Spinal Meningitis is No Joke Ch. 09


Have you ever had a weird dream, and at some point you realize you are dreaming, but you still can’t wake up? I had this dream that I was looking down at my body. I was back in the hospital, and three doctors were standing over my body, trying to revive me. I looked to my right, and saw Charlene and Sarah talking softly to each other.

“It’s such a shame,” Sarah said, “I wonder what Joshua would have been like, if he’d ever woken up.”

“I bet he would have been lovely in bed,” Charlene sighed.

I realized then that I was dreaming. I also realized the doctors weren’t trying to revive me. They were harvesting my organs. I watched with sick fascination as they pulled my liver out of my abdomen. I heard my mother walk up behind the nurses.

“Joshua,” she said softly, “you really need to wake up now. This isn’t healthy.”

I finally did manage to wake up. I sat up, but I wasn’t filled with panic as I had been so many times before. I looked around the dim living room, expecting to see my mother. Nobody was there. I turned and sat up on the couch, to watch the vivid colors light the sky as the sun rose. I was thinking about the dream, and about the reality of my hospital experience.

I needed to put that behind me and move on with my life. Dwelling on it wasn’t healthy. When the sky had worked its way from purple to pink to the pale blue of daylight, I stood up. I went into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee for Mom, Leanne and Beth. I poured a large glass of juice for myself and took my vitamins and supplements.

Now, I don’t like the taste of coffee, but it certainly smells good while it is brewing. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee spread through the house, acting like a gentle wake up call. My mother was the first to answer that call, padding out to the kitchen in her bare feet. Like me, she had fallen asleep in the clothes she wore when we drove to pick up Beth and Leanne from their friend’s party. Her skirt and blouse were only slightly wrinkled.

“Mmm. Good morning,” she said softly to me. She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a nice, tight hug. Her body was still very warm from getting out of bed. I hugged her back. My hands slid down her back, and I gently squeezed her bare ass under the skirt, causing my mother to shiver deliciously in my arms. I could clearly see the top of her lacy bra down her blouse as we released each other.

Mom turned and poured a mug of coffee. She was bent slightly at the kitchen counter. I could easily imagine taking her right there, particularly after last night. We both heard Leanne from down the hall, though, putting that little fantasy out of my mind.

“Ohhh,” she moaned out softly, “Is that coffee I smell?”

Leanne had changed out of her clothes. She had slept in one of my oversized shirts. There is something undeniably sexy about a woman dressed for bed that way. Of course, this is Leanne we’re talking about. She would make a burlap sack look sexy, without even trying.

“Good morning, Leanne. Josh got up and made us coffee this morning,” my mom said.

Leanne flowed into my arms and gave me my second warm hug of the morning. Unlike my mom, she wasn’t wearing a bra, as evidenced by her hard nipples pressed into my chest. I squeezed her to me. I saw my mom’s eyebrows rise as she noticed Leanne’s bare bottom peeking out of the bottom of that shirt.

Leanne slid from my arms and turned to my mother. Mom had poured her a mug of coffee. Leanne held it in both hands and breathed in the aroma before taking a sip. From her expression, you would think I had learned to make Ambrosia.

“This settles it,” she said to my mom, “He’s an amazing cook and makes me morning coffee. I will have to marry your son.”

My mom had started getting frying pans out to make breakfast. She smiled at Leanne and said, “Alright. But you have to let him graduate high school first.”

“Deal.” Leanne and I spoke as one. We shared a smile at that, and all three of us chuckled.

After a few more sips of coffee, Leanne went back to my room and dressed before rejoining me at the table.

The lovely aromas of breakfast wafted through the house. Beth came out of her room dressed in her pink pajamas, smiling as she sniffed the air. “That smells great,” she said before ducking into the bathroom. She joined us shortly after, coming over to sit in my lap as she and Leanne talked about the wild party that had broken out the night before. It was just girlfriends hanging out and sharing drinks, but they had one hell of a great time doing it.

Beth got out of my lap when Mom brought out heaping plates of breakfast. It was just so nice to sit around with these beautiful women and fill my ravenous gut with food. I did the breakfast dishes, and then sat down to look at my study schedule for the day. Leanne showed me the activities she had scheduled for me as well.

