Subject: straight jock boy chronicles Thank you all for the amazing feedback on this series so far! Always looking for ideas, fantasies, etc., to incorporate into this series! Love to hear what you all have to think, as usual! xoxo – ess Eyes tend to linger on him, even from across the room. Since hitting puberty, no matter the gender or sexual preferences, people’s body languages inevitably and unconsciously shift when he enters a room, regardless of the environment. Rodrigo Lleva actually knew this boy well. His boyish, messy blond hair, sparkling blue eyes, disarming and cheeky smile. All of it. Why the college jock suddenly started working out at the local gym so late in the summer and so close to the start of his sophomore year, as opposed to the state-of-the-art sports training center at school, was beyond Rodrigo. Across the gym – something of a local favorite frequented by cops, firemen, construction workers – the fit 19-year-old attended to his workout routine. Stretches, cardio, weight training, cardio, stretches. Rodrigo noted all the way from his corner the sweaty jock stretching, catching glimpses or the teenager’s lean and hard abs through his loose-fitting tank top; his eyes widened unconsciously as a full, meaty pec and a quarter-sized, pink nipple popped out of the teenager’s barely-there and soaked-through tank. To be fair, Rodrigo had seen the boy’s naked body before. Just once. In the dark, in the tool shed behind his house: Rodrigo walked in on the teenage boy fucking his daughter. Being an overly-protective Cuban (and a cop no less), Rodrigo nearly pulled his gun on the surprised and nearly-cumming boy; Ryan’s naked, muscled back pouring gutters of sweat, jeans puddled around his ankles, and two mounds of round, fat white boy ass – plump and firm with bounce and jiggle – burned into Rodrigo’s mind. No other visual memory of that incident stuck with the cop, save that mental snap shot of the then 18-year-old jock. It was only after the teenage lovebirds had broken up a few weeks later that Rodrigo, running into the jock around town on random occasions, could make nice, laugh off the incident, and even be friendly and give the jock rides to campus once in a while. Something about Ryan had changed this summer, though. Something about him was noticeably different from even a week prior. Rodrigo spent his entire time at the gym trying, but failing, to pinpoint it. The jock boy had the same boyish smile and twinkling eyes… no, it wasn’t his body either, though it was more toned and fit than ever before. It wasn’t the way he greeted acquaintances and friends around town: Ryan had the same giggle, the same charming Southern drawl, the same alarmingly innocent way of carrying himself. The boy had always – unabashedly and perhaps even unknowingly – emitted a magnetic and wild sexual energy, but what was different? Today, even wriggling his toes inside his old, dirty sneakers managed to become something perverse and inherently sexy, not to mention the way he straddled a bench, the way he spread his muscled legs and lowering his ass and ass crack on the bench. What was it about this kid today? Ryan carried on, seemingly oblivious or at most only subconsciously aware of the eyes lingering around him, but it was apparent for Rodrigo that something about the boy was more intense, more desirable, more… lurid… desperate? Ryan finished stretching and ambled slowly over to the locker room. Rodrigo observed as the jock boy stretched his triceps over his head, revealing damp, lightly hairy armpits. Ryan’s lean and defined torso practically spilled out of his tank top. Their eyes met – Rodrigo thought he registered the minutest flash of terror across Ryan’s affably open and expressive face, a sudden tenseness in body language. Nevertheless the jock boy greeted his ex-girlfriend’s father politely and warmly, with a melting smile and firm handshake, and sauntered off towards locker room. Rodrigo watched the jock walk away, his entire body covered in sweat, his thin work-out clothes clung revealingly to every curvature of his muscled body, especially his evidently jock-clad ass, two sweaty, plump mounds of perversity shifting with Ryan’s every step. A few heads turned as the blond teenager walked by. A switch went off inside Rodrigo, a knowing, possessive feeling. A father’s intuition kicked in when Ryan’s sweaty hand clasped around his own muscled, calloused grip. What was it, though? The look behind the large and wet blue eyes? Or Ryan’s touch, lingering fingertips that held on to his own a split second too long? Or the boy’s sweet and sweaty odor? Today, sex poured from every pore of Ryan’s ripe, bursa escort blond