Stacy’s Submission ~ Chapter 12


Stacy and Becca sit on their knees next to each other at the foot of Cara’s bed. Miss Cara sits on the edge of her luxury mattress, dressed in her cream gown, looking down at her girls. She’s immaculately groomed and doesn’t look at all like she recently woke up. Her legs are crossed and she wiggles one of her bare feet inches from Stacy’s face. She holds both of the girls by their leashes in her left hand. I can’t believe I’m here. I can’t believe I’m sitting next to the girl of my dreams, while wearing this chastity belt. I’ve got a leash attached to my neck like a puppy and all I can think about is being an obedient, little girl and earn myself a reward. Stacy swallows the lump in her throat. Her mind races off in a million directions while her body tells her she’s nervous and wet. She doesn’t know when they’ll get to eat breakfast, but she’s not hungry, she’s horny and Cara knows it. She’s had them sitting here for several minutes now and hasn’t said a word. Stacy looks over and Becca. The girl’s perfect, little, pink lips are being nibbled gently. She must feel as anxious as me. I wonder if she knows what Cara has planned for us. Fuck, I hope she lets me out of this belt for a little while, it’s driving me crazy. The front of the belt continues to firmly press into Stacy’s tight folds. It traps the dormant toy behind her moist lips and its presence forces her to remain constantly wet and horny. Even when she’s not being forced to sit at Cara’s sexy feet and smell the woman’s body. She’s finding it impossible to think of anything but sex, pussy and getting off. Cara stares into Stacy’s eyes, enjoying the distressed look on her face. “I’m glad you were both already in your little pjs, I think they look adorable on you,” Cara comments. She looks incredibly excited herself, but is trying to hide it. She has her hair up in a sexy bun with a fancy, metal clip. I don’t know about me, but Becca sure is adorable in her matching outfit. Becca’s plump, little bum wiggles above her thin, pink socks. Stacy reaches out and takes Becca’s hand. Their fingers entwine and Becca smiles. “How are you two girls this morning, hmm?” Cara asks, gently. She touches Becca on the chin, to elicit a response from her. “Very good, thank you, Miss Cara,” Becca squeaks, shyly. “I’m excited for playing today and making you feel good.” “Ohh, that’s so nice,” Cara sings. “And what about you, Stacy? Do you also want to make me feel good? Are you excited for that?” Stacy’s belly cramps as her swollen glands beg to be relieved. “Yes, Miss Cara, I’d like to make you happy.” “Awe, you’re such good girls. I want to make you both happy too,” Cara purrs. She spreads her knees open slightly so Stacy can see under her morning-gown. “Why don’t you two girls kiss each other, hmm?” Really? Stacy excitedly looks to her left and Becca’s eyes are wide open with happiness. “Kiss each other, slowly. I want to feel every little lick and touch,” Cara explains, carefully. She pulls the leashes gently, making sure to give the girls a little slack. Stacy lets go of Becca’s hand and puts it around her waist. She pulls her girlfriend’s perfect, young body against hers and takes a moment to stare into Becca’s big, brown eyes. I love you. Becca whimpers as she wets her lips. Her gold-chestnut hair curls over the shoulders of her pink pajama top. Stacy can’t ignore the tight restriction of the belt teasing and denying her hard clit. She leans forward and as softly as she can, puts her lips against Becca’s. “Good girls, taste each other’s pretty mouths,” Cara urges, a little excitedly. Becca begins to speed up the movement of her lips and hungrily takes in as much of Stacy as she can. Her sweet pussy quickly gets worked up inside her pink pj bottoms. “Slow down, Becca. Enjoy the soft touch of your girlfriend as her tongue tingles with the taste of yours.” This is amazing. Becca you feel so good. How are you real? Stacy pushes her tongue inside Becca’s mouth and slowly moves it around. She feels overwhelmed by her emotions as she explores the warm wetness behind Becca’s lips. She can’t believe