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One Friday afternoon Lori found herself home alone. The kids were all at friends houses and her mom and Bill were at work. Bill had woken her that morning in his usual way. She awoke to a finger in her pussy and a tongue on her tits. Due to the fact that her mom was getting ready for work and all the siblings were running around, Bill was unable to stick his cock in Lori’s pussy, much less get her off. Lori assumed Bill had gone to the bank or blew off work for the afternoon and gone to the bar. Her plans to get fucked on his lunch hour didn’t pan out either when he didn’t come home for lunch.

“It figures.” Lori said aloud, “The one day when he could have had me for lunch right on the dinning room table, he don’t come home.”

Lori considered calling Paulette for some good old fashioned lesbian action but wasn’t in the mood to hear about all the cock she was getting from her brother’s friends. Seems Paulette’s brother liked to sit and watch his friends get blow jobs and fuck his little sis. Lori turned on the TV and half heartedly watched the afternoon soaps. She unsnapped her short shorts and reached in to feel her wet pussy. Lori shuddered when her finger grazed her hard clit. As she settled into a rhythm she untied her halter top and pulled and rolled her hardening nipples. After several minutes and a few close calls, Lori knew she wasn’t going to please herself the way she wanted. She decided to call Paulette after all. She pulled her hand from her shorts, stood and tied her top back around her sweet tits and headed to the phone in the kitchen. Just before she dialed there was a knock at the door. When Lori answered it she recognized two of Bill’s friends. Lori got a tingle between her legs as she noticed them eyeing her hot body in her shorts and halter.

“Bill’s not here.” She told them “He didn’t come home for lunch today.”

One of them replied, “That’s OK we’re not here to see Bill. We stopped by to see you.”

He and his friend quickly stepped through the door past Lori.

“Are you home all alone?” one asked her

When she admitted that she was, she immediately found herself sandwiched between the two men. There were four hands exploring her young body everywhere.

“Don’t you have a kiss for me?” the one in front of her asked

As Lori’s tongue entered his mouth, she felt him untie the knot in her halter top. He stopped kissing her mouth and moved to her tits. Lori felt the one behind her humping his hard cock against her ass as he fumbled to unfasten her shorts. When Lori did this for him, he pushed her shorts and tiny panties to the floor. She heard his belt buckle jingle and the unmistakable sound of a zipper coming down as he undressed behind her. Lori soon felt a hot meaty cock pressing against her bare ass cheeks. When he sat down in the living room chair, he pulled Lori back with him. She was sitting with her back to him while impaled on his hard cock. His friend undressed quickly and stepped up to place his hard cock at her mouth. The guy moaned softly as Lori engulfed the head of his hard cock. Every time his friend drove his cock into her pussy, Lori would try and swallow the cock in her mouth. When the man fucking her mouth heard his friend start to groan, he told him to switch places. Neither guy wanted to come too soon. Lori climbed off the cock she was sitting on and bent over placing her hands on her knees. The big cock she had been sucking on was immediately shoved up her pussy. The cock wet with her juices was now in her mouth. The two men double teamed her good. Beylikdüzü Escort She let the one fucking her basically pull and push her off and on the cock she was sucking. The cock in her mouth suddenly began pulsing. Lori took hold of his cock and began pumping it for all it was worth. She soon felt his hot jizz flood the back of her throat.

“Damn! I couldn’t hold it any longer. This hot little thing could make a dead man lose control!” he said as he pulled his softening dick from Lori’s mouth

His friend answered, “You’ll get hard again when we watch her in action.”

Lori wondered what he meant by watching her in action. Her questions were soon answered when the front door opened and another friend quickly stepped inside.

“Lori, this is our friend Sean.” Said the one friend who was still fucking her slowly

Lori was shocked to see a black man standing before her. He was powerfully built, tall with broad shoulders and muscular arms. He wasn’t extremely black either. Lori compared the color of his skin to caramel.

“So this is the hot piece you said your buddy Bill was bragging about.” Said Sean

Sean walked over and boldly took hold of Lori’s swaying tits. She moaned as he rolled her nipples and the speed of her fucking increased. The one fucking her abruptly pulled his cock from Lori’s pussy. He was getting too close to shooting a load. He wanted to watch this little white girl with Sean’s big cock.

