StepsonMy stepsisters!Long before I met Amy, I became addicted to watching and being watched. When I was younger, still living at home with my parents, I slept in a room that was directly next to both of my sisters, a common door connected our rooms, but it remained closed most of the time. Every once in a while, when I could not sleep, I would knock on the door and talk with them. There was nothing going on, I would simply sit on the floor between their beds and talk about stuff. Now my sisters were not unattractive, but I never thought about it one way or the other. Susan had shoulder length jet-black hair and a nice little figure. She was petite, maybe 5 foot 2. I still can’t understand bra sizes, so I can’t say what size her breasts were, but they were proportionate to her height and weight. Sandy, who was a year older, was two or three inches taller, also very pretty with blonde, brown hair that fell to the middle of her back. Again, her figure was about normal. She had (and still has) a great smile. Well, the whole thing started late one night when I awoke from one of those dreams that you can’t remember exactly, but it left me painfully erect. Usually I would simply have masturbated, but for some reason, I lay there in the dark tingling, letting my erection subside. Our parents were on a weekend church retreat and they had left the three of us at home alone to shift for ourselves. The house was silent and dark without them. Our parents were notorious night owls and the quiet was almost oppressive. After tossing and turning for some time, I got up and knocked lightly on their door, I heard Sandy say softly, “Come in.” I opened the door and walked in and sat between their beds. Sandy was the only one awake, so we talked about this and that for some time. Eventually the conversation turned to our love lives, or lack of same. I confessed that my last girlfriend had said I was a lousy kisser when she dumped me. “You a lousy kisser, I don’t believe it!” Well, that’s what she said,” I replied “I still don’t believe it,” she said, rolling over so her face was near mine. “Try me,” she said. “What?” “Give me a kiss,” I’ll give you my impartial opinion as a girl. “This is kind of weird,” I said “I insist, if you’re a lousy kisser, I’ll tell you.” I moved closer and said, “OK, but you have to promise to be honest.” I leaned closer and our lips met, I gave her a brotherly peck and pulled back. “That’s no good” she fumed, “if you kissed Christine like that, I can see why she dumped you.” “You’re my sister,” I said, “It’s different.” “Bullshit,” she replied, “If you want my opinion, then you’re going to have to give me a kiss.” “OK,” I said, “but this is really weird.” I leaned toward her and this time when our mouths met we really kissed. I felt her lips part and her tongue slipping into my mouth and I kissed her back with real feeling. The kiss may have lasted thirty seconds or so, but when we broke off, something entirely unexpected had happened to me; I got an erection. Not only that, but it was the kind of raging boner that boys get when they first kiss a girl, I was grateful for the darkened bedroom as I sat down, eager to hide the embarrassing truth that I had become sexually aroused kissing my sister. “Well, how did I do?” I asked. “You could use some work, but you’re definitely in the ball-park, Christine is a retard.” I sat in the darkness with my hard on thankfully subsiding talking about this and that until we returned again to the subject of our lack of romance. Sandy lamented being without a boyfriend for so long, then she said, “I guess I’ll just have continue rubbing off and going without.” I was shocked. Our talks had never gone in that direction before and I wasn’t sure what to say to that. I mumbled something about being in the same boat, my cheeks flushing. Sandy leaned over and whispered, “What do you think about?” “What do you mean what do I think about?” I asked Lowering her voice even more, she said, “You know, when you’re masturbating.” “I don’t know, just stuff, you know girls, my old girlfriend, Christine, you know, stuff” “Do you think about making out with Christine?” she asked. “Sometimes,” I replied. Sandy lowered her voice slightly, “Do you imagine doing stuff with her that you guys never really got around to trying?” “Yeah, how’d you know?” “Because it’s pretty much the same with me, I think about stuff I wished I’d done or stuff that he wanted to do that I wouldn’t do and wished I had done it. Then I asked, “What else do you think about?” She replied, taking her time, “Well sometimes I think about the guys who look at me at the pool.” “What does that do?” I asked, not really understanding what she meant. “You’re not a girl, so you might not understand, but when I see some guy looking at me, sometimes it’s very arousing. I’ll think about what that guy would do if he could see me naked and what I’d do if he could watch me.” The conversation was having a real effect on me as I sat on the floor and I realized that the erection inside my boxers was returning with a vengeance. I was also feeling a curious freedom in this development. I knew that Sandy couldn’t see me. “I had quite a dream just before I came in here,” I said. “What was it about?” Sandy asked. “I can’t really remember,” I said, “but when I woke up I was as hard as a rock.” I heard a catch in Sandy’s voice as she asked, “Did you jack off?” “No, I just let it go away. “I had a dream like that a couple nights ago,” Sandy said I said nothing and she continued, “I dreamed that I was with my old boyfriend and we were both at his house in his room making out like we used to do, except this time his sister was watching.” “That sounds like a pretty hot dream, were you dressed or what.” “It was really nasty.. She was just sitting on the couch fully dressed in a skirt and a blouse, watching at first,” Sandy said, “After a while, I looked over and she was squeezing her legs together and rocking back and forth on the couch while I gave