Sorority Scavenger Hunt


“So you wanna be Sigma Eta Xi girls?” Ashley asked of the new pledge wannabes. Ashley is a stunning blonde hard body. She actually makes the cheerleaders look bad in comparison. During the week, she’s a straight “A” student, prim and proper. But come Friday night, watch out! She is one wild woman. This goes for the rest of the girls in the sorority as well. Most of the houses have a “house mother” who acts as a chaperone, but not Sigma Eta Xi. These honor students are so well behaved, they can go without supervision. At least that’s the image they convey. Several girls graduated this year, leaving just a few openings. Dozens of girls scrambled to qualify, but only a few will be chosen. “You will have to prove that your Sigma Eta Xi material before I even consider your application.” She paced back and forth like a drill sergeant, pausing occasionally to stare directly into the eyes of a nervous applicant. “You will start by filling out this brief questionnaire. Tonight, I will decide who will compete for the openings. Don’t call me, I’ll call you.” With that, she walked briskly out of the room, as another girl passed out the papers.

The newbies began reading the form. The introduction would eliminate a few girls right off.

“To begin with, you will need a partner. If you are called, and do not have a partner, you will be eliminated.” A few of the girls were already pairing up. “You must maintain at least a “B” average. A “D” or lower in any one class automatically eliminates you.” A couple of girls sighed, and walked out the door. “We party hard, but never use any drugs. You will be given random pee tests. If you fail, you are banned from our house.” Three more girls left. “The final stage will show us how dedicated you are to Sigma Eta Xi. It will be a series of challenges that must be met as per our rules. Only a handful of pledges ever completed all of the challenges. Most we never saw again.” The rest of the form was similar to a job application.

* * *

“Here, Ashley.” Toni handed her a small stack of papers. “Ten possibilities…more than I had expected.”

Ashley perused the forms, matching each with its partner, and stapled them together. After verifying school records, she began making the calls. It would only take five calls to summon them to the house of Sigma Eta Xi.

* * *

They arrived after class, Friday afternoon promptly at 4:00 as per their instructions.

“Well I see you made it on time. That’s a good thing. Your challenge this weekend will be more like a scavenger hunt.”

“Oh goodie! I love scavenger hunts!”

“You will speak only when I tell you to! Another outburst, and you will be eliminated. Is that understood?” She spoke sharply to the trembling young lady.

“Y..yes. Yes Ma’am.” she replied meekly.

“This hunt will be like none you have ever seen. I doubt any of you will get all of the items on your list. I will warn you now, some of the items are perverse, naughty, nasty, immoral, and in some cases illegal. Those of you who are willing to try, are responsible for your own actions, as we will deny knowing anything about this. If any of you are chicken, please leave now.” Ashley paced slowly back and forth. No one budged. “Great, we will now begin. My assistant will hand each of you a bag. In it you will find a Polaroid camera with film, and a list of what’s required to fulfill this hunt. You only need to find each item once, even though there are two girls on each team, however bonus points will be given if both girls can find each item. The cameras are to document the finds that cannot be brought here, as per your instructions. Any questions?”

“Uh, yes..” stammered one of the girls. “How much time do we have for this?”

“You will begin in a few minutes, and will have until 3:00 Sunday afternoon.” The girls stood there, not talking, but waiting for her next words. “Very well then! Let the games begin!”

Toni handed each team a brown paper sack, and wished them good luck, as they scooted out the door.

As the last couple exited, Toni turned to Ashley, “How do you think they will do?”

“I don’t know.” she giggled, “This is by far, the most challenging thing we’ve come up with.”

Toni sat on the leather couch, leaning back against the arm, “On one hand, I feel sorry for those poor girls, but on the other hand, I’m jealous that I’m not out there with them!”

“Yeah, we could fill that list in a couple of hours, I doubt they’ll get more than two things all weekend.”

* * *

The girls split in different directions, as they read the note inside the bag.

“You will find six sealed envelopes. Pick one and open it. You must try to complete this challenge before opening the next. Points will be deducted for all envelopes that have been opened, and not completed. Pictures are needed for proof of completion.” One member of each team reached into their bag, and fished out an envelope. They could see the intricate wax seal that Ashley had placed on each one. “Here goes.” One of the girls Kumköy escort said as she carefully broke the wax seal. One by one, each team froze as they read the card inside their envelope.

