Kevin smiled trying to hold back his laughter when he saw Ben peaking in the bedroom door. Ben had his eyes locked on Kiesha’s spread up turned ass, while she sucked on the rock hard black cock.

Kevin knew that it was more to Ben’s over protectiveness than a man dating his mother. Kiesha was a fine woman. She didn’t have much for tits, but she more than made up for that with her flat stomach, narrow waist, flared hips, and an ass that could shelter a small child from the weather. She had one of the best looking weaves that Kevin had ever seen. It was the first thing that he noticed about her. She wore the hair long with bangs covering her forehead.

Kevin held Kiesha’s hair and looked into her slanted brown eyes while she sucked vigorously on his massive cock. He was falling for her, but she hadn’t shown that she was willing to do anything to make him happy. Kevin didn’t just want a woman by his side, he wanted a freak. He wanted someone loyal enough to cut his grass buck-naked if he wanted her too.

Kiesha also came with luggage. Her eighteen year old unemployed son, and a fine nineteen year old daughter who was also unemployed. It wasn’t likely that either one of her kids would be anything other than a drain on society. Still, Kiesha was a peace of ass that was hard to give up.

Kevin understood that Kiesha was desperate to be with him, especially after he let her stay over at his nearly half-a-million dollar home. He showed her how nice of a life she could have, taking her to a party with more rich black folks than she ever knew existed. Kiesha was sprung.

“Yeah baby, suck my balls,” Kevin commanded. He didn’t look up, but he could tell that Ben was still watching.

Kiesha took one of his balls into her hot mouth and then the other. She licked and kissed the full length of the underside of his big dick.

“I love your big fat dick,” Kiesha said taking nearly the full length of his cock in her mouth.

“What will you do to be with me?” Kevin asked.

“Anything baby,” Kiesha said.

“Would you let me own that pussy?” Kevin asked.

“Yes, baby.” Kiesha moaned. “This pussy would be all yours.”

“Would you let me do what I want with that pussy?”

“Yes baby, yes,” Kiesha mumbled continuing to suck and stroke on his cock.

Kevin was ready to give her the first gift of their relationship. He knew that it would be enough to allow him to string her along as long as he wanted, but seeing her son’s interest, he was getting other ideas. He grabbed the jewelry box without her seeing him.

Kevin took out the eighteen carat gold, Princess-Cut diamond tennis bracelet and dangled it off his fingers. Kiesha choked on Kevin’s cock when the diamonds sparkled in her eyes. She sat up on her heels between his legs whipping her lips and almost panting.

“Eight point seven carats baby,” Kevin taunted swinging it back and forth. “This is only a sample, but I demand total loyalty baby. You’ll have to show me that your ass is mine.”

“You know it is baby,” Kiesha reached for the bracelet, but it was pulled just out of her grasp.

“I get to do what ever I want with it?”

“You can do what ever you want to do with it now.”

“So,” Kevin smirked, “I can let someone else have some if I want to?”

Kiesha stared at him in shock.

“You submit totally to me and I’ll put a rock on your finger so big that you’ll have to wear a sling to hold your arm up,” Kevin extended the bracelet off his finger just inches from her face.

Kiesha sat back almost pouting. “You mean pimp me out?”

Kevin laughed. “No. Do I look like a thug to you? I don’t sell any of my stuff. I might want you to screw someone for fun.”


“Maybe,” Kevin deciding to lay things out for her. “No matter what you do for me I will surely show you that I appreciate you. I need me a good woman by my side. A real lady when she needs to be, and an incredible freak when I want her to be. This is what I’m looking for. If this isn’t you then we might as well stop wasting each other’s time.”

Kiesha felt her heart jump into her throat.

“There is something else,” Kevin continued. “You’ll have to give up this place and move into my house. You’re son and daughter too. They don’t have to, but I think they’d like my place, don’t you?”

Kiesha smiled and nodded.

“Ben will have to work,” Kevin added. “I’ll get him a job he can handle. Maybe he’ll make you proud if he had an opportunity to.”

“What about Tasha?” Kiesha was concerned about her daughter and his motives towards her.

“Come on,” Kevin laughed “The only thing I can have her do is to be arm candy. She’s not that bright, but she is sexy.”

Kiesha knew she should be offended by his remarks about her daughter, but he was right. The best thing that Tasha has done was to avoid getting pregnant.

“I’d want you walking around naked a lot so I can see that sexy body, even if someone else is in the house. Do you think you can handle me now?” Kevin swung the bracelet back and forth. “Now is the time to tell me to hit the bricks.” bahis firmaları He could see Ben moving at the door without looking up.