this girl likes her so much. She can’t believe how lucky she is. Becca pulls her head back and gasps for breath. “Oh, sorry!” Stacy giggles, red in the face. Becca smiles. She bites her lip and leans in for more. “That’s enough,” Cara critiques. “Becca, dear, suck on Stacy’s nipple. Make it get as hard as it can in your mouth.” How did I get here? I can’t even think I’m so excited. Becca latches onto Stacy’s left nipple and wiggles her tongue against it frantically. She gasps as she tries to breathe while keeping her mouth fixed around Stacy’s plump breast. Stacy clenches her jaw tightly as her nipple stings with pleasure. It causes her belly to sink with desirous excitement. Her hard, damp clit begs to be touched under the metal strap. Stacy’s knees spread themselves wider on the carpet, instinctively trying to allow access to her desperate, dripping sex. “Stacy, as Becca licks and tongues your hard, young nipples, I want you thinking about yesterday. You know, when you were sucking your naughty juices from my fingers as Escort Güngören you came.” Cara’s voice is elegant and dominant. The heavy, sexy words cause Becca to whimper with desire. Stacy’s mouth waters as she powerlessly follows Cara’s instructions. The depraved, desperate sexual acts she partook in yesterday, fill her head. The smell of Becca’s hair wafts into her nose magnifying Stacy’s heart-wrenching emotional stress. Every little stroke of Becca’s tongue makes her nipple stiffer. The wet bead between her legs aches with swollen need. It feels like it’s going to burst if it’s not relieved soon. The scent of both the girls’ arousal is palpable. It makes all three women wild with pheromone fuelled fervour. Cara adjusts her gorgeous legs as heat builds between them. The only sounds in the room are wet lips, gentle mews of pleasure and the soft jingle of the girls’ collar buckles against the leashes. “I’ve been waiting a long time to play with the both of you together,” Cara moans, fighting the urge to touch herself. She caresses the inside of her thighs with her elegant fingers. “Stacy, do you find toes sexy?” Stacy’s belly aches as she tries to answer. Her ass is throbbing from the stresses of sustained arousal and her nipples are sore from being teased. “Yes, Miss Cara. I do,” Stacy squeaks between laboured breaths. Becca continues to make her breasts throb with need. “I know Becca likes feet too. I’ve seen her do some very naughty things just to get a taste of my toes,” Cara says, grinning. She pulls out the remote control for the toy buried inside Stacy’s swollen loins. Oh fuck. Please. Please, turn it on. I need it. Stacy knows the feeling will torment her, but the urge to have some sexual gratification is maddening. Cara runs her thumb over the buttons but doesn’t turn it on. She puts it down on the bed between her legs. “Becca, I want you to kiss and lick Stacy’s neck,” Cara explains, tracing her fingers around her damp folds. “But you better keep her nipples hard. I want them so stiff they hurt.” Becca moans as she moves her dripping mouth to Stacy’s soft neck. She slowly licks it from top to bottom. Her hands squeeze and cup Stacy’s tits as she pulls on the puffy nipples. Fuck, oh god… “Stacy, don’t just sit there. Put your hand down Becca’s little bottoms. Tell me if she’s wet,” Cara orders, opening up her robe. Damnit, she’s beautiful. She’s fucking heaven. Stacy tries to focus as she slides her fingers down the front waistband of Becca’s pj bottoms. She pushes her fingertips over the little patch of bunny hair atop Becca’s slit and keeps going. This is too hot. This is too much. I can’t stand this! Becca nibbles at Stacy’s neck, sending shivers down into her ass. Cara moans as she watches this, her hips begin to gyrate slightly on the bed. Her pussy glistens with sweet excitement. Stacy’s fingers slip over Becca’s immaculate, pink lips, they’re covered in her nubile honey. She can’t help but slide her fingers inside the warm hole. The sensation causes Becca to shriek as she uncontrollably drools onto Stacy’s neck. Oh god she’s so wet! I’ve got to have her. I want to lick her and taste her and rub