her brother a hand job.” My dick was throbbing as I continued to ask Sandy more and more explicit questions. “Was he touching your pussy?” I asked. There was a catch in Sandy’s voice as she replied, “Yes, I felt like such a slut.” “What happened then?” I asked I heard Sandy shift on the bed and was unable to resist touching my hard cock which was leaking a little as she replied, “She started to talk to us, she said, “Sandy, you’re such a slut, keep on jacking him off.” In the darkness, I heard my sister’s uneven breathing as she concluded lamely, “That’s it, then I woke up.” There were a few moments of silence and then Sandy said, “When I woke up I was so hot, I wanted to finish the dream, I mean, my nipples were tingling and I just felt like I was going to jump out of my skin.” A few more moments of silence and then she asked, “Does it bother you, I mean talking about my nipples and all?” she asked. “No,” I said, “I kind of like it.” “I don’t want you to think I’m weird or anything, but talking about like this is actually making me feel sort of aroused,” she said. “It is?” “Yeah, it kind of really is, as a matter of fact my nipples are actually kind of hard right now.” “They are?” “Yeah, as a matter of fact, they are.” I gathered up my courage and said, “I’m kind of glad to hear that, because I’ve gotten kind of hard sitting here myself, I’m glad that I’m not alone.” In the dark I heard her whisper back, “I can assure you that you aren’t alone.” I digested that and then I said, “Actually, I’m more than just a little hard, I can’t believe that this is making me so horny.” I heard her take a breath and then she whispered,” To tell the truth, after we finish talking, after you go back to your room, I’m going to have some unfinished business to take care of.” “I guess I will too.” I replied. “Rick?” “Yes” “How hard is your dick right now?” I reached down and gingerly felt my cock. “It’s sticking up and making a tent in my boxers, the tip is leaking and it feels about as hard as it can get, how turned on are you?” I heard her slide her hand under her covers, there was a moments silence and then she said, “I’m really slippery, my clit is standing up and tingling and my nipples are so hard they hurt.” “Oh man, that’s really hot, I think my dick just got harder hearing you say that.” “She said, Wait a second,” I heard her hand slide under the covers again, this time for a longer period and then she said, “My cunt just got wetter too.” I hesitated for a second and then I said, “If I was alone in my room right now, I’d be jacking off.” “Me too,” she said and then she asked, “What’s the nastiest thing you’ve ever thought about?” I hesitated for a moment, and then I said, “Do you remember last summer when you and Susan spent all that time tanning in the backyard?” I wasn’t sure, but it seemed that Sandy’s voice was a bit uneven when she said, “Yes, we did that almost every day.” “Well, once you were laying on a towel with the straps to your top off and Susan was rubbing oil on your back, I don’t know why, but I got really excited seeing that.” “Did you jack off?” “Um, yes.” “Did you think about me and Suzy naked?” “Yes, I imagined that I was rubbing oil on your legs and I slowly worked my way up and you were letting me and Suzy was watching, rubbing oil all over herself and then she came over and started rubbing oil; on my cock. “Oh, Jeez, that’s hot,” Sandy whispered, “Did you rub lotion on your cock and imagine that we were doing it to you?” “Yes, I did” She was silent for a few moments and then she said, “I like it that you were watching us.” I heard her shift in bed again and then she said, “This conversation is really getting to me, I feel like rubbing my clit even though you’re sitting right here” I said, “Well maybe we should stop talking like this, I mean, we can’t do anything about it.” “I know,” she said, “but it’s kind of too bad that we can’t help each other out somehow.” “What could we do?” I asked, “I mean, we’re related.” Almost as if she hadn’t heard me, she continued, “Talking isn’t doing and this is kind of fun.” A few more seconds passed and then I asked, “Did you really like being watched?” “Well, I didn’t know you were watching us at the time, but it’s exciting thinking of you looking at my body.” Sandy shifted in her bed again and said, “If we keep talking, we’re going to wake Susan up.” “I guess you’re right” I said, “I’m going to get up and go back to my room, but you’ve got to turn and face the wall when I do.” “Why?” Sandy asked innocently. “Because I am so turned on and it’s not fair that you see me like this when I can’t hide it and since you’re covered up I can’t see anything.” “I’ll make you a deal,” she said, “I’ll pull down the covers so you can see me and we can walk to your room together. You turn on your desk lamp, we both can look at each other as long as we want. I’ll come back here and you can go on to bed and we’ll both know what’s going on in the other room, but we won’t have done anything we’ll really regret.” I didn’t say anything and she continued, “I mean we aren’t perverts or anything, but there’s no harm in looking and anyway we I’m not naked or anything, but I’ll bet you still like what you see” “All right,” I said, getting to my feet. I heard her slide the covers down and she stood up. In the darkness, I could barely make out her shape, but I was close enough to smell the soap in her hair. As we walked toward the door that separated our rooms, she took my hand in hers and that simple act sent waves of excitement coursing through my body. We passed through the door and she shut it behind her. “I don’t want the light to wake up Suzy,” she said as she groped toward my desk. I heard the light click and even though it was a low watt bulb, it seemed very bright. Sandy turned around and faced me. “Well, what do you think?” she asked. She was wearing an oversized mans shirt that had been through the wash many, many times. Her cheeks were flushed supertoto yeni giriş and I could