Spanish Seduction

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‘An escape to warmer climes’ was what Lauren had said. Yes, by all means, a holiday, thought Natalie.

Amid the dreary greyness and cold of a typical winter, just the thought of it was exhilarating to her. But in the end, it turned out to be so much more than mere escape, since it involved both surrender and submission. She knew she would be surrendering herself to the sun and sand, but what she could not have predicted was that she would submit herself to a whole other realm of pleasure and experience.

Natalie had not known Lauren and her husband Blake for very long – perhaps six months – and though they got along famously, she was somewhat surprised when they asked her to join them on holiday. They were trying to convene a party of six, and rent a luxury villa on the coast of Spain for three weeks in January. Though the fee was prohibitive, the villa – which came with an ocean view, its own secluded pool, and slept as many as ten people, sharing the cost six ways made it more than affordable. At thirty-five, and recently divorced, Natalie had only to secure the time off before saying yes.

Lauren and her husband had been just the couple for her, post divorce: charming and worldly, they took delight in introducing her to new people and experiences. Their party was to be rounded out by another couple – Jessica and Gabriel – and another single woman, Rachel. All were in their mid thirties to early forties and pleasant company. Rachel’s decision to join them had sealed it for Natalie. Rachel was a beautiful woman who she especially liked and was also single.

They arrived from their long flight, weary but excited, and quickly settled in to the palatial luxury of their villa.

Though conservative and somewhat shy by nature, in the spirit of European ‘l’esprit ouvert’, Natalie had purchased several quite daring bikinis prior to her trip. She was, by all accounts, a beautiful, voluptuous woman, and endowed with a figure capable of piquing the libidos of most men. She was also extremely endowed in the more typical sense of the word: her ample-sized bras supported a magnificent pair of firm, buoyant breasts that were difficult to disguise at the best of times, let alone in a bikini swimsuit top.

On their first day, the six of them had only to walk twenty metres or so downhill from their villa perch to take advantage of the incredible vista of white sand beach and turquoise waters. Rachel, less inhibited than Natalie, matter-of-factly stripped off her t-shirt and beach wrap to reveal a slender, bikini-clad figure that was beautiful in its own right. Though less busty than Natalie, Rachel’s slim, shapely frame looked stunning in her tiny, white string swimsuit. Suddenly feeling a little bashful, and having lost some of her earlier resolve to be daring, Natalie stripped down to her own skimpy bikini. Lauren and Jessica gushed at how hot the two of them looked in their swimsuits. Blake and Gabriel, perhaps thinking it wise to refrain from gushing in front of their wives, admired their travel companion’s bodies in silence.

They passed the day happily: soaking up the sun, taking occasional dips in the warm ocean water, and supplementing their feeling of lazy contentment with glasses of chilled sangria. By the time they returned to the villa and finished preparing a lavish meal together, they were feeling no pain.

During dinner, Gabriel mentioned that he’d learned of a beautiful nude beach only a short walk along the beach from their villa, and that they should all pay a visit the following day.

“It’s supposed to be quite idyllic,” he said with a teasing smirk, “very beautiful and very secluded”.

Natalie found herself blushing and both she and Jessica said they didn’t want to go. The rest of them seized on the idea enthusiastically and tried to convince the two holdouts. With much prodding, Natalie and Jessica finally relented and agreed to go; the former hoping that it was sangria-induced courage, and that by tomorrow morning they’d have all changed their minds.

They spent the rest of the evening scattered about the quiet, candle-lit villa, savouring the lush, scented ocean air and each other’s company. Perhaps it was the sangria, or a day amongst sand, suntan lotion, and scantily-clad bodies, or a combination of everything, but the two married couples became quite openly amorous with each other, and Natalie and Rachel decided to enjoy a moonlight swim in the ocean together and leave the lovers alone to their libidos.

The two women enjoyed a refreshing dip in the warm, tranquil waters before spreading out their towels on the soft sand. The air and the sand beneath them were still hot from the day’s sun. Natalie giggled in agreement when Rachel observed that it felt lovely on the bum. They both lay back on their elbows and looked at the stars; silhouettes of the occasional tropical bird crossing their line of vision.

