Stepping Into Your Bedroom


As I walk past your bedroom door, I see you lying there…masturbating slowly, lost in your pleasure. You don’t see me standing there; you don’t see the hardness straining my pants as I watch you, almost hypnotically and very sensually plunging fingers deep into yourself. I quietly undress and stepping into the room, I smile at you and close the door quietly behind me. I hold my index finger to my lips and give you a soft shhhhh. I drop to my knees in front of you, then roll onto my back and pull your body off the bed until you are standing. I slide under you so my face is directly under your lovely pussy. I lift my head and gently kiss that junction of your crotch and upper leg on the right side…then slowly and very gently bite that powerful connecting tendon…all while flicking my tongue across it’s delicious surface. I release it only to move to the other side and repeat the teasing on your left side.

The seductive aroma of your pussy is filling my nose, making me bite just a tiny bit harder as my hands touch both knees and slowly caress your thighs. I begin to slowly kiss my way up to your pussy lips and then trace my kisses around your pussy…just touching the outer lips…all the way around…softly, gently kissing and now also flicking my tongue on your skin, as I make a slow second pass around your lovely lips. When I reach the bottom of your pussy this time…I kiss down to the sensitive tissue between your pussy and your gorgeous bottom…then tease it for a few moments with my tongue. Moving back toward your pussy…my hands gently massaging your thighs…then reaching the bottom of your pussy, I flatten my tongue and drag it tantalizingly slowly up the length of your pussy…but I do not penetrate your lips.

I sex izle flick your clit a few times and then slowly drag my tongue back down your lips…and moan softly as I taste the moisture that has formed there. Again, my flattened tongue makes the delicious journey up your pussy…flicking your clit a few times and then slowly back to the bottom. Then I begin to move your lips gently apart with just the tip of my tongue…my breath quickens as your taste and your aroma fill my senses, My hands tighten on your upper thighs as I tighten my tongue and prepare to enter your body for the first time…you can feel the gentle vibrations my body is making in anticipation of entering you…you can feel my tongue just inside of your lips poised to press into you.

I try to hold myself back, to tease you a little…but my senses are filled with you…my body hungers for you. My hands pull down on your thighs as I drive my tongue deeply into you…my lips and my nose entering the outer lips so I can taste you more deeply. A moan escapes my lips as I hungrily taste you…lick you as deeply as I can. I reluctantly pull out of you and then slide my tongue back into you, licking your pussy walls…and gently nibbling at them. My hands begin sliding all over you…up to your taut breasts and hard nipples…gently tweaking them…then slowly down your body, passed my face…my hands begin to squeeze your beautiful asscheeks. I move my lips to your clit for a moment and suck it into my mouth and bite down gently…and flick the captured morsel softly.

I suck on your clit harder, loving how it fills and hardens as I tease it…then I release it only to fill you again with my tongue…licking your fiercely as my hunger for fransız porno you increases. Suddenly I pull out of you and slide out…and kneel in front of you…my hands sliding alongside of your face…I lean in and softly drag my tongue across your lips…then begin to gently kiss you…pressing my tongue…covered in your taste into your pretty mouth. My tongue intertwines with yours as your taste fills your mouth. I break from our kiss and immediately return to my position facing your beautiful pussy.

I lift my head and begin to lick your pussy, stopping to take small nibbles along your pink lips. I take my time inside of you…loving the sweet taste of you, loving the way your body responds, loving how hot your pussy seems to get as I delight in the sweet essence of your body. “Oh sweet lady…fill my mouth with your release…just let go and cum.” I feel you begin grinding harder against my face and I push my tongue and lips deeply into again and lose myself in hunger for your pussy. Lost in the hunger for you, I fuck you with tongue and mouth…ravenously swallowing your body’s sweet release.

I continue licking you as your body slows…then I slide backwards and pull you onto my stomach, facing away from me. I reaching around you, I begin to tease your hard nipples with one hand and the other grabs my hardness and I rub my cockhead gently against your wetness.

I continue rubbing my cockhead against your wet pussy lips and I feel you press forward to meet my cockhead, I lift my hips to angle my cockhead into your body. My breath catches as the heat from your pussy surrounds my cockhead. I hold it there savoring the wonderful sensation of your hot wetness surrounding my swollen teen porno cockhead. My hands go under your bottom and I lift you up slightly to improve our matching angles and then I slowly allow your beautiful body to sink onto mine…and your magical wetness to envelop my cock until your smooth mound is pressed hard against my pubic bone. Another soft moan escapes from my lips as I lift you slowly again…lifting you until just the tip of my cock is inside of you…then I release your weight so you drive down onto my cock. We both moan hungrily and it is clear we are losing ourselves in our passion. I feel you cock your hips to and from…fucking my cock deeply into you and I match your thrusts. All thought of technique is gone now…all thought period is lost as we begin to fuck wildly…each seeking to join with the other until we both release.

Lost in our hunger for one another…our bodies slamming against each other…the noise of bodies slapping and the rich smell of sex filling the room and our senses. Nothing else seems to matter as the sweat pours from our bodies…making us more slippery against one another and driving our passion even higher. Grunts and moans also fill the air until almost in unison our moans grow louder as we each begin to climax. Our bodies shuddering now, animalistic sounds coming from our lips as we give in to the overwhelming sensations…together.

You continue to ride me as our orgasms subside…my hand moves to your shoulder and I try to turn you. You lift your legs and slowly slide around on me so you are facing me. I sit up and my lips find yours…I kiss you softly…tenderly. I lay back, pulling you with me until your lovely body covers mine. My cock is finally softening inside of your body. We continue to kiss softly, gently moving against one another…the greasy wetness of our bodies making the sensations even more erotic. You smile as you feel my body reacting to you again…feeling your pussy filling up as I harden again.

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