Spanish holiday

Aaliyah Hadid

I walked into a Travel Agents in my local shopping mall and indulged a total whim on the spur of the moment. I had not been on holidays proper for almost fifteen years so it was a very novel experience for me to find myself in Tenerife at the end of the same week with no agenda except to relax and enjoy myself.
Puerto del los Americas, ( about 20 minutes from the Airport ), will cater very well for most peoples idea of what a Spanish Seaside Holiday resort should be like. Particularly so if you’re the sort who is quite content to stay in the one place and have Hotel pool, beaches, bars, restaurants and shopping all close to hand.
As Tenerife is part of the group that make up the Canaries Islands off the West African coast the temperature averages 20 C all year. The Islands are volcanic and Tenerife rises to a height of 12200 ft so both sand and snow can be experienced within a short drive.

One thing that Tenerife doesn’t have is miles and miles of light sandy beaches. The Resorts are built around such beaches there are and these are crowded.
I hired a car and set off to explore the rest of the Island.
Once out beyond the “concrete jungle” I became aware of how varied the Island could be.
I passed tomato and banana plantations as I wandered my way up the coast. I stopped off at a delightful town, Puerto del Santiago.

The only beach is of black sand nestling in a very small bay overlooked by a terrace on the main street. At one end, just beyond the sand, I found a small space among rocks with enough privacy to sunbathe nude even though this was just beside the public path. In the hot sun my mind wandered and I soon began to doze. I woke with the background sounds of sea and gulls split with laughter.

Filled with curiosity I sat up and looked over the low rocks beside me, The sight that greeted me was of two long haired blonde girls who wore absolutely nothing except their smiles. These long legged beauties were lying on their stomachs on a big multicoloured beach towel and the source of their amusement was a magazine they were reading”.Share the joke with me girls” I said. They turned around, startled, not realising there was someone else so close to them. One of them had turned on her side exposing a beautiful blonde bush. She made a self conscious attempt to cover herself up on seeing a man peering over the rocks. It was now my turn to laugh as I realised that they couldn’t see that I was in the same state as themselves. I stood up and introduced myself, they relaxed again and invited me to join them.

The girls were delightful company.Marika was a Nurse, she was 36.
She had honey coloured skin that was darker than her ash blonde hair.Very evidently her natural colour. Suzy was the older of the two, a housewife now, she worked with Marika as a Radiologist.
She was a much quieter person but there was something deep behind those serene blue eyes.We spent a good part of the morning in easy conversation. I invited the girls to lunch with me in a lovely restaurant overlooking the sea and beach.
As we stood up to dress and go I had my second surprise of the day. Suzy sat up with her back to us and pulled on a rather skimpy top, Then she stood up and turned as she donned her wrap around skirt giving a brief glimpse of her delightful smooth hairless pubes. She lowered her eyes and smiled as she caught my stare.

Lunch was a long and leisurely affair. The restaurant was busy and crowded but served the most delicious seafood. This and excellent Spanish wine softened my resolve to explore the Island further. When I mentioned this the girls were adamant that I must see the Island and even offered to show me some of the sights. I couldn’t resist remarking that they had partly done that already. They both laughed and Marika, her leg brushing mine, said that there was much more to see. Well, who could refuse such an offer?, so it was we set off driving the steep climbing, twisting roads to the upper parts of the Island.

The highest ground is a national park dominated by Pico del Tiede at over 12000ft. The landscape is almost totally barren, a mixture of Lava fields and tumbling rock outcrops that are stunningly spectacular. ( It was here that part of “The Ten Commandments” and “Planet of the Apes” were filmed. By road you drive to nearly 8000 ft this is a snow field in the early part of the year. We walked past groups of snowball throwing tourists and considered the ascent to the summit of Pico del Tiede. Not as difficult as it sounds, there is a cable car. It doesn’t always run as weather conditions such as cloud and wind change very rapidly at that height Its also not suitable for everybody as breathing becomes a bit difficult at 12000ft.

The air is cold high up in the mountains so warm clothes are advisable. However once out of the wind there is strong radiant heat from the sun. We walked further from the coaches and cars parked on the main road and found a sheltered and secluded valley. There were patches of dry rock which were ideal for nude sunbathing.

