Spanked and Buttfucked Asian Male


I’m an Asian male, with slim and very smooth naturally hairless body, and average height. The story happened when I was in my twenties. I hope you enjoy reading it…

Ever since a teenager I’ve always had a very strong, repressed desire to get fucked by another man. I think one reason is because my body is quite slender, and extremely smooth devoid of any body hair. My skin is creamy white and silky smooth to the touch which makes me look feminine in a sense and makes me feel inferior to a REAL MAN. Therefore I’ve always had this shameful craving to be “put into my place” by a bigger, stronger, more virile man, especially a masculine Caucasian male. I feel that I deserve to be forced into the female role during sexual intercourse with another man, to have my sissy body violated by a big manly cock. In other words, I feel that I need to be butt-fucked by a superior man as the fuckee and endure forced anal penetration. But since I was brought up to believe that such dark desire is very shameful and taboo, therefore I also feel that I need to be severely punished for wanting such lewd act performed upon myself. And so I have a strong need to be very soundly spanked, bare-assed, over the knee of my fucker prior to my forced sodomy.

Well, after years of repression, I’ve finally lost the battle to contain my desires and submitted to another man sexually a few weeks ago. I originally got in touch with him through a newsgroup ad of his. He told me to call him Sir or Master Jim. He’s also based in Dallas. After a few email exchanged we set up a time for me to visit his location. I was extremely nervous knowing what I had gotten myself into but somehow mustered up the courage to meet him and go through with whatever was in store for me. Master Jim is a very tall, masculine Texan guy. Rugged looking, all man. I felt very inferior standing in front of him, just like the naughty sissy boy that I am – about to be soundly punished for various misdeeds. I had to admitted to Master Jim that I’ve been very naughty jerking off to porno magazines and wasting money on spanking videos from adult bookstores. Very sternly, he told me that he’s gonna blister my naughty Chinese ass for that and ordered me to strip naked. It was extremely embarrassing for me to have to take off all my clothes, including shoes and underwear, in front of a fully-clothed stranger. I felt weak, vulnerable, standing buck-naked in front of a man who’s about to punish me like a naughty child.

I was pulled face-down across his strong lap. Since I had told him in earlier emails that I desire to feel utterly helpless during my punishment, he twisted my arms behind my back and hand-cuffed my wrist together and pinned them against the small of my back effortlessly with his left hand. He started out görükle escort my punishment with a bare-hand spanking. But with his large palm and superior strength it didn’t take long for me to start squirming over his lap in pain. He lectured me on what a naughty Asian boy I had been and how I needed to have my rounded rear-end soundly spanked to teach me a firm lesson. I alternated between “yes sir”, “I’m sorry”, and “not too hard please” with each SLAP of his strong hand. Inside I felt unspeakably humiliated to be actually spanked, totally-naked, like that by another man. I knew he was staring at my feminine-looking, rapidly reddening buttocks.

He finished off my punishment with a ten-minute steady, methodical paddling with a large wooden paddle which set my naughty oriental buns on fire. Here, all my darkest, repressed fantasies had finally come true and yet I was in utter agony with each resounding SMACK of that unrelenting paddle against my blistered ass-cheeks. I could feel my buttocks temporarily flattened with each stinging impact then bounced back to their original roundedness with a fresh jolt of pain. I squealed like the little sissy that I was throughout the entire paddling.

When it was over Master Jim kept me over his lap while he fondled my well-reddened ass-cheeks soothingly. His rough palms also roamed freely all over the silky-smooth skin of my soft upper-thighs, my bare arms and shoulders. I was whimpering and squirming over his lap but it also felt incredibly arousing to be man-handled like that – allowing another man to fondle my defenseless body for his erotic pleasure…

After a little while I could feel him spreading my inflamed ass-cheeks open, exposing my most secret opening. I knew he was gazing at my puckered asshole with lust. My master picked up a tube of K-Y jelly nearby and I knew what was coming. Oh no, I’m getting prepared for anal penetration, something which I’d never experienced before. Then I felt a greased fingertip touching and probing at my anal opening. Before long it slid inside my tensed rectal passage. It was a weird feeling having someone’s thick middle finger inserted inside my virgin asshole. Master Jim was carefully lubricating my inner-wall as well as loosening up my tight sphincter muscle. He gradually worked a couple more fingers inside me. To my horror I suddenly realized that my sissy Asian penis had stiffened up underneath my belly.