Rachel reached inside her beach bag, withdrew a joint and lit it. She inhaled deeply and offered it to Natalie. Natalie, who had Alanya escort never smoked marijuana in her life, was desperate not to seem unworldly to her friend, whom she liked more and more. Nervously, she took the joint and did her best to mimic what Rachel had done. The smoke in her lungs made her cough, and Rachel smiled. They talked and talked, passing the joint back and forth and inhaling the potent smoke until it was done. Natalie even began to master it, but they both giggled when Rachel made her confess that she’d never done it before. With the combination of a day’s sun, alcohol, and the newly experienced, marijuana, Natalie felt a glorious mind-altering euphoria envelope her. She returned Rachel’s warm, attentive smile.

“I hope you don’t mind my saying so,” said Rachel, “but your breasts are incredible”.

“Thank you!” answered Natalie.

“What size bra do you wear?”

“34F, depending on the bra,” she replied.

Rachel sat up and they continued to talk. Then, reaching over, she gently bushed Natalie’s long, dark hair behind her ear. It was only a small gesture, but it spoke volumes. Natalie felt a shiver and answered Rachel’s touch with a fixed look.

“You’re so beautiful, Natalie,” she said. “Can I … Is it okay if I …”

Rachel slipped her thumb inside the stretchy string waistband of Natalie’s bikini bottom, drew close, and softly kissed her on the lips.

Without thinking, without processing anything, and with her head still spinning, Natalie reacted with pure impulse and responded by kissing back in kind: tender yet passionate. Their soft, warm lips pressed against each other; their mouths opening, tongues tentatively exploring. Rachel placed a hand atop Natalie’s thigh, then drew back and looked into her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“No. That was nice,” said Natalie quietly, acknowledging the awkward truth.

“I don’t know how to say this,” continued Rachel. “I mean, I love men. But I find myself attracted to women from time to time. I just really find you attractive. I know that sounds crazy. I had to kiss you”. “It’s okay,” replied Natalie, eyes slightly downcast.

Rachel moved closer and kissed her again, hungrily. This time their lips lingered; their kisses mixing with sighs; their hands groping.

“Let’s go back to my room, okay?” asked Rachel.

Perhaps it was the alcohol and the joint playing tricks with her, or perhaps they had only allowed her true urges to emerge from within, but Natalie nodded silently, her chest still heaving from the intensity of their kisses. Rachel took her hand.

“I … I’ve never been with a woman,” stammered Natalie.

Rachel kissed her softly. “Please don’t worry about that.”

The villa had five bedrooms, so with the two couples paired off, Natalie and Rachel had their own with two left unoccupied. Like school girls avoiding their parents, the two women slipped into the villa and made their way upstairs, unseen, and closed the door to Rachel’s bedroom behind them.

They tore off each other’s bikini and collapsed on the bed in an intertwined embrace of sea salty bronzed skin, perfumed hair, fleshy sex, and soft sheets. Almost awkward with the intensity of it, their lovemaking was like a hot flash fire: tongues and hands explored, tasted, teased. Natalie, on her back and with her hands gripping the headboard behind her head, gasped loudly as Rachel demonstrated her talents between her parted thighs; her tongue coaxing Natalie’s pink clitoris to full bloom below the tightly cropped and trimmed patch of black hair; applying greater and greater pressure to Natalie’s’ delicate cleft until her efforts pushed her over the edge. Natalie cried out and bucked her hips; grinding her sex against Rachel’s pillowy lips in delicious agony.

Moving upward — stopping only to dip her tongue into Natalie’s navel — Rachel gently suckled her lover’s heavy breasts. The oversized areolas responded to her attentions; swelling and expanding like soft little parasols of pink flesh.

Natalie returned Rachel’s affections in kind and the two happily pleasured one another late into the evening. The former had intended to return to her room, but, their passions sated, the two collapsed into a tender embrace and promptly fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Natalie awoke to the warm Spanish sun angling in through the window and across her legs. Still naked, but with a bed sheet partially obscuring her curvy charms, she turned to discover Rachel standing at the edge of the bed, dressed in her bikini and smiling at her; an offering of coffee in her hands.

With the effects of the intoxicants from the night before now gone, and with the smell of each other’s sex still lingering on their skins, a slightly awkward shyness settled between them at first. Still, standing before her in her bikini — all tousled hair, sun-dappled skin, and angelic smile — Natalie couldn’t help but be struck again by her friend’s beauty. That said, it was Rachel who was moved to Alanya escort bayan observe in praise of the erotic figure before her:

“My god,” gushed Rachel, “you look so incredibly luscious and sexy lying there!”

