Stranded in a Blizzard


Damn. Walking away from the gate, I was pissed. My flight was so close to leaving, and now to be cancelled after 3 postpones, well, left me hot. My whole weekend was destroyed. I probably would not be making it home until Sunday now, missing my men’s hockey league playoff game on Saturday and a date with Allison on Saturday night. Now, instead of being home, I was trapped in Chicago, in the midst of a blizzard in March. The line for cabs was actually stretched to the inside of the terminal, at least keeping me warm for the time being.

Listening to others around me, at least I had an apartment to go back to. Everyone else was scrambling to find hotel room, while all I had to do is go back to the Presidential Towers, and head up to our company’s apartment.

“Shit! You’re kidding me! Now, what in the hell am I supposed to…hey, wait now, I…Dammit” Turning around, I saw a woman standing behind me, clutching her mobile phone, and pissed as hell. She was almost a foot shorter than me, and dressed in a charcoal gray business suit. She was wearing black pumps. She appeared to be of latin descent, skin the color of light caramel, a pile of glossy black hair, scattered about her shoulders. Her body was nice and lean, with the exception of the two big pillowy breasts that were encased in the suit. Her mouth was set in a scowl, and her big brown eyes with dark with fire, and anger, as she snapped the phone closed. Her eyes locked with mine, and I smiled uneasily, not wanting to upset this little fireball. “Everything okay?”

I was happy to see her take a deep breath, and pause a minute before replying. “Well, Murphy’s Law, I guess. First, I get bumped, but my bag doesn’t, so my bag is en route to Dallas, and I am stuck here. My company is trying to put me up somewhere, but there are no open rooms anywhere. No offense, but this is the last place I wanted to be.”

“I know the feeling. I am stuck here also; however, I guess I am in decent shape, since I have a place to stay.”

Damn, those eyes tore through me, almost hissing, “What?! How did you find something?”

“Well, my company maintains an apartment downtown. Lucky for me, I guess.”

She grumbled something I could not hear, and I turned around, moving forward, stepping outside, following the line. The wind was whipping through the pick up point, causing me to pull my fleece closer. Then I heard her cursing again. Turning around, I realized she had no coat. Removing both my fleece vest and heavy fleece top, I turned to her again, “Why don’t you put this on? We probably have another thirty minutes before we can get into a cab.” She looked at me, those big brown eyes seemingly confused, and accepted it without a word. The next forty minutes were quiet, as she huddled behind me, using my body as a windshield. The curb was getting close, I felt her tap my shoulder. “You need your jacket. Thank you so much for letting me wear it.”

“Why don’t we share a cab ride downtown?” I offered, hoping for the company. Those brown eyes were staring at me, wondering what my motive might be. “Come on…there are a ton of hotels downtown. At least you can be in the area when your company finds you one.”

She still looked at me uneasily, not entirely trusting the situation.

“Besides, it is even cold in the cabs…keep my fleece on, and join me,” adding a smile to try to reassure her.

That did the trick. Her eyes relented, and she gingerly stepped into the cab. I followed her, closing the door. The cab pulled away from the curb, slowly on its way.

We made small talk on the way to the Towers. Her answers were short, and very general in nature, like she had plenty on her mind. I decided to remain quiet for the rest of the ride. Arriving there an hour later, I got out, and holding the door for her, helped her out. We quickly moved inside, and up to the 18th floor, where our apartment was. She was guarded, being quiet, as I opened the door. Pushing the door open, she motioned me to go first. I entered, and moved in, heading straight for the bedroom to drop my bag. Coming back to the main area, she was just waiting.

“Everything okay?”

Glancing around, she replied, “Yes, sorry, this is much better than any hotel. Thank you very much. I guess I want to trust you, but, you know, under the circumstances…” Her voice slowly trailed off.

Smiling, I took out my wallet, pulling out my id, and set it on the counter, next to the phone. “My name is Dean. Here is my ID. And the phone number is on the phone over there. Feel free to call anyone you need to. Feel better?”

She smiled, a beautiful smile, she took a long, deep breath, exhaling, and finally said, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have felt that way. My name is Maria. It is a pleasure to meet you.” She extended her hand, a small and delicate, and void of any important jewelry, and I gently shook it.

“There is a grocery store downstairs… I was going to get something for dinner. Any recommendations?”

“Whatever you want – makes no difference to me. Thank you though.”

