago. He was mid-forties like myself, but unlike me had all his hair left (and the dark brown colour didn’t looked dyed either). Nevertheless, although you couldn’t see it with his clothes on he had a bit of a dad bod compared to my washboard stomach if I remembered correctly. Dan was easily twenty years younger, mixed race and slim as a rake. I can be discreet when I need to be so I wasn’t going to let on that I knew Kieran but he came out with it himself: “I think we’ve met haven’t we?” he said with a wink. I smiled awkwardly but it didn’t seem to bother either of them. Dan explained they were in an open relationship and Kieran added with a grin: “Because I’m incorrigible and young Dan here is way too young for monogamy.” We were interrupted by another couple of guys arriving. They didn’t know each other, had just bumped into each other outside of Søren’s house. One of them was Jasper, I guessed forty-ish, redhead, very tall and so shy he kept blushing, the other one was Izzy, South Asian, possibly a couple of years younger than Jasper and one of those guys that are so hairy, they’ve even got little tufts of black hair sprouting from their knuckles. Søren handed us all a glass of prosecco and welcomed us officially, while we toasted his kocaeli escort birthday in return. I immediately felt at home; any thoughts of leaving early immediately vanished. He had managed to assemble a thoroughly nice and interesting group of people. Even Dan who might have felt awkward or bored by this group of men who could have been if not his fathers then at least his uncles seemed really engaged in the conversation and had an interesting life story to tell. Time flew and the meal was delicious. Drink may have been partaken of so we were all a bit tipsy after the last glass of dessert wine. I assumed the evening was winding up and I just wanted to ask Izzy (who had told me earlier that he was an accountant) about tax for a recent inheritance. He said to drop by his office during the week and he’d talk me through the ins and outs. Søren asked Kieran to help him with something while us others were standing around in the hallway. It took about 10 minutes for Kieran to reappear on his own. “Uh-oh, I know that look”, half-whispered Dan. I noticed that Kieran was barefoot and his shirt was buttoned up wrong. “I’m kind of the official messenger here.” He said. “Søren has asked me to tell you about the second half of the evening. Of course, everyone is free to leave but anyone who stays will have to be naked and join Søren in his `playroom’.” Apparently Søren had asked him to help him into the sling he had hanging in his spare room and then sent him back downstairs to tell the rest of us. Jasper immediately headed for the door. I was as surprised (okay, shocked) as the others at the turn the evening hatd taken but I was also kind of intrigued so I decided to stay. To my dismay, Izzy followed Jasper out of the door. That left Kieran, Dan and me. They were clearly not shy and were already topless when I turned towards them. `In for a penny, in for a pound’ I thought and took off my t-shirt as well. “Oh I remember that seahorse tattoo.” said Kieran, pointing at my waist. “Where does it end?” asked Dan, looking down my leg. I thought I might as well show him and took off my pants and underpants. The tail of the seahorse ends right on top of my right leg and Dan was suitably impressed. “That must have taken a lot of nerve, having it right next to… right there” he said. I had now overtaken them with my undressing as they were still standing there with their respective shorts on. Clearly neither had bothered with underwear on this hot July evening as they were both butt naked in a second. Dan’s thin body made his cock look enormous, if a little thin, and the big black bush trailing kocaeli escort bayan up to his belly button was a bit of a surprise on his otherwise nearly hairless body. We made our way upstairs but halfway up I heard a knock on the door. To my considerable delight Izzy had changed his mind and had come back. I tried to let him in without exposing myself to the whole street and told him where he could get undressed. He was even more hairy than I expected. There was barely a gap between his facial hair and his chest hair that basically then just continued all the way down to his feet. As I guided him upstairs I engineered it so that I was walking behind him, with my eyes at the same height as his gorgeous furry ass. When we got to the room, there was a smell of poppers in the air. Søren was lying in his sling, all lubed up with more lube