our pussies together! Oh, Becca, I need you. I fucking love you. “Oh, you girls are gorgeous. So sexy and naughty. This teasing is driving me crazy,” Cara groans. She wets two of her fingers and places them against her sticky clit. “Stacy, I didn’t tell you to play with her cunt, I told you to check if it was wet or not.” Cara yanks on Stacy’s leash, making sure to get her point across. Stacy begrudgingly removes her fingers from Becca’s nectarous pussy and holds them up in front of her face. She becomes almost hypnotized by their glistening shine. “She’s very wet, Miss Cara. I could feel her dripping over my fingers when I was down there,” Stacy confesses, fighting the urge to lick her digits clean. “Oh, good girls. I like to see my little darlings enjoying themselves,” Cara remarks. She continues to seductively stroke her rosy clitoris. “Can you smell your pretty girlfriend, Stacy?” Stacy can barely see straight as she breathes in Becca’s hot perfume. She nods helplessly. She feels so naughty as her pussy drips hot hunger onto her metal chastity belt. “Well, that’s all you get, just her smell,” Cara scolds. “Becca, stop licking her neck and taste your pretty pussy.” Cara plays with herself vigorously as she watches Becca obediently wrap her lips around Stacy’s fingers. “It’s so fucking sexy having you both here, making my pussy tight and wet. How does your naughty cunt taste, Becca?” Becca keeps licking and sucking her juices from Stacy’s fingers. She seems to not even have heard Cara’s request. She’s breathing quicker and bouncing her little bum up and down as she takes Stacy’s fingers deep into her throat. Wow, that is so hot. I can’t believe this is happening! I could almost have an orgasm just from this! Becca, oh you turn me on so much. I can feel all the way down your long tongue. Oh god… “Becca, dear, don’t be a bad girl or I’m going to have to restrict your playtime,” Cara threatens. Stacy can’t help İnnovia Escort but watch Cara’s juicy cunt getting pleasured just a few inches from her face. The sounds and scents coming from Cara are painfully arousing. Becca reluctantly removes her mouth from Stacy’s hand. “It tastes like I’m a horny, excited girl,” Becca pants, her hips gyrating slightly. “Mmm, good girl, Becca. You look so adorable today, I just can’t wait to indulge in you,” Cara purrs. Stacy can see Becca blushing from Cara’s compliment. A small wave of jealousy washes over her heart, but is quickly swallowed by a whirlpool of sexual frustration. She stares between Cara’s legs, hypnotized by the graceful, wet strokes befalling the woman’s femininity. The fingers are now quite dappled with potent honey as they radiate sexual desire. Cara notices Stacy unconsciously licking her lips. “Stacy, come here, taste my pussy, if you’d like,” Cara invites, holding out her warm, slathered fingers. Stacy feels helpless in this whole confusing, incredibly arousing situation. She can’t remember what she should be doing or thinking or feeling. Miss Cara, oh my. Please be nice to me today. I can’t stand this teasing. I’m not used to it. It makes me so horny being around you and Becca like this. Cara sits up on the bed above Stacy. Her cream robe hangs open, revealing the woman’s immaculate, smooth body. Every time Stacy takes a breath in, she feels Cara’s wet pheromones filling her insides. “Yes, please, Miss Cara,” Stacy admits, trying to behave. She keeps fighting the urge to beg to be let out of her belt and be given a release. “Yes, what?” Cara demands, retracting her delicious fingers slightly. “May I please taste your pussy?” Stacy requests, again trying not to sound too frustrated. Cara looks unimpressed. She fingers the remote next to her pussy, thinking about activating Stacy’s vibrator. “Stacy, for the rest of the weekend, I want you to answer my questions, using as much detail as you can,” Cara explains, making sure Stacy is paying close attention. “The more graphic and accurate you are, the more I’ll try and treat your little cunt. But if you are giving me anything boring, or uniform, I will be taking your fun away.” Cara holds her slick fingers to Stacy’s nose