Spring Break Getaway


I had always been a quiet guy, I had a lot of friends but I never liked to go out and get drunk or party much.

Thankfully, one of my best friends, Sara, hated that stuff too. Whenever our friends went out and we weren’t feeling it, we would spend the night eating pizza and watching movies.

She was gorgeous and fun but I was never brave enough to ask her out, we were always just ‘best friends’.

Over spring break, everyone went away, I had hardly heard from Sara and didn’t know what her plans were.

She texted me one day, hoping to hang out, of course I text her back instantly!

Of course I want to hang out! We tried to think of things to do until she suggested the beach.

‘The beach sounds great!’ I replied ‘we can go tomorrow, why don’t we camp there overnight?’

She replied enthusiastically and I was pleased. I spent hours that night looking for nice beaches until I found the perfect one, I noted down the location and packed a small bag.

I knew she like tequila so I packed her favourite bottle and some snacks. That night I went to sleep with a smile on my face knowing I would be sharing a cramped tent with my gorgeous friend the next night.

I woke up early the next day and packed all the things into the car. Thankfully it was a beautiful day, the sun hot and bright in the sky. I put on my swimming shorts and a t-shirt and text Sara to let her know I would pick her up soon.

When I arrived at her house she was outside, waiting for me in a tiny white bikini top and some ripped shorts. My cock twitched in my shorts, he tits are quite big and the thin white material of her bikini stretched over them but not enough. She grinned and walked towards the car, I noticed that in certain light, I could see her nipples through her top. My cock twitched again. I quickly readjusted, hoping it wasn’t noticeable. She threw her stuff in the trunk and got in the car.

“Hey!!” she said excitedly “Ready to go?!”

“Sure, lets go!” I said pulling out of her road.

We drove for a while, singing and laughing in the car, windows down, a cool breeze flowing through.

After an hour or so, I parked up in a sandy back road close to the beach. I looked over at her and smiled.

“We’ve arrived” I said touching her leg lightly.

We got our stuff out of the car and walked to the beach, it was quite quiet and we found a nice spot to set up.

It took us a while to get the tent up, we messed around a little and I was extremely distracted by her sexy cleavage and bouncy tits as she struggled with the tent.

Eventually we got it up and put our bags inside.

She laid our towels on the warm sand and sat on one, looking up at me.

“Y’know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you shirtless” she commented. I looked down at her and laughed.

“Well you’re about to…” I said taking my shirt off and laying on the towel, I caught her looking my body over, appreciating it, she looked away quickly when our eyes met.

We laid on the beach for a while, chatting and laughing like we always did. After a few hours, she got up and wriggled out of her tiny shorts revealing matching white bikini bottoms underneath, showing off her perfect round ass.

“Coming?” she giggled running towards the ocean. I sat back watching her for a while, splashing around, tits bouncing. She came back, soaking wet, her white bikini mostly see-through now. I could see her hard nipples through the thin material and I could feel my shorts tighten against my growing erection.

“Come on!” she begged “Don’t make me play alone.”

I jumped up and threw her over my shoulder so she wouldn’t see my hard-on. I smacked her ass and ran towards the ocean with her, giggling and screaming. I finally put her down when we were waist deep in the water and she splashed me. I splashed her back, soaking her top again, her nipples peeking through. We messed around in the sea, pushing each other over, splashing and laughing.

When we walked back to the tent to dry off, I noticed a couple bakire porno of people further down the beach.

“At least we wont be alone here the whole day,” I said to her.

“Oh yeah, we should go over and say hi later” she replied, laying back down on her towel.

We laid in the sun until I turned over to talk to her and noticed she had fallen asleep, I poked her a few times to make sure before I sat up, getting a good look at her glorious body without fear of getting caught. I had never seen her this exposed, her voluptuous breasts barely contained in her tiny top and her ass hardly covered.

I couldn’t help but wonder if her pussy was as smooth as the rest of her body. My cock twitched again as I thought of her naked. I started to rub my cock gently, imagining her gorgeous naked body, my hands all over it. I turned back over and closed my eyes, my balls aching with longing. When I woke up, the sun was low in the sky. I sat up and woke Sara, her hair was dry and fluffy from the salt as she sat up slowly.

“Aw man! How long was I asleep?” she asked.

I grabbed my phone to look at the time.

“Uhhh… about 2 hours I guess” I said. She stretched and groaned.

“Just in time for the sunset by the looks of it” she smiled.

As the sun started to set, I suggested lighting a campfire. Sara got up and went to collect some wood and sticks. I started a small fire and waited for her to come back. I got the snacks and tequila out of my bag as she walked back into view, her arms full of small chunks of wood. She dropped them on the sand and I put a few on the fire.

