Sorry Daddy


Hope you all enjoy, this is my first submission so any comments will be much appreciated…..

It’s late and I was going out for the night so you told me to be at your house by 11pm. It’s almost 1am and I am still not home, so you’ve stayed up in the living room to wait for me. Just as you are dozing off, you hear the key in the door and me trying to creep in without waking you. You sit up right and listen as you hear me stumble around obviously drunk trying to climb the stairs. I tiptoe across the hall to the living room trying to make as little noise as possible in the high-heeled shoes I have on. I turn the knob to the door hoping that I can pass out on the sofa without you realising what time I got in. I push the door open to find you sitting waiting for me with a stern look across your face.

“Daddy….I didn’t think you were awake, I was trying not to wake you” I stumble.

You just look at me with a glare in your eyes, “where have you been and what on earth have you been doing dressed like that because I certainly don’t think that you were only out with your girlfriends. Will you explain exactly what you think you’re doing?”

“Well…I….I was with my girlfriends daddy, we just bumped into some….boys….and… well… I was speaking to them.” I babble drunkenly.

“You’re drunk.” You state. “Now get over here because you have been a very naughty little girl and Daddy does not appreciate liars or when you get yourself in such a state.”

“But…Daddy..” I begin, before you cut me off with a severe look in your eyes and I know not to try and argue.

I start to cross the floor to where you are sitting on the sofa tugging at my short black skirt and adjusting my top to where my cleavage is very obviously on show. I have smudged my mascara and my lips are stained with tracings of lipstick making me look like a cheap slut. Once I am standing in front you, now looking pretty sheepish, you tell me to kneel on the floor at your feet, which I do so slowly trying not to fall over.

You take my chin in your hands and tilt my head to look into your eyes, I look down at the floor trying to avoid any eye contact. “Now tell me,” you ask, “exactly what you have been doing all night, when I asked you to be home two hours ago. I do not believe that all you were doing was ‘speaking’ to boys by the state you’re in and I know what a dirty little girl you can be. Now you are going to be punished for being late home but I want you to explain exactly what made you late home so I can assess just how much punishment you need. And remember, I know when you are lying little one.”

“Well…” I begin, “there was this boy, daddy, and he kept buying me lots of drinks and trying to kiss me. He was asking me to go home with him, but I told him I couldn’t because my daddy was waiting for me. So as I was leaving with everyone he….kind of…. guided me off around a corner into this ally way and before I knew what was happening he had pushed me onto my knees daddy and was telling me that I was a ‘cock tease’ and if I wasn’t going home with him, I’d at least give him a little going home present….”

“And did you, my little slut, give him a ‘going home present’?” you ask, your eyebrows raised.

“Well, I didn’t know what else I could do daddy, he was very strong and I was quite turned on from kissing him.” I answer, my cheeks flushing.

“So what did you do?” you question.

“He told me to open my mouth and he pulled his cock out and told me to lick it. I wasn’t vivid porno sure at first so I turned my head away, but he grabbed me by my hair and held me there and told me to open my mouth. When I didn’t, he held me tighter with one hand and held my nose so I couldn’t breath without opening my mouth. I couldn’t stand it daddy, so I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock all the way down my throat. I was gagging a lot so he held still and I could barely breath. Once he thought I was comfortable, he started fucking my face and slamming into my mouth really hard. It felt like forever, and then he came all over my face. Which is probably why I look like this… I only had my hands and a tissue to clean my face and by the time he let me go, I had missed the last bus home so I had to find a taxi to get back here…” with this I trailed off.

You sat there looking me over for a few minutes not saying a word and obviously contemplating the correct form of punishment. “Now, my little girl, you have very much upset daddy with your behaviour tonight” you say simply. “I need to punish you for a number of misdemeanours this evening. Not only are you two hours late, but also you have not kept yourself clean in the way daddy likes. And, judging by the way you are dressed, you have brought it all on yourself. I want you over my lap immediately.”

I look up at you with tears in my eyes, “I am so sorry daddy.” I whimper, not moving.

“Any more hesitation from you, my girl, and I promise, you will be deeply sorry.” You whisper.

With this, I stand and lie across your lap. You lift my short skirt as I begin to protest, only to reveal that I am not wearing any panties. “You filthy slut” you growl, “this is for being so late home.” You raise your hand and bring it down firmly across my left cheek leaving a very pronounced hand mark. You raise your hand and bring it down again across my right cheek. You repeat this process a number of times bringing a lovely warm glow across my arse. You can hear that I am trying my hardest not to cry and you gently rub my cheeks. My muffled noises of distress turn in to little moans of pleasure and you slip your hand between my legs. “Now, my little slut, you wouldn’t be lying to me if you said that no one had touched you here tonight” you ask running your fingers between my lips, “because you are extremely wet.”

“No daddy, I promise!” I half moan.

“Good, because you know you have to ask my permission before anyone does that don’t you.” This is a rhetorical question and I know there is no need to answer. I just lie completely still as your fingers explore my lips slipping further inside me. “I think, little girl, that you are having far too much fun for this to be anything like punishment, now stand up and get those clothes off.” You demand.

I stand quickly, raise my arms and pull my top over my head revealing a black bra that pushes my breasts together creating so much cleavage. “It’s nice to see that you didn’t forget all your underwear tonight” you comment. I blush and push my skirt to my feet. I put my hands around my back and unclip my bra letting the straps fall from my shoulders and then to the floor. My nipples are rock hard and point right out. You cannot tell if this is because I am cold or just very turned on. “Now go into my bedroom and lie across the bed with your legs spread wide. I shall be through shortly.”