and leans close. “One more time now, would you like to taste me?” What does she want me to say? I don’t know! Stacy trembles with anxiety. She wants so badly to just taste Cara’s sweet excitement and be praised for it. Just tell her you don’t understand what she wants! Her lips shake as she opens her mouth to speak. Nothing comes out. “Becca, it seems your girlfriend isn’t as good at following instructions as you are. Would you like to help her out?” Cara asks, lovingly. Becca nods her head quickly. There’s a little, wet spot expanding from the crotch of her pj bottoms. “Good girl. Alright, Becca, would you like to taste my pussy?” Cara offers, looking over at Stacy judgementally. “Yes, Miss Cara, I would love to lick the warm juices from your tasty fingers,” Becca squeaks. She almost hums as she talks. Her body yearns madly for pleasure. “Good girl!” Cara professes, stroking Becca’s soft hair. “Yes, you may.” Cara feeds her wet lust into Becca’s mouth. Stacy watches her adorable girlfriend excitedly clean the arousal from Cara’s hand. Her collar makes her looks so submissive and naughty. “Becca, does this make you horny?” Cara asks, again. “Yes! Oh, Miss Cara, tasting your vagina, knowing you love me, makes my little pussy ache and drip!” Becca mumbles wildly, the fingers still filling her mouth. “Thank you, Becca. Good job, sweetie. Now, stand up. Let’s see if Stacy understands,” Cara says, remaining seated at the edge of her bed. Becca stands up and keeps her arms gently folded behind her back. Cara removes the leashes from both of the girls’ collars. “Take off your top, Becca,” Cara instructs. She pulls at Becca’s waistband, leading her little body up to Stacy’s face. Oh god, Becca. You’re so close I can almost taste you. I miss you so much already. I’m losing my mind. “Stacy, press your nose in between Becca’s legs.” Stacy leans forward and excitedly obeys. Her small nose comes into contact with the damp silk covering Becca’s adorable cunt. Oh fuck… My Becca! I’d do anything for you. “Stacy, I hope you can be a good girl now and tell me how your precious little girlfriend’s scent makes you feel,” Cara invites, carefully holding the remote in her hands. Becca’s top falls to the floor and Cara’s attention slowly moves to Becca’s supple breasts. Stacy takes a deep, greedy breath in. She can’t think of anything except Becca’s arousal. Miss Cara begins to gently finger herself again as she watches Becca tremble from Stacy’s inspection. “Miss Cara,” Stacy whimpers, trying to suppress the cramping desire aching between her legs. “Becca’s scent… I mean, her pussy, it smells so much like her. Like sex and everything I like about her. The wetness against my nose, it makes me feel so naughty. Smelling Becca’s pussy, while I feel so turned on and frustrated in my belt is so conflicting, Miss Cara. It Kağıthane escort bayan makes me want to be touched.” Cara interrupts a slight smile by biting her lip. She seems a little impressed and presses a button on the remote. The small vibrator comes to life inside Stacy’s sweltering cunt. The intense, pleasurable shock lurches her forward as she gasps into Becca’s crotch. She helplessly moans as her belly erupts with delicious cramping delight. Cara turns the toy back off. “Stacy, I want you to be quiet, unless you are telling me, in detail about something naughty. You’re making far too much noise,” Cara scolds, petting Stacy’s head in a patronizing fashion. “Becca, get up here.” Cara stands and helps Becca up onto the bed. “Lay down, dear. Be a good girl, and perhaps I’ll take those bottoms off you soon,” Cara explains, enticingly. Becca lies down on her back. Cara adjusts her so her bum is at the edge of the bed. Her little, cute feet dangle out in front of Stacy. Stacy leans in to try and smell them without Cara noticing. She’s so dizzy with pent-up arousal she can’t think straight. “Stacy, do you want to taste Becca’s cute toes?” Cara asks. She takes her fingers off her cunt and slides them over Becca’s lips. Becca squirms and moans with delight as she accepts Cara’s juices into her mouth. “Oh, Miss, please, please can I run my