“Take his cock out for him.” Lori was instructed

Lori could see that Sean already had a hard on. Judging by the bulge down the leg of his pants, it was huge. She unfastened his pants and pulled them open. She gently reached in and took hold of his cock. Sean assisted by pushing his pants and underwear down as Lori pulled his cock out. Lori’s sharp intake of breath was proof to all that she was impressed with Sean’s cock. Lori just held it and marveled at the cock. It was a shade or so lighter than Sean’s complexion. She noticed too, that she couldn’t get her hand around it. It was a good 10 inches in length, with a head the size of a big ripe plum. As Lori stroked it a few times, a drop of pre-cum appeared from the head. Lori instinctively stuck her tongue out and licked it off. All three men moaned at the erotic sight. Lori wasted no more time, and began running her tongue up and down the shaft. When she closed her mouth over the head, Sean began a slow pumping motion, fucking her mouth.

One of Bill’s pals looked at the other and said, “Son of a bitch! Watch her suck that big meat. I told you she would like it.”

The other just stood there and grinned. He was stroking his re-hardening cock. When he regained his hard on, he stepped behind Lori and slid it deep in her pussy. The first guy, who still hadn’t shot his load, stepped up for Lori to jack him off with her free hand. This gave him a ringside seat watching Lori suck on this huge cock. When Lori laid Sean’s cock up along side her cheek and began licking his balls, her hand job guy lost it. Lori felt him spasm and aimed his cock at her chest. She jacked shot after shot of cum from him, most of it landing on her tits. She rubbed Sean’s cock in it and resumed sucking him. About this time the guy behind her with his cock buried in her pussy let out a groan. He pulled his cock from her smacked it between her ass cheeks. Lori felt him empty his balls on her back. Sean’s cock had become hard enough to drive nails with. No way was Lori going to pass up riding this monster. She took his dick from her Escort Bayan mouth and instructed him to sit in the living room chair. While Sean got comfortable, Lori went to the restroom to clean the spunk from her chest and back. When she returned Sean was sitting back in the chair with that big creamy looking cock pointing at the ceiling. Bill’s two pals were standing there with their wilted cocks in their hand.

Lori walked over and straddled Sean’s lap. She slowly eased her pussy over the head on his cock. On each down stroke Lori’s juices lubed Sean’s cock a little more. Soon she was taking more than two thirds of him in her pussy. Sean took her by the hips and started licking and sucking her titties. This kept the juices flowing. The other two guys, (with renewed boners) stepped to either side of the chair and offered their cocks to Lori. She alternated sucking each guys cock while riding Sean.

The guy who seamed to be the ring leader of the trio said, “Come on Sean, fuck that white pussy. Fuck the shit outta her. We didn’t bring you here to be gentle.”

They both stepped back and watched as Sean slipped his hands under Lori’s ass. With his muscular arms, he began lifting Lori up and down on his cock. When he would lower her she would groan as his meat stretched her pussy.

All of their concentration was broken when they heard her step father’s voice.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Bill demanded to know

Lori immediately leaned forward and gave Sean a passionate kiss. She was sure to let Bill see her use plenty of tongue. She knew it made him insanely jealous when his friends kissed Lori. Fucking was one thing but he didn’t like her kissing him.

Bill moved around behind Lori and watched intently as Lori’s hot pussy rode up and down on Sean’s big hard cock. His two friends explained that after hearing of all of his adventures and seeing her poloroids in the bar, they wanted to see her sweet young ass take on some big dark meat.

Bill told them all, “If he’s going to keep fucking her, I want to fuck her mouth. The harder she gets fucked, the better she sucks cock. Stand her up and bend her over!”

Lori climbed off Sean’s lap and bent forward slightly at the waist, placing her hands on her knees. Sean wasted no time in taking her hips and plunging his cock back in her pussy. Just as Lori groaned, Bill stuck his cock in her mouth.

