Subject: Spirit of 76 Part 4 This is a work of fiction displaying love between an adult man and a minor boy. All characters are fictitious and any resemblance to anyone alive or dead is strictly coincidental. This story is for mature adults only. No one under the age of 18 should read this story. As always thank you for your encouraging ail Mac and Troy were able to quietly let themselves into the basement. Mac had built an extra bathroom complete with a shower. Troy did bring his toothbrush and an extra pair of underwear, but he did not bring an extra set of clothes. He usually does not because he usually goes home so early the next morning. Mac had the boy get undressed so he could put his clothes in the washer. Mac went upstairs and brought down an old football jersey of his son’s for Troy to wear. It was dark green with white lettering and white stripes on the sleeves. Mac also found a pair of Scott’s old red gym shorts, the colors of the jersey and shorts didn’t match too well, but at least they were clean. When Mac entered the downstairs bathroom, Troy was standing nude in front of the shower with his right hand on his hip and a little smile on his face. Mac sighed and took it all in before asking Troy to turn on the water and let it start getting warm. As Troy was turning on the shower, Mac was eyeing the pretty little butt. He needed to start to prep the pert little ass if he were to take it. The first thing he needed to do was get the kid accustomed to an object being in his rectum. Soap should not be used as it can irritate skin, especially the soft tissue around the anus. Mac walked over to the counter and pulled out the hot water bottle with the attachable hose and nozzle. Troy turned around and saw the hot water bottle sitting on the sink counter. “Oh no, I know what that is for. I have had that used on me before and it was awful.” Mac had to be careful how he worded his response as not to alarm the boy. “We need to clean you up back there a bit. I am not going to fully insert so relax. However, you know what you want to do with me and we need to start stretching those little muscles in there.” Troy thought about it for a minute. He trusted Mac and knew the man would not do anything to hurt him. “It just all sounds so weird to me Mac. It is like it is all medical or something.” Mac nodded “well in a way, I guess it kind of is, but we are trying to not hurt you. That sweet little tail of yours needs to be protected at all cost.” Mac marveles how mature Troy appears to be. So inquisitive and interested. Troy really wants to experience this; Mac feels he is now the right man to tenderly teach him the ways of man on man love. Mac filled the water bottle with a nice amount of warm water before attaching the nozzle. He pulled the curtain back and motioned for Troy to enter and positioned the lad in front of him. Mac put a little dab of Vaseline on the tip and asked Troy to bend over a little. “Put your hands on your knees” Mac ordered Troy to do which parted his sweet cheeks splitting the crack a bit. Mac then got down supporting his weight with his right knee and left foot resting on the showers surface putting his face at eye level with the pretty white ass. Troy felt vulnerable in this position, more vulnerable than any time he has had with Mac. Mac first probed Troy’s little pink circle with his Vaseline coated finger. The finger penetrated the anus just a bit. Troy squinted his eyes as he felt the hole being invaded and was anticipating the pain from the applicator next. Mac placed the applicator tip at the anus and slowly squeezed the bottle. As the water jetted forward, Mac set the water bottle on his extended right knee and used his right hand to spread the anus a little then using his right elbow to squeeze the bottle allowing the water to clean the exterior sphincter. Mac next took a washcloth and cleaned around the hole. When he was finished, he leaned forward and planted a full mouth kiss on each cheek before telling Troy to stand up. Mac turned on the shower and lathered up Troy’s backside and legs. He then turned the boy around and drew him into a kiss. Mac massaged the soap on the boy’s back reaching down to grab a generous amount of ass as he plunged his tongue in Troy’s mouth as little hands soaped up his own massive body. Mac broke the kiss and reached for the shampoo placing a generous amount on the shaggy head. Mac loved the feel of the mop top as it wrapped around his fingers. He kissed Troy again before turning him around and rinsing his head. While doing this Mac placed his finger at Troy’s anus as he started to probe again. Around and around then he