see her nipples clearly outlined through the material of the shirt. It was unbuttoned far enough for me to be able to see her cleavage. The shirt fell halfway down her legs, which were smooth and slightly tan from the summer. “Wow” I replied, “You’re really pretty, I can’t understand why your love life is sucking.” “Doesn’t that hurt?” she giggled, pointing at the tent in my boxers. “A little,” I admitted. “Why don’t you get into bed and take your underpants off?” she asked, “I’ll shut off the light when I leave. I didn’t have to be asked twice. Standing there like that was very exciting, but it was also a little embarrassing in a way and sort of painful. What I didn’t know that as soon as I was in bed and I slid the boxers off, the sheer feeling of freedom would triple my excitement. My cock sprang free and was standing as rigid as a pole when Sandy knelt by the bed and said, “Do you want to talk some more?” “If you do” “Do you want me to turn out the light while we do” she asked. “OK,” I said, go ahead. “First, you’ve got to look at me,” she said. “I am looking at you” “No,” she said, “I mean like this. She stood up and unbuttoned her shirt slowly until it was hanging open, exposing part of her soft breasts. She then hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down until they were on the middle of her thighs. With her fingers, she parted her labia and stepped up next to the bed, about a foot away. As she stood motionless, I could see that she was very wet. Her lips were swollen and red and as I watched a slow drip of clear liquid fell onto the crotch of her panties. It seemed like forever that she stood there and then she pulled her panties up and re-buttoned her shirt. She turned toward the desk and clicked the lamp off, plunging the room into darkness. Then she knelt beside the bed again and whispered, “Did you like what you saw.” I was speechless for a moment and then I said, “Oh yes, you are so beautiful.” “I’ll bet you’re really feeling nasty now,” She said in an uneven voice, “I know I am.” “Oh man,” I said I am so horny now I just want to get off.” “Me too,” she whispered in my ear. I felt her sweet breath on my cheek as she continued, “Do you know what I’m going to do when I go back in my room?” “I can guess,” I said. “I’m going to take off this shirt and my panties and rub my pussy, I’m not even going to pull the covers over me, do you know why?” “Why,” I gasped “Because I want Suzy to wake up and see what I’m doing.” My cock gave a lurch and began to dribble pre come under the covers. Almost with a will of it’s own. My hand gently touched it and slid the head around on the palm of my hand. Her lips actually touched my ear as she breathed excitedly, “Sometimes we do it in front of each other, Suzy and me.” I heard slippery sounds coming from her and I realized that she was touching herself. “What are you doing?” I gasped “Being a slut,” she whispered, I need to stop rubbing my slippery cunt right now and go back in my room and I will in just a second, I just want to talk a little longer.” I slid my hand up and down my cock slowly, making a discernible wet noise, I didn’t care, I couldn’t help myself. “You’re doing it too, aren’t you?” she said. “Just a little,” I said, “we’d better cool it, I’m so horny, I’m liable to do anything.” “Me too,” she said, removing her hand from her pussy, “See, I’m stopping.” Releasing my aching member, I asked, “Do you guys really do it in front of each other?” “We have,” she said, “I woke up one night and she was going at it, you know, rubbing her clit. I went into the bathroom and got myself off. Later we talked about it and agreed that it was really no big deal, so now sometimes we….do what you and I’ve been doing.” “But you’re both girls,” I said, “doesn’t it seem….weird?” “Actually, it’s pretty hot, we talk to each other like you and I are…and we show off for each other.” “How?” I asked “We play games, model nightclothes, flash each other, sometimes we take a couple of hours before we get around to rubbing off. Sometimes we just lay in bed talking and rubbing. Sometimes we go in the bathroom and watch each other cream.” “What kind of games do you play,” I asked, my hand returning to my rigid prick. Without consciously being aware of it, I was again gently teasing my cock as we whispered in the night. “We have this game,” Sandy whispered “called look, but don’t touch where one of us tells the nastiest story we can come up with and the other has to say what she thinks of the story, but we can’t touch ourselves until the one telling the story says” so. For example, I might tell Suzy that she can play with herself while she counts to ten, but when she reaches 10, she has to stop. In the darkness, the sound of my hand sliding up and down my wet dick could be heard from under the covers, I heard Sandy catch her breath and then she said, “You’re playing with your cock again, aren’t you?” “I can’t help it, thinking about you and Suzy.” Sandy whispered, “Why don’t you do it while you count to 10 and then I’ll take a turn.” “Oh yes,” I whispered back and started counting, my hand moving freely faster and faster. It was beating a rhythm on the blanket that covered me. