Still A Virgin? by loyalsock


Still A Virgin? by loyalsock”You’re still a what!” Sue asked with a puzzled look on her face.”You heard me,” replied Linda with a smile. “I’m still a virgin.””You’re telling me at twenty two you haven’t been fucked yet. Bullshit.””I never said I haven’t been fucked, I said I’m still a virgin,” smirked Linda.”You got me confused girl, explain.””Tell you what, since you’re my best friend, how about I show you.” Linda said in a nonchalant manner.”Now?” Sue replied.”No, but later tonight,” Linda said.”Well, I guess I can wait that long. But I still don’t follow you,” Sue said with a very confused look on her face. “Besides, I thought you had a date tonight.””I do, but you’ll be hiding in the closet watching us.””What! Oh you nasty bitch. What do you have planned for this guy?” Sue said smiling with an evil grin.”You’ll see.”Later that evening when the doorbell rang Sue rushed into the bedroom and went in the closet. She adjusted the slates on the closet door so she had a good view of the bedroom. She got comfortable and waited for “the show” to begin.”Hi Frank, come on in,” Linda said in a cheerful voice.”Nice to see you again, you ready to head out?” Frank asked as he eyed Linda.Linda moved closer and gave Frank a kiss. In a rather sexy voice she whispered, “I thought we’d stay in this evening and maybe get comfortable.”Frank couldn’t help notice just how short Linda’s skirt was and how it definitely showed off her cute little ass. Not to mention how perky her tits were in that tight fitting blouse. He took a deep breath and said, “Sure thing, sounds good to me.””Can I fix you a drink?” Linda said moving toward the kitchen.”Sure, Jack Daniels if you got it.””Can do. Make yourself at home, I’ll be right back,” Linda said as she went into the kitchen.Frank sat down on the couch and glanced around the living room. He wondered what was in store for him this fine evening. They had been dating for several months and he thought Linda was a very hot looking lady. She was fun, smart, and sexy. Frank could only imagine what she’d be like in the sack.When Linda returned with his drink he noticed she had unbuttoned the top two buttons on her blouse. When she bent over to set his drink on the table he could see down her blouse to her belly button. “Whooo, what a set of knockers,” he thought to himself. “I’d love to titty fuck those puppies.” Linda sat down next to Frank and placed her hand on his leg. She leaned in and said, “You look nice this evening. I’m glad we could get together.””Thanks, you definitely are looking good,” Frank said moving a little closer to her.She leaned over and they started to kiss. Her hand rubbed his leg as she pressed her lips to his. He in turn moved his hand to her stomach and slowly moved up toward her breast.As he moved his hand to cup her breast she moaned and moved her body closer to his. She loved how her breast fit so neatly in his strong hand. He knew just how to massage her tits to get her nipples hard.Her hand moved up his leg and rested on his crotch. She could feel his dick move under his clothing as she started rubbing back and forth across his pants. He moved slightly allowing her hand to have a better angle to stroke his prick through the material.Frank began to free her remaining buttons. As he moved her blouse Frank could feel her large, round tits under the lacy bra. He continued to rub and squeeze her tits and he kissed her lips. Nancy moaned again and eased her tongue into his waiting mouth. He slipped his hand down the top of her bra and took her tit into his hand where he gently moved his fingers over her erect nipple. “Oh baby, that’s so nice,” she almost purred.They continued to French kiss while Frank fondled her. Nancy felt Frank’s erect cock as she continued to rub his crotch. She slowly tugged at his belt as she whispered in his ear, “Help me get these pants down.”Frank removed his hand from around her tit and stood up from the couch. He undid his belt and pants. He then slid his pants and avcilar escort underwear down to his knees and sat back down on the couch.In this position his cock was standing tall. Nancy began to stroke Frank’s cock and rubbed his balls until he started to moan.”Oh yeah, that feels so good,” Frank whispered.Nancy moved her head closer to his prick. He smelled musky. She always found that smell to be so sexy. She stuck her tongue out and flicked it on the tip of his cock. She laughed to herself as his dick flinched each time she touched it.When she thought she had teased him enough, she moved her lips around the head of his dick. She slowly moved her lips down his shaft taking his cock deeper into her mouth.”Shit that feels so good,” Frank said trying to catch his breath.As his dick touched the back of her mouth she moved her head letting his cock slide back out of her mouth. She gently blew air over his shaft causing it to jerk up and down. It was funny how his cock jumped whenever she blew air across it.She put his dick back into her mouth and moved her lips up and down his shaft. She varied the speed and smiled to herself as Frank began to arch his back so his dick moved toward her mouth. She knew how much she was turning him on at this moment.Linda stopped the blowjob and stood up from the couch. She took a step back and, with her hands on her hips, looked at Frank and still catching