plunged his finger just barely beyond the opening. Mac stopped from penetrating too much without lubricant, however the look on Troy’s face let him know the boy was now enjoying it a little more. Mac kissed him again and they both rinsed before shutting the shower off. After drying off, Troy put on his clean underwear, put on the shorts and pulled on the jersey which was a little big for him. Scott was a few inches taller and broader than Troy and this caused the shirt to be a little long. The shorts fell to the ground. Mac saw what was happening and handed Troy his belt. They decided to watch a little television which consisted mainly of cartoons on an early Saturday morning. While watching, Troy turned to Mac. “How about I fix breakfast for you.” Mac smiled “don’t worry about that. I can fix you something when I fix Scott’s breakfast. Troy beamed at him “please let me, I know my way around the kitchen. I make a mean French toast. I know you will love it.” Mac placed his finger over Troy’s lips “I am sure I would love it muffin. You know your way around my kitchen, so go ahead.” muğla escort “Mac what we did in the shower felt good.” Mac looked down “you mean with your butt?” Troy nodded “yes and also in the woods when you did it. I mean it felt weird at first, but it started to tingle a little bit. It was kind of nice.” Mac rubbed Troy’s shoulder pulling back in close to him “well I am glad you like it sweetie.” Troy then startled the older man “I guess you could say it is my pussy.” Mac jumped up “Troy! Such language. Where did you learn that kind of talk?” Troy giggled “come on Mac, Dean, Robby, and Bucky say that stuff all the time. If you don’t believe me, ask Scotty.” Mac inhaled then made a blowing sound “I guess I am just out of touch with what goes on these days. Kids your age never said those words when I was in the sixth grade.” Troy smiled “they do now. So, is it my pussy?” Mac looked at him “yes, I guess you could call it your pussy.” Troy got up to go upstairs to the kitchen and Mac saw the baggy shorts and laughed. Once he heard the door close at the top of the stairs. Mac said to himself “man, he is so tiny. I really need to be careful.” Mac had some sex educational books on gay sex and decided to research the safe ways to have anal sex with someone who was much smaller than yourself. Even with the belt, Troy was having a hard time keeping up his shorts. It was becoming a real problem for him. So, he decided to take off the shorts and see how far the shirt fell. Could it cover up his underwear? The jersey fell to just below his underwear. He was ok if he did not reach up for anything. Troy decided this was comfortable enough exposing the full length of his legs. Mac and Scotty were the only ones in the home, and Scotty’s mom was picking him up and not coming in the house. Troy walked into the kitchen which was open and back off of the dining room. The tile floor was a little cold to his feet, but it felt nice. He started to get the items he needed to make French toast and bacon. Scotty came downstairs carrying his overnight bag with shoulder length blonde hair flying around. He went to the basement to say goodbye to his dad telling Mac he had to skip breakfast. When Scotty walked to the dining room table to get an apple from the bowl he heard a sound in the kitchen area. “Hey Scotty” came the familiar high-pitched voice of Troy. Scotty turned and was stunned. Troy was standing near the stove at the back wall encased in Scotty’s old football jersey he never wore anymore. Scotty eyes dropped to his friend’s feet on the floor with the right one drawing little circles on the floor. His eyes travel up the white thin legs that kept going up near the crotch area. He had seen Troy in shorts before but somehow this was different. “Hi, Troy I thought you would be dressed by now. What are you doing with my old shirt?” Troy’s eyes shifted to the right “I forgot my clothes and realized before I went to bed that my clothes had gotten dirty while we were all out last night. If you remember we did climb the big bank, and I fell. Anyway, you know my grandmother and her ideas of cleanliness. So, Mr. Hall was nice enough to clean them for me.” While he was talking Troy was looking Scotty up and down. The blonde boy was wearing his black tank top, red cotton shorts, very tight shorts, and red, white, and blue cotton socks tucked into his white sneakers. Troy then asked him if he wanted some breakfast “I am making some French toast, you want some?” Scott shook his head “no thanks Troy, mom will be here any minute.” Troy was focused on the strong, smooth, caramel colored skin of the legs