The girls and I stripped off and after a short walk on the snowfield lay back on a rock to admire the breathtaking views of the snowy ridges on the horizon. I found the scene soporific enough to doze fitfully. My awakening was the huge shock of being pelted with snow by the girls who ran off laughing and screaming . I dashed across the snowfield after them only to be repulsed by another barrage of snowballs fired with devastating accuracy. My hair was caked with snow and my body blotched with slush and melt water. I caught up with Marika who turned to run in between salvos. My flying tackle brought her down on the snow and our bodies combined as I flipped her over and pinioned her by the wrists . She lay there , panting, not resisting
and there was “that look” again. I was just about to take what I thought was the appropriate action when we heard loud cheering and applause,.
Turning, the sight that greeted us and embarrassed me was to see what seemed to be a whole coach tour up on the rim of the valley egging us on. Now I have my limits when it comes to public nudity, redfaced I slunk back to where I had left my clothes Suzy was collapsing in paroxysms of laughter and Marika was actually taking bows, the cheeky sod!
When we eventually drove home I could see the funny side of it all and realised that the girls were exhibitionists. I couldn’t help the suspicion that they had already seen the audience before they provoked the incident.

It was late evening with sunset in the offing when we got back to Puerto del Santiago. Marika and Suzy invited me to dinner,” to make up” they said.
Well, naturally I accepted and inquired what Restaurant they wished to go to. Marika smiled,”Were going to have it back at our place”. well that was fine by me. The girls were staying in a really lovely house escort izmit with a roof garden sheltered from the wind with bouganvillia and hibiscus covering the walls. The barbecue was lit and we started to prepare food with a background of a setting sun and the smell of woodsmoke.

I decided that some champagne to go with the barbeque would be a good idea , this was greeted with enthusiasm and Marika offered to show me where to go. Having made the purchases in the local supermarket as we made our way back up the steep steps Marika put her arm through mine. ” I hope you will stay over, there’s plenty of room and its so late for you to drive back”. “I’d be delighted” I said.
She smiled and suddenly kissed me full on the lips just lingering enough to let me know that there might be more to follow and there was that look in her eyes again.
When we got back the most wonderful smell pervaded the air as Suzy, now naked except for an apron, tended the steaks. She had also lit an open fire in an iron basket in the middle of the patio. She had placed a small table and cushions nearby.
“I thought a nude picnic might be nice, we wont embarrass you this time” she said.
I certainly wasn’t prepared for that but don’t get me wrong I was all on for it. These girls were educating me, surprising me and, yes, exciting me.

I can assure you that the meal was splendid and great fun. We sat on cushions around the open fire, the warmth of the wine and the night was heady and intoxicating all interspersed with a great deal of laughter. Desert was strawberries and cream. we all know that food can erotic but when Marika dropped a large berry that rolled into her lap and left a long trickle of cream down her breast all conversation stopped and the atmosphere was electric. I just stared as Suzy leaned over and picked the berry from Marikas pubes and, after licking the remaining cream from it, fed it to her.She then took my hand and used my finger to scoop up, slowly, the dribble of cream from Marikas breast. I offered my finger to her lips .Her eye contact was direct as she took my finger into her mouth and sucked hard on it, releasing it slowly and swallowing it again. There could be no doubt now. I looked to Suzy, her eyes glistened and she smiled at me, nodding.

It was then that the doorbell rang. The suddeness of it ran like a shock thru us all. The athmosphere changed suddenly as this was a completely unexpected intrusion. The girls suddenly became alert and anxious dialogue in German passed between them. Marika said “come, I show you where you stay ” and , scooping up my clothes, I followed her to a bedroom . I was puzzled by the girls behaviour and the sudden change of athmosphere and started to question Marika.” Its complicated” she said. ” Its Suzys Husband, we werent expecting him until the weekend”. “yes, but you and I —“. Not now, Ill explain everything to you,– later”, she said. Then she put her arms about my neck, pressed her still naked body to mine and kissed me with a ferocity that was surprising and very brief and erotic. “You will be comfortable here”, she said indicating the huge bed as she opened the wardrobe and took out a light dress. She pulled this on and smiled as she closed the door behind her. I was thoroughly confused by now. So maybe he didnt like the idea of strange men in the house, or seeing his Wife naked but I hadnt been asked to leave and anyway it was Marika I was interested in and who had shown similiar feelings.
I decided that speculation was useless for now and presumably all would be made clear in good time.
I climbed into bed and spent some time listening to the voices from outside. I couldnt make out what was being said, I could just hear the murmur and occasional laughter. It was infuriating but curiosity wasnt going to be satisfied. I turned out the light and tried to sleep.How were they going to explain my presence?, what would the athmosphere be like in the morning? Why was I banished to a bedroom? Why had Marika not come back?, Did Suzys Husband know I was here?. My mind raced and it seemed like ages before I finally dropped off .

