Strangers at the Lodge Pt. 01


I had been planning this trip for months. It was supposed to have been me and my three best friends from college all getting back together for a week in Colorado hitting the slopes and enjoying the weed…and women. Then Mark got engaged, Davy got the flu, and Brian…well…Brian was always fucking crazy, so it’s no real surprise that he just disappeared off the grid two weeks ago. So instead it was just me, a huge room at the lodge I couldn’t get out of, and the entire back row of the plane booked, paid for, with only me to fill it.

Just great.

So I may not have been in the greatest of mental spaces when I got to the airport. I might have been a bit surly with the too-chipper girl behind the booking desk. I also may have been scowling through the preflight check, and by the time the plane was about to leave the terminal, contemplating how many drinks I would order to help drown my sorrows. Because I was one of the first ones on, I was idly watching the other people who would be sharing the flight board the plane. There were the typical snow bunnies with the fake tans and the fake tits, the ‘dude bros’ whose sole purpose in life was to drink beer and ‘crush puss’ and all I could think about was how my week of bong hits and nerd conversations with my friends had all gone to crap.

In short, I was feeling miserable.

The plane was almost full, and I was thankful to have the back row to myself so I wouldn’t have to sit next to any of these mouth breathers when I saw her get on board. Short dark curly hair, curvy figure in a yellow sun dress despite it being January, and a sparkle in her eyes that said she was ready for mischievous adventure. In short, my kind of gal. She paused halfway down the aisle, then kept coming, even though all the other seats were taken. I had stretched out on all four of the seats I had paid for, but she just came right over, moved my feet to one side, and sat right next to me without saying a word. I was in a shit mood so even though she was attractive I was considering whether or not I was going to tell her to just go away. As I opened my mouth to finally say something she turned my way and stopped me in my tracks.

“I got the last seat on this bucket, and it was a middle seat between two dudes that reeked and probably each tipped the scales at 500 pounds. You have more room than you need back here, so this is where I’m sitting. Deal with it. I’m Sharon. Nice to meet you.”


That lame response was all I managed to say. Soon the drink cart came by and I got my usual, a whiskey and coke, and she surprised me again by ordering hot cocoa.

“I don’t drink.”

“Yeah…I don’t usually…except when I fly.”

“Are you a nervous flier? You don’t strike me as a nervous flier…”

“No, it’s just usually the best way to pass the time cramped on these tin cans.”

“Hm. Well, I’ll make you a deal. If you pass on the whisky, I’ll make sure you have a better time without it than you would with it.”

That mischievous glint was back in full effect and I was intrigued, so I passed the drink back to the flight attendant, paid for it, and said that the next person to order one could have mine instead. She nodded and went up to the next row. Sharon handed me her cocoa and pulled a blanket out of her carry on bag and draped it over us. She urged me to share in her sweet warm beverage since it was her doing that cost me mine, and so we sat under her blanket and sipped cocoa together. I had already pushed all the armrests up so my four seats were more like one long bench, and Sharon nestled into me.

“Mmmmm. My edibles are kicking in. Oh! Where are my manners? You’re going to Colorado, so you probably get high…you want some?”

“You mean you brought THC edibles with you on the plane?”

“You mean you never have?”

The sparkle in her eyes was back as she gave my thigh a squeeze under the blanket and dug into her bag. She popped a pair of golden pills into my hand and smirked.

“They’re 100 milligrams each, so you’ll be feeling just fine in about 10 minutes.”

I drained the last of the cocoa to take my medicine and as I tossed the cup in the trash as the flight attendant walked by Sharon snuggled in close to me and whispered in my ear, “Thanks for saving me from being stoned out of my gourd surrounded by half a ton of sour milk smelling midwesterners.”

As she thanked me her hand was slowly siding up my leg coming to rest on my crotch.

“I told you I would make sure you had a good time,” she purred as she draped a leg across my lap and pulled one of my hands over to rest on her thigh, “and I meant it. You and me are gonna join the mile high club HIGH.”