body. Rodrigo, a bit dumbstruck, barely managed another 5 or 10 minutes of workout before he impulsively got up and headed to the locker room. Seeing him step out of the shower, a not-quite-big-enough towel around his trim waist, his bare feet leaving wet, size-13 footprints all the way to his locker in the corner, stirred something foreign in Rodrigo. Little details like Ryan’s long, talon-like toes and fleshy soles, hot from the shower, steaming against the cold tiles of the locker room floor triggered something carnal in the 42-year-old cop. Horrifyingly dirty, nasty images – fantasies – unexpectedly emerged in the Cuban daddy’s mind. Perverse, scandalous things… slow-moving episodes of the blonde jock on his back, his pretty red lips agape, his brows furrowed, panting, moaning, groaning… screaming. Rodrigo felt his pulse racing, new sweat forming all over, as the overwhelming urge to hear the boy beg, succumb, and plead for mercy. He had the sudden urge to hear the boy moan… to whimper. He needed to… to feel the hotness of his skin, to fuck the boy, to be the first man to lay claim to that gorgeous ass, to own that white, plump ass, to feel what he imagined as the hottest, tightest, wettest ass he could slam his cock into, to hold the jock boy in his arms as he shoved his cock inside the teenage ass. Rodrigo’s massively hung Cuban cock throbbed in his briefs. His inner most desire, animalistic and sadistic cravings that laid dormant all these years, erupted… leaking. “Need a ride, kid?” Rodrigo was surprised to hear him suddenly mumble. He was relieved and surprised when Ryan shyly nodded yes, standing there, wet, naked – body steaming – as he toweled dry. Every muscled nuance of his blond body… taut, lean, smooth… rippling as Ryan bent over and pulled on a pair of baggy shorts and slipping his feet into a pair of flip flops. Oh god… Rodrigo swallowed hard before uttering, his voice hoarse, “Let’s go, kid.” … Rodrigo could feel the naked jock shaking beneath him, trembling with… anxiety, fear, or anticipation? Didn’t matter. Ryan’s body melted as soon as Rodrigo’s greedy mouth found its way to the jock’s nipples. The sound that escaped Ryan’s teenage throat… a mix between a muffled cry and a pathetic whimper. Better than what Rodrigo had imagined. “Oh, you like it hard, don’t you?” Rod knew the boy would resist, protest, fight, be confused as to why they pulled off into a deserted path in the woods, why Rod got into the back seat… An awkward, electrifying silence, agonizingly long, spanned when Rod’s brown eyes stared down Ryan’s sparkling blue ones, silencing the jock’s nervous banter before the cop reached out suddenly and overpowered the teenager, pinning down the hard-bodied jock boy amidst a slew of ‘what the fuck’s’ and ‘get the fuck off me’s’. Rod didn’t care. His sudden animal rage/urge had to consume Ryan right then and there; he couldn’t drive any further without staring into the rear-view mirror, trying to catch a glimpse of the jock boy, sitting there innocently in a white tank top and baggy shorts… no underwear, as he recalled from the gym, his meaty bare legs spread casually in the back seat. Their first kiss, Rod forced his eager tongue into the shell-shocked jock’s parted mouth, feeling the teenager’s body jerk, tense up. Ryan’s tank top was brutally torn and ripped off his heated jock body as Rod tasted, savored, his first boy. He imagined the boy beneath him kissing back. “I… I can’t…” Ryan’s whispered as both hands suddenly gripped and pushed against Rod’s hard biceps. “I… can’t…” “Shhh. daddy’s got you… come on baby boy… come on boy…” Rod – in heat and intoxicated by Ryan’s boy scent – devoured the jock’s hot, full lips, tasting the boy’s sweet innocence before devoting more attention to Ryan’s now-hard nipples. Alternating between the two, sucking, lapping, biting, feeling the overwhelmed jock completely lose his young mind underneath, whimpering, moaning in registers climbing higher and higher, his athletic body buckling unwillingly, fingers clasped tightly onto Rod’s beefy arms as Rod’s hands wrapped around his throat. “Ughnn! Ughnn! Ughnnn!!! Please…! I… ughhhnnn! I… ughnnn… can’t!” Ryan squealed desperately as Rod bit down on his left nipple, managing to choke out these words as he felt the cop’s entire body weight on him, struggling to breathe as the hungry Cuban cop shoved his hungry tongue again into his. Rod reached down while forcing his mouth on the struggling jock’s, release a throbbing, teenage cock, hard as a rock from the pathetic bursa escort bayan confines of Ryan’s basketball shorts. Rod felt Ryan cry out into his mouth, felt the jock kick wildly underneath him as he tore off