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stop at 10, but I felt Sandy’s hand on top of the covers halting my march toward the Promised Land. “Stop, stop, now it’s my turn” she hissed. “I’m taking my underpants off,” she said. I felt her stand up and her slide them off and then she was kneeling next to me, her face close to mine. “OK,” she whispered, I’m doing it now” and she started counting as I heard her hand making very slippery sounds. I could hear her as she gasped out the numbers and when she reached ten she whimpered and said, “I’m so close to creaming all over like a slut.” She reached under the covers. I felt her soft hand on my rigid cock and I heard her gasp as she resumed masturbating herself. Across the room, we heard the door open, Sandy’s hand froze on my shaft and then quickly withdrew. Susan stood framed in the door wearing a pair of boxer shorts and an oversized T-shirt. “What’re you guys doing?” she asked sleepily. Sandy was always a quicker thinker than I was, she replied, “Just talking, are you having a hard time sleeping too?” Susan walked in and sat down next to Sandy and said, “Yeah, what are you guys talking about?” “Just school and stuff, you know the usual” “Well, the conversation must have gone downhill since you left the room,” Suzy said quietly. Sandy stuttered, “I, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Even in the darkened room, I could feel her face flushing. “Let me spell it out for you,” Suzy said in the same quiet voice, “I woke up just a little while before you came in here, you were talking about looking at each other and how you weren’t perverts. The last thing I heard was you really weren’t going to do anything to each other and you’ve been gone for over a half-hour. What gives?” “Nothing,” Sandy lied, “I let Rick look at me, I looked at him, then he got into bed and we’ve been talking ever since.” “Talking about what?” Suzy said in the same deadpan voice. “You know, stuff.” Sandra said. “I’ll bet you were talking about sex,” Suzy said. “Well, yes, some,” Sandy replied. “After so long, I just came over to make sure that talking was all you guys were doing was, I didn’t want things to get out of hand.” “We were just talking” Sandy said, somewhat sulkily. “How about you Rick,” Suzy said, “Have you been stricken speechless?” “No,” I croaked, “It’s like Sandra said, we’ve just been sitting here talking.” My hard on, by now was just a distant memory and I knew that the giant orgasm I had been approaching was going to be a non-event. Despite any games they might play in private, Suzy seemed to mean business. We sat for a minute or two in the darkness and then Suzy said, “Rick, did you really have fantasies about us sunbathing?” Sandy cleared her throat and said, “It sounds like you were listening for a little longer that you said.” “I was,” Suzy said, “It sounded like you guys were both going to be over here screwing like a couple of perverts, I mean the conversation was pretty leading, don’t you think?” “We weren’t over here screwing,” Sandra said angrily. “I mean,” Suzy continued, “I can understand talking dirty and even getting turned on. When Rick admitted to masturbating over me, I felt like….well, really aroused.” “Well, maybe we got a little carried away,” Sandy said, “but we certainly weren’t over here fucking” “Well, what were you doing?” Suzy said, “The truth this time.” I cleared my throat and said, “We were masturbating, Sandy let me look at her and we were taking turns masturbating.” Underneath the covers, my long lost boner began to revive itself. “That’s better,” Suzy said, “Everyone does it once in a while and I guess there’s nothing wrong if you guys want to do it together, but someone should watch to see that things don’t get out of hand.” Suzy shifted her position slightly and continued, “I mean if Rick is imagining me rubbing oil all over my breasts while I watch him stroke his dick; that’s just hot. It seems kind of stupid for me to be laying in bed alone rubbing my vagina while I imagine him watching me, don’t you think so?” Suzy continued, her voice becoming husky, “I think you guys should go on and finish what you started, I’ll just stay to make sure that things don’t get carried away.” There was an awkward silence, neither Sandy or I knew what to say to her offer, finally Sandy said, “What, you want to supervise us?” “Sort of,” Suzy replied, “I could tell you each where to sit and how long to do it and make sure that nothing bad happened.” By now it was becoming apparent that Suzy had entered the room as aroused as we both were, she just wasn’t willing to be honest with herself about her feelings. I was willing to bet that if the lights had been on, I would have seen a flushed and very aroused young woman in front of me pretending to be some kind of sexual lifeguard. “OK,” Sandy said, “What do you want us to do?” “First, I want to talk to each of you alone in the bathroom for a minute, so I can make sure you aren’t too aroused to follow instructions and then we can work together to get you both off without Rick sliding his stiff dick anywhere it shouldn’t go.” Suzy stood up and said, “You first, Sandy.” They walked into the attached bathroom and shut the door, under the door, I saw the light come on. Under the covers, I gingerly touched my aching boner and wondered if I would ever really get the relief I craved with all my heart. My hand began to move up and down. The light under the door went out. The door opened and Sandra emerged and said, “Go on in, I’ll wait for you two, don’t take too long or I’ll start without you.” As I approached the door Sandra said, “Hey, I really mean that part about starting without you.” I stepped inside and shut the door. I started to grope for the light when I heard Suzy say, “Leave the light off for just now. In the darkness, I heard her voice, “Are you naked?” “I’ve got a T shirt on.” “Take it off” I pulled the shirt over my head and as I did, I felt her approach me. “Do you really think about me when you’re jacking off.” “Sometimes,” I admitted. “Have you ever thought about kissing me?” Before I had a chance to answer, her arms went around my neck and I felt her soft lips on mine. Our mouths opened and we stood kissing in the pitch-blackness. She was standing on tiptoes to reach my mouth and one hand crept down and grasped my hard member We kissed for a minute or so while she gently touched my bouncing erection, causing indescribable sensations to course through my body. Without thinking, I attempted to slip my hands inside her boxers. She pushed me away, we were both breathing hard. “It’s not that I’m not excited,” she said, gasping for breath, supertoto giriş “It’s just that someone needs to keep her head while we take care of this situation, look at me.” She reached over and flipped