“This is amazing” she said, sitting next to me. I handed her the bottle of tequila.

“Want some?” I said grinning.

“My favourite!” she squeaked “You remembered!” she hugged me tight, her firm perky tits pressing against me. She sat back and took a sip of the drink before handing it to me to do the same. She put the bottle down and leaned her head on my shoulder, I looked down and had an amazing view of her cleavage, I tried to control my cock as it stood to attention once again. I looked away and noticed some people walking towards us.

“Looks like someone’s coming to say hi” I said nodding in their direction. Sara looked up, a puzzled look on her face,

“What?” I asked, concerned.

“Is it me or are they naked?” she giggled, squinting at the people.

“Oh my God, you’re right!” I said laughing. We looked away, trying not to stare or laugh as the couple approached us. Sara looked at them and smiled, as they came within hearing distance of us.

“Hi!” she grinned standing up. The strangers stopped right in front of us, completely naked.

“Hi” the woman said as I stood up to greet them.

“We hate to bother you now but you were asleep earlier when we came by” –

“oh its no problem…” I reassured them before the naked woman cut me off.

“This is actually a nudist beach, I’m afraid you’ll have to leave unless you take your clothes off” she said looking the both of us up and down.

Sara looked at me, shocked.

“Uhhh.. oh, sorry!” I mumbled “We’ll take them off I guess”.

“Thank you, I hope you have a nice evening” the woman said as she and then man next to her turned and walked off.

“Get in the tent, quick!” I said to Sara, holding the door back for her. She climbed in, still speechless.

“What are we gonna do?!” she finally exclaimed.

I zipped the tent door back up and turned to face her.

“We’ll were already here and it was your idea to come to the beach” I smiled.

“This isn’t funny” she moaned, looking disappointed.

“C’mon” I coaxed “it’ll be a laugh”.

She turned around, her bikini bottoms dropping to the floor.

“Can you undo my top please?” she sighed. I took a step closer to her and brushed her skin with my fingers as I tugged on the strings of her bikini top. I pulled my shorts and stepped out of them as she turned around, holding her top on with her hands.

“Hey…” brazzers I said quietly, pulling at her arms gently “What’s up?” She looked up at me, pouting.

“I’m embarrassed” she mumbled quietly.

“Don’t be, you’re gorgeous” I told her, pulling at her arms again. She smiled and let her hands release her top, her round perky tits exposed in front of me.

My cock started to grow as I took in the full view of her naked body, I noticed that her pussy was completely smooth, just like the rest of her body. I slid my hands down her hips and waist, reaching for her ass, pulling her closer. I leant down and kissed her hard, my thick cock pressing against her. She moans quietly as her hand started to rub my rock hard member.

I moved from her mouth to her neck, kissing her softly.

“Lie down” I growled, hungry for her body.

She did what she was told and she laid down on top of the sleeping bag in the tent. I knelt down and pushed her legs apart, I nuzzled my way between her thighs and buried my tongue in her wet, tight pussy.

Her hand grabbed at my hair as I started to lick and nibble her. She started moaning loudly, grinding against my mouth, my tongue exploring her. I slid a finger inside her and she moaned, her body convulsing. I kept going, licking, sucking and nibbling her wet little cunt until she came for me, her hot juices dripping into my mouth. I slid up her body, kissing her, letting her taste herself from my lips.

“You taste good baby girl” I whispered, my cock brushing her pussy.

“Please…” she begged.

“Please what…?” I teased.

“Please fuck me” she begged again.

“Are you ready?” I said, grinning, positioning myself ready to push inside her. She nodded. I grabbed her hips, pushing the tip of my 8inch cock against the wet lips of her pussy. She moaned a little, as it pushed through the resistance. I could tell I was hurting her.

“You’re doing so well, you want me to keep going?” I asked stroking her stomach. She nodded again and I pushed a little more in, she gasped sharply and I thrust into her.

After a few more thrusts, her pain faded into pleasure and she went crazy, moaning and scratching my back, grinding on to me, pushing herself as close to me as she could. I buried myself in her hair and neck and I pounded her harder. Her moans were turning me on even more, her tight pussy stretching over my cock, tightening around it as she started to cum.

I could her her breathing catch in her throat as he moans got more frequent. I kept going, pounding her sweet, wet pussy harder. She clutched my shoulders, digging her nails in, crying out as I felt her pussy tighten around my cock, holding me inside her as she started to tremble.

I thrust into her once more as her juices flowed out of her, dripping down, out of her pussy. My cock was drenched and her body shook from the aftermath of her orgasm.