tongue over Becca’s soft feet and taste her little toes in my naughty, watering mouth?” Cara walks around Becca’s legs and stands behind Stacy. She keeps her womanly fingers moving rhythmically over her clit. She leans over top of Stacy and grabs Becca’s left ankle. “You may taste only her pinky toe,” Cara dictates. Becca’s toes wiggle expectantly. The faded pink nail polish matches the bottom of her rosy toes. She subtly moves her right hand down her pants and rubs her dripping slit. “Becca! You’re being bad. Please don’t disappoint me when you’ve been so good. You’re supposed to be showing Stacy how to behave.” Becca whimpers a painful moan as she pulls her hand back from her young, horny sex. She puts her fingers in her mouth and sucks on them hard, hoping to subdue her urges. Stacy licks her lips as Cara pulls Becca’s foot towards her. Just the pinky… focus. The vibrating egg inside Stacy’s vagina comes abruptly to life and steps up a few notches. It buzzes intensely. Ohh fuck! Stacy lets out a heaving moan as her lips graze Becca’s sweet foot. Its subtle scent reminds her how girly and beautiful Becca always is. Be quiet! Control yourself or she’ll turn it off! Stacy shakes almost violently as she tries to subdue the screams attempting to leap out of her. Cara makes sure Stacy is remaining quiet as she puts the remote into her pocket and returns her fingers to her cunt. “Lick her toe, Stacy. Suck on it and then tell me how it tastes. I want you to make me wet with your words,” Cara urges. She plays with herself excitedly as she brings Becca’s foot against Stacy’s lips. Stacy opens her mouth and carefully runs the tip of her tongue along the bottom of Becca’s pink toe. “Becca’s toe tastes sweet, Miss. It’s a little damp with sweat and makes me want to use my tongue inside her and make her cum. It hurts being this turned on. And the taste of her soft, young, beautiful toe in my mouth makes the belt torture,” Stacy whimpers. “Oh, good girl…” Cara whispers, clearly caught up in her own sexual energy. She lets go of Becca’s ankle. “Take Becca’s bottoms off, please.” Oh yes! She’s going to let me lick her! Becca, I just want to make you feel good. Let me make you feel good. That’s the only pleasure I can experience right now. Stacy wiggles forward and pulls off Becca’s pjs. She stares into her girlfriend’s eyes for a moment. Becca… I love you. I hope you love me too. Cara steps in between them, interrupting their longing gaze. “Put her foot back in your mouth. I want you to have all of her toes in there. You have no idea how much that would please me,” Cara explains, almost giddy. She puts a pillow down on the floor between Becca’s legs and kneels on it, making sure she can still see Stacy. “You better not use your hands either. Keep them behind your back like a good girl.” Stacy again feels a sting of jealous pain surge through her as Cara admires Becca’s smooth pussy. Stacy tries to ignore it as much as possible and spreads her lips open. She bobs her head forward, encouraging Becca’s slim foot to enter her. She can’t help but notice Cara in front of her. The woman slides her fingers deep into her gorgeous pussy as she playfully licks at Becca’s tender folds. The longer Becca’s foot stays in her mouth, the more her arousal intensifies. Oh no… I feel it. Oh Becca, you’re too sexy. You’re too smooth and erotic and naughty! The egg melts her inner walls and cause her glands to threaten to burst. The sweet, salty and naughty taste of Becca’s toes is almost too much for Stacy to handle. Cara notices how close Stacy is to cumming and changes the vibrator to its lowest setting. She turns her attention back to Becca’s pink sweetness. Becca squirms and squeaks as she’s licked perfectly and affectionately by her gorgeous mistress. Stacy keeps her hands tightly folded behind her back as she runs her tongue out along the bottom of Becca’s foot as far as she can. The sensation makes it feel like the toes are pressing the back of her throat and she stifles a gag. Oh god, why does that turn me on so much? Everything does right now.

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