I couldn’t believe how turned on I was while subjecting to such degrading ministration. I had never before let another man touch me so intimately before — to caress my freshly-spanked buttocks and freely exploring my anal-pussy. When my disciplinarian felt that I was ready for my final punishment, he lifted my off his lap and led me to bursa escort bayan an empty table. He un-cuffed my slim wrists behind my back, then ordered me to bend face-down over the table and steady myself. I bent forward at my slender waist and reached my arms out to grab the opposite edge of the table tightly. Somehow I knew that it was going to be a rough ride…

Master Jim positioned himself directly behind my shivering body. I looked over my shoulder and saw him putting on a condom on his MONSTER cock. It look much larger than what could possibly fitted inside my extra-tight hole. I was horrified of what I had gotten myself into, but I also knew that it’s too late for me to have second thought now. I’d just have to brace myself and endure the un-welcomed intrusion. I felt my sore ass-cheeks spread open yet again, and then Master Jim’s well-lubed meat-pole pointed right at my rear entrance. As his strong lower body pressed forward pressure on my twitching anus increased rapidly. Suddenly it felt like my butt-hole was split open in half as his enormous dickhead popped inside my previously untouched anal passage. Just like that I was opened — opened and entered. I screamed out in agony. I was unprepared for such intense pain. He paused only for a short moment before his rock-hard fuck-tool continued his upward journey. “OHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO it’s too big! please stop!”

There was no turning back however. As we had previously agreed in email exchanges we both knew that I needed to go through with my forced sodomy no matter what. Even such unbearable pain could not stop my deep craving for this ultimate sexual submission. Master held my hips tightly to steady my jerking body as he continued to slide inside virgin territory relentlessly. Finally I felt his lower body pressing against my upturned behind, and his hairy, muscular legs touching the back of my smooth upper thighs. I realized that my anal penetration was now complete. I had been fully IMPALED on another man’s humongous cock. I was overcome by a flood of never-before experienced sensations. I felt incredibly FULL back there, like I had never been so stuffed like this before in my life. My tortured rectal muscles was wrapped super-tight around his throbbing man dick while trying desperately to close around it.

He kept his steel shaft completely buried inside my body to let me get used to it. We remained motionless like that for a few minutes as my rectum slowly learned to accept this masculine intruder. Not that I had any choice in this matter.

Master Jim started pulling his red-hot dick slowing out of my wide-stretched asshole. When he was nearly out with just his mushroom head remaining he started pushing again, accompanied by a fresh round of yelps and groans bursa escort and heart-felt pleading to “take it out pleaseeeee”. This gradually built up to a steady in-and-out fuck rhythm. Master Jim also grunted in carnal satisfaction and made various derogatory remarks as he forcibly butt-fucked me.

“You’re SOOO tight, you sissy whore!”

“I just LOVE fucking you sissy asians!”

Gradually over the course of our forced sexual coupling, my rear-passage involuntarily adjusted to this new, alien sensation of being fucked by an over-sized male sexual organ.

“How does it feel to have a man cock up your tight oriental asshole, Bitch?!”

“It feels very, very FULL, sir! Ooooohhhhhhhhhh…”

For the second time that day I was shocked to suddenly found out that I had began moaning in heat while getting sodomized by a man. It almost sounded like I was enjoying this! This mixed sensation of pain and pleasure was very confusing to me. Yet my little Asian penis was again stiffened under my white master’s unyielding pistoning motion.

This continued for what seemed like a very long time. My masculine butt-fucker was tirelessly sliding in-and-out of my tight ass-pussy with increasing vigor. I lied exhausted over the table yet felt strangely fulfilled. Finally I could feel him starting to cum as he held my smooth hips tightly against his body, skewering my asshole on his fully buried cock. Then I felt some spasms and expansion of his exploding rod. It jerked several times rapidly before finally subsiding.

Now my humiliation was complete. I had been fucked by a man. I lost my anal virginity to a strong, virile, superior Caucasian male. This shameful memory will stay with me for the rest of my life. From now on I can never regain any masculinity with the knowledge that my sissy body had been used as a fuckee for another man’s sexual release.

After Master Jim pulled out of my abused anus he ordered me to turn around and jerk off in front of him. I felt furthered humiliated as I could see that in comparison, my little sissy dickie was much smaller than his manly 9 inch cock which was still erect. I wrapped my right hand around my stiffie and jerk off vigorously while twitching my freshly-sodomized buttocks and rubbing my silky-smooth inner thighs together to increase the erotic sensation. I came in seconds.

Since that day I have often masturbated while replaying this event in my head. Scenes of this humiliating experience seemed to have been burned into my memory. I like to masturbate while lying face-down over my bed with a fluffy pillow stuffed underneath my belly to raise up my naughty buns. I would slowly caress my bare thighs and ass-cheeks as I ground my stiff penis into the soft pillow below until I cum. I know that one day I’d again lose my self-control and seek out another session of anal-intercourse with a real man, with me on the receiving end. It’s only a matter of time. Perhaps I’d ask him to fuck me in this position, with me lying face-down on the bed like during my masturbation…

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