I went downstairs, and through the store, selecting two nice salmon escort ataşehir fillets, some fresh vegetables, and a side dish. I looked at some wine, but knew there was plenty in the apartment. The guys that normally used this apartment were heavy on entertaining, and there was no lack of booze there. Gathering my bag, I moved back towards the elevator, and started the long ride up.

Upon reaching the apartment, I opened the door, and moved inside with the small grocery bag. She was sitting in the living room, the phone in front of her, with a look of despair on her face. I set the bag down, and walked into the living room.

“Everything okay?”

A short sigh told me the story. “Everything is booked solid. There is nothing available anywhere.” Another sigh, as she glanced outside, at the snow still coming. “Goddamn this stupid weather…”

I went back in the kitchen, and opened the refrigerator. I selected a bottle of chardonnay, and proceeded to open it quietly. She was still in the living room, grumbling about her current state of affairs.

Pouring some into a glass, I walked back into the living room, and set it in front of her.

“Look, have a drink, and just forget about today…I will make us dinner, and then you can pick out a movie to watch. You are more than welcome to stay here…you have your own locking bedroom, own bath, and at least give me the benefit of the doubt about being a gentleman…okay?” Another warm smile followed, trying to bring her to life.

Those big brown eyes almost melted me, as I watched her face, gauging her reaction. She was not overwhelmed by my hospitality, but she was thankful. She followed me into the kitchen, and we chatted some more as I baked the salmon, and cut up the vegetables for a salad. She was two years older than me, and an advertising executive. She seemed to be in a position of not liking men at this moment, as she had caught her fiancée cheating on her. That had happened within the last month. She slowly drank her glass of wine, content to watch me cook and chop, slowly warming to me.

I served dinner, and we ate. She was becoming more animated as she started her second glass of wine, finally beginning to laugh a little bit.

After dinner, we moved to the living room, and she started flipping through the channels. I excused myself and started towards my bedroom.

“Hey?! Where are you heading?” She playfully asked. I had yet to see this side of her.

“Oh, well, I was going to shower up. I just feel grimy from spend half of the day at the airport.”

Chuckling, she readily agreed, and turned back towards the television. I went into the bedroom, and quickly stripped down, went into the bathroom. I turned up the water, and stood under the shower, letting it blast away whatever tension I had.

Leaving the shower, I pulled on a pair of boxers, and then a pair of khakis, and I topped it off with a t-shirt, and barefoot, I padded out into the living room.

She was still sitting on the couch, and still wrapped up in that gray business suit. I saw the bottle of wine sitting next to her glass, almost empty. Her head lazily tilted towards me, and those eyes softened.

“That seems like a good idea.” She made her way up, and started walking towards her room. “I assume my towels are in the bathroom?”

“Yes, they should be.”

She glanced back and smiled gently, which made her eyes even softer. I reclined against the couch, stretching out my legs. Damn, whoever dumped this woman was an idiot. Her eyes were so emotional and lively. She could convey anything she needed to just with a look. I listened to the shower run for almost 40 minutes before I heard it stop, and the steps out. She padded softly out in the living room, and blushed red when I glanced up. She had two towels wrapped around her, and her hair in a third.

“Sorry, but I would rather wear anything other than that suit…do you have anything I can borrow?” Those brown eyes, looking innocent, and lost, as she asked me.

“Sure, let me take a look.”

She followed me into my bedroom, and we began sifting through what clothes I had. She selected a dress shirt and a pair of jeans, and some socks, and slowly moved back to her bedroom. I went back to the couch, and became immersed in the hockey game again.

She walked out, and stopped, smiling, showing off her outfit. She was wearing socks and jeans, the bottoms of the jeans rolled up about three times, to allow her to walk. Her slim waist and hips were encased in my jeans, and she had her purse strap tied up around her waist, holding the jeans up. My dress shirt was on top, hanging down, the cuffs rolled up, so that her small hands protruded. I smiled broadly, and she curtseyed, and moved over to sit next to me.

Chuckling, I asked, “You sure you are comfortable? You look like quite the rag-a-muffin there…”

Her eyes sparkled back, and she simply replied, “I don’t know what that means for you – these are your rags…by the way, thank you again for everything…you have no idea what you did for me. Sit down here, let me kadıköy escort bayan rub your shoulders, something for you…” her voice trailing off.