“Oh my god. Are they serious?” The teams were now scattered around the campus grounds. They were too far away from each other to communicate, but the body language was universal. They could tell the others were just as bewildered as they were.

“OK, lets just do this!” One said as she began reading their assignment. “Go to the sports department. Find an athlete, and perform oral sex on him. The pictures must show him in uniform, and coming in your mouth. Bonus points if you both do the same guy.”

“That will be easy” The one girl exclaimed to her partner, “My boyfriend is on the soccer team. I think he’s out there now. But I’m not sure about the bonus part.”

“That’s OK, I’ll just take the pictures.” They hurried down to the soccer field and waved when they finally found him. “We need your help…” as they explained their challenge.

“OK, but where?”

“How about right here, behind the bleachers?” They snuck around the corner, making sure no one saw them. His girlfriend dropped to her knees and started sucking. “Well, don’t just stand there, start taking the pictures!” she said as she came up for air. Her friend was too busy staring at this hunk of a guy, hoping she would share when she was done.

“Oh yeah! I almost forgot!” as she fumbled through the bag, pulling out the camera.

“You better hurry!” he said, as his legs started shaking. The first picture was from a few feet back to show his uniform as well as her partner. The next one, she got down on her knees, right next to them for the finale. On the second spurt she pressed the button. After her friend had finished, she stood up and kissed her boyfriend on the cheek. “Thanks, honey!”

“Hey…” he said, “If those pictures don’t turn out, I’ll be out here tomorrow too!”

“That’s all he ever thinks about!” she giggled as they ran off. The pictures came out perfect.

“OK, one down, lets grab another one!” as she tucked the pictures into the open envelope along with the card. She dropped it in the bag, and pulled another out.

“You must find a group of men. A minimum of ten is required. You will have your picture taken with them. Points will be awarded from 1 to 5, depending upon how much skin you show. A minimum of one bare breast is required.” They walked around for an hour, deciding how to complete that one. They ended up walking past some of the frat houses.

“Hey, are you girls from Sigma?” one of them yelled from the porch.

“Yeah, how’d you know?” He had sprinted down the walk to greet them.

“Because a couple of your friends were just here. They took our picture while one of them flashed a titty.”

“Maybe we can get a picture,too?” one of the girls asked.

“I don’t know, most of these guys are camera shy.”

“Hang on a sec, while we discuss this.” the girl said. She began whispering to the other, “How bad do you want this? The last girls just flashed one tit, we could easily beat them on this.”

“OK, they seem nice enough.” they turned their attention back to the frat boy. “how about if we pose naked with you guys?” The other girl was stunned. “What!?”

He had already made his decision, and was calling his buddies out.

“Don’t worry, a quick picture, and we’re out of here.” she whispered. The guys were gathering around. “One of you will have to take the picture” she said to them, before turning to her friend and adding, “because you’re going to be in the picture too. We need all the points we can get.” It was tough, but they finally convinced one of the guys to not be in the picture. He was handed the camera, while the girls quickly stripped out of their clothes. The men hooted and whistled as the girls took their place in front of the crowd.

“OK, say cheese!” the photographer said, as he aimed the camera. Just as he started to snap the picture, the guys standing on either side of the girls reached up and squeezed a breast. Their surprise was recorded for all eternity. The girls dressed, and thanked the men as they hurried down the block.

“I guess that wasn’t too bad.” one said as they deposited the picture into their bag.

“Hey, we’re two for two so far! Let’s go for three!” as she held the bag open.

“Uh oh.” was her response as she read the card.

“What do you mean, ‘uh oh’?” Her friend began reading.

“You will go to any of the public buildings on campus. You must find two guys to have sex with you at the same time. The act must occur in that building. And remember, as per the rules, you cannot be seen with the same guy twice in any picture, or that mission is void.”

“Man, that one’s going to be tough!” as they sat down to ponder it. “There’s the library, the study hall, the cafeteria, and the book store. Let’s try the library first.”

“You’re really gonna do it?”