She undid my pants and deftly pulled my cock out. She subtly licked her fingers and started jerking me off under the blanket. I could feel the THC pills starting to take effect and could not believe how my fate had shifted from earlier in the day. I slid my hand under her dress and was xnxx not all that surprised to discover that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I did my best to reciprocate her talents but between the weed pills and her expertly stroking my dick, it was all I could do just to stimulate her clit. Not my best slide in to third base, but I’m also not used to using my left hand.

Not that it mattered one bit to Sharon. Within two minutes of rubbing her love button she was panting dirty talk into my ear, and when she came, I could feel her gush into my hand, her breathing hard and ragged, her hand gripping my cock tightly. When she finished her orgasm she nibbled my ear and whispered, “Wait three minutes then come join me.”

She slipped out from the blanket and went to the bathroom behind us. I started counting in my head, but barely made it to twenty before I crammed my dick back inside my pants, zipped them up and went to join her.

I found the one bathroom that read ‘occupied’ and gave a tentative knock. The door opened a crack and I saw that mischievously sparkling eye peek out at me before the door was opened and I was pulled inside the cramped space where Sharon was already naked.

She pulled me into her voluptuous body and kissed me deeply as she kicked the door shut behind us. Somehow I managed to get my pants down and was sitting in the sink, my arms wrapped around her and I started pawing at her bubbly ass cheeks. She slunk down to her knees and wrapped her tits around my cock. She smiled up at me as she jiggled her massive breasts up and down, the soft flesh enveloping my enormous cock, her tongue flashing out and licking the tip of my dick as it peeked out from the top of her cleavage. Soon she took me into her mouth, her fingers pleasuring herself as she sucked me off better than anyone in my entire life. I was reeling and was about to pop when she stood back up, wiping drool from her chin and then kissing me hard. Our tongues danced as we awkwardly shuffled around, trying to figure out the best way for me to get as much of my dick inside her as possible in the cramped confines of a bathroom built for one. Thankfully, she proved flexible as well as beautiful and with one leg nearly straight up in the air, and the other perched on the toilet seat I managed to slide my cock into her velvety pussy, eliciting a deep purr of satisfaction as we joined bodies. It wasn’t pretty, but a few thrusts later and she was once again whispering the dirtiest and filthiest sailor talk I had ever heard into my ear, and a moment more had her quivering in my arms as she came hard. I knew I was not far behind her, but everything had happened so quickly I hadn’t had the chance to, like a gentleman, ask where she wanted me to explode. Once again she anticipated the inevitable and growled into my ear, “You are going to cum on my tits. NOW.”

She somehow managed to gracefully pull herself off of me and sat down on the bowl, pressing her breasts together with one arm, and jerking me off with the other as I did what she commanded and shot my hot sticky load all over her sweet breasts. She popped my cock in her mouth and licked me clean before flashing me her Cheshire grin once again.

“You leave first, I gotta get cleaned up.”

I was in a stupor as I fumbled around and managed to find my pants, started to put them on backward, figured out my error, got them on properly, and cautiously stepped out back into the rear of the plane. I tried to avoid the eyes of the flight attendants as I quickly slunk back into my seat and dove under the blanket. A few minutes later and Sharon rejoined me, also getting under the blanket. As soon as she was seated the announcement came over the speakers that we would be starting our final descent into Denver, and that everyone needed to be buckled in. Sharon snuggled back into me and sighed contentedly.

We sat that way for the next few minutes as we touched down and taxied into the terminal. When the plane came to a halt everyone else stood up and started getting their bags from the overhead rack, but Sharon was not in any hurry, and really, since we were at the back of the plane, it wouldn’t have done any good to be in a rush anyway. Nearly everyone else was off the plane before she finally pulled away from me and gave me a peck on the cheek. “Thanks for saving me from a miserable flight in more ways than one Mike.” I hope you have a good vacation.”

And with that she rolled up her blanket and stuffed it in her bag, flashed me one last peek at her ass as she got up to leave, and with a bounce of dark curls she sashayed up the aisle and out the door, leaving me to collect my wits, my bags, and try to figure out how my day could have possibly gone from such utter shit to utterly glorious. If this was how this vacation was starting, I figured it could only go downhill from there.

Boy was I wrong.