her breath said, “I like you a lot and I hate playing games. I think the time is right. What say we go into the bedroom and have some real fun.” Frank caught his breath and nodded his head in agreement. “Uh, sure thing, fine with me,” he said as he tried to pull his pants back up. He finally rose from the couch, gulped down his drink and followed her into the bedroom.He was no more in the room when Linda turned and threw her arms around his neck, planting a wet French kiss on his lips. He immediately responded by wrapping his arms around her slim waist and pulling her closer.”Hummm, you’re a great kisser,” she whispered in his ear.”You too,” he replied as he let his hand slide down her back to her butt. He kissed her again as he gently squeezed her ass. He pulled her closer to his body pressing her firm tits against his chest. He could feel her erect nipples through her bra.”Damn she’s so fucking sexy,” he thought to himself. He could feel his dick starting to again rise as they continued to kiss.From her location in the closet all Sue could hear was heavy breathing coming from both Linda and Frank. She could see, however, Linda was having a positive effect on Frank’s dick as the bulge in his pants was visible even from her location in the closet.Linda finally broke off the kiss and leaned toward his ear. As she licked his earlobe she said in a somewhat breathless sounding voice, “Frank, want to try something different?”At this point Frank was so worked up he would have tried anything with her.”Sure. What did you have in mind,” he said as he continued to play with her ass and hold her close.With a shy tone to her voice she said, “I want you to put it in my backside.””Uh, backside?” he said.”You know, put it in my ass,” she said.Sue almost choked when she heard Nancy’s suggestion. She leaned closer to the closet door and anxiously awaited to hear Frank’s response.It took Frank several seconds to say anything. He wanted to make sure he had heard her correctly.”Ah, have you done anal before?” he stammered.”Once, but I want to try it again if you do.”Frank nodded his head and stepped back from Linda waiting on her next move.”Get your clothes off while I find some lube and a rubber,” she said as she looked around the room.In her spot in the closet Sue shifted slightly so she could get a better look at Frank’s cock. From her vantage point it looked huge. She couldn’t believe he’d be able to stick it up Nancy’s ass.Once Frank had removed his clothes Nancy moved toward him and knelt down in front of him.”Let’s get that dick ready for şirinevler escort action,” she said smiling up at him.Although his cock was again erect, he moved toward her as she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. He laid his cock on her tongue and started to move his body so his dick moved in and out of her mouth. He could feel her tongue touching his balls as he moved his cock. It was a wild sensation he had never felt before.”Holy shit,” he said between breaths.He gently placed his hand behind her head as he quickly moved his cock in and out of her mouth. She felt warm and wet as he pushed his dick repeatedly in and out of her.As he slowed, she let his cock slip out of her mouth. He could feel her sliding the rubber over his stiff shaft. She stood and handed him the lube and told him to use as much as possible.She turned and bent across the bed to dim the light. As she did it gave Frank a great view of her ass. “Don’t move. That’s the perfect position,” Frank said as he moved behind her. “You have a great looking ass.”He pulled her skirt up and laid it across her back.”Don’t you want me to undress?” she asked.In a low sexy voice Frank responded, “No, I like it just the way you are right now.”Frank knelt down so he was eye level with her ass. She was wearing pink panties. He could see a wet spot on them so he knew she was just as excited as him.He slowly slid her panties down over her firm butt. The crack of her ass came into view as he eased down her panties. He let them fall to her ankles.He leaned in and started to kiss and lick her round butt cheeks. She let out a small squeal as his tongue found that area of skin between her asshole and her pussy. He ran his tongue up over her asshole and followed the crack of her butt until his mouth reached the small of her back.As his tongue moved back down the crack of her ass, Nancy slid her hand down to her pussy. She began to rub her clit as Frank licked around her cute little asshole.”Ooooh yeah,” Nancy said in an inaudible voice.When she began to wiggle her ass, Frank stood up and moved closer to her. He began rubbing his hard dick up and down her butt crack.”Reach back between your legs and rub my balls,” he said.She moved her hand from her clit and rubbed his sack as he slid his dick up and down her crack. She could feel how hard his cock had become as it pushed across her butt cheeks.She felt the lube running down her butt crack. She flinched as his finger rubbed around her asshole and awaited his entry. She took a deep breath as he slowly rubbed his finger around her butt hole. He put his finger next to her opening and said, “Push your ass backwards against my finger.” She tried to relax and moved her ass back against his wet finger. There was resistance at first but soon he felt his finger slide in her ass. When his finger had completely entered her