“Hey, I’ve gone too far to quit now! But first we need Kumköy escort bayan to change.” They got up, and headed across the grass. The library was three stories tall, with the upper floor almost always deserted. This was Friday night, only a few book worms would even be in the building. The third floor was completely deserted, with only four people on the second, and maybe eight on the ground floor. They settled on the second floor, and surveyed the situation. a girl wearing headphones in one corner, a kid, who appeared to be in his early teens studying a book on physics, and two guys sitting together at a table. Judging from the basic English books in front of them, they were probably struggling to pass an upcoming exam.

“Maybe we can take their minds off studying for awhile.” one whispered, as they approached the table. “How are you guys doing?” she asked while batting her big blue eyes at them.

“Uh…we have this test coming up…and we..a.”,

“I think you need a break. Meet us upstairs in five minutes.” With that she turned around and headed for the stairs. They now had short skirts on, and the view was breath taking. It was less than three minutes when they popped through the door, searching for the women. They spied them just as they disappeared behind a bookcase. “OK, here’s the deal,” one said quickly, “I want both of you, and my friend here just wants to watch, and maybe take a picture or two.”

“Uh… you want both of us? At the same time? Uh.. we never..a..I’m not so sure about the pictures…” He was nervous, probably a virgin, along with his friend, who was staring at our skimpy outfits.

“If we can’t take pictures, then you can’t have any of this.” as she raised the front of her skirt, revealing a freshly shaved pussy. Her friend almost blushed when she saw this, for the first time.

They conferred with each other, and said “We can’t pass that up, but were not very experienced.” It was now their turn to blush.

“That’s OK, we’ll tell you what to do. Now the way I see it, one of you gets my pussy, and the other gets my mouth. You’ll have to decide who gets what.” She sauntered over to one of the tables, stripped, and stretched out on her back. The two huddled, then approached her, each headed for the opposite end of the table. The one between her legs, leaned over and cautiously licked her pussy. She shuttered, and he jumped back.

“Oh don’t stop, silly. That was nice”

“I thought I hurt you.” he said sheepishly. “I didn’t know it would taste this good!” He leaned back over and continued licking. She approached an orgasm quickly, and said, “Fuck me now. but I want you to cum on my tummy!”. He pulled his cock out and pushed blindly until he found his mark. As he jabbed in and out, she took his buddy’s cock and began licking it. The men both moaned as they neared their peak. She tasted the precum oozing out, and squeezed her pussy tight, hoping for a quick finish. The one in her mouth couldn’t hold on any longer as he exploded in her mouth. The sight caused the other to go off, pulling out just in time to spray his load across her body. One blast actually reached her mouth, to mingle with the other cum being pumped in. She was so lost in her own orgasm, that she swallowed the entire load. It would be OK, as it had already been captured on film. She laid there, rubbing the warm cum into her body, as the men quickly tucked their cocks back into place. “You better get dressed before you get caught!” one of the men said as his breathing returned to normal.

“Thanks, guys, that was great!” as the girls bolted for the door.

“Hey, wait! Can we get your number?”

The girls just giggled. “We’ll get back to you on that!” as they headed down the stairs. They headed for the cafeteria to sit down, have a bite to eat, and regroup.

“Wow, this is easier than I thought it would be. Of course I have been doing most of the work so far.”

“Maybe I’ll get to do some of the next ones.”

“You’ll have to. Remember the rules, we have to do an equal number of challenges.”

“I wonder how the rest of the girls are doing?”

* * *

Across the campus, some girls were doing better than others.

“It was nice of those frat boys to help us with the picture.”

“Yeah but it almost seemed like they had done this before!”

And some were doing worse.

I’m surprised those two guys ran off from the library, I thought a threesome was every guys dream. Am I that ugly?”

“You’re one of the hottest girls on campus! They must be gay or something!”

By late Friday night all of the teams had finished at least one assignment, but only one team had completed three. All the girls decided to call it quits for the day.

* * *

Saturday morning all the girls woke with renewed vigor. They were all aware of what was expected, and readied themselves for the day.

“We only have three left! should we open them all and plan our day?”

“But what if we can’t do them, we’ll lose points!”

“We Escort Kumköy haven’t failed yet, have we?” They tore open two of the last three envelopes. “Uh… lets start with this one.” They both agreed, stuffing the others back in the sack. “You will have sex with a stranger, in full view of others. Be careful with this one!” This would be similar to the library, but they would need an audience. “Since it’s you’re turn, where would you like to go?”