I was in quite the stupor as I exited the plane and went to the baggage claim. Of COURSE there was an hour bakire porno delay in getting the bags from the plane to where we could pick them up, but to be honest, I doubt I could have cared any less. I was still in the euphoric fog of being high as hell, and having been soundly and thoroughly fucked on the plane trip here to Denver from Houston.

If there are two cities that are more different than those two it would be hard to imagine. Even in January Houston somehow manages to be muggy, but that first step out into the crisp mountain air was invigorating. It was like being on a whole different planet, and I had the next week to enjoy it. I got an Uber, and took it to a dispensary which had an order already waiting for me. I am big on pre-planning for events, so I had already bought enough weed and hardware to go along with it to last four people seven days. I had no idea what I was going to do with it all since now it was just me, but hey, it was already bought and paid for, no point in letting it sit there. Maybe I would throw a party to get rid of it all before I flew out. Who knows. After that it was an hour drive to the small ski town and the resort where I would be staying.

I got out and checked into the resort, took my bags up to the gigantic suite and took the biggest bedroom. It was then that the overwhelming loneliness washed over me. The view from the room was majestic in the way only God can create. The room itself was luxurious and comfortable. I had enough weed to take care of Willie Nelson and Family, but nobody to share it with.

Fuck sitting around feeling sorry for myself though. I got up, took a shower to refresh myself after the journey and grabbed a bite to eat from the restaurant attached to the lodge and decided to hit the slopes one time before it got dark. I would only have time for one good run, but I figured it would do me some good to get some exercise in before spending the evening breaking in the new bong and watching stupid comedies on HBO.

I got all geared up and walked to the lift. I got in line when suddenly I got pasted with a snowball in the back. I turned and got another one right in the face and heard a distinctly familiar giggle. I wiped the snow out of my eyes just quick enough to see someone jumping at me and was promptly tackled, falling onto my back. Dark curly hair tickled the sides of my face, and underneath snow goggles I saw the mischievous sparkling eyes of Sharon. She kissed the tip of my nose.

“Mike! PLEASE tell me you are staying here too!”

“Um. Yup. I have a suite for the next week.”

She let out an excited giggle and helped me up. We got on the lift together and I told her all about the trip I had planned with my college buddies and how they had all backed out at the last minute.

Then we were at the top of the slope. She jumped off with exuberance and yelled ‘last one down is a rotten egg!’ as she started slicing her way down the mountain. I was no slouch on skis myself, so I grinned and chose a slightly more challenging…but ultimately faster path. She had a head start, but I got to the end of the slope first, and was waiting for her when she chose not to slide to a halt, but to collide with me once again to stop her momentum and so once again we wound up tangled in a heap in the snow, but this time I wound up on top.

“Why Mike…is that a ski pole in your pants or are you just happy to get hit by a rotten egg?”

“Sharon…you are without a doubt the cutest rotten egg I’ve ever been hit with.”

I leaned in and kissed her. She tasted like peppermint and her mouth was warm and inviting, her lips plump and soft. She writhed under me and even through the layers of clothing between us I could feel her sensual body responding to mine.

“Would you like to come see my room?”

She nodded, dark curls flecked with snow framing rosy cheeks. We got up and made our way back to my room. I opened the door for her and showed her in. Her jacket fell by the door. Her boots were discarded a few feet into the room, her snow pants a few feet after that. She looked around the grand suite, casually taking off her clothes as she went. By the time she got to the master bedroom she was topless, and just after she walked through the bedroom door her arm popped back out, panties dangling from her finger, before fluttering to the ground, and she crooked her finger at me, beckoning me to join her as the arm slowly vanished into the bedroom.

I had watched all this take place from the door. I walked to the bedroom, still clothed, and when I looked into the room I saw her curvy, petite form sprawled out on the four-poster king sized bed. Her legs were splayed and she was touching herself. I watched her fingers flit across her clit, slide inside her, then she reached up and caressed her breasts, squeezing her nipples, before starting the rotation over again. I slowly took off my clothes as I watched her, but while I could see bedava porno everything she was doing, my eyes never left hers.