butt he didn’t move it at all. He waited for her to do the moving. “Damn, you are really tight,” Frank said sounding like he was having trouble breathing. “How you doing?”Almost unable to speak, Nancy swallowed, took a deep breath and said, “Oh yeah, that’s nice. “Frank started moving his finger back and forth inside her ass. She moved her butt side to side as he moved his finger. Her mind drifted as she let herself relax and enjoy the feeling his finger was creating. Before she could tell him how much she liked it she felt him insert a second finger. Across the room in the closet Sue was starting to squirm. “Damn it’s getting warm in here,” she thought. From her spot in the closet she could see by the look on Linda’s face that she was enjoying getting her ass fingered. Sue wondered what it would feel like having Frank’s fingers in her butt.As Frank continued pushing his fingers in and out of Nancy’s ass he asked, “Where’s my fingers?””In my butt,” she moaned.”And do you like my fingers in your ass?” he said.”Oh yeah,” she moaned.When Nancy’s legs started to shake Frank slowly removed his fingers. taksim escort He placed his hand on her back and told her, “Spread your cheeks for me.”She laid her head down on the bed as she raised her ass higher. She positioned her hands so she could spread her butt cheeks, exposing her tight little asshole.Frank took his dick in his hand. He adjusted the rubber, rubbed on some additional lube, and positioned the head of his cock so it pressed against her butthole.”Easy, slow,” Nancy gasped as she felt his cock pressing against her.Frank eased his dick into her butt until he felt the head enter her. He stopped pushing and waited for her to relax.”You ok?” Frank asked.”Ooooh yeah,” Nancy moaned. Frank eased his cock further into her ass. As he did he felt her move backwards to meet his dick. “Shit your ass is so tight,” Frank muttered.He finally had all of his dick inside her ass. He didn’t move as he wanted to get his emotions under control. The thought of his dick in her butt as well as the sensation of her tight ass around his cock was almost enough to make him cum. He took a deep breath and exhaled as he started to fuck her, slowly at first, then somewhat faster.”Oh fuck. Fuck. Ohhh, shit,” she moaned as he began to move his dick faster and faster. “You like it fast?” Frank said in between his heavy breathing. “Oh God don’t stop. Your cock feels so damn good!”Frank tightened his grip on her hips as he closed his eyes and tried to take in all the pleasure he was experiencing. “Oh yeah fuck me,” Nancy said as she moved her ass backwards to meet his cock. Across the room in the closet Sue had her hand down her own pants and was fingering her pussy. Watching Nancy get ass fucked had gotten her excited, not to mention the three fingers she had inside her own wet snatch. She was afraid the pair would hear her as she neared climaxing.She moved her fingers in and out of her wet pussy and with her free hand she rubbed one of her tits. As she climaxed she placed her hand over her mouth and tried not to yell. She almost lost her balance as her legs felt weak from her orgasm. “Oh Frank, fuck me harder,” sighed Nancy.”You like it in the ass?” Frank asked, knowing full well she did.”Oh yeah, I love it up my ass,” she said as she smiled back at him.”I’m going cum soon. You ready?” Frank asked while trying to catch his breath.Nancy arched her back and pushed as hard as she could backwards into his cock. “Don’t stop yet, I’m cumming,” she moaned as she climaxed.Once she had reached orgasm Frank could no longer hold back. When he exploded in her ass she could feel the heat of his cum even through the rubber.He rammed her ass twice more before stopping. He slowly pulled his cock from her ass.”Holy fuckin’ shit baby,” Frank almost yelled as he staggered to the bed.As he sat down Frank removed the spent rubber and set it aside.Nancy turned and smiled as she moved to the edge of the bed next to him.”That was fuckin’ fantastic!” Frank said breathlessly.Nancy started to say how much she enjoyed getting her ass fucked when Frank’s cell phone started ringing. Looking annoyed Frank left the bed and found the phone in his pants pocket.”Hello? What? You got to be shitting me, now? Alright, alright, give me ten minutes.”Frank threw the phone down on the bed and hurriedly started dressing.”I hate to leave after this, but there’s an emergency at work. Can I call you later so we can set up another date?””Sure, I understand,” she said as she straightened her clothes. “Duty calls.”As they reached the door he kissed her, patted her butt, and headed out toward the elevator. “Sorry about this. Thanks again for a great evening, see you soon.”Nancy smiled as she closed the door. She could hear Sue coming in from the bedroom.”You slut! Ass fucked? I’m not sure that qualifies you as a virgin,” Sue said laughing.Nancy smiled and, tilting her head backwards, said, “Hey, my pussy has never been fucked. So that officially makes me a virgin.””OK, I’ll give it to give you this time,” Sue said shaking her head.Nancy poured two drinks. Both girls settled down on the couch to critique Frank’s performance. Sue wondered aloud if, next time Frank came over, she would be watching from the closet or joining in with them.Nancy only smiled and giggled.

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