feeling self-conscious of his own puny white gams. Scotty looked at Troy’s face and thought it was glowing. The skin set off his brownish red hair which was thick and down near the eyes. Troy picked up a glass of orange juice and took to Scotty. “Here, I actually freshly squeezed this. Your dad had oranges but no juice.” Troy said as he handed Scotty the glass. Their hands touched for a minute, sending a strange thrill up Scotty’s arm as he locked in on the bright, very bright, hazel green eyes. Troy flashed his smile on his fresh freckled face and returned to the stove. It dawned on Scotty if he just considered the face area, Troy was actually prettier than his girlfriend Becky. It troubled Scotty that he was having these feelings for his friend. Scotty met Troy when he just moved here at his grandmother’s mailbox on a bicycling day while staying with his dad. Scotty thought he was younger but found out they were in the same grade at school. Scotty protected Troy from bullies one day when they were trying to get the smaller boys clothes off and hide them to embarrass the little boy. Scotty is one of the tougher boys in the class and the boys fled. Ever since then Scotty had a friend. Now he was thinking of him like a girl which troubled him. Troy was busy in the kitchen while Scotty was sitting in a chair studying him. He mentally compared the legs. Becky’s legs were certainly a little bigger in the calves but, other than that, they were very comparable. Troy’s type of white skin appeared softer looking in Scotty’s mind. Troy reached forward and the shirt pulled up exposing a portion of underwear and milky white thighs. If Scotty were to guess, Becky was a little wider in the shoulders than Troy. Troy always appears fragile at times. Did Troy like boys? Scotty was brought back by the sound of the horn outside. Troy said goodbye as he smiled at Scotty’s pretty tan face, blazing blue eyes, and bright white smile of white, straight teeth. Scotty turned back “Troy just keep the jersey I don’t wear it anymore.” muş escort Troy raised the hem of the shirt inadvertently flashing a little bulge of underwear before saying “it is too long for me.” Scotty shrugged his shoulders “wear it like that, it looks good to me” before heading out to the car. Troy stepped to the window and watched the strong tanned legs moving and admired the sight of the undulating buns beneath the red shorts. Mac walked to the table wearing just his jeans and was carrying his tee shirt. “It is going to be a hot one today. I promised to help Ed work on his garage today. We got some drywalling to do. I am going to drop you off and head on over there” Troy was placing two pieces of toast and bacon on a plate. He then picked up a cup of hot coffee and walked over to the table and sat the plate down. “Eat up. I love that sexy chest” said a winking Troy. Mac looked at Troy and noticed he had taken off the shorts and was only wearing the oversized jersey. “I must say I like what you’re wearing. You look fine, mighty fine.” Just giggled a little and walked back to the kitchen area. Mac started on the French toast “wow, this is good, it is the best French toast I have tasted.” Troy looked back over his shoulder as he was standing near the sink to the left of the stove and responded “Yea, my grandmother showed me how to make this. She uses a little more nutmeg and a dash of cinnamon.” Mac got down to the end of his breakfast and lifted up the last of his bacon. He lifted it to his mouth and slowly started to chew while looking at Troy in the kitchen. The man’s eyes started at the little feet on the white tile floor traveling upward. The heels, ankles, smooth cotton-like calves, and his eyes finally rested on the delicious thighs just below the shirt. Mac took another bite of his bacon as he then watched the little hips swaying slightly back and imagined the image underneath the jersey. “MMMM, so good” as he finished the last bit of bacon and stood up from the table and walked into the kitchen. Mac approached Troy and placed his large hands on small shoulders. Troy leaned his head back into the bed of hair on the grown man’s chest. Mac leaned down and kissed the left side neck taking a little flesh between his lips. Troy leaned his head back to the right with closed eyes and slightly opened mouth enjoying the tingling sensation of the beard on his neck and large hands now caressing his sides. Mac whispered “Oh baby, you sure can cook. You don’t even need the stove; the heat off you will fry bacon.” Mac was breathing in the intoxicating smell as he nibbled on the boy’s ears and massaged his hips. Mac lowered his hands to the soft