“Now, give that little pussy what it needs.” instructed Bill

Sean began pounding Lori’s pussy as she gave Bill the blowjob of his life. The three men were amazed at Sean’s staying power. He kept up a steady rhythm, as Lori continued sucking her step dad’s cock. Bill soon moaned out and pulled his cock from Lori’s mouth. Sean took the clue and raised Lori up just enough for Bill to jack his load all over her tits. As his cum dripped from her nipples onto the floor, Bill’s first buddy stepped up and Lori swallowed his cock. He didn’t last as long as Bill before he was shooting his load. Bill told him to keep it in her mouth. He wanted to see Lori swallow his friend’s load. As he pumped her face, she swallowed every drop.

When Sean pulled his cock from Lori and suggested they let her rest, Lori surprised them by walking to the dinning room table and bending over. She hiked her right leg up on the table and showed them all her sopping wet pussy.

“I want more cock NOW!” said Lori

The third friend who was still sporting a hard on walked up behind her and buried his cock in her cunt. Sean stepped around istanbul Escort to the edge of the table and Lori began sucking on his cock too. Bill and his friend stood stroking their soft cocks while watching Lori run her tongue all over Sean’s rock hard cock. The one in her pussy soon began moaning and pulled his cock free. His load shot so hard it landed on Lori’s upper back.

By this time Sean’s cock looked as if it would burst. Lori stopped long enough to go to the bathroom and wipe the loads from her chest and back.

When she returned she sat on the edge of the table, placing one foot in each of two widely spaced chairs. She leaned back on her elbows and nodded at Sean. He stepped between her legs and slowly pushed his cock in her to the hilt. He ground his hips into hers as he leaned forward and licked her nipples.

When he leaned forward and kissed Lori full on the mouth, Bill said, “Knock it off and fuck her if you’re going to!”

Sean lifted Lori’s legs high and placed her ankles on each side of his head. He gripped her tits in his huge hands as he began pummeling her wet snatch. Bill and his pals watched with envy as Lori took every inch of his pounding cock. There cocks began to harden again as Lori started thrusting up against Sean’s strokes.

“Yeah yeah, fuck me. Fuck my pussy.” Lori moaned as she fucked back on Sean’s pounding cock

Suddenly Sean let everyone know he was about to cum. Lori hooked her legs around his ass and pulled him deep. She felt his cock throb and begin to pulse. This was followed by the feeling of his hot jizz flooding her pussy.

Bill was irate. “I told all you guys, no one cums inside her! If she ends up pregnant we’re all fucked.”

Sean slowly slid his cock out. Everyone watched as his cock, covered in their creamy mixture, slid out and plopped on the table. Due to the fact that his load was so deep in Lori’s cunt, it was a few moments before any started to ooze out.

Bill said, “What the hell, it’s too late now.”

He stepped between Lori’s legs and plowed his hard cock in her pussy. Sloppy seconds or not, he was going to fuck her hard and fast. He did exactly that. A couple dozen good hard and deep thrusts and Lori’s step Dad emptied his balls inside her too. The second he pulled out one of his buddies took his place. Lori’s pussy was making squishing sounds as he hammered his cock into her. Lori was soon filled with her third load in leas than half an hour. The fourth and final lasted a bit longer than Bill or his friend but, he too was soon shooting his load in Lori’s well used pussy. When all four of them stepped back to view their handy work, they were amazed to see the river of spunk running down Lori’s ass cheeks. Bill told her to get to the bathroom and clean herself up thoroughly.

After she had bathed and freshened herself up, Lori exited the bathroom.

She was met in the hallway by Sean. He pressed himself against her clean fresh smelling body and sandwiched his cock against her belly.

While Bill and the other two laughed and talked in the living room, Sean kissed Lori passionately and asked, “When can I come back? I want to fuck you the way I want to. I want to fuck you with long slow strokes and make your sweet ass come. I don’t want them telling me what to do.”

Lori told him to come back later that night and tap on the window to her basement bedroom. She would slip up the stairs and let him in the side door.

He must be absolutely silent as they would have to cut through her sibling’s room to get to hers. Lori was sure she felt his cock getting hard again as he kissed her goodbye while squeezing her tits and ass.

Sean showed up at the side door exactly as planned. But that is yet another story

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