They sat together on the bed, enjoying their coffee, while Rachel gently teased Natalie about their pas de deux from the night before. Natalie went crimson when she mentioned that Blake and Lauren had done their own bit of teasing – musing, with knowing smiles, on the boisterous cries of ecstasy emanating from her room the night before … and Natalie’s bed so conspicuously tidy and empty early this morning.

“Don’t be embarrassed!” giggled Rachel. “Oh, by the way,” she continued, “they’re all still set on checking out the nude beach today.”

Natalie’s shoulders slumped forward. “Really?” she asked. “I hoped they would lose their nerve.

“Oh, don’t be silly — it’ll be fun.” Then added with a smirk, “And besides, what are YOU worried about – with that body and those boobs, you’ll be a star”.

Natalie returned to her room and slipped on the second of the newly-acquired swimsuits – a sexy, turquoise string bikini with push-up bra. After expressing some final misgivings, the last of the hold-outs were won over and they all headed off down the beach as a group.

The clothing-optional beach was as beautiful as Gabriel had promised. Natalie did he best to suppress a bashful smile at all the prone, nude bodies.

They spread out their towels in a cluster, then one by one, began shedding their swimsuits. Silent assessments and stolen glances ensued as friends caught glimpses of each other’s full nudity for the first time. Blake and Gabriel both had attractive bodies and lovely, albeit modest-size penises. Natalie shed her bikini as inconspicuously as possible and tried to affect a non-plussed façade, despite feeling uncomfortable.

Standing there among all the other naked sun-worshippers, her voluptuous, cantilevered body was a sight to behold; and one much appreciated by the men around her. Her large, firm orbs rested heavily atop her ribcage; distending outward from her flat tummy.

The warm embrace of the Spanish sun had a calming effect on Natalie. Gradually, she allowed herself to luxuriate in the liberating and pleasurable feeling of the sun on her body; her tension subsiding as the rays worked their magic on her breasts and the cleft between her legs. Rachel broke the silence by suggesting the two of them go for a swim.

The two ambled down to the water’s edge – their breasts undulating in unison while Blake and Gabriel admired the pleasing curves of their behinds – and immersed themselves in the warm, blue water.

After a short frolic treading water, the pair stood together chatting; water lapping just above their buoyant breasts. Suddenly, they turned to see a young Spaniard swimming up to them. Rachel, who spoke Spanish fluently, engaged him in a conversation that mixed Spanish with broken English.

His name was Luis. He appeared to be in his mid twenties and was film star gorgeous: black, curly locks, green eyes, and square jaw. His smooth, olive-coloured skin, broad shoulders, and slim but muscled upper torso suggested an equally fetching body. The three of them chatted amicably. For Natalie’s benefit, he struggled in English as best as he could; charming the two women with his friendliness and flirtatious smile.

“Your first time here?” he asked. They explained that they were tourists staying at a villa not far from the beach.

“First time, I think for you,” he grinned. “Little bit shy. But you are so beautiful!” he added.

“Which one of us?” smiled Rachel.

“Both!” replied Luis; eliciting giggles from the two of them.

Luis continued in Spanish and Rachel translated for her friend: he was twenty-six – almost ten years their junior, lived in a town nearby, and was there by himself.

“I come here many times,” he said. “I love no clothes feeling.”

The two women – though Natalie remained largely quiet throughout — were quickly quite taken with their new friend. Eventually, Rachel invited him to join their group. He was so congenial and seemed genuinely touched by the offer.

“I get my towel?” he asked. “Sit with you?” Rachel and Natalie nodded and smiled.

With his strong arms lifted above the water for balance, Luis made his way to shore, and from their vantage point, the two women observed – with ever increasing admiration – his beautiful body as he slowly emerged.

“Oh my god,” whispered Rachel, “what a hot ass!” Natalie was equally impressed with the young man’s tight behind.

Then, from the shore, as the two followed close behind, Luis turned to face them. Rachel and Natalie briefly looked at each other in utter shock and amazement – Luis’ penis was absolutely enormous. Standing there, with his bronzed body, washboard stomach, and narrow waist, he was truly a vision of panty-dampening splendour.

As they reached him on the beach, Escort Alanya the two women tried their best to act non-chalant and avoid staring. His thick, flaccid cudgel was as large as an average woman’s forearm, and swung heavily between his athletic-looking thighs, halfway to his knees. Neither had ever seen a man anywhere near as impressively endowed. Veiny and powerful-looking even in its dormant state, it had to be some eight inches in length and extremely thick.

