Spring Break – His Perspective



AUTHOR’S NOTE: A reader commented on my Spring Break short story that they would have loved to read it from the male’s perspective, so I wrote this reciprocal piece.


He held his book just low enough to peer over the top while still appearing to be reading it. The two women sitting across from him couldn’t deny they were mother and daughter from the similarities in body style, to the way they laughed and tossed their hair while they talked.

The mother had laugh lines and crow’s feet, and a bit of a sag to her chest, but they both wore yoga pants with tee shirts, and he found himself thinking that they could easily pass for sisters. He was impressed with the way the mother kept knitting while talking, without ever looking at her needles, but it was the daughter who was really the focus of his attention.

She was sitting crossed-legged on the seat at Gate C36, half turned toward her mother, her forearms resting comfortably on her out-turned thighs. In this position, the material was stretched tightly across her crotch, and he was certain he could make out the thin ridges of her pussy outlined in the shiny lycra. “No way she’s wearing panties,” he silently guessed, as he let his eyes wander up and enjoy the youthful swells under her white Daytona Beach tee shirt that hung loosely over her left shoulder, exposing the thin white strap of her bra.

“Since we’re gonna be here for like forever,” she said to her mother, with the appropriate teen-drama emphasis on ‘forever’, “I’m going to head back to that TCBY, you want anything?”

“No thanks, dear,” responded the mother, still knitting at a Besty-Ross clip, “don’t be gone too long though in case there’s good news about our flight.”

He put his book down and emphatically stretched while watching the sway of that firm, young ass trapped inside the thin material of her stretch pants. Her tee shirt was bunched and tied off at the waist, which meant her ass was on full display, as she blended in with the throng transversing the hallway.

“Frozen yogurts sounds good,” he said to nobody in particular, as she stood up and headed off in the same direction as the young girl.

He followed about twenty feet behind her, mesmerized by the sultry sway of her hips, counting the number of fellow travelers who were also admiring the young lady’s tight booty as she passed by. The poor young man in full fatigues and a crew-cut, most likely on first leave from basic training, practically broke his neck following those sexy twin hemispheres as she passed by him, to the point of nearly being run over by one of those beeper-cars.

She flung her head around when she heard the loud beep, and saw the embarrassed soldier feverishly apologizing to the two old women and the driver of the courtesy shuttle. She also recognized the man following her as the guy sitting across from her at the gate.

“Daaa-aaad,” she admonished, adding extra syllables to the simple word while placing her hands on her hips, “why are you walking behind me?”

“Just enjoying the view, Mitchie,” he honestly replied while using the pet name he gave her escort gaziantep suriyeli bayan when she was just a young girl. He walked up and put his arm around his daughter’s shoulder, and the two continued down the hallway, his hand resting precariously above her right boob.

“I should have figured you were back there,” she joked, “I could feel my ass warming up from your staring.”

“Oh honey,” he said matter-of-factly, “those pants must be fireproof because the number of guys admiring your ass would have surely burned them off you if they weren’t.”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, ya dirty old man?”

“You have no idea how much, honey,” he replied, “ever since they announced the delay my mind has been wondering if there was any place private enough in this terminal where we can fuck.”


“I knew this vacation would be hard, Michelle, but I had no idea.”

She hugged his arm tighter to her, pressing his hand onto her breast. “I feel the same way too, daddy, but where?”

“How about there?” he offered, using his free hand to point to the pastel pink-and-blue painted hut in between the restrooms.

“The nursing station?” she asked incredulously, “surely, you can’t be serious?”

“I’m very serious,” he replied with a smirk, “and please don’t call me Shirley!”

They both laughed at their favorite overused punchline from the movie Airplane! and stepped in line together at the TCBY. She ordered an orange and vanilla cone and he paid. They sat and talked, but watching his daughter slowly lick the frozen yogurt cone was not helping the situation that had already started in his pants.

“I’m going to head back to Hudson News and see if I can get a new book,” he said, casually adjusting himself as he stood from the table. “If you change your mind about the nursing station, let me know. You remember our old tree-house secret knock, right?”

“I sure do,” she replied with a far-away look, remembering the tree fort he built for her in the old oak tree in their backyard when she was eight. “While you’re at Hudson News,” she added with a smile, glancing toward his crotch, “see if you can get some ice to take down that swelling!”

As he walked further down the C terminal hallway toward the ubiquitous airport newsstand, he smiled to himself at how his life had been charmed since Michelle moved back in with he and his wife after graduating college.

The move had been ostensibly to save money for a place of her own and to pay off her school loans more quickly, but it had also rekindled the long-time crush that the two shared on each other for almost a decade. While they had never crossed the line in the past, the tension had slowly rebuilt between them since she had moved back home. Like they say on Law & Order, it provided them both with motive and opportunity, the two ingredients that when mixed together, usually leads to someone breaking the law.

At this point, it had been almost a month since they had crossed that uncrossable line, and they were like star-crossed lovers, looking escort gaziantep türbanlı bayan for any and every opportunity to consummate their desires. Neither one of them wanted to hurt her mother, his wife, but the passion that had been released between them sometimes led them to take more chances.