“Do you feel up to using the pool?” she asked, “Your sunburn doesn’t look nearly as bad today.”

I thought it over a bit before replying, “I think if we wait buca escort until this evening, it would be a good idea. I don’t think it would be smart to go out in the middle of the day. Will that work for you?”

Leanne nodded. “Yes. That would give me a chance to go to my place and change, and bring my own swimsuit. In fact, I should do that now. You can study for a couple of hours, and then we can start your physical therapy.” She turned to Beth then, “Hey, Beth. Do you want to go with me to my apartment? We can get my clothes and then head over to Gypsy’s.”

Gypsy’s was a nail salon across town. According to the women in my life, it was a really good one. Beth seemed torn, but in the end decided to go. “Sounds good. Let me get dressed real quick first.” When Beth was ready to go, Mom and I hugged each of the girls and walked them to the door.

We watched Leanne’s Mustang drive away, and then my mother walked into the house ahead of me. As I followed her, I couldn’t help but think, “Your mother has no panties on underneath that skirt. Just a delicious pussy and a tight, cock-hungry ass.”

Mom looked over her shoulder and caught me staring at her backside. She raised an eyebrow at me, and I grinned sheepishly and closed the front door behind me. I turned and locked the door. When I turned back around, my mother was leaning against the back of the couch, still looking over her shoulder at me. She had one hand holding up the back of her skirt.

“Joshua Thompson, were you staring at your mother’s ass? You naughty boy! What am I going to do with you?”

I growled involuntarily at that, and dove at the inviting target in front of me. Mom let out a little shriek of laughter, dropping her skirt and turning around. She playfully slapped at my hands, keeping me at bay. I kissed her, still reaching for that inviting round booty in her skirt.

“Mmm-mmn,” mom said into my mouth. She pulled her face back and said, “You really do need to study. And my poor little bottom will need some time to recover from last night.”

She took my hand and led me into my bedroom. “Joshua, go ahead and get undressed. Let me pick out a nice, inappropriate outfit for you to wear while you study.”

I obeyed my mother, taking off the cargo shorts, boxers, and long t-shirt. I couldn’t help but get hard watching Mom bend over to look through my dresser drawers. Her skirt had risen up in back again, presenting me with a view I could not resist. I took a step toward her.

She turned around, then, and held up a pair of gray workout shorts. They were the really oversized ones she had bought for me while I was in the hospital. She held them open, and I stepped into them. “No underwear for me?” I said, “Isn’t that a little risky?”

“It’s perfect for what I have in mind,” she replied, “Now put on some deodorant and that same shirt you were wearing. I’m going to put on some panties. Clearly you cannot be trusted around my defenseless little naked bottom.”

She smiled as she said it, and she rose and walked out of my room. I grabbed the shirt, threw the dirty cargo shorts and boxers into the laundry hamper, and walked into the bathroom to put on deodorant and the shirt.

When I came out of the bathroom, I didn’t see her, so I went and sat at the dining room table and looked at the study schedule. I needed to knock out two more chapters of English, three of Chemistry, and two more chapters of World History today. That was rather a lot, really. At the same time, it was a little less than I had done yesterday. I picked up the Chemistry book to see how long the chapters were.

The first chapter was largely introduction. It explained how the chapters were organized, how to properly read and utilize the information, and how the study questions at the end of each chapter could best be used to enhance the learning experience. The rest of the chapter was split between an introduction to the scientific method and a brief history of Chemistry as a science.

While I was reading this, I heard my mom come out of her bedroom through the kitchen. She padded up behind me and started rubbing my neck and shoulders. “How does the Chemistry look?” she asked.

“It’s a lot less exciting than your hot ass in that—oh,” I saw that she was now wearing a knee-length house robe. She stood to my right and lifted up the hem of the robe, showing me that she was now wearing the lacy panties that matched her bra. It was just a fleeting glimpse before she dropped it.

“Do you think you can focus on studying now?” The slight smile on her face let me know there wasn’t any malice or accusation there. I smiled back. “Yes, ma’am,” I said, “I am about to be all over this Chemistry!”

“Good!” she replied. “Don’t let me distract you, then. You just study away.”

Then she got on her knees and crawled under the table. Her hot hands, sliding up my thighs, were a bit distracting. It was a little more distracting when she pulled open the right leg of my shorts and pulled out my dick. After that, her buca escort bayan hot, wet little mouth got really distracting. Her moans and the slurping noises she made were awfully distracting as well.