“I get my towel now,” said Luis before walking off.

Natalie and Rachel slowly made their way back to the group.

“Okay, I know he’s totally gorgeous, but did you see the size of that thing???” gushed Rachel.

The two of them deliberated about what they had just seen, and giggled conspiratorially as they approached their prone friends.

Rachel explained that they’d extended an invitation for someone to join them. Blake and Gabriel appeared a little apprehensive and uncomfortable.

“Yes, I think we’ve seen him,” grinned Lauren knowingly. “He’s rather difficult to miss”.

Luis soon joined them, and after some quick introductions laid out his towel beside Rachel and Natalie. He seemed completely comfortable among them without his clothes on. Sitting on his haunches and kneeling across his towel, thighs parted, his enormous organ was so long the end of it reached his towel; his taut, concave stomach only served to emphasize its size. Jessica, who also spoke a little Spanish, chatted with him briefly; a blush on her cheeks; her eyes darting down again and again to peek at the young man’s endowment. Her husband Gabriel took notice of this and looked away, either embarrassed or chagrined. Indeed, for the two men, Luis’ size was intimidating in the extreme.

“A gay man’s fantasy,” muttered Gabriel.

‘… And many a straight WOMAN’s, too’, thought several of the assembled females.

Luis indulged himself – albeit discreetly – as well; eyeing Natalie’s large, luscious breasts, narrow waist, and the arc of her womanly hips; admiring the natural blond strip of pubic hair that marked the entrance to Rachel’s sex. The sun’s heat enveloped them; pearls of perspiration beaded on their bodies. The two couples decided to escape the intensity of it with a leisurely walk along the beach followed by relief in the relatively cooler water. They left their towels and walked off together as a foursome.

It was just the three of them now. Rachel turned to Natalie and smiled.

“Luis is incredibly handsome, isn’t he?”

“Yes, he is,” answered Natalie with a teasing grin.

Luis smiled his million dollar smile.

“And such a beautiful body,” continued Rachel.

“Oh, thank you,” responded Luis.

Rachel then pointedly fixed her eyes upon his huge sex and added, “Magnificent.” Luis smiled again.

Rachel leaned over and whispered a line in Spanish in Natalie’s ear, egging to repeat it.

“Es inmenso! [It’s huge!]” said Natalie. Luis laughed. “Si. I am not small”.

“Es gigantesco” added Rachel. “It’s so big – I think maybe sometimes it doesn’t fit in the woman?”

A sly smile formed on Luis’ lips. “Si. Sometimes it is very difficult. Sometimes no fit in the woman. But many times, yes. Then the woman goes crazy. Some women love it so big. Many, many orgasmo”.

“Oh, really,” teased Rachel.

“Si. Yes. Even the married woman. They love it so much”.

The truth of it was, both women found the young man before them incredibly sexy and attractive. And though more discrete about her fixation than Rachel, Natalie was mesmerized by the size of his extraordinary penis. Though each could not be sure of the other’s intentions, both women were thinking along the very same lines: at least once, to know what something that large would feel like between their legs, inside them.

Perhaps it was her uncharacteristic and serendipitous coupling with Rachel from the night before, but Natalie had the feeling of having boarded a runaway train of lust, desire, and new experience; one that a part of her very much wanted to submit to.

“Why don’t we take a break from the sun and heat and go back to our villa,” blurted Natalie. Rachel turned to her friend with a slight look of surprise.

“That’s a great idea,” said Rachel. “You should see my bed, Luis – it’s big enough for three people.” Luis smiled once again and the three of them packed up their belongings and headed off. A bikini suddenly felt like conservative dress to Natalie. Luis slipped a pair of surfer trunks over his massive endowment.

They arrived to an empty villa, and Rachel led the way upstairs to her balconied bedroom. Natalie sat on the edge of the bed looking a bit like a nervous virgin.

Rachel closed the door and approached Luis.

“You’re a very sexy young man, Luis,” she purred, pulling in close and kissing his sensual lips. Then added, unfastening the top of his trunks, “And you have the biggest cock I have ever seen”.

The two exchanged wicked grins as Rachel opened the front of his trunks, reached inside, and pulled out Luis’ heavy monster.

“Oh. My. God,” she gasped. “Es totally gigantesco. Oh sweetie, my fingers aren’t long enough! The feel of it in my hand is making my pussy SO wet … why don’t you lay back on the bed?”

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