and no less than 5 bottles of poppers lined up on a little shelf. Dan and Kieran were already hard, and Kieran was just about to slide into Søren. Izzy and I needed a moment to get into the mood. “Kiss him” said Kieran, pointing at Dan. I did as I was told and Kieran was right: Dan was a fantastic kisser — tender, yet demanding, his tongue seemingly everywhere at once. Izzy held a bottle of poppers under our noses and the warm rush of lust did its trick. I was rock hard in an instant. I reluctantly let go for Izzy to have a try as well and returned the favour with the poppers bottle. Kieran had a serious look on his face as he was ploughing into Søren, slowly but relentlessly finding his rhythm. “Erm, I have a mouth as well you know!” said Søren and Dan walked over to feed him his long thin dick. I really needed to taste Izzy. “Bend over” I whispered in his ear. He did as he was told and I started licking his crack. It was clean but it was a hot day and he obviously hadn’t showered since the morning. A gorgeous waft of that scent that you only get from a man’s crack hit me and made me even harder. My tongue made its way up to his hole and slowly started probing the soft ring. I sucked and pushed with my tongue which made him groan with pleasure. After tongue-fucking him for about five minutes, I was ready to go in fully and Izzy’s hole was practically begging for my cock. Søren had other plans, however: “I don’t care what you guys do as long as you’re enjoying yourselves but only I get to get fucked.” It was a bit of a sign to swap places and as I now just really needed to a hole, any hole, I replaced Kieran. Søren’s greedy, warm pucker welcomed me enthusiastically. I would normally start with a couple of fingers but Kieran had done izmit escort such a good job breaking him in that I could just push in my cock. Taking my lead from Kieran I too found my rhythm and started to push in faster and faster. Izzy was at the other end getting a blow job. “I really just need to cum” Dan said, slowly stroking his wet dick. Kieran fulfilled his marital duty with relish. Before long, I could hear Dan’s breathing intensify and he shot his load right down Kieran’s throat. That was the sign for me as well. I’d held back but now I wanted to cum too. I gave one last hard push and shot my jizz up Søren’s ass. Izzy wasn’t going to be left behind. He had come back with intent after all. He pulled out of Søren’s mouth and got in at the other end as soon as I withdrew. Looking at his hairy dark ass pumping almost got me hard again immediately. But by now there was something else. I really needed a piss so I asked for the bathroom. Dan said with a glint in his eye that he would `join’ me. We followed Søren’s directions down the hall. As I stood in front of the bowl I realised what Dan’s glint meant as I saw him lying down in the bathtub. I’d always been curious about watersports but never quite plucked up the courage to ask for it. Dan clearly wasn’t as inhibited as me. “Søren said anything other than fucking is fine, right?” I moved away from the toilet and climbed on the rim of the bathtub. I really needed to go now so let it rain down on him. After a few seconds, when his chest was wet and a little pool was collecting in his navel, he started to get up. Maybe he didn’t like it after all? But no, he took my soft dick in his mouth while I was still pissing and just swallowed the whole lot. It was time for us to swap places. I lay down and did what he’d done — enjoying a golden shower first and then drinking from his tap. I could still taste some of the cum on his dickhead but the overriding sensation was of his sweet piss. The dessert wine had done its trick. It was a lovely sensation having a soft cock in my mouth as well, just drinking everything that came my way. After I’d sucked the last drop out of him like he had mine we went back. “You slut!” mocked Kieran who was now fucking Søren again. “Sorry, daddy!” replied Dan. Within seconds of our return, Kieran pumped another load into Søren to follow mine and Izzy’s, while I jerked Søren off and managed to make him cum just as Kieran spunked up his hole. I went over to Izzy and shared a long, passionate kiss while the others started to clean up. We were now all rather exhausted. We got dressed quickly and went home, thanking Søren for a great evening with an unexpected finish. As we were leaving I invited Izzy round to my place. After all, there was more left in me and that hot ass still needed to get fucked. The tax issues could wait.

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