Kiesha snatched the bracelet from his finger before he could move it away again. She had never held diamonds so big in her own hands in her life. “The question is, can you handle me?”

“So you are not going to mind walking around naked in front of your son?” Kevin looked up making eye contact with Ben.

“I’m sure he’s seen me naked before,” Kiesha lied figuring that she could handle Ben seeing her naked.

“As fine as you are, I wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to tear that ass up.” Kevin laughed glancing up to see Ben holding his crotch.

Kiesha laughed popping him on the leg.

“No for real.”

Kiesha started to become suspicious. “Kevin?”

“He’s not a little boy anymore, and that the best way to make sure that he’s not gay.”

“He’s my son Kevin,” Kiesha was trying to be careful with her protest of the idea. She hoped that his hints were just a way of testing her.

“That’s what I’m saying,” Kevin confirmed. “If you screw him there will be no doubt that he’s not gay. Did I tell you that I’m deafly homophobic?”

Kiesha started to get concerned. “I’m his mother. He wouldn’t want anything to do with me like that.”

“I’ll tell you what,” Kevin proposed, “If he did want to and you let him, then I’ll put you into one of those hot little Altima’s.”

“You’re going to make me into a stone cold freak.”

“I told you that’s what I want,” Kevin said. “You can let me know now and I’ll be up out of here. I want you to let Ben have some of that ass. Do we have a deal?” He glanced up and winked at Ben.

“Okay, but I don’t want anyone to know about it.” She looked at the bracelet and envisioned the women at the beauty shop seeing her in a brand new car. She decided that fucking Ben was definitely worth it.

Ben was standing fully in the door. His heart was racing as he could hardly believe what he was hearing. He wanted to fuck his mother really badly. There was no one he wanted to fuck as much. Not even his favorite singer, Linda Banks. He had been listening the entire time and liked every thing that he heard.

“Come on in man,” Kevin chuckled.

“Oh god!” Kiesha jumped surprised to see her son standing there.

“Your mom is fine, isn’t she?”

Ben walked towards the bed smiling at his mother. “My mom is the finest babe anywhere around here.”

“I know she’s your mom, but if you could, wouldn’t you bang the shit out her?”

“Kevin!” Kiesha faked opposition to Kevin’s suggestion.

“Babe, I’m a man of my word,” Kevin sneered. “If we are going to have anything, we have to be truthful. Now, are you down with me or what?”

Kiesha felt like she was about to throw-up. She looked into Kevin’s big brown eyes and saw that he was serious.

“I’m not forcing nothing here,” Kevin said. “I’m putting everything on the table because I want you in my life and I don’t want us to have any problems in the future. So, are you going to be my woman?”

“Yes,” Kiesha gave in feeling a part of her being slip away.

“Cool,” Kevin knew he’d won. “Ben, if you want some of your mom’s fine ass you’ll gonna have to kiss it, so good until her toenails curl. Ya know what I’m saying? You’re gonna have to lick that pussy good.”

“Heck yeah!” Ben yelled.

Kiesha could hardly believe this. She was getting what she wanted at the cost of her soul.

“Spread them legs baby, and let the boy get to work,” Kevin pulled her legs apart exposing her dark brown pussy lips to Ben.

Kiesha’s heart was throbbing in her throat as her son climbed on the bed and put his face between her thighs. His wet mouth sent electricity shooting through her body. He clapped onto her clit as he began probing her love slot with two of his fingers. After a few minutes, she closed her eyes and gave into the pleasure.

Kevin slipped from the bed when Kiesha began to moan. He just had to have a picture of this. He snapped a couple of pictures with his pocket digital camera of the scene without Kiesha or Ben noticing. He really loved the whole incest idea, but was unable to experience it himself. For him, this was the next best thing.

Ben raised his eyes to look at his mother, and then over at Kevin. He really didn’t care for Kevin at first, but now, Kevin was the main man.

Kevin winked at Ben and then went to get the unopened bottle of Champaign from the kitchen. It was early morning, but it didn’t matter. Kiesha was his.

Kiesha was holding on to Ben’s head and humping his face when Kevin returned. He poured the three of them a class of the Champaign, and waited for Kiesha to come down from her climax before offering it.

“Here’s to you babe,” Kevin congratulated her. “Your last name is about to change.”

Kiesha’s emotions were reeling. She didn’t even have enough time to feel embarrassed for allowing her son to go down on her. It was a clear marriage intent that came out of his mouth, and she latched on to it. It no longer mattered kaçak iddaa that her son was sucking her pussy juice from his fingers. She was going to be married to a man that could really take care of her.