“I don’t know, I’m not very good at this.”

“Oh come on! If I remember correctly, you’re the one who said ‘Oh goody, I love scavenger hunts!'”.

“OK, let me think…I got it! Lets go see a movie!”

* * *

“Alrighty then!” They stood outside the theater, reviewing the choices.

“Let’s see this one.”

“Are you kidding? That one sucks!”

“I know. I’m hoping for a small crowd.”

“Good point. Two please.” she said as they reached the window. They looked over the goodies at the snack counter, when the young man approached them.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

“Not sure, just looking right now.”

“Would you care for a foot long?” He pointed to the weenies turning on the rollers behind him.

“Not out here” she said, looking at her friend. They both laughed so hard, they could hardly walk straight. They sat near the back row and watched as a few people trickled in.

“Him! I want him!” she said excitedly as the young man sat down near the front. He appeared to be alone, as they watched him. The lights dimmed as the girls whispered to each other.

“I’ll go see if he’s interested.” she said as she stood and walked down the aisle. She walked up, and sat down right next to him, startling him a bit.

“Hi!” she whispered.

“Hi” he returned. His eyes never leaving the screen.

“Do me a favor?”

“What kind of favor?”

“My girlfriend is sitting near the last row. She wants to fuck you.” His eyes now left the screen, as he turned to her.

“What’s wrong with her? I mean, is she ug…a.. not pretty?”

“She’s beautiful. Come see for yourself.” She stood and walked away, not looking back. He looked at the screen for a moment, then got up. It was dark, but he could see that in fact she was very cute, as he sat next to her.

“Um… your friend said you wanted to see me?” It was now her eyes that were locked on the screen. She slowly turned to him, noticing about twenty people scattered throughout the room.

“No, I don’t want to see you. I want to fuck you.” Her hand found his knee and began a slow journey towards his growing bulge. As she traced her finger along the outside, she started to panic. He felt much bigger than the only other guy she had ever been with. She leaned towards her girlfriend as she continued to squeeze him. “I’m not sure… he’s so big..I don’t think..” Her friend put her finger to her mouth, “Shhh” she said. “It’ll be fine.” as she placed her hand on her friends thigh. She moved her hand up slowly until her fingertips grazed lightly over her friends quivering pussy. “See, you’re already pretty wet.” she whispered as she slid two fingers slowly in and out. Her friend moaned as she reached over to unzip his pants. Although she had never given head before, she knew basically what to do. His moans told her she was doing OK. She licked and kissed his cock as she rocked back and forth on those dancing fingers. Suddenly the fingers were gone, and she needed something to fill the void. She stood up and straddled his legs. She squatted down until much of his cock was buried deep within her. She began convulsing. She bounced up and down, trying hard to stifle any moans that worked their way up her throat. Her friend brought her back to reality when she whispered to her. “You need to bend over the seat in front of you, so I can get a picture.” Without missing a thrust, she leaned way forward, while her friend aimed the camera. Being bent over with a huge cock stuffed inside her tight pussy was too much. She let a low moan escape her lips. This caused several people to turn in there seats to see what was going on. The flash of the camera helped to capture the shock on their faces as they realized what they were seeing. Most turned right back around to the screen, but a few watched with big grins as her pussy was filled up with warm sticky cum. The girls started to leave, but the one girl’s legs felt like spaghetti, so they recouped for awhile. They did leave before the movie ended, as they didn’t want anyone to recognize them, when the lights came back on.

* * *

“That was absolutely incredible!” she said as she wiped the cum away as it dripped down her leg. “I had no idea it could be that good! And you! I never thought I would enjoy being touched by another woman, but I love your fingers!” She was so excited. “And I love sucking cock too! I think I want to taste it now! What does it taste like?”

“You really want to know?”

“Oh yes!”

With that her friend quickly stuck her hand up under her dress, and pushed two fingers deep inside her. She gasped as her friend twisted her fingers back and forth, and scooped out a big dollop of cum. “Open up!” she said as she then shoved her sticky fingers into her friends mouth. After the initial shock, she sucked and licked her new best friends fingers clean.

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