“Don’t worry about that. I have enjoyed your company. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to turn down a rub, but don’t feel you owe me anything.”

Her eyes started growing darker. She spread her legs, and motioned between them. I moved over, and sat on the floor between them, and her delicate hands found my shoulders, rubbing the big muscles. The feeling was instant for me. A shiver ran down my spine, as her hands kneaded the tops of my shoulders. My head slumped slightly forward, and hands moved closer together, her fingers dancing lightly over the sides of my neck, her thumbs pressing into the back of my neck. I shivered softly, and heard her moan lightly. My hands moved from the floor to rest on her feet. Her thumbs were making small circles on my neck, rubbing away whatever tension I had. Her hands gradually worked their way down one arm, rubbing the muscles harder. Across my shoulders again, and down the other arm. She leaned close, her breath in my ear, whispering breathlessly, “Let’s go into the bedroom, where I can do this right.”

I just nodded, and we both rose, and walked into my bedroom. She just pointed up on the bed, and slowly crawled up on it. She followed, and she pulled my shirt over my head, before pressing me into the mattress. I felt her weight as she straddled my hips, and felt her hands pressing against my back. She used her palms, stroking the sides up and down, pressing into the muscles there. She gradually worked her way up to my shoulders again, and with her thumbs, gently trailed down my spine, inciting a low groan from my lips. My head felt like it was buried in the mattress, and I was sinking even deeper under her touch. I felt her breath, warm against the skin of my upper back, as her face was very close to my skin. I could feel the heat coming from her face, as she moved it over my back, up to my neck, and gradually to one side of my face. Her breath, growing hot on my ear, was driving the blood with urgency to other areas of my body. My hands slowly began to creep up, and rub her thighs. Her mouth pressed against the back of my neck, and she dragged her lips up towards my ear. Reaching my earlobe, her small teeth bit it softly, and then I felt her tongue snake out, and lick behind my ear, and then inside it. My hands moved against her thighs harder, with more urgency. She moaned into my ear, her hands sliding down my sides, down my thighs. She pushed both hands under me, swiftly undoing my pants, and then pulled them down a slight bit, her mouth moving over my hip, and planting small kisses along the way. I felt her raise up, and she paused for a moment, and then I felt her nipples, hard, being dragged along my back. She slithered up my body again, and I half turned to try to face her.

Her eyes were darker, filled with passion, wanting. Her teeth gripped by earlobe softly, and her voice was almost a soft growl. “Roll over for me baby.”

I slowly obliged her, rolling over, and her hands gripped the waistband of my pants, and pulled them down, dragging my boxers with them. The air was cool on my skin, and my cock was growing harder. My pants off, she dropped them in a clump on the floor, and placed a hand on either side of my hips, and slid her breasts up between my legs, causing me to spread them slightly. My head rose slightly, to watch her, and her eyes captured mine, locking onto them. She offered her hands, and my hands met hers, our fingers intertwining, running together. Her lips brushed softly against the smooth skin of my balls, kissing each gently. She rose, her tongue sliding out, and she gently licked the bottom of my cock all the way up to the tip, circling her tongue around the head. Instinctively, my hands tightened on hers, and my eyes were fixated on her face. Her breasts were mashed against my thighs, as she licked her lips, and dragged them slowly over my throbbing member. I lay my head against the pillow, just indulging the sensations. I then felt her lips seal over the head of my cock, and slowly work down the shaft, slowly, inch by inch. Just using her head, our hands still together, her lips inching down my cock. I felt the head hit the back of her throat, and she adjusted, pushing farther down. I glanced up to see her lips planted at the base, her eyes closed, her head barely moving. She rose, letting my cock out, and then looked at me again, those dark eyes burning. I reached down to her, but she shrugged my attempt away.

“I want you to come for me,” she huskily whispered, and then, releasing my hands, she grabbed my cock with both hands and slowly started stroking it. Her mouth resumed its place on the head, and the fervor of her sucking increased, her hands stroking faster.

“Ohhhh fuck…” I groaned, my hands lost, gripping the sheet. Her intensity increasing, bringing me closer. Her lips created a tight seal on the head of my cock, and her hands were rapidly pumping the shiny shaft. She took one of her hands, and grabbed my hand, escort bostancı guiding it to her head. My other hand followed, and both were covered in a wave of black curls. I pushed down gently, guiding her head as her lips slid up and down my engorged shaft. After just a minute of this, I couldn’t take it anymore. My body slowly started tightening, and she seemed to sense it, and increased her intensity, bent on tasting me. My cock started twitching in her mouth, and one of her hands gripped the shaft tightly, while her lips wrapped tightly around the swollen head.