I let her catch her breath before I stood up, my cock still solid and standing to attention.

“Get on your knees and finish me off…” I demanded.

She obliged, scrambling to her knees, ready to take me in her mouth.

“I wanna cum all over that pretty little face of yours, okay?” I said, looking down at her glorious naked body, her mouth ready to take me.

She nodded, looking straight back at me. One hand wrapped around my cock, she pushed her mouth over my throbbing tip, swirling her tongue over it.

I moaned loudly and grabbed her hair with my hands. I pulled it out of the way and held her head as she bobbed back and forth, trying to take as much as she could without gagging.

She kept going, interrupted only by my intermittent moans as she sucked me off.

She looked up at me again, and I grinned down at her, pushing her head closer to me, forcing my cock further down her throat.

“Fuck” I grunted as she choked on it a little.

She pushed further on her own, gagging and choking more on my thick cock.

“I’m cumming” I groaned, pulling out of her mouth dede porno and aiming for her face as a furiously rubbed my cock.

A few more strokes and thick ropes of white, sticky cum was shooting out and landing all over her smiling face.

I wanked hard and fast, emptying my balls all over her face. Some of it had dripped down on to her perfect round tits, she opened her eyes and licked her lips, tasting my salty stickiness off her lips.

I sat on the floor, exhausted, my cock still twitching. She giggled and rummaged through the bags trying to find something to clean up with.

I sat there watching her for a minute. Admiring her gorgeous, slightly tanned body as she wiped my cum off her face and chest.

“Woah” she smiled at me, “That was a lot of cum…”

“Yeah… sorry about that” I mumbled, suddenly uncomfortable and very aware of my nakedness.

“Don’t be sorry” she said crawling over to me, resting on her front, propped up by her elbows.

I looked over her body again, the perfect curves of her back as it dipped, just before her spank-able little ass.

My cock twitched at the thought of spanking her, what a treat that would be!

She leaned up and kissed me, “I’ve always wondered what sex with you would be like” she said quietly.

“Really?” I asked a little surprised.

“Of course! I was wondering when you would try and make a move on me. You took your time!” she laughed.

“How was it then? Did I meet your expectations?” I smirked.

“Surpassed them, I think” she grinned.

“Good.” I whispered, lowering myself next to her, kissing her neck again “Ready for more?” I growled, moving down her back, kissing her body.

“Yes” she moaned.

My cock was hard again as knelt behind her, I grabbed her hips and pulled her up on to her hands and knees. I spread her knees and and traced from her ass down to her pussy with my finger. I paused for a second before pushing my finger into her again, making sure she was wet enough.

I pulled it out and sucked her juices off it.

“Soaking wet again…” I commented.

I started to rub my cock on her, teasing her pussy, her juices wetting the tip.

“Fuck me please!” she begged.

I raised my hand and spanked her, the impact of my hand made her gasp.

“Be patient” I said, my hands on her hips again as I ran my tongue over her asshole and down to her pussy. I flicked my tongue over her clit and listened to her moan.

“Good girl” I said, rubbing the red mark on her ass where I spanked her.

I sat back and pushed my cock against her pussy, teasing her again. I pushed a little harder, her wet little slit still so fucking tight.

I pulled her hips towards me and thrust into her simultaneously. She cried out, feeling my full length impale her once again. I slowly withdrew and then thrust back in, harder. Her moans louder and deeper with each thrust.

I started pumping her harder, one hand gripping her hip, holding her while I pushed into her over and over, my other hand caressing her ass. I placed my hand on her ass and let my thumb drift to her tight hole. She showed no signs of objecting so I started to slowly circle it, pushing a little with my thumb. Before long, I felt her pussy clenching again, clutching my cock inside her as she cried out, cum flooding out of her and on to me.

I pulled my cock out, dripping, and rubbed it against her tight ass again. She moaned louder as I pushed against it. I pushed down and slid it back into her tight cunt, pushing one finger slowly into her tiny asshole. She cried out louder as I moved my finger inside her, filling both her tight holes.

She came again quickly while I toyed with her ass. She was panting and breathless as I kept thrusting, fucking her hard and deep.

“Ready baby?” I groaned, grabbing her waist with both hands now.

“Yes!” she cried cumming again, hard and fast.

I exploded inside her, my dick throbbing inside her tight cunt, shooting hot, thick cum deep inside her. I held her tight against me, her body weak, trembling now as I pumped the last of my load inside her.

We both collapsed on our sleeping bags, exhausted and spent.

We decided to stay in our tent for the rest of the night, enjoying each others company some more.

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