I turn around and make my way across the living room swaying slightly as the effects woodman casting porno of the alcohol have not yet worn off. As I lie across the bed, I can feel my heart beating quickly. I have never seen you this angry and disappointed with me and I am scared when my punishment will end and to what extreme it will reach. I have no idea what you will do to me. Usually I am such a good girl and the most I have ever felt is your hand across my arse when I have said something out of line or didn’t wear exactly what you requested. Tonight, not only am I late, but I wasn’t wearing any panties and I have let a complete strange fuck my mouth and cum over my face without your permission. I have no idea what you are planning for me. I hear your footsteps across the landing and see the door open. I quickly remember to spread my legs as wide as possible.

“I’m glad to see that you can follow some instructions tonight,” you say as you walk into the room. You stand by the side of the bed and I see that you have some rope in your hands. You pull my leg to the corner of the bed and secure it tightly. You walk round to the other side and do the same with my other leg. Then you tie my hands tightly together and tie them above my head. You check the fastenings to make sure I cannot wriggle free and begin to remove your belt. “I feel that you need to be disciplined properly tonight. I have never needed to do anything like this before, but tonight you have really crossed the line. I am going to give each breast 10 strikes with my belt and then your little pussy will receive the same treatment for being so wet and not having any panties on. With each strike, you will count out loud the number I am up to and thank me. Any other noise I hear will result in a further strike to each breast and your clit. No hesitation. Do you understand?”

“Yes daddy” I whimper and bite my lip.

You raise the belt and bring it down sharply across my left nipple.

“One daddy, thank you.” The pain is immediate and a red line instantly appears.

Lifting your arm again, you swiftly bring the belt down across my left breast once more.

“Two daddy, thank you” I moan. This process is repeated until I have completed the 10 strikes to my left breast.

You walk around to the other side of the bed and administer the same treatment to this breast. Tears are forming in my eyes and I try to blink them away with little success. I can barely count the strikes and thank you without crying. Once you reach 10, I am openly crying as you move to the end of the bed. I know exactly what is coming and begin to beg you. “Daddy, please, I can’t take it anymore. I am so sorry. Please give me a chance to make it up to you, I promise I will never misbehave ever again. I am so so sorry.”

“Now what kind of a daddy would I be if I told you what your punishment would be and then after a little whinging, went back on my word. I would not be setting a good example would I?”

“No daddy, but please, I promise I have learnt my lesson, I just cannot take anymore.” I plead.

“Quiet now, I am not changing my mind and if you continue with this incessant whining, I will not stop at 10” you threaten.

With this I am immediately quiet and close my eyes trying to block out the feeling of the belt across my sensitive little pussy. You raise your arm and bring it down brusquely across my pussy, falling not far from my clit. I count one and thank you and you raise your türkçe alt yazılı porno arm again bringing the belt down right across my clit. I bite down hard on my lip trying my hardest not to make a noise. Lifting your arm for the third time, you see that my lips have started to glisten slightly in the dim lights and you realise that as much as I may be protesting, inside I am battling between the intense feelings of pleasure and pain blissfully mixing together and causing me to feel a whole new type of satisfaction.

By the time you reach the tenth stroke across my pussy I am writhing around on the bed, panting. I open my eyes once I realise the punishment is over and I can see the tent in your trousers. You have never been more turned on. You have marked my body, red lines forming across my breasts and pussy beautifully. You know that it is almost time to relieve yourself but you will not do it when I still may have traces of another mans cum across my face. You untie me and tell me help me stand up, I am very shaky and you guide me into the bathroom and tell me to kneel in the bath.

I look at you with fear as it begins to dawn on me what you are about to do. You have whispered in my ear many a time how much you want to see your piss run down my body but I have never shown much form of interest, in fact quite the opposite and I always seem to convince you that we can do something else that is much more fun for both of us. However, tonight is different. You are completely in control and this seems the perfect from of punishment, washing away another mans cum with your piss from you beautiful little girls face.

I know there is no sense in protesting and fear of making you angrier which would only result in even worse punishment. I remain quiet, kneeling in the bath as you remove your clothes. You stand over me with your cock aimed directly at my mouth, the last place this mans cock must have been. I am breathing deeply with my mouth firmly closed, there is a bright flush across my cheeks and you think that maybe, just maybe I am as turned on as you are right now. Just then you release your bladder and a trickle of piss falls across my cheek. I hold my head up high, looking into your eyes as your hot piss runs down my body. You have never seen my looking quite so sexy.

“Open your mouth, baby girl, daddy needs to make sure that there is no cum left anywhere on his little girl.”

Hesitantly, I open my mouth a fraction, “Wider” you demand and I open enough to give you a direct aim right into my mouth. You completely let go of your bladder and my mouth is filled with your urine. It runs out of my mouth and in streams down my body. “You’re such a good girl” you repeat over and over, until your bladder is completely empty. I am covered, head to toe in your piss. You by now are immensely horny and you can see a combination of lust and love in my eyes.

“We must get you clean now baby girl,” you say turning on the shower. You wash me down lathering me up with soap and rinse me off. Then wrapping me in a big fluffy towel you lead me back into the bedroom. You take away the towel and bending me over the bed you instruct me to spread my legs. I do so quickly and you drive your cock all the way into my pussy. There is no resistance as I am so wet and I moan in pleasure. You begin to fuck me hard and fast, grabbing on to my hips and pulling my sensitive nipples. I reach a hand between my legs and furiously rub on my clit bringing myself closer to orgasm. Just before you feel you are about to cum you pull out and slam your cock into my arse, pushing all the way in. I scream just as my own orgasm hits and you cum inside me filling me with your cum. Gently, you pull out and collapse beside me. You hold me in your arms knowing that I’ve learnt my lesson and we fall asleep.

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