Ben was licking his lips and fingers, relishing in the taste of his mother’s cunt.

“She has great pussy, doesn’t she?” Kevin asked Ben.

“Oh heck yeah! Heck yeah!”

Kiesha managed to blush a little.

“Good.” Kevin knew he could control Ben as well. “That pussy is like gold to me. I want you to treat it like gold. When she tells you to do something, I want you moving with a purpose. You do that and you got it made, and you just might get a chance to do more than lick that pussy.”

“Heck yeah!”

“Alright, you’ve had enough of a show,” Kevin waved his hand dismissing Ben. Ben left with a big smile on his face.

Kevin chuckled, “I bet he won’t give you a hard time about anything, anymore.”

“I can believe,” blushing more than she had before. “I just let my son lick me.”

“Believe it,” Kevin felt assured that Kiesha would fuck Ben on his command. “Once you start fucking him once a week, he’ll be like a servant.”

Kiesha looked at him and knew that he had his mind made up. He wanted her to screw her son, and she knew that she was going to do it.

Toasting her again, “Slip on one your hot little dresses with no panties, and we’ll go and get you that ride.”


Kiesha still had the taste of cum in her mouth as she called one of her friends after the other. Kevin had taken her to a car dealer and she drove off the lot in a brand new shinny car in just a half hour. She had sucked Kevin off before he let her go show off to her girlfriends.

Kiesha had stopped by the jewelry store that so happened to be the one that Kevin had purchased the bracelet from. She had seen girls walking around with faked stones thinking that they had real ice. She wanted to be able to prove her diamonds were real. She trembled and almost fainted when she was told that the bracelet was worth over eight thousand dollars. She demanded that clerk give her an official appraisal slip.

All the guilt she felt about having to fuck Ben was gone. The bracelet was worth letting her son go down on her, besides Ben was surprisingly good. Her orgasm wasn’t faked.

Kiesha was finally able to gloat. She had to endure the teasing of her friends, because she was the one that was without a real man in her life. Kevin was more than a match against all of their husbands and boyfriends.

Kiesha picked up her daughter, Tasha, and made sure that everyone they knew saw them in the new car. The beauty shop was one of their very first stops. Kiesha was ecstatic over seeing the jaws drop when she flashed the bracelet and showed the appraisal slip from the jewelers. She gloated looking at their bare wrists.

“That’s some man you latched on to,” one of the ladies breathed.

“Oh, and the car,” Kiesha pointed casually outside. “Ah, paid for… the title… in my name.” She turned in her three inch mules, tossed her hip and snapped her fingers walking out the door.

The ladies inside cheered her on. “You go gurrrl!”

Kiesha and her daughter held it together until they pulled out of the parking lot. Then they laughed hysterically. “I didn’t think I was going to be able to keep from shouting.” Kiesha was barely able to talk. Kiesha was almost choking she was laughing so hard.

“I know,” Tasha laughed. “You know those gold diggers are going to be out on the hunt for him now.”

“Funny,” Kiesha thought back. “They saw him hundreds of times and the only thing that they said about him was that he was whiter than the whitest white man.”

Tasha laughed again. “That was you,” she corrected.

“I never thought I’d fall so hard for him,” Kiesha was glad she had.

“If I knew that he was loaded, I would have definitely gave him some play.”

“This started off with him chasing me, now he has me prancing around in front of Ben naked.” Kiesha had to tell someone.

“What?” Tasha laughed. “I bet Ben loved that.”

“God! Me being his mother didn’t mean nothing to Ben.” Kiesha was still having a hard time believing that her son would treat her like she was just another girl on the street.

“I could have told you that,” Tasha said.

“Oh, Kevin was getting off on it,” Kiesha said. “He made me promise that I would screw who ever he wanted me too.”

“Pimp!” Tasha shouted and laughed.

“No. He said that he doesn’t sell his stuff,” Kiesha said. “He wants me to spread my legs when he says so.”

“Mom,” Tasha said. “No body’s going to feel sorry for you. He’s taking you out of the ghetto. All them skanky hoes would fuck a dog to be in your shoes.”

Kiesha laughed.

“Mom nobody knew anything about Kevin, because he didn’t want them too,” Tasha said. “He wanted to hook up with you because he wanted you. He could have snatched all of them. You have it good.”

“I know,” Kiesha said. “But he likes seeing Ben drool over me.”

“Mom, don’t tease Ben,” Tasha said.

