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step by stepHi my name is james but people call me JB i’m a 22yr old male who works for my dad,my parents broke up about 8yrs ago and was a messy divorce,they married young as dad got mum pregnant on the first night of having sex ewwww to much info. Mum cheated on dad and it hit him hard and he ploughed himself into his work and me.Well about 18mnths ago I convinced dad to go find a women and in the end he started to date Gill a 35yr old cock hardening women if you get my meaning she was gorgous tall, blonde,blue eyes and a knockout figure, she was a rep that used to come to see dad at his work and he gathered up the guts to ask her out, as we got to know her she grew on me and I excepted that maybe one day he would marry her.Well she moved in and I oftenheard dad fucking Gill and always thought good on ya mate,well this partucular day Gill was at home and it was my day off we sat and had breakfast and got a glimpse of Gill’s tit it was gorgous and a nice pink nipple that was stiff she saw me looking and pulled her gown shut.She didnt say a word so I didnt think no more of it I went to my room and listened to some music I heard Gill go into the bathroom and get in the shower after a few minuets I opened the bathroom istanbul escort door slightly and saw her naked body all soaped up her tits where amazing as she bent over to see her shaved pussy as her fingers slipped over her lips her ass was shaped perfect my cock was stiff and poking my shorts like a tent.I rushed back to my room and flicked one of the wrist and it wasnt long either,she was still in the shower for a while and needed to see more, the shower stopped and she went into her bedroom, after a few minuets i crept along the hallway and sneaked a look in the bedroom, there she was laying on the bed, playing with her pussy and feeling her tits.I gasped as I looked and she stopped and said well you better come in and look proper,as I opened the door i looked down and appoligised for looking she laughed and said why I can see you enjoyed it by your hard on I looked down and it was sticking out like a rod she got up and walked over and reached out and stroked my cock she wet her lips and reached in and pulled it out her eyes widened and she knelt down and put my cock in her mouth.I gasped as her mouth slid down my cock and licked it she pulled my dick avcılar escort out and said my dad was no way as big and i was gifted. As she rubbed my cock I told her I was cumming and I did all over her tits she said o my thats a mess and sucked me dry. She said well you being a gent can’t leave a lady horny can you.I walked over to the bed and started to suck her nipples and feel her wet pussy my finger slipped in her pussy and she sighed saying it felt good I turned her round and got inbetween her legs and licked her soaking wet snatch tasting the sweet jucies she begged for more,she arched her back and orgasmed. My cock now was firm and we layed on the bed kissing and touching Gill rubbed my cock until it was stiff and pushed me onto my back and straddled me lowering herself onto me she groaned and sighed as it went in I could see her lips stretch as the shaft spread them wide.As she sat there she said she had never had anything that huge and started to move slow I grabbed her waste and twisted so that I was on top and started to fuck her hard and fast she cried out and begged for harder and more as my cock slammed into her pussy again and again her tits bobbed up and down with the şirinevler escort force her nipples rock solid. Her pussy jucies lubricated my cock like a piston as it banged in and out making her cum again and again as she begged for me to empty my load, I told her to beg and she did for a good while she said her pussy was numb with pleasure as I pumped wave after wave of thick hot cum into her as she shuddered, screamed out and fainted.As I slipped out her pussy was gaping open as the pink flesh stared at my she gained conciousness and confessed she had never done that before and couldnt close her legs as it was impossible too, I slid down the bed and gently licked her clit and a fountain of jucies spited from her pussy as she orgasmed again. I went back to my room with a smug grim on my face and carried on with my music.I went down about a hour later and Gill was in the living room she said it was the most amazing sex and wanted to have that regular, about 6 weeks later she annouced that dad and her where having a baby and later told me it was mine as she hadnt had sex for about a week after as it was impossible too, she came to my room that night and gave me a amazing blowjob and i emptied all down her throat and then licked her pussy for awhile.When the baby was born it looked like her so that was a blessing but sex was on tap for ages anytime i wanted she gave it and maybe more than twice in a day if I was very horny she does anything I want just to get my cock we have 3 k**s that she passes of as dads and it works for me.

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