thighs and then under the jersey to cup the pert ass before circling to the front to cup the rising erection through the cotton. The hand traveled northward to the smooth chest and stomach while Mac’s nose was not digging into the nest of the mop on top of the lovely head. Mac kissed the top of the head and reached down picking Troy up and placing him on the counter. Mac went to the wall phone and dialed Ed’s number. Mac looked over at the little cute boy sitting on the counter adoringly swinging his skinny naked legs bumping his heels against the cabinet. Troy’s angelic little freckled face was turning the older man on. “Hello Ed. This is Mac. I might be a little late. I am running behind and need to finish my breakfast. Yea, I am preparing a special dish, and it is taking longer than I realized. Ok, that sounds good see you then. Uhm? Oh, I am sure I will. Yes, I think I will enjoy every little juicy morsel. Ok, bye.” After hanging up the phone, Mac walked over to the counter carrying the chair which he placed near the next to the counter where the object of his lust was sitting. Mac then parted the knees and walked in between the skinny legs he leaned in and kissed the soft lips before pulling back. Mac stared into the pretty boyish eyes while he was rubbing the naked thighs. “Well the first thing I need to do is remove the wrapper.” Mac pulled the jersey up and off leaving Troy only in his white briefs which he left on for the time being. Mac then collected some strawberry jam, whipped cream, and a bowl of blueberries. Troy looked on with curiosity “what are you doing?” “I am creating a new breakfast treat in honor of the bicentennial. It is red, white, and blue and is called Yankee Muffin Supreme. I need you to remain quiet and just look at me with that pretty face. OK?” cooed Mac. Troy nodded as Mac took a washcloth and wiped the boy’s little feet clean. Mac then kneeled and spread some strawberry jam on the toes of both feet before standing and taking the whipped cream applying it to each nipple. Finally, Mac took a whipped cream coated blueberry and placed it in the adorable little belly button. He then leaned in and touched his nose to Troy’s nose. Mac picked up a blueberry. Mac ordered him “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.” Troy stuck out his tongue and Mac placed it on the tip and followed it up wrapping his lips around the tiny tongue and sucking the berry into his own mouth before stepping back and lifting the pretty legs placing the feet together. Mac took the jam coated toes into his mouth and sucked them all cleaned. “Delicious, red.” Mac dragged his tongue up the right leg past the thigh, hip, abdomen to the right nipple, licking the little nub clean before moving to the left breast doing the same. “Excellent, white.” Troy head was back resting on the upper cupboard with an open mouth and closed eyes. Mac then glided his tongue to the belly. “Now the crown jewel” Mac said before sucking the blueberry into his hungry mouth “Superb, blue.” Troy giggled as Mac tongued his way down the left hip, thigh, leg before ending with the left foot. “That was a tasty treat indeed” winked Mac. Mac smiled “I guess nevşehir escort now that I am done with my breakfast I would like a quickie before leaving to work.” Troy arched his eyebrow “A quickie, what is a quickie[tb1] ?” Mac rubbed the naked white thighs “I think I need a little pussy. I can smell yours and it is driving me wild.” Mac reached down and put his fingers on each hip sliding them under the waistband of the underwear. “Let’s get these panties off” With that Mac slid the underwear down the thin legs and off, tossing them on the earlier discarded jersey. Mac: “Those panties look good down there because they are now off of you.” Mac pulled the cushion off the chair and had Troy stand up before placing the cushion on the counter. Troy was now a little taller than Mac and reached his hands out to play with the hair on his older lover’s chest before leaning in the kiss him. Mac then positioned Troy on the counter with his elbows resting on the cushion. This had the effect of pushing Troy’s little tushy right up near Mac’s standing face. Mac took a bottle of vegetable oil and greased up his hands. He then took his left hand and spread the cheeks wide exposing the little round pucker. Mac placed the tip of his right index finger on the love spot and started to massage in a circular fashion. This action made Troy open his mouth and breath a little heavier. The sensation was electrifying to the boy. Mac pushed his index finger into the outer sphincter twisting lightly back and forth. He then leaned forward