on the light. It took me a second to get used to the brightness. As soon as my eyes adjusted and I was able to quit blinking, I looked at her. She was flushed and still breathing hard, her black hair was dishevelled and her nipples were outlined clearly against the fabric of the tight T-shirt she was wearing. I could smell her extreme arousal in the small, close room. She took a step closer and looking up at me, she said, “My pussy is just as wet and swollen as Sandra’s.” I reached toward her and she blocked my hand, “No, you don’t have to check it for yourself, you’ll have to take my word.” She stepped back, “The main difference between Sandy and me is that I have self discipline.” Absentmindedly she bounced my aching cock in her hand as she continued, “We’re going to go out there and Sandy is going to come like a slut right in front of both of us. I have no doubt that you will squirt all over her while she’s doing it. You won’t care who’s watching, you’ll just do it.” Her bouncing was causing tingles to move over my entire body and I reflected that if she didn’t stop pretty soon I would be squirting in her hand right here in the bathroom. I gritted my teeth and willed myself not to squirt as she continued, “The difference between me and you two is that I have self discipline. I would never consider coming like a common slut just because my slippery cunt is throbbing. Let it drip, I’m not a slave to my passion. When you get out there I’m going to show you how a nice girl behaves when her clitoris is throbbing and sticking out of her cunt like mine is right now. You can be sure that I will take my aching pussy back to my own bed and cream in private after you two have done what you have to.” She stopped bouncing my dick in her hand and turned the light back off. In the darkness, I heard her voice again, “We’d better get out there, If I know Sandy, she’s already acting like a slut.” She opened the door and we both walked out. The desk lamp was on and Sandy was lying in the bed covered up. Her knees were raised, her eyes were closed and from beneath the slightly moving covers, came the unmistakable sound of a slippery pussy meeting an urgent hand. Susan made it to the bed in three strides. She pulled the covers off of Sandy who was pinching one nipple as she rubbed herself. She didn’t even stop, instead she whimpered, “Please, let me finish, I’m so close.” Susan reached down and pulled Sandy’s hand from her cunt. Looking at me, she said, “See what I mean, she doesn’t care, she just wants to cream, no matter who’s watching.” “Both of you, sit on the side of the bed” Susan ordered. Slowly Sandy swung her legs over sat on the side of my bed, I sat down beside her. I realized that she was naked, like me. The only person in the room who was wearing anything was Suzy. I sat beside Sandy, my hard cock sticking out and dripping clear pre sperm on my leg as we listened to Susan lecture us. “The reason, Sandy turned on the lamp is because she is incapable of self control. She wanted us to come out here and catch her acting like the little slut she is. She wanted to be sure we knew that she was masturbating while we were in the bathroom talking. Sandy said nothing, but sat with her legs primly together. I imagined her as I had seen her so many times sitting in a blouse and short skirt with her legs in the same modest position. I was realizing that I would never really be able to look at her the same way in the future, when Susan spoke to her again. “Did you want us to see you masturbating Sandra?” “Yes,” she said in a low urgent voice, thick with excitement “I can’t help it, I am so horny now, I want you both to see everything.” “You wanted Rick to see you naked, didn’t you?” “Oh yes.” “Did your cunt feel good while you were playing with it Sandra?” “Oh yes, it felt so good.” I’ll bet you’d like to play with it some more, wouldn’t you?” “Please, yes.” “How about you Rick, want to jack off with Sandy here?” I nodded “Both of you can jack off until I tell you to stop.” I reached down and grasped my slippery dick that had been leaking fluid for some time and began to stroke it. Beside me, Sandy was making little circles in her wet pussy and whimpering. One hand went to a breast and began to cup it. My tempo picked up a little. Susan stood watching us for a while. A bright red flush crept up her neck and colored her cheeks and I could hear her breathing becoming ragged and uneven. Susan spoke to Sandy, “So, what are you doing Sandy?” Sandy replied in a shaking voice, “Playing.” Susan said, a little sharply, I know you’re playing, but what are you playing with?” “I’m playing with my cunt, I’m playing with my wet slut cunt, is that what you wanted to hear?” Sandy said, her hand speeding up quite a bit. “It excites you to talk to us while you’re acting like a slut doesn’t it?” Susan asked her. “Oh yes, I want to talk about it while Rick jacks his hard cock off beside me, I want to tell Rick that I’ve rubbed off about him before, I’ve imagined him fucking me, I’ve wanted him to look at me…. thought about it…wanted, umm to feel so good in front of him.” Her hand moved faster and faster, she looked over at me breathing raggedly, her eyes half closed, watching my hand move faster and faster as we both moved closer to our orgasms. Susan spoke sharply, “I think you’ve both gone far enough, time for a break,” when we both kept stroking ourselves, she said in a louder voice, “I really mean it you guys, Stop!” I unwillingly relinquished my grip on my cock. Beside me Sandy kept masturbating, her hand moving faster and faster, her body began to arch foreword as she approached an unmistakable orgasm. She was sobbing now and muttering, “Just a little more, oh please, just a little, don’t make me stop now….” Sandy stepped over and heartlessly pulled her hand away from her wet and swollen cunt and speaking sharply said, “I said enough!” Sandy collapsed into a pile of disappointment as Susan spoke. “This is what I’m talking about, being a