Step Mummy pees I help her

Accidental Nudity

Step Mummy pees I help herI was sitting in the living room watching TV when i heard a shout from upstairs. It was my step mum and she sounded frantic. Knowing that she was 8 months pregnant i immediately jumped up and headed towards her voice. As i got to the bottom of the stairs i saw her outside the toilet grasping her groin and pushing her thighs together. She said it’s not what you think. My zips stuck and i need to pee so badly she sobbed. I inwardly said phew as thoughts of delivering babies left my head. I started to go upstairs to try and help when she let out a small whimper. A dark stain appeared on her maternity trousers. It spread from her groin area down her thighs and bottom and down the back of her legs. I saw that there was a trickle of pee running from the bottom of her trousers soaking her tights and running into her shoes. She continued to try and hold it with her hand but to no avail. She sunk to her knees in despair and humiliation of having pissed herself in front of me. She began to cry and wailed I’m a stupid old woman it’s a wonder anyone will ever want me again I’m fat and useless I can’t even stop myself peeing myself. I hate my body and I hate me, you must hate me to. I felt strangely aroused. I loved her big fat round stomach that overshadowed her groin and her large droopy breasts. Her bras were the large lacy type and her back strap was a reinforced 2 inches wide to cope with the weight and girth of milk laden tits. I had noticed recently that her bra was stuffed with breast pads to soak up the errant leakage of breast milk. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever known and I loved every inch of her. I had wanked myself to sleep many a night thinking of placing my penis between her breasts and rubbing one out whilst being soaked in her baby milk. I reached her and gave her a cuddle saying it don’t matter mum I’ll help you clean up and get you changed. I wiped the tears away from her eyes. She held my head to her breasts and i felt her ample nipples poking my cheek. She said I love you you’re the most wonderful step mum a boy could ever have. She was very needy and after I had helped her with her constipation problem our relationship had changed forever (read “auntie helps mummy”). I helped her into the bedroom her feet squelching in her shoes and her wet trousers rubbing against her thighs made her walk open legged like she’d shit herself. I knelt down in front of her and worked on the zip. I could smell her fresh piss and could feel my penis uncoiling in my pants working towards a thick 8 inches. I managed to free the zip on her trousers and she sighed at the release of pressure from her stomach. I rolled down her soaking wet trousers and she lay back on the bed raising her ample arse as I eased them down and off. As I looked up towards her I could see the mountainous bump that was her pregnancy with all the stretch marks and the distinctive brown line artemisbet yeni giriş up the middle of her stomach. Her breasts and nipples a back drop to a heavenly sight.Her legs opened slightly to stop her piss covered tights and knickers from chaffing. I could see the full gusset on her knickers and saw that it was well and truly soaked. She had tenna lady pad in her knickers but it had been woefully inadequate. I leaned over her pubic region and inhaled her womanly odour and I placed my mouth over the nylon and cotton mix of tights and knickers and began to suck the piss out. It tasted sweet and salty with a hint of her last cup of coffee. I took out the pad and sucked it dry i felt horny, dirty and was violating my mum’s most secret excretions. Suddenly I was aware of someone behind us. I glanced around and there was my auntie. I nearly shit myself. “Oh you wicked boy” she said “sucking my sisters piss with her being pregnant and everything cant you leave her in peace for one day”. I blushed. My mum said look he’s helping me and if he wants to suck me off he can don’t be a jealous cow. When I’ve finished with him then you can have him. Auntie folded her arms and sat in a seat. Well boy you’d better get on and help your mummy she looks in trouble. She said sarcastically.I rolled down her tights and knickers until they came down her fat thighs and huge calves then over her feet and off. I scrunched them up and held them over my mouth and sucked as much of the urine out as i could and discarded them. I lifted each shoe in turn and poured the little amount of piss into my mouth swilling it to get the full flavour. Auntie came over and inspected my groin, oh your all nice and hard she said and undid me letting my erection spring loose. I knew she was trying to distract me from my mum so I turned my attention to mummy’s cunt. Mummy pulled her knees up to her bump exposing her lips anus and a full mound of pubic hair. Her pubic hair was extensive reaching from her belly button to the crack of her shit box and spreading across to her wobbly white ample thighs and stomach. There was dew drops of liquid on her hair and her pinkness was wet and looked a little sticky from the lubrication that would soon ease the passage of a baby down her cunt chute. I went to work licking and sucking her dry. Her clitoris hardened and began to peek through the folds in her ample lips and clitoral hood. I took her lady penis in my mouth and licked and flicked it with my tongue sucking it as far into my mouth as it would go. She gasped and gave a shudder ,her hands came down to my head encouraging me on. Oh lick it my little fucker she moaned oh yes give it some flicking you little horny bastard fuck your mums clit you know I like it. I obliged and sucked each of her labia in turn from the perineum to the top of her clit. She squirmed with pleasure. I could hear her breathing getting ragged. artemisbet giriş I tongue fucked her hole and stuck my tongue in her piss hole just in case there were