the boy’s shorts, feeling the hot, smooth skin of Ryan’s meaty thighs and ass, juicy and plump, and more than a few handfuls. “Shut up baby boy… come one, open up, boy… open up… open up…” Ryan’s eyes were filled with tears, on the verge of sobbing as Rod wrapped his large right hand around the jock’s neck, licking his face, his lips, choking the teenager. Rod felt Ryan’s grip on his biceps tighten as his left hand roughly, eagerly traversed Ryan’s body – smooth, tight torso, erect nipples sensitive to a mere suggestion of touch, his hairless belly and trimmed crotch, his hard cock, smooth balls and taint, and the hottest, silkiest ass and ass crack Rod could’ve imagined defiling. Ryan’s hole was hot, smooth, and pulsing. Gripping and tight, it immediately sucked onto Rod’s fat middle finger. Rod was in shock. He’d done this before. Ryan’s done this before. No doubt about it. The hole was hot and tight, yes… but also wet. Rod was obsessed, shoving in another finger… deeper. Ryan screamed into Rod’s mouth, his blond, athletic legs spread wide, one bare foot planted firmly on a door window and the other leg wrapped around the back of the driver’s seat, like an eager, ready whore. The jock boy’s hole was wet… sloppy wet, gushingly, impossibly wet. … “Steam room. 5 min.” Ryan saw the text pop up from Sam. Though nearing the end of his workout, he knew he’d be expected to drop everything. Sam, despite being agonizingly MIA, always knew where to find him, and the men who want him desperately enough to pay. Ryan’s stomach sank – he thought for sure Sam wouldn’t know about this particular gym, but his hole twitched as he made his way to the locker room, avoiding most eyes and greetings except for the totally inescapable encounters (namely an awkward, brief chat with his ex-girlfriend’s dad). Sam was never one for details; watching the clock on his phone, Ryan got naked quickly and grabbed a towel, his heart pounding, not knowing which eyes to avert and which to meet. The locker room was pretty full, filled with pungent smells of dirty socks and sweat. Ryan’s entire body trembled as he traversed the testosterone-filled locker room, filled with cops, firemen, and construction workers. Thank god Sam’s text said steam room, and not ‘locker room’… Ryan bit his lips nervously as he snuck cautiously and as discreetly as possible into the steam room, averting eyes and anyone he might potentially know. “Nice…” A voice immediately greeted him as Ryan shut the door behind him, his stomach filled with butterflies. Ryan tried but simply couldn’t make out the shadowy figure in the corner. It was dark and overly steamy. “On all fours, boy… Don’t look at me. I’ve got 5 minutes.” “Wait…” Ryan protested… suddenly realizing there were more than just the two of them in the steam room. “I… what…?” “Don’t play the dumb jock game, boy…” The voice emerged from the shadow. “They paid to watch. ON ALL FOURS. FACE THE DOOR.” Ryan was humiliated and contemplated running away, frozen in panic for a few seconds. His hole… empty… twitched… his teenage cum boiled inside his heavy sacs, and the jock boy obliged like a good boy… on all fours. He blushed crimson and hot as he heard a few low, demeaning chuckles; his cock hardened to full attention; he felt movement; his hole quivered as he heard that familiar sounds of another man masturbating behind him. Ryan purred as two rough hands pried open his ass; more chuckles as Ryan arched his back and groaned as he felt someone spit on his smooth, hungry hole. Once, twice. The same rough hands, one found its way to Ryan’s mouth, covering it tightly. Hard. Ryan winced as he felt a greasy pole line up at his now begging hole. “Ok boy. Sorry, but gotta make this quick.” With that truncated warning, Ryan screamed bloody murder as the stranger slammed his entire cock into him, taking absolutely no time before pounding away like a jackhammer. “(UGHNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!! UGHHNNNN!!! UGHHNNNN!!! UGHHNNNN!!! UGHHNNNN!!! UGHHNNNN!!! UGHHNNNN!!! UGHHNNNN!!! UGHHNNNN!!! UGHNNN!!!!!!!)” “(SHUT… SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!)” The man mercilessly pounded away at the struggling jock, ignoring Ryan’s screams as he slapped the jock boy’s protesting hands away, desperately motioning for the man to slow down. Ryan gritted his teeth and shut his eyes tightly against his tears, letting his body get violated and raped as the man pulled his ass back onto the rock-hard escort bursa cock. Though, screams turned quickly into moans as the man’s unforgiving hand found Ryan’s boy tits, tugging roughly at the sensitive nipples as he fucked Ryan. More chuckles. “(UGHNN! UGHNN! UGHNNNN!! OH