Her eyes were gorgeous, a deep ocean blue flecked with green, and I drank her in. I pulled my shirt over my head and her eyes widened as she looked at my chest and abs. I took care of my body, and I could see she approved. I turned around as I slid my underwear off to give her a good look at my ass, which I have been told is my best feature. We didn’t really get to see all that much of each other in the cramped airplane bathroom, so now we both were putting on a show. My thick nine inch cock was standing at attention as I turned back around to her, and crawled onto the bed, kissing a trail from her delicate toes, up to her ankle, her calves, switching legs every few kisses, up to her knee, then thigh, and as I spread her pussy lips with my fingers she ran her fingers through my short dark hair and pulled my head into her.

I licked her up and down. I sucked her clit, flicked it with my tongue, and massaged it with my fingers. I probed inside her wet, warm and inviting pussy with my tongue and fingers. Her first orgasm came almost immediately. The second only a minute after the first, and by the time my jaw started to hurt from my oral ministrations, I had lost count of the times she had quivered and moaned her delight. When I finally came up for air I looked down at her lying like a limp rag, awash in adorable afterglow, her nipples still pert and attentive.

“THAT was amazing Mike. You have had some practice. I’m not sure I can make my legs work anymore after that.”

“Oh, you don’t have to.”

I grabbed her by the ankles and lifted her legs up, spreading them to make room for me between them. My cockhead brushed against her clit and her eyes widened again as she took a deep breath in anticipation.

“Fuck me Mike. Please. But slow at first…I want you to take your time and enjoy it.”

Those were my thoughts precisely. I leaned over and kissed her again. Every kiss was an adventure. She never kissed the same way twice, so each one was a new exploration of lips and tongues, dancing and twirling. My hands reached to cup her breasts in my hands, feeling their plump firmness. She reached around and her small hands grabbed ahold of my ass, positioning me where she wanted me, then she reached between us and as my mouth clamped around her breast, she guided my cock inside her. She moaned as the tip slid in, and I sucked on her nipples as I slowly pushed my cock into her wet and ready pussy. When I got halfway in, I gave her a mischievous smile of my own and slowly pulled my cock out of her. She pouted in the most adorable fashion as I straightened back up. I rubbed my cockhead against her clit and her eyes went hungry. She started whimpering and I gave in. I put the tip inside her again, and this time I eased every inch of me inside her. She arched her back, her breasts falling into her face as she grabbed the sheets and bit her lower lip. I had seen this reaction before. It’s not so much the length of my cock, which is sizable, but it’s the girth that really fills women up. On the plane she we were cramped for space so I maybe got halfway inside her, but now that we had room to really connect, she was feeling every bit of me, and I loved watching her take it all.

I slowly started thrusting into her, but even as slow as I was going she was gasping out ‘Oh God! You’re so big! It’s so big! Oh go easy! Oh yes! Oh FUCK your cock is huge!’ You get the idea. Her hands reached up and caressed my chest, then around to grab ahold of my ass. She guided my thrusts for a few minutes while she got acclimated to fucking me. We were going at a pace I could maintain for hours if needed. Long, slow, steady pumping of my shaft inside her slick tunnel. I leaned down and we kissed again, arms wrapping around each other, and with a breathy giggle she squirmed and heaved me onto my side, rolling over so she could be on top. Somehow she managed to accomplish this without my cock slipping free, a feat in itself, as she wriggled her ass on top of me and sighed contentedly.

“Like…I felt your cock on the plane before. I knew it was a giant. I thought when we fucked earlier I was stretched out but that was nothing compared to this. Mmmm.”

She rocked back and forth, grinding her body against mine, then started bouncing up and down, her breasts keeping rhythm, her hands behind her, braced on my thighs. She rode me with fervor, raised her hands along the sides of her body, cupping her breasts, then along the sides of her face, and through her curly shoulder length hair. I looked up at her angelic face as she writhed atop me and was simply enchanted. Maybe karma was real after all and this was my payback for my friends bailing on me. If that was the case, then I was grateful to the universe.

Sharon spun around and rode me in reverse cowgirl for a while, giving me a fantastic view of her ass as she rode her way to yet another orgasm, this time she clutched her own breasts as she bounced up and down and her body convulsed in the intensity of her climax. When it subsided, she slumped forward, breathing heavily. She mumbled into the bed ‘your turn.’

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