Sparking Ch. 02



Henry James Ryan, Jr shook his head in bewilderment. The last few minutes had completely rocked his world and his cock still hadn’t recovered. He’d gone around the corner to watch his brother pleasure their step-mother and instead found a Peeping Tomessa in his place.

At first, he’d thought she was watching Sandra and Liam in horror and had been ready to step in to avoid any potential drama. The fact the lovely Sandra’s husband was in the house and not partaking of his wife’s bountiful treasures was problematic enough. The fact it was his own son helping his step-mother through such trying times made it even worse.

It wasn’t until she’d turned and faced him that he realized the truth. She was utterly turned on and seconds from playing with her wet pussy. He could practically smell the lust rising from her and it made his cock even harder. He had to admire her aplomb, though, as she never flinched from his presence and even attempted to shoo him away.

Despite his desire to join her at the fence, perhaps fucking her from behind so they could both watch the other couple, he knew it was better for everyone involved if he steered her from the backyard. Obviously she was here for the wake and he knew he could charm her out of her clothes later when the situation wasn’t so dangerous.

It wasn’t until he grasped her fingers and brushed his tongue over the sensitive skin on the back of her hand that he understood who she was. It was the look of abject submission to anything he desired that clued him in. She was a lonely Submissive who desperately looked for a Master.

A second shock hit his system when he heard the voice of his dead partner’s wife calling for “Penny,” the daughter he’d never met. Her eyes widened for a moment before a mask settled over her expressive features and she’d turned towards the name. The lovely woman who’d peeked out from behind those deep brown pools melted into the shadows.

Almost immediately the sexual heat pouring off her was shut down so completely he had to rub his eyes to ensure she still stood before him. Penny’s hand slipped from his grasp and she strode off, never looking back at him. He noticed her suitcase still laid forgotten at his feet and he bent down to retrieve it. At least this would give him an excuse to speak to her once again and find out more about the dual side of her personality.

A wicked grin curved his lips and had Penny known anything about Henry James Ryan, Jr, she would’ve run screaming. Preferably straight to his bed.


Sandra eyed her tall step-sons from across the room and sighed silently. James, as Henry preferred to be called, and his brother were standing in the corner talking in hushed tones. She wondered if they were discussing her, maybe comparing notes. When he’d left her bed, she’d taken up with Liam in hopes of incurring his jealousy, but apparently he was content with the arrangement.

Of course, she mused bitterly, he enjoyed watching almost as much as actually fucking so her buca escort plan backfired in a big way.

She recognized the hand that slid across her back and settled on her hip. Sandra turned her head with a smile and lightly kissed the grizzled cheek of her husband. Despite the 23 year age gap between them, they had been happily married for nearly twelve years.

Henry knew of her affairs, though not of those with his sons, and turned a blind eye as long as she remained discreet. He gave her the lifestyle in which she’d grown accustomed to and in turn, she provided companionship and an attractive ornament for his arm. Each understood their role and were satisfied to continue in this vein.

“Why such a heavy frown, m’dear?” he asked genially. “What henhouse have those two foxes gotten into?”

Sandra could hear the muted pride and wanted to retch. She knew how quickly that pride would morph into anger, so she bit back the caustic words that threatened to erupt. Who knows what he would do if he knew just 15 minutes ago his youngest son’s tongue had been buried in her pussy, slurping and lapping her into a cascading orgasm. Despite her frustration with James, she truly did enjoy her life and marriage and didn’t want anything to interfere.

“Actually, sweetheart, I was frowning becuse I finally met Penny, old John’s daughter. I wasn’t impressed with her.” Sandra had indeed met the younger woman and dismissed her without thought.

Though taller, Penny carried extra weight around her hips and thighs. She was, as Sandra’s father would’ve called her, rubenesque. In Sandra’s world that meant fat. Of course, her lack of personality could be chalked up to the sudden death of her father, but Sandra tended to disagree.

From the tidbits she’d heard over the years, Penny was incredibly intelligent, but lacked in the social department. Looking at her simple black dress that hung like a sackcloth, Sandra could see why.

“Well, John was very disappointed she chose not to become a lawyer like him. Apparently she moved to Chicago and became a secretary despite her education. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time she’s been back in five years.”

Sandra tuned out the droning of her husband’s voice as she concentrated on the men across from her. Unbidden images of a naked James towering over her, his cock inches from her hungry mouth popped into her mind. Her tongue swiped her lips at the remembered taste of his cum he’d commanded her to swallow. Her pussy suddenley spasmed and she knew she needed more than just a tongue thrusting deeply inside.

Oh god James, why did you have to leave? Sandra whispered forlornly to herself.


Liam eyed the latest object of his brother’s normally fickle attention. He saw a tall woman, uncomfortable with her body, who used physical unattractiveness as a shield for her own deep-seated insecurities. What he didn’t see was the sexual fire James swore she had.

Shaking his head at his brother’s strange tendencies, buca escort bayan he slid his eyes over to the much more tempting form of his step-mother Sandra. She had a hungry look on her pretty face and he knew she hungered for cock.

