Subject: Star Athlete’s Ass Part 4 This story is completely fictional. Any similarities to any persons or events, past or present are coincidental. This story contains scenes which involve sexual situations between youths and adults. If this type of material is offensive to you or is not legal for you to read this type of material, please do not read any further. Please leave comments ail If you like this story, PLEASE DONATE SOMETHING TO NIFTY. NIFTY NEEDS YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT. PLEASE FIND THE LINK AT THE TOP OF THE NIFTY HOME PAGE TO LEARN HOW TO CONTRIBUTE. YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS HELP KEEP THIS WEB SITE ALIVE. Every bit helps, Thank you, Succumballs Star Athlete’s Ass Part 4 As Cameron rocked his cock in Buck’s cum slicked hole he started licking up the sperm that Buck had shot everywhere until they heard Sam begin to moan. Looking sideways that saw Todd’s ass rapid firing between Sam’s legs that flopped in the air like a tree in the wind. “Sammy. Fuck…” Todd whimpered through heavy panting. “Come on, Buba. Fuck the lights out of me.” “Sammy.” Todd trembled, shafting his prey with full thick power lunges, his engorged organ pounding into Sam, his huge testicles slapping hard against the flopped open ass. “I’m gonna come, Sammy.” “Come, Buba,” Sam panted and grabbed Todd’s face. Their kiss was deep and hot as Todd let loose a geyser of hot sperm. Thick hot wads shot into Sam who wrapped his arms and legs around his lover. “Toddy. Oh, fuck. You did it. Shit. Ahh.” And Sam’s stomach muscles convulsed again as he shot off, squirming his ass against the steel rod up his ass. “Toddy. Don’t stop. Pump me more. Yeah, like that. Ohhhh, oh, Toddy.” Finally Todd collapsed onto Sam’s chest, panting and weak. He smeared his face into the sweat and sperm that covered his lover. Sam pushed the leaking cock deep into himself with his heels against Todd’s ass. “Sammy.” Todd whispered. “I know, Buba. It was heaven. I love you doing me like that. I do. You’re my Buba, OK?” Todd nodded his love for Sam and licked the salty sweat and cum off him. “Kiss me, Buba.” Sam whispered. Cameron and Buck lay on the floor listening to the conversation, Cam still rocking his rock hard cock in Buck’s happy ass. Their eyes met. Buck saw the fear in Cam’s face. Buck smiled and tapped him on the nose with his index finger. “Come on, Cammer the Rammer. let’s go have a swim and clear our heads.” Cam slipped out of Buck’s ass in a smooth sexy glide. Buck grinned, “You’re a natural, you know that, Big Guy?” Cam watched Buck walk naked to the glass door onto ankara türbanlı escort the patio. As he slid it open Cameron caressed one of Buck’s perfect, round and hard ass cheeks. Buck turned and smiled. “What?” he asked. “Nothing.” Cam said. “You just have a beautiful body. A great ass.” “All the better to get you in it.” Buck slid the back of his hand over Cam’s stubbly chin. “And you are one hot and hunky man, you know that, Cameron? I bet every girl in school is sniffing at your pants.” “No. I mean a couple, sure.” “How many of them have you had?” “None. The one I want won’t put out, and the others are kind of you know, easy. They’ll sleep with anybody, kind of slutty.” Buck dove into the pool followed by Cameron. They horsed around in the deep end for a while until they were in each other’s arms again. Cameron stood shoulder deep in the water and Buck wrapped his legs and arms around him. When they kissed Cameron got a hard on again. Buck felt it push up against his ass and guided it to his anus. “You want me to fuck you again?” Cam seemed a little surprised. Buck closed his eyes and pushed down. His still greasy ass lips slid over the huge meat head. He rested his cheek against Cam’s collar bone. “if you don’t think I’m too much of a slut.” “No.” Cam kissed the top of his wet head. “I didn’t mean that. I just thought you might be sore.” “And I meant it when I told you I think you’re the sexiest man I have ever set eyes on.” He slid more of Cam’s shaft up his ass until he began to go under water. Cam walked into shallower water and pushed Buck right down onto he whole eight inches. “That’s my baby.” Buck whispered and purred against the huge stormer’s chest as he rocked his ass to and fro. When Cam’s stomach growled he laughed, “You’re hungry.” “I guess I am.” Cam grinned. “Well, take that big beautiful dick out of my ass, Big Guy, and let’s go get something for dinner. You’ll all stay for a barbecue, won’t you?” “I kind of like where I am, Bucky.” “Well, you can get right back in there as soon as we get some steaks on the grill. I like a little attention while I’m grilling. Toddy’s really great in the kitchen. he likes tasting a lot when he’s cooking, and so do I.” Cameron slipped his cock out of the warm, succulent ass. Otherwise they didn’t move, just looked at each other until Cam grinned. “What?” Buck asked. “It’s so easy with you. I mean… Girls…” Buck giggled. “Come on, BG. Let’s go shopping. I want to keep you nice and fit tonight.” He released his lover and tuzla escort swam to the edge of the pool. In the market Buck flirted outrageously with the check-out girl. When the only other