I dont know how much later it was that I woke with a start to see a bright rectangle of light from the door silhouette the naked long haired figure before she closed it and the room blackened again. The duvet lifted and her warm body slid in beside me. I couldnt believe this was happening. I wrapped my arms around her, one hand running thru her long silky hair the other tracing her spine as I found her lips. Her eager tongue sought my mouth as our bodies crushed against each other. The silky feel of her bottom was pure heaven and John Thomas sprang rigidly to attention as her hand wrapped around him. She made small moaning sounds as, after passionate kisses, my mouth left hers and sought her breast. I settled on her stiff, long nipple and sucked greedily while bringing my hand up to cup her exquisite firm small breast. I let my mouth wander down her stomach pausing to let my tongue swirl into her navel as my fingers rolled each nipple between them.This was going to be a night of passion . As I licked my way , slowly, down her belly I caught the scent of her strong musk .I placed small kisses on her inner thighs, teasing her, and felt her body begin a rythmic movement and the moans increased. “Please, please” she said in a whisper. It was nearly time, slowly my tongue licked up her legs towards the ultimate goal .I slid one hand from a breast down to ready her slit for my tongue.. My hand found her mound, it was hairless!. The realization hit me immediately and I leaped from her . I threw back the duvet, switched on the light and looked at a naked and very aroused Suzy, her long hair spread over the pillows and panting.. Suzy was startled by my action. “Come back to me please, what is it?” she said.

“Jesus, God, how can you ask?” I said. “I’m in bed with you, another mans wife, thinking you were Marika and your husband is asleep somewhere close by and Marika may come in any moment”. My body was quivering with the shock. Suzy regarded me for a moment and then burst into laughter. “Ssh, Ssh, you’ll wake up the household and cause a dreadful scene. How will I explain this?” In my panic I switched out the light and put my hand over her mouth but she struggled free and, gasping with laughter, she said “Calm down ,its all right, lie down beside me and let me explain”.
She switched on the light and knelt up facing me. Her hand brushed my chest in small circular movements as she regarded me in silence for some moments before she spoke. “Poor you, you werent expecting this and when I explain you’ll probably be even more confused but its perfectly all right. Hansi and Marika know I’m with you and they won’t disturb us, Does that make you feel better?”. Without waiting for me to reply she kissed me gently and at length, her hand lightly stroking my limp izmit escort dick.My mind and body were still confused but the sight of this beautiful naked golden woman and what she was doing to me won out. She pulled me down on top of her whispering “First we make love, words can wait until after”.

This was temptation beyond endurance, suddenly I was rigid with desire and, nestling between her legs, I crushed my mouth to hers, grabbed her wrists and plunged my aching prick forcefully into her. She made a small cry as I did so and I felt her burning heat engulf my manhood. It was almost too much to bear and Suzy sensed this. “Yes, fuck me hard now. I want you to explode inside me . We will fuck many times before morning”. The effect of this on me was devastating. I slammed into her less than a dozen times before I came with an intensity that I’d never before experienced. It felt as though my entire insides were leaving me as I shot load after load deep inside her. Not normally given to noise, I roared like a Bull for what seemed like ages as wave after wave of sheer ecstasy tore thru me. Suzys legs tightened like a clamp high around my back. Her breath gasped as she said “More, more, fuck me harder over and over, do anything you want to do to me only don’t stop”. To my surprise my tool stayed rigid and her cries urged me on to greater efforts. I withdrew from her suddenly and threw her over on her stomach, pulling her gorgeous ass up in the air. The globes of her bottom were maddeningly erotic, her entire slit and little pink rosebud visible for one moment before I sunk my prick deep into her again riding her with an intensity I hadn’t thought possible. Time and time again I saw my prick, now glistening with her juices, withdraw and plunge back into her. At each thrust the flesh of her bottom rippled like a wave up to her back. One of her hands kneaded the pillow while the other hammered up and down on the mattress as she gasped “Oh Ja!, Oh Ja! this is so good!”. I held the sides of her pelvis as she slammed back against me in perfect rythym her pace quickening and her cries louder until with one long cry she came. Her body shuddered and convulsed against me. I was ready to shoot another load into her by now and the sight of her beautiful bottom and naked back were driving me crazy with desire.

I wanted to stop myself from coming too soon with this lovely woman so I slowed my pace to very slow strokes. I withdrew my prick slowly, slowly, almost taking it out and then pushing back in and letting it soak before repeating the move. Suzy obviously loved this. She kept making small moans and slowly wiggled her bottom from side to side as I did this to her. At one point this caused my prick to fall out of her and she gasped “Put it back in”.As I attempted to do so it was so rigid that I missed and it skated up between her cheeks and, dripping with her juices, it nosed her little pink asshole. Another little cry from her let me know this was what she wanted. I steadied my tool with one hand and pushed slowly, not wanting to hurt her. I watched the head slowly open her and disappear into her asshole. Gradually I worked my entire shaft in to her. Her hole was like a vice and I knew that I couldnt last very long. I began to ride her in slow strokes. Suzy said, “Faster, you can go faster, I love this”.