It was no secret to him that she merely used him as a stand in for James. Bearing no ill will toward his older brother, Liam was content to take what he could get. Despite the love he bore his father, if Sandra flashed her well-kept pussy at him, he’d even step over Henry’s dead body to get to it. The cream that flowed between her thighs was such an aphrodisaic he would kill for it.

“Boy, you better stop looking at her like that if you want to keep the affair secret.”

He turned back to James with a sheepish smile.

“I know, but God damn. How can you keep away from her?”

James chuckled then clapped a hand to his shoulder.

“Brother, you are more than welcome to her. She’s a maneater.”

“I know,” he dreamily replied. “Remember that time when she took both of us? You got her ass while I had her lovely pussy? I know she’d be up for another go-round if you’re interested.”

James shifted briefly, as if adjusting his pants. Liam didn’t blame him as that night was still burned into his memory.

It was that night when he discovered his revered older brother had been cuckolding their father behind his back. He’d come back from the bar early, discouraged by the lack of new women, and stumbled across them fucking in the living room.

Sandra had been draped across the back of their lowslung leather couch, her white legs a sharp contrast against the buttery tan. James was standing behind her, holding her hips as he shoved his cock deep into the folds of her pussy.

She had been grunting and groaning, imploring James to fuck her harder, deeper. Liam stood shocked in the doorway, his penis growing incredibly hard as he watched them, wishing he could join. At that moment, she ceased to be his father’s wife and became just a pussy to be fucked.

James looked up and saw him, never ceasing his rhythm, and asked “do you want a piece of this whore?”

Liam could tell the words were a lash across Sandra’s sensibilities, spurring her to even greater pleasure. She opened her eyes and looked at him, her mouth wide open with pleasure. Overcome with the eroticism of the moment, Liam unzipped and pulled his dick out.

“See how excited you made him? I want you to crawl over to him and take his cock into your mouth.”

With a slimey pop, James pulled out of her pussy and stepped back so she could do as he commanded. Sandra immediately dropped to all fours and crawled over to the threshhold where he stood. Without demur, she began licking the head and slowly sucking it further into her mouth.

“No. I said take it in.” James strode over and pushed her head farther down on Liam, uncaring that she made choking sounds. Liam felt his cock hit the back of her throat and nearly came then and there. After escort buca a brief moment, Sandra adjusted and resumed sucking.

James pulled the condom off his own dick and began gently masturbating it while he watched. “That’s a good little slut. See, Liam, what a slut our father married? She likes it anyway she can get it.” The slurping sounds and her bobbing head seconded that motion.

Until tonight, Liam had never pictured his step-mother in any light but that of bubble-headed trophy wife. Sure, she was hot, but he also knew completely off-limits. Leave it to his brother to find the on-switch.

James, seeming to understand how close to orgasm he was, commanded Sandra to cease, but remain on all fours. She promptly obeyed him, but looked at him pleadingly over her shoulder. A truly wicked grin creased his lean face and he glanced at Liam.

“She tells me she’s never had it in the ass. I’m going to leave it to you to prove her right or wrong.”

“James — no” was her whining cry.

His older brother merely fixed her with a stern eye and she subsided. Liam could smell the excited secretions of her pussy and understood this was a game they were playing. He was supposed to be the man who took the woman’s ass cherry against her will. However, he knew he couldn’t do it. He’d never done a woman in the ass and didn’t think he should try with him so close to shooting off.

With a helpless look, he glanced at James. Raising an eyebrow, he shrugged then merely waved him to the floor. Unsure of the direction his brother was going now, Liam stood there, his glistening dick still hanging out, fully clothed, in direct contrast to their naked bodies.

His brother came over, took Liam’s dick in his right hand and gently rolled a condom on while patting his ass with the left. He immediately understood and laid down, waiting for Sandra to crawl over him.

A quick slap to her bared ass and she quickly complied. A glance at her face showed a hint of panic as she didn’t understand exactly what was going on.

“Darling slut, tonight’s your lucky night. You’ll get both Ryan boys in your glory holes.”

James took some of her cream and spread it around her asshole and slicked the tight passage with his finger. Guiding her, he pressured her onto Liam until he was seated in her to his balls. Quickly grabbing another condom and putting it on, he parted her ass cheeks and slowly pushed his way inside.

Liam nearly came then and there when he felt the intense squeezing as a result of her body’s natural adjustment to two cocks separately by thin skin and a ring of muscles. He felt her clench when James was completely in.

“Liam, just know to pull out when I push in. Pretend she’s a see saw.”

Within moments they both had a rhythm that set her to bouncing between them. The brothers locked eyes and fucked her raw; at this point neither cared about her, only the animalistic release just hovering out of reach.

With a yell, Liam felt his ballsack tighten up into the most powerful orgasm of his life. He watched with pleasure as his brother followed a few seconds later. Sandra, for the most part forgotten, shuddered and came as well.

Liam shook his head to free himself from the memories and glanced back at James.

“Still game, brother?”

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