Spying and Dad and sister


Spying and Dad and sisterMy mom had walked out on my sister, dad and I about four years ago and it was very hard, My mom decided she didn’t want to be held down by a family and wanted to live her life so one day she decided to leave. Now here I am 15 my sister is 18 and my dad is going on 45, Since mom left dad has done as much as he could to give us as normal life as we could get. My sister and I started getting along better when mom left and she always told me that she would never leave me. The only thing that noticed from time to time was that my dad was giving my sister way more attention than me, he would ask her to go on drives with him and spend time outside with her in the swimming pool while I sat in my room and played video games.My sister had a lot of problems with boyfriends, she is tall for her age has bright blonde hair and has a tattoo she got on her lower back, she would always show it off to me when she first got it. I always figured my dad and s*s got along better because they were always having problems with relationships so they could relate more. They seemed sometimes to be almost secretive around me, he would whisper something into her ear and she would turn red and giggle. I never thought much of it until one day I noticed they were getting along so well for a very good reason.One day when me and my sister got home from school my dad said he had to go on a drive up north quick to pick up something for work from another company, so me and my sister decided we would go with instead of doing out homework, I slapped on some jeans and a t-shirt and my sister had her flannel skirt and her white tank top she had worn to school that day, we climbed into my dads truck, I got in the back seat and my sister took upfront next to dad. After about an hour on the road I laid down in the back seat just hoping to rest but it was hard with my dad and sister laughing back and fourth up front. Eventually I closed my eyes and kept them close trying to get some sleep. All of the sudden I heard my dad ask my sister “Is he asleep?” hiltonbet giriş I heard my sister turn in her seat and say “Yeah I think he is” At that point I opened my eyes ever so slightly just to see what was going on, My dad looked at my sister with a smile and my sister smiled back and said in a quiet voice ” keep your eyes on the road”.I saw her reach over between the seats and put her hands in my dad lap and started hearing her undo his belt and I heard his zipper being unzipped, My s*s looked at him and smiled and bend over her seat and put her head in his lap, I heard my dad let out a moan as my sisters head was going up and down on his lap, I heard slurping noises as my sister worked her head up and down as my dad let out moans quietly, he took his right hand off the wheel and put it on top of her head as she kept sucking him. I noticed instantly my dick got rock hard, I don’t know why I was being turned on by this but I was. I knew a lot about sex and everything else because I would sneak into my dads room when he was at work and look at his magazines and watch his movies he had under his bed.After about 20 minutes of my sister giving him head he said “You have to stop or I’m going to crash” she picked her head up and fastened his pants back together, he looked at her and smiled. I saw my dad reach over and slide his hand up my sisters leg to her pussy and he must have been fingering her because she now started letting out moan after moan as her body moved in her seat. I was trying to be quiet but I all of the sudden I coughed and I saw my dads hand shoot back the steering wheel and my sister sat up straight and looked back at me as I slammed my eyes closed, I heard her say “I think he’s still asleep but we shouldn’t do anymore in case he wakes up” My dad agreed and nothing else happened the rest of the drive. When we got home we started watching a movie until my dad told me it was almost 9 and my bedtime so I should go upstairs and get some rest. I said OK and walked up the staircase to my room, hiltonbet yeni giriş I sat there on my bed for about an hour trying to hear if my sister came upstairs and she never did. I got out of bed and slowly crawled to the walkway to the stairs where there was a rail and you could see the living room.I laid on the ground and just peeked my head between the rails, I saw my dad naked sitting on the couch and my sister naked sitting on the floor in front of him sucking his dick again, he had both his hands stretched out on top of the couch while she was going up and down on his cock. after awhile she stood up to sit down on the couch and I saw my dads cock, it was big and rock hard, my sister turned to sit and I saw her tits, they were very big and she had a little tattoo above one of them with her name, she had a gold belly button ring and her pussy was shaved with a little patch of hair above it. She sat on the couch as my dad leaned over standing in front of her knelt down and shoved his face in her pussy she was moaning while squeezing her tits with her hands. He eventually stood up and pulled her legs towards him bend her knees to her chest and slid his cock in her, she arched her back as much as she could and let out a loud scream, as he fucked her I felt my dick get rock hard. I watched with awe as he fucked her in every position for about a half an hour until she was glinting with sweat and my dad the same, I pulled my dick out of my pajama shorts and started jerking off as I watched my dad continuing to pound my sisters little body with his big cock. He would stop just to sit down and let her suck all of her juices off of him. After awhile I still don’t know why I did it but I got up and quietly made my way to the stairs, I got about half way down and just stopped and kept watching them go at it while playing with my dick. After awhile my dad laid my sister on the couch and got on top of her and started pounding fast, he looked at her and said he was going to cum, she grabbed his head and hiltonbet güvenilirmi said “Cum in me” he pounded harder and harder until he shoved it in her and held it while letting out a loud groan, and he put is head on hers as they laid both trying to catch there breath. He stood up and said he was gonna go jump in the shower and get some sleep but she said she was going to stay put a minute and catch her breath as he went into the kitchen and up the back stairs to the bathroom. I looked at my sister she had her hands on her head lying there trying to catch her breath, I got up from the stairs walked down the rest of them and stood about 5 feet from the couch looking at her naked wet body, she didn’t notice me at first but eventually she saw me and her eyes got wide but she didn’t move, she laid her head back down and let out a small laugh, she looked over to me and said “You were watching the whole time weren’t you?” I said yea as she let out another laugh. She looked at my pants and said “You got a hard on don’t you? Did you like what you saw? My face turned red as I let out a yea.She leaned back and said “Well what do you wanna do?” I was too shy or embarrassed to say anything, she looked at me and smiled and said “take your pants off” I pulled them down exposing my hard dick, she looked at it and said “Not too bad” she told me to come over to her as I started walking to the couch my sexual instinct took over and I got in between her legs on the couch, as she looked at me and smiled I grabbed a hold of my cock and shoved it in her she seemed shocked but let out a squeal as I slammed it in her and I could feel how wet she was, It was still warm from my dads cum but I put one of her legs over my shoulder and started thrusting as hard as I could, she let out scream after scream until I couldn’t hold it anymore and as I thrusted in her I came, it felt so amazing it felt like I came for 5 minutes, load after load shot out of me into her tiny body. I let out moan after moan as she looked at me and smiled I got up to put my pants back on she laid there and I saw all the cum start sliding out of her and onto the couch. I looked at her and said goodnight, she looked over to the kitchen doorway and back to me and said “It looks like someone was spying on you too” I turned and there stood my dad with a smile on his face.

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