GOD!)” Ryan gasped, feeling a wall inside him being broken down yet again. The burning in his ass had melted away, and now, to the more animated and engaged sounds of stroking cocks, Ryan slammed his ass back as hard as the man was fucking him like a bitch in heat, groaning into the muffling hand as he literally pissed streams of precum beneath him, not caring about the pathetic sounds and screams he was producing into a stranger’s hand. Ryan all of sudden felt men approaching as they moaned and grunted; then, loads of hot, creamy cum gushed forth, unloading all over Ryan sweaty back as he continued to get fucked, coating the deep grooves of his spine and every line of the young jock’s back muscles. The jackhammering into his ass lasted a few more strokes, sloppy, arrhythmic last few pumps that ended with the man’s entire sweaty, hairy, fat body collapsing on Ryan, to the chuckling and snickering and even a few claps, as Ryan felt his hole filled with hot, thick cum. … In one slow push, Papi Rodrigo bottomed out, balls deep inside the squirming jock, his grip still tight around the gasping boy’s neck. Rodrigo had overheard colleagues’ whispers a few nights ago at a bar, something about a jock turning tricks and driving the local guys – gay, straight, married, bi, closeted, whatever – completely crazy. Not in a million years did he expect that boy whore to be Ryan. But that ass… Ryan’s hole engulfed Rod’s thick 10-incher with no hesitation, only pure expert hunger. The boy took it. Took all of it in one stroke. The jock whore has to be Ryan. His blue eyes… nearly overflowing with desperate tears, pleaded, his eyebrows furrowed with pleasure and grimace as Rod pulled out, savoring the jock’s tight and expertly-milking hole. “You hustling me? Chico?” Rod snapped, suddenly and angrily shoving his cock back inside Ryan, hearing and feeling the writhing jock cry out in pain, or pleasure. Didn’t matter. Papi ripped it out and slammed the entire length of his cock back in in one push. “You want me to pay for your white ass? Huh? Huh?” “Ughnnn. Oh my… ughnn. Oh my GOD!” Rod felt Ryan’s ass tighten, pulsing hot from the inside. He began pounding, slamming, balls deep with every stroke. “You like it when i do this? Huh?” Rod slapped and spit on Ryan’s cherubic face as he flexed his monster cock, pressing against the boy’s abused hole and engorged prostate. “OH! OH GOD! YES! RIGHT! RIGHT! UGHNN! UGHNN! THERE! OH GOD… DADDY! RIGHT THERE! OH UGHNN UGHNN PLEASE DADDY!” “You love it when daddy treats you like shit, don’t you! Slap you around like a cheap whore? You love that shit, don’t you?” “OH GOD! YES! YES! HARDER! OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD! RIGHT THERE! OH GOD! DADDY PLEASE… FUCK… FUCK… FUCK ME… UGHNNN! UGHNNN!!!!” Ryan was in a craze that Rod had never seen or expected to see from such a perfect, straight-acting jock. Ryan begged, squealed, and whimpered like a girl as he took a ferocious fucking. His bare legs still spread wide in the same vulnerable position as before as he hole embraced Rod’s angry assault, balls deep with every stroke, bottoming out with every push. For a second Rod thought he’d break the boy, or choke the life out of him. Rod couldn’t help himself as he fucked Ryan, leaning in to taste his sweet lips again. To his dismay, Ryan’s entire body shook and buckled when their lips locked, and their stomachs were instantly covered in thick, creamy white streams of jock cum. Rod released his choke-hold on Ryan and pinned the boy’s wrists above his head as he pulled away from their kiss and looked down at the sight before him. The wild teenager was screaming and begging for more, his Adonis body coverd with his own cum, with a 10-inch Cuban cock pounding deep in and out of his wet hole. Rod was getting high from the sounds Ryan was making, every scream every time he rips his cock out of the jock’s twitching boy cunt, every gasp every time he shoves it back inside. “God you are beautiful… such a dirty little pig… such a dirty boy…” The Cuban cop grunted as he leaned back in and kissed deeply the boy, slamming his still-clothed body into the naked, cum-covered jock one last time. Rod erupted – stream after stream of thick cum filled a shaking Ryan to the brim. Rod continued to fuck Ryan, squeezing and pumping as much cum as he could muster into the sobbing jock as he held the boy in his muscular arms, tightly, angrily, possessively. … Thank you all for the amazing feedback on this series so far! Always looking for ideas, fantasies, etc., to incorporate into this series! Love to hear what you all have to think, as usual! xoxo – ess

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