customer in front of them had left he said to her, “Hi, Honey. This is Cammer the Rammer. Cam, this is Fellacia, I mean Felicia. Doesn’t she have the prettiest lips you ever saw?” The men wore tight tees and jeans, Felicia a tube top that set off her ample bosoms and a skirt that barely covered her crotch. When she grinned Buck continued, “And I know exactly what you need, pretty baby.” “What, handsome?” The young girl challenged. “A husband who takes better care of you like I would.” “You can say that again.” The girl sighed. Buck grinned and leaned over the counter where he sniffed her neck. “You smell good, Sugar.” When Felicia bent her neck back and sighed he reached down and pushed her stretch skirt up and got a finger into the leg of her panties. The girl looked around and spread her legs as Cameron watched Buck push his middle finger right up her to the knuckle. He pumped her good and hard until another customer approached, and then he pulled back saying, “Sorry I dropped the change, Honey.” Felicia bent forward, pulled her skirt down and reached into her penny cup. When she came up she saw Cam adjusting a big bulge in his pants. “That’s OK, Mr. Hamhung. I hope you have a nice evening. And it was nice to meet you, Mr. Cammer. I hope you come by again.” “Ah, you too, Felicia.” Cam stuttered. They packed the groceries and left. In the car Cam laughed, “Jesus, do you do that all the time?” Buck giggled. “What kind of a girl do you think I am? That was the first time we went that far. But I’ve got to keep my reputation up when I got the hunkiest man in town in the car with me.” As they drove Cam stared at Buck the whole time. “What?” Buck finally asked as they pulled into the drive. When Cam shook his head Buck continued, “You know, BG, you can get married and have kids and still like men. There are a lot of women who adore gay men.” “So you think I’m gay?” “I think most people are a bit of both, and I think you liked fucking me as much as I liked you doing it, and I hope you want to do it again. I know I do.” He smiled at the unsure boy. Cam leaned toward him, and they kissed. “You know damn well I do.” Buck grinned at the huge beauty. “Let’s get the barbie going, Big Guy.” After a beat when neither moved Buck finally said, “I sure like looking at you, Cameron. You know that?” In avrupa yakası ucuz escort the kitchen Todd, Steve and Rich were naked making a salad. Todd and Steve washed and chopped vegetables while Rich slow pumped Todd’s ass. “Time to switch,” Steve said. Rich obediently slipped out of Todd’s soft pucker, replacing his beer can cock with two fingers, and slipped his cock head gently into Stevie’s grasping anus, which kissed the engorged meat head. When Rich wrapped an arm around Steve’s torso he laid his head back onto the strong, muscled chest and sighed. “I know, Baby,” Rich whispered as he bent his knees, kissed Steve’s neck and slid eight inches of fine, thick meat up his Stevie’s love hole. Steve reached up and hung an arm around Rich’s neck. “Richie. I love you. I love you in me more than anything in the world.” “I know, Baby.” Rich ground slowly around the happy hole. “Your daddy ain’t never going in here again or I’ll cut his balls off. You’re mine.” Watching the scene got Cam so hot he kicked off his shoes and took off his pants. His cock was already half hard and dripping. “Hi, you guys.” Todd said when he heard them. “Where Sam, Buba?” Buck asked “Out pushing the fire around. I knew you’d want a barbecue, and Sam loves playing with fire.” He grinned at his beloved father. The two newcomers looked out the window. Sam stood before the grill in nothing but a heavy apron, his round ass glowing from the light in the kitchen. Then Cam stroked his cock and looked at Buck who said, “Looks like Buba needs more than two finger up there, Cammer.” “It’s OK?” Cameron asked. “I’m eleven years older than you, BG. I’ve been around a bit more than you, and I can share. I like sharing, actually.” Cameron kissed Buck and grinned, “There is something real nice about you, Buck.” “Go fuck my little Toddy, BG. I want to see your ass muscles clenching so I can remember that when I see you on the field playing.” By the time Cameron got to Todd his cock was hard as a rock and he slipped right up the hungry anus. Todd turned and grinned, “Wow, Cam. It didn’t take you long to get hot again.” “Man, are you kidding me? What your dad did in the store and watching you guys. Shit, this is the best evening I’ve ever had.” He bent his knees and poked up into Todd’s cum soaked hole, sliding around like a swizzle stick. When he felt Buck’s hand on his ass he clenched and pumped. “Jeeze, Cam, so that’s what it looks like when you do me.” “Get your pants off, Bucky and I’ll do you then.” Buck laughed. “The wonders of youth.” He sighed and began unpacking the groceries. “What did you get, Dad.” Todd asked as he squirmed on Cam’s shaft. “Some chicken filets for you, Angel. Don’t worry. And some T-bones and Italian sausages. And I’m getting hungry.” He took the whole package of meats out to Sam. Thanks for reading. Please donate something to Nifty if you can, thanks again.

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