slut, being a slave to your lust, I wish you could learn from me.” Susan continued, “When I’m dripping wet and I feel I can’t take another second without acting like a whore, I discipline my pussy and make it do what I want.” Pulling down her boxers for the first time, she exposed her cunt. Her pubic hair was jet black, like the hair on her head. Even from where I sat with my aching boner jutting out in front of me, I could see her swollen lips and, as a matter of fact, I could see her clit sticking out. She sort of duck walked over to us, keeping her boxers from falling down her legs until she stood in front of us and said, “See how hot and wet watching you two sluts has made my pussy?” Sandy sat in wretched silence, squeezing her legs together. I could hear her pussy making liquid sounds as her thighs clenched and unclenched. My own cock was so hard it hurt and it stuck out in front of me as rigid as a board. We said nothing. Susan continued speaking, “When I’m this aroused, I suppose it would be simple to rub myself until I cream like both of you are doing, I mean I know how to rub off. It’s not like I don’t know how to relieve my throbbing cunt.” I noticed that her voice had taken on a husky tone and she seemed to be relishing saying the dirty words as she displayed herself before us. One hand crept down and parted the swollen lips and a finger began to tease her clit. As she played with herself, she continued speaking, “I’m not really masturbating myself like you two, I’m just showing you both that I am capable of playing with my own dripping pussy, just like a common slut.” Her voice began to become unsteady as she continued doing this in front of us, “I have to prove to you that I do think about hard cocks squirting hot come all over me,” the pace of her hand increased, “I think you should know, Rick, that in the privacy of my own bed, I’ve thought about you over here squirting in the air, I’ve pictured you watching me…. um doing this, squirting all over…um in my mouth….all over my tits….oh….oh, no, I can’t…umm do this…if I don’t stop….it feels so nice….having you both watch….makes me feel like showing off….letting you both see me….no, I can’t let this happen.” She stopped and then she slapped her pussy, hard. “I will not allow myself to be a slut in front of you” She slapped it again, She whimpered and slapped it again A sob escaped her mouth as she slapped it again Then a series of light slaps and another whimper. A hard slap and then she was desperately rubbing herself again, her hand moving almost in a blur. With a choking sob, she pulled her hand away, turned her back to us and inhaled a shuddering breath. A moment later, she regained her composure and turned to face us. She pulled her boxers up and in a shaking voice said, “I hope you don’t think for a single second that I was going to let myself cream in front of a couple of perverts like you both.” We said nothing. Sandy was still flexing and unflexing her thighs and my cock was harder than it had ever been in my life. As I watched a drop of pre come emerged from the top and rolled down the shaft, which was already shiny from my extreme excitement. Susan spoke again. “Rick, there may be some hope for you. At least you had enough self control to stop stroking your dick when I said to, as for Sandy, she’d do anything just to bury her fingers in her cunt, isn’t that right Sandy?” Sandy looked up at her diminutive sister and nodded. “Tell us what you’d do for permission to act like a slut again.” In a pleading voice, Sandy replied “I’d do anything, please let us do it for a while, I promise I won’t cream without permission.” Susan seemed to consider her statement and then said, “What kind of things would you do?” “Anything at all, anything you say, please let me, just for a minute.” “Would you suck Rick’s cock?” “Oh yes, I will if you want.” “Would you let Rick fuck you?” “Oh, yes, fuck me please.” “Would you lick my cunt?” “Anything,” Sandra moaned, “As long as I can rub off while I’m doing it.” Susan turned to me and said, “You see what I mean, no self control whatsoever.” Turning to Sandy, Susan said, “Go ahead girlfriend, go for it.” She gestured for me to stand with her. I got up and stood next to Susan, her arm went around my waist as we watched Sandra sitting on the bed masturbating, so intent on her own arousal that we both might as well have not been in the room with her. I noticed that Susan’s other hand had disappeared into her boxers and was making slow circling motions under the material. Taking the hint, I resumed slowly and very gingerly stroking my engorged member. I twined my other hand around her waist. Susan spoke sharply, “Sandra, it’s time to make good on your promises.” Sandy looked up at us, one hand still stroking her lust slick pussy, the other cupping a breast, “What promise?” she gasped. “Get down on your knees and suck Rick’s dick.” Without hesitation, she got off the bed and knelt before me, still rubbing. Susan whispered in my ear, her warm breath tickling my neck, “Don’t you dare let her make you come.” I nodded and Sandy’s warm and wet mouth closed over my rigid cock and began sliding up and down, up and down. Sandy groaned as she sucked me and the vibration nearly sent me over the edge. Remembering Susan’s warning, I told her to stop, but she ignored me and started sucking with increased vigour, masturbating as she did. Susan reached over and pulled her off me by grabbing her hair. Sandy backed away looking surprised. “Didn’t you hear him tell you to stop Slut girl?” Susan asked Sandy said nothing, kneeling in front of us her hand busy between her legs. “Never mind,” Susan said, pulling her boxers off, this time letting them fall to the floor, she gestured supertoto güvenilirmi at her pussy and Sandy moved over and started to lick her. As Sandy was licking her, she removed her arm from around my waist and peeled off her T-shirt revealing a lovely pair of rounded breasts with the hardest nipples I have ever seen before