“Kevin kaçak bahis told me that’s how he wanted me to be,” Kiesha said. “He said it was a deal breaker. If I didn’t want him to control my body then it’s over.”

“Mom, a lot of girls want to hook up with Ben, because he’s the shit in bed,” Tasha said. “The only females that he pays attention to really is you and me. He’s always trying to catch you undressing. I caught him spying on me, so I decided to give him an eye full by playing with myself. That night he crawled in bed with me while I was sleep and screwed the living daylights out of me.” She laughed. “Mom, I couldn’t even get mad at him. I did make him give me fifty bucks for taking my stuff. He still takes my panties… your’s too.”

Kiesha wondered if Tasha led Ben to act like this. She surely teased him enough. Maybe it was her own fault for not being discrete enough around him. She thought of how often she’d walked around there place in barely panties at times. No matter what the cause, this was where they were now. “Kevin had him to go down between my legs and lick me,” Kiesha said. “I got a feeling that he’s going to want to watch Ben have sex with me.”

Tasha laughed. “He’s going to be sorry he ever went there,” she said. “Trust me, when Ben starts working his thing you’ll forget that he’s your son or that you know anybody by the name of Kevin.”

Kiesha laughed. “Were did he learn how to eat pussy like that?” She felt better getting it out and that Tasha didn’t think bad of her for it.

“I don’t know, but other guys need to find out,” Tasha said laughing.


Kevin was dying to continue his private show with Ben and Kiesha. There was no doubt in his mind that he had Kiesha locked up, and Ben on a leash.

“I think your mother might want to have a wedding,” Kevin said as he drove his European luxury car from a day of showing Ben how big of a business man he was.

“She’d love to show out in front of her so called friends,” Ben sat up straight in the new suit Kevin had bought for him.

“She is so fine,” Kevin said.

Ben chuckled.

“You like licking her pussy, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did,” Ben smiled brightly.

“I bet you watched her get fucked by all kinds of guys, right?” Kevin said.

“Yeah, but they wasn’t doing much to satisfy her,” Ben said. “Most of them came before they got started good.” He laughed.

“I bet you’d wax that ass, huh?” Kevin said.

“Shit yeah!” Ben replied. “I’d hit it from the back, so I could get all the way up in it, and hook it and then stab it. She’d know I’d been there.”

Kevin laughed. “I’d like to see that.”

“Most people would think that I was some kind of weird freak to want to fuck my own mother,” Ben said. “You’re cool as shit. I got your back.”

“You got my back?” Kevin asked.

“I got your back,” Ben said.

“Alright, you got my back,” Kevin said. “Then when we get home, you can hit your mom from the back.”

Kevin gave Ben some dap, slapping the palms of their hands together.


Kiesha pulled into the driveway right behind Kevin and Ben. She had dropped Tasha off at one of her daughter’s friend’s house and showed off the car and tennis bracelet.

Kiesha noticed Ben in the business suit, which was a far cry from the jeans that sagged off his narrow butt. He actually looked respectable, like he had more than the high school diploma, which Kiesha had been thankful for.

“Don’t y’all look handsome,” Kiesha said putting her arm around Kevin’s waist and giving him a kiss before walking to the house. She looked back over her shoulder and saw that Ben’s eyes were glued to her swaying butt-cheeks.

“Let’s have a drink,” Kevin led the way to the den with Kiesha a half step behind him.

Kevin made Martinis for them and began to lecture them of shedding the ghetto mentality. He told Ben that even if he was broke, he could get by just with making a good impression on people. He emphasized that he was not saying that he should act white, just act like he wanted to be more than just alive. He told Kiesha that she didn’t need to dress like a hood-rat any more. He had her to remove the tight knit dress, which left her naked except for her slides. He told her that she would be meeting a different class of women unlike her low-rent crew. He wanted her to dress more conservative, but he didn’t want her to wear panties unless she had too for some reason.

Ben took his cue from Kevin when he removed his jacket and tie. He studied his mother’s naked body and his cock grew harder, but he was patient.

“It’s time already,” Kevin said standing up with Kiesha.

“Time for what?” Kiesha asked.

Kevin dropped down on one knee.

“Oh my god!” Kiesha exclaimed putting her hand over her mouth. She had almost stopped breathing.

“I have you doing some kinky stuff, including fucking around with your own son, but that is me sharing with you who I really am,” Kevin began holding her hand. “No one knows that I like having a guy screw my girl while I watch. No one has ever been this close to me before. Kiesha, I want you to be my friend, my lover, my freak, and my wife. Will you marry me?” He did a trick with his finger revealing a three and a-half carat round cut diamond engagement ring.

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