Despite all the distractions emanating from under the dining room table, I have to say that I have never enjoyed studying quite so much in my life. I managed to finish the study questions for the second chapter before that ultimate distraction made me stop. I gripped the tabletop tightly with both hands as my mother drained every drop of my cum.

I lay back in my chair, relaxing after that intense climax. I expected my mom to come out from under the table, but she didn’t. Instead, she was taking my soft, post-orgasmic cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. I realized that she wasn’t done with me yet. I looked down at her as she took me into her throat. Only Jeannie had ever managed to do that before.

Mom’s robe was open. She was twisting one thick nipple in her fingers. I started getting hard again, which caused her to gag and cough up my dick. She looked up at me then.

“Get back to studying, young man!”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said.

I sat back up in my seat and got back to work. She also went back to work on my hard cock, but she gave up trying to swallow it again after two more spluttering attempts. She went back to gently nursing on the first few inches, sometimes backing up to suck hard on the tip. A couple of times, I leaned back in my chair to look down at her. Both times, she gave me a stern look and shook her head.

I did manage to finish my Chemistry work for the day. I closed the book with a sigh, and leaned forward. I put my arms on the table and enjoyed listening to my mom while she sucked and slurped between my legs.

“Mom, I’m done with the Chemistry for today,” I spoke into the tabletop softly.

I felt and heard my cock being released. “Good job, Joshua. I’m glad you have that kind of control,” came up from below. I smiled at the thought; if someone were standing and watching me, it had to look like I was talking to the table. And that the table was talking back.

After a few more vigorous, insistent pulls on the head of my cock, Mom finally released me and crawled out from beneath the table. She stood and straightened her robe after giving me an eyeful. She re-tied the robe and came around behind me, leaning down to hug me around my neck.

“Thank you for that, Joshua,” she said, “that was just what I needed.”

I turned to look at her in disbelief. She was thanking me? “Really, Mom? I should be thanking you. That was just…” I was at a loss, so I rattled off, “amazing, intense, awesome, incredible, wow. Seriously, thank YOU,”

She smiled at that, and then took my hand. “You’re welcome. You were right earlier, though. We really need to get some underwear on you before the girls get back.”

I followed her back to my bedroom. She motioned me to take off my shorts and went through the top drawer of my dresser. I dropped my shorts and sat on the bed. I leaned back on my elbows, still unable to take my eyes off of my mom’s ass in that robe. Did I mention before that she has an incredible ass?

She turned around with a pair of boxer briefs in her hands. She stopped and looked at me then. My cock was still hard and it was glistening slightly in the morning sun. It was still moist from her saliva, pointing toward her face and bucking gently with my pulse.

Mom looked over at my bedroom clock. We had at least a half hour before the girls would be back. She dropped the boxer briefs, then untied her robe and slid her panties down. She stood up and walked toward me, shrugging her shoulders and letting the robe fall to join our underwear on the floor. Lying back in my bed, I had a magnificent view as she sat in my lap and her tight, wet little pussy swallowed my throbbing dick.

“I was so incredibly turned on, sucking your dick like that,” she said. She started rocking her hips once I was fully inside her. “It was even hotter when you were working and I couldn’t see your face. I felt like I had snuck into someone’s office and was giving an anonymous stranger a blowjob at work.”

That admission from my mom was awfully kinky. And hot. Saying it out loud turned her on even more, and she was soon bucking in orgasm on top of me. I leaned up enough to start sucking her nipples. She encouraged me to suck harder, even bite them a little. With that extra stimulation, it didn’t take long before she was riding me hard, really pounding my cock into her.

“Oh, fuck yes!” she cried out loud. I was once again soaked with her pussy juice. This second orgasm was much longer than the first. It was stronger, too. Her pussy squeezed me hard, almost expelling my dick in the process. When she finally stopped shaking and moaning, she once again had my throbbing erection buried to the hilt inside her.

“Whew,” she blew out softly. She looked into my eyes then, “are you close, Joshua?”

I thought about it and shook escort buca my head. “You drained me so well earlier. I could probably go another half hour before I cum again.”