or since. As her sister licked her, she took one hand and brushed it lightly across her breasts, she shuddered slightly and then turned her face to look at me. “OK,” she said, her voice shaking, “There’s one more thing Sandy has to do, you have to promise not to come” Susan reached down and pulled Sandy’s face out of her pussy and said, “You’re quite the little homo aren’t you Slut Girl?” Susan gestured to the floor and said, “Well maybe you aren’t really a homo after all, maybe you’re just such a slut, you’ll let anyone do you including your brother and you’ll do anyone including your sister, stop playing with your cunt right now!” “Oh, please, no” Sandy groaned I can’t stop now, not again.” “Suit yourself,” Susan said nonchalantly, “Get on your hands and knees and stick your ass up in the air. Sandy did as she was told and then Susan turned to me and said, “This is the ultimate test, I want you to stick your dick in her pussy, but you can’t come. That means you can’t move much and you can’t allow her to move either. Wait here for just a second, I’ll be right back.” With this, she disappeared through the connecting door into their room leaving me to watch Sandy who was balancing on two knees and one hand, the other hand still busily masturbating her wet slit. Susan remerged a second later saying brightly, here we are.” In her hand was a condom in a packet. “Better not take any chances,” she murmured half to herself. Kneeling in front of me, she looked up and said, I’m going to put this on you, try not to come in my face. With agonizing slowness she rolled the condom over my cock and then she said, “Put your cock in her now.” I knelt behind Sandra and slid my aching prick into the warmest and wettest cunt I have ever felt. I could feel Sandy’s fingers still rubbing her clit. Susan did not need to worry about me shooting inside of Sandy. It wasn’t that I wasn’t so excited that almost anything would have brought me off. It was the fact that I had only entered her about halfway when I felt her pussy contract and a gush of liquid spattering down both our legs. I felt her shudder and cry out, “Oh Rick, you’re fucking me, yes, please fuck me.” Her pussy contracted again and another gush of liquid ran down our legs. I heard Sandy sob, “Oh yes Rick, please keep fucking me, it feels so nice.” I was almost out of my mind with the urge to join her in coming, but I knew that doing it inside of her would have been so bad on so many levels. I tried to withdraw my cock, but she jammed up against me, her pussy contracting tightly and gushing. I forcefully pushed her away and withdrew my slippery cock from her vagina. She immediately rolled over onto her back and cried, “Oh you dirty bastard, I can’t believe you did that, you can’t stop me from doing it in front of you both, watch this.” Her hand resumed masturbating at a furious pace as she shuddered again and cried, “Both of you watch this, oh yes, I’m doing it right now and you can’t stop me..” Her entire body stiffened and she rubbed even faster as a stream of liquid squirted into the air falling back across her stomach and breasts. As I watched, I peeled the condom from my cock. It was dripping pre come again. I turned to look at Susan. She was lightly slapping her pussy and watching intently. Sandy stiffened again, another stream of liquid arched into the air and spattered back on her skin. This time some landed on her face. She was lifting her pelvis into the air, making the stream soak her almost from head to toe. She cried out again and twisted herself slightly. The stream arched again, this time landing mostly on her face and across her breasts. Her orgasm subsided into shuddering and small squirts of liquid that mostly coated her hands that were still stroking her pussy gamely. I looked over at Susan who was still slapping her pussy and said, “What now?” “Come with me,” Susan said, taking my hand, we went back into the girl’s room, leaving Sandy in a puddle of slowly cooling girl cream. Susan and I walked across the bedroom into their bathroom and shut the door. She didn’t turn on the light. “Did Sandy tell you about us?” “You mean getting off together?” “Yes” Susan warned me “Don’t ever tell Sandy I did this with you, I don’t usually come with her.” “Why not?” I asked. “I like being in control of myself, even if I’m doing almost the same thing.” I replied, “I think I know what you mean, I’ve never been excited so long without coming.” “Well, relief is at hand,” Susan whispered, she moved closer and then she kissed me. We kissed and this time, she let me slide my fingers in her slippery pussy while she gently touched and explored my cock. Then she put her hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me away from her. She spoke in a low passionate voice, “It seems like you have the discipline to really enjoy sex,” she said breathlessly. I want you to talk to me while I’m getting off. You can stroke with me, but you’ve got to do what I say and you can’t shoot off until I say so, agreed?” “OK” In the silent room, sounds echoed and were amplified. I heard her fingers, rubbing slowly. She said, “You can’t see me now, but I’m brushing my breasts, would you like to touch them while I rub my pussy?” I stepped up to her and gently cupped her breasts, lightly rubbing the stiff nipples. “Ahhhh, yes,” she breathed “that’s it be very gentle.” In the darkness I heard her increase the speed of her rubbing a little. “I like doing this with you,” she whispered, “Did you like watching Sandy?” “Yes,” I replied, “So many times I thought I was going to shoot hot cream all over her.” “But you didn’t,” Susan gasped, “You just stood there with your hard cock jutting out, are you touching it now?” “Yes, I am.” “Why don’t you slap it?” I hesitated and then I slapped my cock, hard. The effect was electrifying; I felt the slap from my head to my toes. “That’s it,” Susan breathed into the darkness, “discipline that unruly cock.” And then she said “I’ve got to control my nasty thoughts