Not needing any second bidding, I gradually increased the speed of my strokes.Suzy began panting “Oh, Oh, Oh” in time with my movements. Looking down, I could see the skin of her asshole withdraw in a ridge with my prick and then disappear again as I thrust back into her. I rode her faster and faster, my heart pounding,until my balls sunk up into my body and I blew jets of come into Suzys ass. My orgasm triggered hers and once again she cried out in ecstasy as we both came together. I collapsed, exhausted, pinning Suzy under my weight to the bed. I placed small kisses on her neck and shoulders. Our breathing slowed and as we lay quietly I felt my erection slowly subside and Suzys hole, pulsing, push it out if her. I rolled off and lay beside her cradling her in my arms as my excitement subsided. I lay quietly in the darkness, replaying the incredible erotic experience, listening to Suzy breathing her small hot breaths against my chest.Curiosity filled me again and I said to her, “Is it time for words now?”. I would still have to wait, Suzy was asleep and in a very short while so was I.

Sunlight streamed into the room when I awoke. The curtains had been pulled back and I was alone in the bed. I lay there for some moments confused, alert and listening. but there was no sound in the house.
I looked at my watch, it was mid afternoon. I rose, showered and dressed. I felt uneasy as I left the bedroom not sure of what to expect. There was nobody at home. The table was set on the terrace and there was a note thanking me from Suzy and another signed Marika and Hansi saying that they wanted to see me when they returned in the evening. I had some fruit, coffee and rolls while I considered how I felt and what I would do. I felt confused, even embarrased. After all this was a highly unusual situation. Obviously they all knew about last night and seemingly it was ok, or was it ?.

Yet so much needed to be explained. How come Hansi let me fuck his wife ?. Yet, I was sure that Marika wanted to take me to bed, why didnt she?. What happened to her and Hansi ?. So many questions. I decided to have a walk about the town to consider all this. Sitting in a cafe near the seafront I debated if I should just leave and go back to my hotel, just quietly withdraw and chalk it all up to a fantastic one off experience and avoid embarrassment to all concerned. Then I thought what about the notes?, what about the lovely hospitality of the girls?, I owed them one. I reasoned that my trepidation was meeting Hansi and how he might feel about me screwing his wife and also meeting Marika, did I betray her?. Yet they all , obviously , knew what happened during the night. Or did they. I just felt that I couldnt cut out without meeting them one more time to try to explain and to say thanks. I bought some presents and made my way back to the villa determined to exit as gracefully as I could.

I rang the bell and Marika answered the door. “Come in, its so nice to see you” she said. I followed her to the balcony & couldnt help seeing that she wore a nearly see thru dress and the sunlight streamed thru her as we went onto the patio. She turned to face me and said “I think we need to talk, no, don’t interupt me just now, just listen to me”. She sat on the patio wall and motioned for me to sit in a chair opposite her. I couldnt help noticing that she looked fantastic with the sunlight turning her hair to gold and streaming thru her flimsy dress showing the outline of her breasts.
“I hope you are not embarassed or uncomfortable with me” she izmit kendi evi olan escort said. Before I could reply she said ” I know that you and Suzy had a nice time last night and I also know that you wanted to have me but I’m glad for both of you and I want to tell you that you can still have me, if you want to”
I was staggered by this but before I could think of anything to say Marika continued, “I hope you will make love to me, I very much want you to do so and I wished we did last night but I had to let Hansi have me first. That’s why we sent Suzy to you so you wouldnt have to spend the night on your own. Hansi would usually fuck both of us, he likes exotic sex ,but when we explained that we had a visitor that wanted me he chose me and gave you Suzy for company. You see, since she is his wife, he can have her all the time but he only sometimes can have me so I am a novelty for him and I love Suzy so I do what he wants”. My mind was whirling with questions, I hardly knew where to begin.
Marika sensed this and said “It all needs a lot of explaining and I promise that we will but why not take things as they come and perhaps understand later?” “What do I need to understand” I said. “I’m so confused , I dont know where to start”.