He scanned through the various titles by Michael Crichton, Tom Harris, and John Grisham, looking for something new to read on the beach, his phone buzzed in his back pocket. He swiped on the Mitchie name and icon and read the simple text message. “I’m in. Get here b4 I chg my mind.”

The paperback was thrown back on the nearby shelf and he walked out of the store with a sense of urgency that would be suspect in any other venue but is commonplace in a busy airport. He carefully scanned the area surrounding the nursing hut and was happy to see nobody standing near it. His heart was beating a mile-a-minute as he approached the door and saw the red “Occupied” indicator above the handle.

He knocked three times in rapid succession, and then slowly counted in his head, hoping he had interpreted the text correctly and was not disturbing some unsuspecting mother feeding her hungry baby. He heard someone say “occupied,” but with the way the woman’s voice cracked, he couldn’t be sure it was Michelle.

When his internal counter hit five, he knocked twice more and watched as the indicator above the handled changed from red to green and the word “Available” appeared. Before he even looked up, the door opened quickly and his daughter’s arm reached out and yanked him in, and then she closed and re-locked the door behind him, in one fluid motion.

He looked down on her flushed face and knew from her blush that she wanted this as much as he did. Before he could speak or embrace her, she lowered herself in front of him and hugged her face to his crotch. The passion that they shared for each other was illustrated by the dedication and devotion with which they both approached oral sex. Michelle worshipped her father’s cock, and with the way she was kissing the outline of his erection through the fabric of his khaki pants, he knew this time would be no different.

She extracted his throbbing member through his fly and bathed the rigid tool with her warm, wet tongue. He smiled as she engulfed his shaft between her puffy lips, and moaned as he felt his cockhead nudge against the constrictions of her throat. He knew he wouldn’t last much longer with the velvety goodness of his daughter’s mouth surrounding his cock, so with every fiber of his being, he reached down under her arm and began to lift her back to her feet, and softly uttered the word, “wait.”

After she stood, he hugged her tightly to him and pressed his lips to hers. Their mouths opened and their tongues freely explored and wrestled with each other. He tasted his precum on her lips, but it just made what he was doing, and where and with whom, that much naughtier in his head.

He moved her back a step or two while they kissed, then reached over her shoulder to lower the changing escort gaziantep ücreti elden alan bayan station platform. He gently turned her by her shoulders until she was facing away from him, then guided her to lean on the plastic shelf.

He lowered himself to one knee as if he were going to propose, but the object of his desire was the twin globes of her perfectly round ass encased in the black stretch material of her yoga pants. He grabbed the elastic waistband and pulled down, and drank in the funky aroma which was a mixture of soap, sweat, and secretions.

He smiled to himself about guessing right, as her naked ass came into view, unencumbered by undergarments. He adored her ass as much as she worshipped his cock, and he showed his devotion by pressing his face into the crack between those two perfect cheeks. His tongue swept over the tight ring of her anus as his hands groped and squeeze the fleshy hemispheres.

He reached between her legs and pushed his fingers into the wetness of her cunt, using his thumb to strum her clit. He was happy that the din from the periodic announcements and constant foot-traffic outside their hut helped to quell the moans of pleasure emanating from his daughter’s mouth.

Knowing that their time had to be short, and without the aid of Viagra he had at best one good shot, John pulled away from the church of her ass and returned to a standing position behind her. His cock nuzzled itself in her meaty cleft as he hugged her tightly from behind, his hand wandering up under her shirt to the swells of her aching breasts. As he positioned his cock at the maidenhead of her pussy, he pulled down the cups of her bra and twisted her nipples as he plunged himself inside his own flesh and blood.

She turned her head and offered her lips to him as she pushed herself back on his thrusting cock. They kissed and fucked passionately, still fully dressed in this forbidden haven. He dropped his left hand down in between her legs and rubbed her clit as his cock pistoned into her from behind. He attempted to forestall the inevitable by mentally reciting the starting lineup of the 2009 New York Yankees, but when her pussy started to clench on him as she relinquished herself to her orgasm, he knew Derek Jeter himself wouldn’t be able to withstand such pleasure.

He started to spray his seed deep within his daughter, and felt her squeeze and release her pussy, milking every drop out of his swiftly deflating cock. John allowed himself a brief moment to hug and caress her as his cock withdrew victoriously from her ransacked pussy. He reached down and pulled up her yoga pants, and indicated that it was time for them to straight up and retreat before they got caught.

“Thanks, I really needed that,” she said as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek, then slipped out of the door before they could discuss their exit strategy.

He heard a quick conversation outside the door, then an impatient knock from the other side, followed by, “you’re not supposed to be in there!”

John stepped outside the nursing station as confidently as possible, and before the angry blonde woman with a baby could say anything else, he winked at her and said, “I picked a hell of a day to stop sniffing glue!” He laughed to himself as he blended back into the shuffling crowd and fought the urge to look back to see her reaction.

As he came upon Gate C36, he looked at his wife and daughter and thought about the suite they’ll be sharing in Florida, and said to himself, “this is gonna be the best Spring Break ever!”

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