and started showering the little white ass with kisses. Mac pushed his finger past the first knuckle and started to massage the inner sphincter as Troy clinched a little. Mac oiled it up and pushed into the beginning of the anal canal up to his second knuckle before removing the finger and stepping behind the trembling ass. Mac placed a hand on each cheek and gently parted the crack and was lightheaded when hit with the exotic boy smell mixed with the vegetable oil. He licked the full length of the crack up and down occasionally licking down to the balls. These were slow patient licks sometimes with a flat tongue. Mac leaned forward “It is so pink, perfect, juicy. Oh Troy, you are so wet, so fucking wet.” Mac touched the ring of the anus with the tip of his tongue. He started to swirl it left and then right. He did this over and over again as Troy’s breathing became shorter with audible moans escaping the young boy’s mouth. This was the most personal act Mac had really done. Troy was amazed by the feel of a wet tongue on his butthole when he finally realized Mac drove in a little deeper as the man’s beard started to tickle the surface of his virgin ass. Mac would occasionally turn his head a little sideways and twirled his tongue before straightening back up. Mac finally pushed fully forward driving his tongue into the sphincter. He was cheered on by the rising moans of his little lover. Troy writhed and squirmed as Mac’s tongue touched his inner sanctum. The feeling was like a thousand little fingers tickling his butthole. Troy’s face reddened as his breathing got really short. He was huffing. When Mac let go of each cheek Troy could feel the beard bristling his ass. “Oh Mac, ahhhh, oooohhh, I have never. Ohhhhh” Troy swallowed hard as he started to feel a little dizzy. “I am getting dizzy” he pleaded with Mack Mac’s nose was smashed against the upper crack area as he literally buried his face in anal nirvana. Mac used his free hand and started to pull on Troy’s growing little cock. He alternated playing with the little balls and stroking the straining prick. Mac could feel the pressure of his own engorged cock against his jeans, but this was all about Troy. Realizing that Troy was close, Mac withdrew his tongue, stood Troy up, and had him sit on the counter before placing the cushion behind the boy’s head. Mac lifted the white legs, draped them over his shoulder, lowered his head, sat in the chair and engulfed the little boner in his hot mouth. Mac then reached down with his left hand and placed his middle finger in the boy’s anus. Mac sucked harder and bobbed his head fast while pumping Troy’s love canal. He could feel the boy trembling and hear the loud moans as Troy’s breath came short and fast. Troy was breathing so hard you would have thought he had run a marathon. Troy could feel the twin tingling between his legs, front and back. Troy arched his back “AHHHHHHHHHHHH” screamed as the orgasm surged in Mac’s mouth. Mac got to his feet and gently pulled Troy up in a sitting position. Troy was a little chilled. Mac wrapped his arms around Troy. He lifted him with his left hand cupping the boy’s bottom and his right hand was wrapped around the little back. Troy put his arms around Mac’s neck and wrapped his legs around the man’s waist. Mac then carried him to his bedroom bathroom. Mac told him to take a shower real quick while he went downstairs to get the clothes out of the dryer. Troy’s flushed face looked up “Mac, did I taste good?” Mac turned to the flushed cute face “I can honestly say it was the sweetest pussy I have ever put in my mouth.” Mac was having fun with the female references, but he felt the next time it would not be the boy or girl situation that Troy needed to feel. Troy now needed to make love man to man. He returned to the bathroom. Mac: “Troy you have a field trip next week don’t you?” Troy: “Yea, we always go to the zoo in the last week of school.” Mac: “Why don’t I take a day off, and you hide in the brush. After the bus passes, I will pick you up and bring you here. We can have most of the day together. There is no hurry. We will have time to do what we want.” Troy: “What about the excuse I need at school.” Mac: “Don’t worry about it Troy. I can take care of it this time.” Mac knew that he could talk to the secretary at school and smooth things over. She was single, and like most of the single women there, she swooned over the burly handsome man. Troy: “Ok Mac, next Thursday it is.” Troy stepped into the shower. Later Mac his little muffin home and both dreamed of what treasures lay ahead on Thursday.

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