Strangers in the Parking lot.

Blowing Dick

Strangers in the Parking lot.It started out one summer day. I went into the computer room to check my mail and to my surprise I got a bunch of pictures from Tiffany in my mail. I opened them up and each one was different and she had captions for each one like, “I want this in my pussy” It was a pic of a huge cock. Then another one was a pic of a girl with her face buried in another girls pussy and it said, “I wish I could have this for dinner.”Well, I knew what she had in mind. I came out of the room and told her, “Lets go for a ride somewhere.” She knew what I meant and went into the bedroom to change into something slutty that she knew I would like. Then she went out the back door and went to the car and got in. Tiffany already started playing with her pussy. She had her skirt pulled up and was playing away. I Said, “Someone might see you.” She said, “I hope so and kept going getting her pussy all wet. Well, we went driving around and it was hot outside but had a bright full moon so you can still see. We went driving around some neighborhoods güvenilir bahis and noticed a guy was walking down the street and he was about 20 or so. I looked at her and said, “are you thinking what i’m thinking?” She said again, “I hope so.” There was a parking lot down the street where he was walking to and we pulled down to it and parked. He was still about 200 yards away, which gave us enough time to get ready. Tiffany pulled up her shirt and exposed her tits and started to play with them and rubbing them waiting for him to walk by and see. He got closer and closer and looked like he wanted to see more, because it looked like he seen her doing what she was doing and wanted to get a closer look. Just then I turned on the inside light to the car and he sees her licking her nipples. She rolls down the window and looks at him and motions him to come over. He looks around and started to walk over. Tiffany said, “Would you like some of this?” He nodded his head saying, “hell yeah” So she pushed her tits together and out the window türkçe bahis for him to lick on them which he did with delight. Tiffany started moaning with a complete stranger licking her tits. Then she wanted more. So she put a towel on the door for comfort and put her legs out the window and spread them so he could ride her pussy. Then he pulls down his pants and had a huge hard on waiting to plung it deep into her. He climbs on top and started to push it into her hot pussy. She moans slightly as he thrust it deep. Then he started to pump slowly and she said, “faster” he started to fuck her faster. I loved to see it go in and out of her pussy and watching her take it deep made my cock so hard I took it out and started to stroke my own. After a min I couldn’t hold back any more and got up and shot a huge load into her waiting open mouth and across her lips as she swallowed it and licked her lips. Just then he pulls his cock out of her pussy and shoots cum all over her thighs and pussy. Then pulled up his pants and took off. Tiffany was güvenilir bahis siteleri still wanting more and she noticed that another guy was watching from a spot and saw the entire thing. Then she said, “I need more cock.” As she climbed out of the car, Tiffany closed the door behind her and leaned in the window with her ass towards the guy. Then she spreads her legs and pulled up her skirt over her ass and starts to rub her wet spot then it didn’t take long for her hand to be replaced by the guy’s cock who was watching her. He started to pump her as and started to moan loudly, “FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD!” he grabbed her hips and thrust her deep and fast. She loved being taken from behind like a dirty slut. She kept on moaning and demanding him to fuck her good and just then he shot his wad deep inside her pussy. She loved the feeling of a huge wad of hot cum pumping inside her and kept filling her till it oozed out because she didn’t think he was going to stop cumming inside of her. Then she came at the same time. And the hot fucking slowed to a stop and the k** left and she climbed into the car and noticed I came again as well. I liked that spot and once in a while we drive their to see if anyone was waiting. I seen the one guy but we didn’t stop. Maybe some other time.

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