Mom sighed and climbed off of me. “Sadly, we don’t have that kind of time.” She slid to her knees, spreading my legs wide, and cleaned her juices off of me with her mouth.

When Beth and Leanne walked in the front door, I was studying at the dining room table with my mother sitting next to me. I was once again reading aloud from the World History textbook. Beth and Leanne showed off their freshly manicured and painted nails. I don’t know enough about that to really have an opinion. I said they looked nice, and went back to reading. My mom said it was a good time for me to take a study break and shooed me off so they could take over the dining room for girl talk.

I smiled and got up. I got another glass of water and looked at each of them, just admiring how beautiful each woman was. My mother looked at me and shook her head. I had been warned before about eavesdropping, so I retreated to the bathroom and applied a fresh coat of aloe lotion to my sunburned skin. The burn really didn’t hurt anymore, but my skin was visibly still sunburned. I went to my bedroom and piddled around on my laptop and cell phone for a while after that.

I have to admit, it was relaxing. I was ready to go when Leanne came and got me to begin my physical therapy for the day. We sat at the dining room table again as she went over her plan, so that my mom and sister would be included. Leanne was starting me on a regular weightlifting regimen. It was set up to rotate through a day of back and biceps work, followed by chest and triceps, and legs and abs the third day.

“After that, you will have one day with no weights. We’ll work on cardio on that day.” Leanne turned to my mom and asked, “Would you mind if I take Josh to my place for his cardio workout? I have a really good stationary bicycle for that.”

Mom was puttering around in the kitchen at the time. She nodded and said, “That sounds fine.”

I avoided making eye contact with Leanne. I could only imagine the kind of cardio workout we would have at her place. She got up, and I followed her down the hall to the little home gym. She had me lifting much more reasonable levels of weight this time, so it was a vigorous but not overwhelming workout. She had fifteen exercises in the routine, and had me work through them three times each.

We left the door open, and the air conditioning was on, but the room still heated up very quickly. Leanne had me take off my shirt, just working out in my very baggy exercise shorts. She stripped off her loose shirt and spotted me wearing a sports bra and skin tight yoga-style shorts. I had a massive boner tenting my shorts when I saw her like that. It was clear she was wearing nothing under those shorts. However, the intense workout soon sapped that erection. Leanne made me focus on each lift, making sure my form was perfect from start to finish.

The workout took three sweat-soaked hours. We had been sucking down water between reps. When the workout was done, we each grabbed a quart-sized sports drink out of the refrigerator. The cool liquid was refreshing, but we went outside and joined Beth on the pool deck so we wouldn’t drip sweat all over the house. I made sure to sit in the shade.

Beth was lying on her stomach in a lounge chair. Her bikini top was draped in front of her. Leanne dragged another of the lounge chairs over next to Beth and laid it flat. She spread her towel on the lounge chair and then pulled off her sweaty sports bra. I got a precious little flash of those marvelous breasts before she was on her stomach as well.

Beth and Leanne spoke and giggled quietly enough that I couldn’t make out what they were saying. Once I had finally stopped sweating, I decided to go shower. I stood and let them know, before walking back inside. Just that thirty foot walk through the late afternoon sun let me know I had made the right call earlier. I could feel the sun lapping on my sensitive skin.

As soon as I stepped into the shower, I heard the bathroom door open. Leanne, looking gorgeous and sexy with that sheen of sweat on her body, joined me in the shower. I raised my eyebrows, unable to stop at eye contact. She smiled softly as we stood and admired each other’s bodies in the shower. Finally she spoke in a soft voice.

“I left the door unlocked. I doubt your mom would come in, but she did see me follow you in here. Beth might join us, though.” She picked up a scrubbie and poured a dab of body wash into it, then began washing my chest. She leaned up to kiss me, and then continued, “If Beth does come in, I’ll have her take over washing you. I’m actually not supposed to let you bathe during my therapy hours without at least watching you. Can you believe that? I would be liable if you slipped and hurt yourself.”

“Maybe I should wash you first, then,” I said. Leanne already had my chest, shoulders and torso covered in suds. I carefully stepped around her so that she could step into the warm spray. Unable to resist, I hugged her from behind. I rubbed my soapy front against her back, letting the lather spread all over both of us. My dick was now completely hard, poking into the crack of her perfect ass.

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