I groaned as my nuts started pushing semen out. The first spurt pushed out, firing into her mouth, splashing the back of her throat. Her hand pumped hard, pushing each erupting rope out and into her waiting mouth. Groaning as she milked my cock dry, I could hear her swallowing. When there was no more, she licked the head gently, sending shivers throughout my body.

She slid up my body, dangling those delicious breasts against my body. She let the nipples scrape against my skin as she moved towards my face. Her tanned body was flushed, and my hands gently caressed her curves as her face appeared before mine.

“You have anything left?” she asked with a raised eyebrow. A smirk flashed on her face right after that. I raised up my body, and my lips found hers, and we locked in a passionate kiss. She pressed her body against mine, sinking into me. I could feel the heat from her groin, her hard nipples mashed against my chest, her hair draped against my neck and shoulder.

My hands found her ass, and pulled it up my body. She sensed what I was doing, and allowed my hands to guide her hips, bringing them along until her pussy was over my mouth. Neatly trimmed, with small tan lines, it was already wet. I ran my lips against hers, and was rewarded with a soft moan. I pushed my tongue into her folds, tasting her, sweet and musky. My tongue circled slowly, sampling her, teasing. She began to moan louder, and her hips began to rotate slowly. I pushed my tongue into her, and felt her spasm slightly, as it tested the walls. My tongue slid up to her clit, circling it slowly. I heard her moaning even louder, and her hips were grinding against my face. I flicked my tongue against her, feeling her hard clit twitch with each stroke. My tongue pressed harder against it, and I heard her moaning louder. My mouth closed around her clit, and I began to suck it. Her moans were becoming whimpers now, and her hips were bucking harder against my face. I pushed a finger into her pussy, in and out, twisting. My mouth was sucking harder, my tongue pressing against her clit, drawing it out, feeling it throb. Her hips were moving spastically now, jerking as the wave was approaching her. She gripped the headboard, and was rocking hard, smearing my face with her juice. My mouth was trying to keep the pressure on her clit, and her pussy was coating my finger.

“Ohhh fuck baby, I am gonna cum…” Her words stretched out, lost in the moan that followed them. Her body was tense, as the feeling powered through her – her pussy was spasming wildly on my finger, and it began to flood my hand and face, as she came. Her moans were growing louder and louder, her hips bucking as the waves swept through her. She slumped forward against the wall, breathing heavily as the orgasm subsided.

Wordlessly, she slid back down my body, kissing me softly, tasting herself on my face. I felt her wet crotch slide down my chest and stomach, finally stopping when she felt my cock. She raised herself up, those dark eyes burning through me, and her hand slid down my body, and gripped the base of my cock, slowly guiding it into her. The swollen head pushed easily into her, and at the first hint of penetration, I was greeted with a long low moan. Her muscles were fluttering as the tip continued it journey deeper into her. I reached up, and cupped and squeezed her breasts, while she slowly rocked back and forth, the ragged length of my cock causing her to moan uncontrollably. She leaned forward, and my mouth found her nipple, sucking hungrily as my hands guided her hips. She gyrated slowly on me, her muscles pulling and clenching against me, deliciously wet. She pressed against me, her hips slowly moving, her breasts mashed against my chest. Her hips pumped up and down on me, pulsing on my cock.

“Ohhhh baby, please…” She was whimpering, pressing her body close to mine, her face nuzzling between my neck and shoulder. I could feel her breath each time she panted, her hips still gyrating rhythmically on mine. Her pussy was contracting on me, slowly starting to spasm as I could feel her drawing close yet again. Sensing her need for release, I grabbed her hips, and began to drive my cock into her faster and harder. She tried moving her hips with mine, but the orgasm was already starting. My hands were still guiding her hips, and I could feel her tightening. Her muscles were drawing up, the blood racing through her body as she neared. Her hips were bucking against mine, and her moans were growing louder. She buried her face against my shoulder, lips pressing against the skin, stifling the cries. Her pussy was clamping down on my cock, gripping the shaft, and trying to pull it deeper. Each stroke brought a whimper, and my body was matching hers. Slowly tightening underneath her, blood racing through my veins.

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