too” and I heard her slap herself. I slapped my cock again.. The sensation was doubled. “Susan,” I said, “I’m going to have to slap my cock again and again, it wants to shoot come onto your face.” “Go ahead and slap it” I heard her whisper, “We can’t have hot sperm squirting all over me, I’m a nice girl and I don’t let guy’s, especially my brother, come on my face.” I heard her slap herself again and she whimpered, “I did that because my nasty cunt wants you to cream all over my face” I slapped my cock again and said to her, “Do you know what else I’m thinking about doing?” “No,” she was rubbing again, faster this time. “Asking you to come all over me like Sandy came all over herself.” I heard a sharp slap as Susan spanked her cunt again and then a series of little slaps. She spoke again, her voice shaking and uneven “When you say stuff like that, you just encourage my nasty pussy.” I heard her rubbing, this time very fast, “Can you imagine a nice girl like me squirting all over you like some slut in heat, I ought to slap your cock myself for even thinking something like that.” “Go ahead,” I said, “the more I slap it, the dirtier my thoughts seem to get, maybe it’ll help if you do it this time.” I thrust my pelvis forward and braced myself. “OK,” she said, “But I think you might have to slap my slut cunt for me too, because I’m getting so hot thinking of squirting all over us both”/ Her slap descended in the darkness and made my cock bounce.” “Did that help,” she asked. “I’m not sure, maybe you’d better slap it again” Another slap and then she said, “You’d better discipline my cunt for me, it wants me to tell you to come in my mouth.” I knelt down, my burning cock leaking all over my leg. I reached out into the darkness. “I can’t find it.” “Here, let me help you.” Her hand gently guided mine to her swollen and leaking pussy. As I brushed against it, she shuddered and a little juice ran onto my hand. I could feel her engorged clit sticking out. “Oh, you’ve got to discipline my cunt” she hissed, “See, all you did was touch it and it came on you a little bit. Can you feel how hard my clit is?” I touched the little nub gingerly and she sighed and then whispered, “Go ahead, slap it.” I brought my open palm down on her cunt, making a loud report in the small room. She shuddered again and then said, “OK, remember when I told you to hold off from coming?” “Yes,” I said. “I really mean it,” she said. I want you to stay down there by my pussy and listen while I do this, but don’t come until I say, OK?” “OK” Her hand returned to her pussy and she rubbed rapidly for a few seconds and said, “Are you stroking your cock?” “Yes, I said, “but I won’t shoot till you say so, I promise.” “See that you don’t” she warned and resumed rubbing. “Rick?” Her voice was shaky. “Yes” “You know what I said about a nice girl not squirting all over both of us?” “Yes” You know how I said, I’d never be a slut like Sandy?” “I remember” “Well, I don’t think I’m going to be the nice girl I that I should be.” Her rubbing became very rapid and then she sobbed out, “In fact I don’t think I can be a nice girl at all.” Suddenly I was being bathed in a warm, sweet smelling liquid that was squirting in streams from Susan’s cunt. It hit my face and then my neck and as I heard her mutter, “I’m so sorry, but I’m being a slut just like Sandy,” the stream strengthened and rose to hit my face again. Susan’s stroking doubled and I heard her gasp, “Oh, please, I can’t help it, I’m going to cream now.” This time she issued a forceful stream that just missed my face, but hit my rigid cock dead on. Her aim was deadly and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it as I felt my tortured cock swell and spasm as her cream spattered against the red and swollen head in the darkness. “Sandy,” I cried, “I’m going to squirt” “Oh no, not yet, she cried.” “I can’t help it, you’re making me do it” and the first jet of come erupted from my long denied cock squirting all the way up to where I later discovered it landed in her hair and on her face. This had the effect of making her lose total control so even while she was scrambling to get near my erupting cock, her pussy continued to convulse, showering me and then the floor with hot liquid which I could hear spattering as she knelt in front of me. I felt her hand on my cock as it swelled again and I heard her say, “Here, let me do that” and she started rapidly stroking my cock as it continued to shoot hot sperm high into the air. I heard it spattering on the floor as it rained around us and then I felt her hair on my legs and realized that she was positioning her face over my squirting member. That’s right,” I heard her whisper as she co]ntinued to stroke, “do it with me, ahhh, yes do it on me. Suddenly I felt a warm mouth encompass my still squirting cock and she slid her lips up and down, greedily swallowing my seed as it continued to spurt in an apparently endless series of jets issuing from my aching, throbbing cock. I heard her moan down deep in her throat and heard the sound of her fingers sloshing as she rapidly frigged herself. I felt her stiffen and then heard the sound of spattering on the floor again. Silence, the sound of rapid sloshing and another spatter as she continued to suck on my dick with all her might. Even though I had ceased to shoot come into her warm, soft, mouth, I was still as rigid as a board and she continued sucking me while teasing herself to first one and then another shuddering orgasm. Finally we were spent. Using the hand towels, we cleaned up the extensive mess we had made and then went to check on Sandy. She was sleeping in my bed and had apparently cleaned up after herself as well. I wound up sleeping in Sandy’s bed the rest of that night. I masturbated twice. The first time Susan slept through, but the second time, she woke up and joined me, lying in her bed and whispering to me as we both came in the darkened bedroom.

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