Marika stood up, her lovely figure evident thru her backlit almost transparent dress. “Understand that I want you, I’ve seen you looking at me and I know you would like this”, She pulled her dress over her head and stood naked before me. “Wouldn’t you like this?” Was there anyone alive who could resist such an offer? A golden goddess stood before me. I drank in her beautiful figure, her blonde hair ruffled by the breeze, her perfect and desireable breasts with stiff long nipples. My gaze lowered to her navel and smooth belly and her wispy blonde pubic hair just concealing the delights it held.
She leaned back against the patio wall and spread her legs. Her hand wandered down to her pubes. ” wouldnt you like this?”, she almost whispered as she parted her slit. I was mad with desire by this sight. Everything went from my mind and I tore off my clothes, my jeans snagging on my now super erect tool. I rushed at her and, kissing her frantically, I lifted her bodily and threw her on the patio table sweeping aside the remains of a meal. Dishes and plates crashed to the tiles as, in haste of lust, I swung her long legs over my shoulders and rammed into her. “Yes, she said, yes, I want you and all you can give me. I spent ages fucking Marika in every possible way and she responded with enthusiasm and energy that I could hardly believe. As soon as my prick came out of her she pushed me back on the patio sofa and engulfed it with her mouth sucking hard and greedily making it rigid again. Then she climbed on top of me and pushed it back into her cunt. She pumped up and down on me and then leaned forward and dipped each nipple in turn into my eager mouth. “What would you like?, I will do anything for you”, she said. She reached behind her and started to massage my balls then , slowly, ran her fingers up the soft skin to my hole. Her mouth came down on mine sucking at my lips at first then her tongue darted into my mouth and her finger circled my hole.”You like?, you like more?” she whispered kissing my eyes and nose. This was an incredible sensation, I abandoned myself to her using her words, “Just do what you want” I said. “Anything?” she asked. “Anything” I said. “Then I have a treat for both of us” she said and , getting off, me she turned to face my feet. She squatted down on me and guided my stiff prick into her arse. The sensation was glorious. I reached around her and cupped one breast and sought her clit with my other hand. Marika spread my legs and dipped her fingers into her cunt. Her now slippery fingers massaged my hole and then, as she slowly rose and fell on my prick, she eased her fingers into my arse and gently fucked me. It felt like an electric charge running thru me. I rubbed her clit like fury and tweaked her nipple as she moaned and moved on my prick faster and faster. “I cant hold back” I screamed. “Yes, yes, come now” she shouted. I roared as I shot jet after jet of come up her arse. Marika screamed as her orgasm hit her at the same time her fingers vibrating in my arse giving heightened sensations of sweet pain. She leaned forward, withdrawing her fingers and lifted off my already softening prick. She turned and lay beside me, panting. She kissed me and snuggled up to me saying “That was wonderful, I think perhaps you liked it too?”. I was shattered, “Nobody has ever done that to me before” I said. She smiled impishly at me and said “Then we have some more little treats in store for you later”. My curiousity was aroused and I asked her to explain but all I got was another grin, “you’ll see ” she said. These girls certainly had a way of keeping me on edge.

As passion subsided we dressed,( if you could call it that in Marikas case ), and began to clean up the patio..I watched Marikas sinewy form as she worked.
I thought about how lucky I was to have met two such passionate, sensuous, uninhibited women as these. There was no jealousy, no judgement, between them. But what was this intriguing mystery?. What about Hansi?, I couldn’t understand this at all.
Why would a lusty man who would screw two women at the same time in his bed part with one of them, particularly his wife, to be fucked by a stranger?. Was he now to know that I had Marika, presumably his Mistress, as well.

My mind was whirling with questions. I asked Marika to explain as she had promised.
She stopped what she was doing and regarded me for a moment with an odd look in her eyes. ” Yes, I’ll tell you” she said, ” but it’s a very long story and I’m not sure I’ll finish it . You may have to find out the last bit later, that would be your part in it. Are you sure that you want to know all?”.
“How can I be sure?, I just don’t know what you are talking about” I said.
“Then why not just take things as they come and let the story emerge in its own good time, are you not happy with what’s happening to you here?”, she said.
“Of course I am, I feel like the luckiest man alive with both of you. But what about Hansi?” I said.
Again a laugh from Marika, “You’re thinking too much, Hansi knows and you needn’t
fear him. Have you not enjoyed making love to Suzy and I?,and wouldn’t you like more?”, I was staggered by her directness and the promise of more erotic encounters to come, my heart was pounding and my manhood started to rise at the very thought of what she was promising. This was the stuff of which dreams are made and here it was, happening to me. All scruples and doubts went clear out of my mind, “Yes,of course, I’d love that. You must know that you have both captivated me”.
Another bright ringing of laughter from Marika, ” We know that and you are good for us, but are you sure you can keep up and play any games we would like you to?”.
This was surely the offer of a lifetime, “Just try me”, I said. “Oh we will, we will, then its a deal?” said Marika.

To be continued.

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