any more little watery treats to be had. I felt her squeeze her groin and stomach muscles and I was rewarded with a final squirt of piss which hit the back of my throat and I greedily swallowed. I as vaguely aware of auntie wanking me off and inserting a finger in my anus. She would wank me then cup my balls whilst easing her finger in and out of my shitter. Suddenly mummy let out a loud cry and I found myself being squirted on and large sticky globules of cunt mucus splattered on my face as an almighty orgasm ripped through her. Auntie stroked me on the head and said what a good mummy’s boy you are not even letting your wicked auntie stop you from your duty. I felt mummy reach down and pull my head up towards her breasts. I followed her encouragement and found my lips fastened to her right nipple. She said drink my hero you deserve a taste of sweet milk after your chore. I sucked the nipple to the back of my throat and swallowed the milk that was offered. I drank and drank too much i thought as i felt my stomach getting full. She swapped me over and i tried to empty her other breast i failed as i burped and withdrew, the milk continued to flow in a double spray over her fat stomach and the bed. Finally the flow stopped and i gazed at the white expanse of skin and pinky brown nipples and aureoles that had fed me. I noticed that mummy had gone to sleep nursing me, it had exhausted her. My cock was twitching and i thought i would get my orgasm by fucking mummy. I sighed in disappointment and frustration. Auntie noticed my disappointment. Don’t worry boy I’ll look after you she said with a sly grin on her face. In no time at all i found myself in the arms of my naked auntie on the bed while mum gently snored next to me. Auntie picked up mums bra and tied my hands behind my back she then ripped up mums and her tights and tied each of my legs to the head board so i was effectively tied on my front with my arms behind me facing down the bed. She then crammed my mummy’s pissy knickers in my mouth and i felt some cold cream being spread over my anus. The fingers were reinserted and i was digitally penetrated. She rubbed my prostate and i felt my cock twitch as my anus was stretched and my male g spot was rubbed and flicked. I was powerless and loving it. I could feel my come rising but strangely the come reflex wasn’t there i was full of pressure but it wouldn’t go. I moaned, auntie please fuck me i’ll be good to you honest. She laughed and said i can’t hear you piss boy your mouths full of knickers. I moaned and pleaded. She let me suffer, my cock was throbbing my bell end felt enormous and was on the verge of exploding. The pre come was all i could evacuate. I started to hump the bed in frustration. Auntie reached artemisbet güvenilirmi under and started to masturbate me. It was so nice, and then she stopped. I felt the tights being loosened and i came up on my knees. I felt auntie slip underneath me and her hot mouth sucked and her tongue flicked over my cock. It was heaven. I stupidly said suck it bitch you know you want it come on slut fuck me with your mouth. I forced my cock down her throat and fucked her. She withdrew spluttering and gagging. You ungrateful little cunt she scolded. I said please auntie i didn’t mean to it was an accident. I’ll show you an accident she warned. She forced her arse and cunt against my mouth and said suck and lick this or you’ll be in big trouble. I sucked her anus rimming it and flicking my tongue in as deep as it could go. Her clitoris would be offered and i sucked for all i was worth. The juices ran down my chin and the sour taste of smelly arse pervaded my nostrils. Like her sister she couldn’t hold on if she was getting a good sucking. She squirted piss and come over my face, old age making her let go completely of all her muscles. OOOh my god she exclaimed shuddering and bucking her hips as i continued to swallow her liquids. Oh you are a good boy after all she praised the fucking best little nephew an auntie could wish for. I said please auntie untie my hands and feet i need to fuck you both my cock is so in need of a wet cunt its driving me mad. Auntie untied me and collapsed exhausted. My mum was still asleep. I manoeuvred her arse into the air and spat on her anus. I didn’t want to fuck her cunt hole cause of the baby but her ring was fair game. I pushed my penis up against her tight hole and eased it in. She never even flinched. I sank my whole 8 inches as deep as it would go i felt so frustrated i immediately came in the red hot hole that was her colon, spurts of spunk flooded into her i could see it flooding past her anus dripping down my balls and her cunt lips dripping rolling down her fat white belly onto the bed covers. I could see spots before my eyes i had come soo hard i had trouble catching my breath and my hips continued to slide my penis back and forth spunking the last of my man juice into her shitter. Auntie was watching me expend my seed. She turned her arse towards me fingering herself and spreading her cunt lips in a provocative way. I withdrew from mummy and plunged my hardness into auntie’s cunt. Her ginger cunt swallowed me and then some. I felt my tip against the sponginess of her womb entrance. I pounded the old bitch in revenge for her punishment. My balls banged against her anus as i went faster and faster. She clung on to me biting my shoulder to release the ecstasy she was in and wrapping her legs around my hips. I felt her finger nails scratch my back and arse as i fucked her fast and hard. Uhhhh i shot the rest of me into her as deep as it would go. I imagined it flooding her womb with seed, spurt after spurt filling her to spilling point. Flooding her passage and leaking over her clitoris and stomach in a biblical flood. I lay on her fat comfortable stomach nestling in her ample breasts and contemplated what a lucky bastard i am.

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