Stress Relief Continues


“Did you have a good nap?”

“Mmmhmmm, I was worn out.”

“Really, how come?”

“Mmmmm, somebody kept me busy earlier today, I was exhausted.”

“But you’re rested now?”

“Yeah, I think so. What have you got in mind?”

“Dinner, got to make sure you have plenty of energy,” and he produced take out from a nearby restaurant and began setting it on the table in the room.

I reached for my robe and dropped into a chair, snuggling into my robe, appreciating the spicy aroma as he opened each container. “Mmmm, that smells good.”

We sat and ate, talking about random things, enjoying the food and the company. I tried several times to move my chair closer to his, to reach out to touch, ready to forget about food, wanting instead to feel his body pressing into mine again. He wouldn’t let me, he just kept talking. I gave up trying to distract him back into bed, and began eating, until I felt his foot snake up my leg, caressing all the way up my calf, then, further up until he pushed my thighs apart. I closed my eyes, and let my head fall forward, allowing the sensations to roll through me. He pushed forward a little more so that he grazed along my clit, and I jumped, my head snapped up, and my eyes locked with his. I felt my face flush as I held his gaze. I wanted to look away, but his eyes burned into mine, and I couldn’t. My entire body reacted, aroused more than I wanted to admit to myself by just the pressure of his foot on my thighs, my calves, and back up again.

Scared by how easily I reacted to him, I tried to will my body to stop, even as I felt a warm, languid feeling ease through my body. My eyes narrowed, nearly to a glare. This was a control I hated to lose more than any other. My body wouldn’t listen to me. My body was betraying me, wanting him more and more, reaching for him, even as my mind demanded control sikiş izle back. It was too late. Too late to deny that the slick warmth I felt between my legs was for anyone but him. I know he could see the hesitation, the indecision in my eyes, so he stood and walked around behind me. He pulled the luxurious robe off my shoulders and leaned down to bite my neck. All that was left of my hesitations vanished as my head rolled forward to give him better access. He pulled me to my feet, and turned me around, pulling my chin up to look him in the eye. “What was that all about?”

“Nothing that matters.” I sighed as I rose up on my toes to try to kiss him.

“Are you sure?”

“Mmmm, yeah, I’m really sure,” I sighed as I leaned farther into him, feeling the evidence of his body’s reaction to me pressing into my stomach. “Why are you still dressed?”

“I don’t know, why don’t you take care of that.”

“My pleasure,” I smiled as I pulled his shirt from his pants and pushed him to the bed so I could pull it off. Another push had him lying on the bed where I could better deal with the next obstacle, his pants. I eased the zipper down and his impatience got the better of him as he sat up to pull them completely off. He rolled over on top of me, covering me with his body, pressing me into the bed. I wrap my arms up around his neck as I sigh contentedly, enjoying the weight of him, the pressure of him covering me completely. He leaned down to nip at my neck, moving up towards my ear. He took his time, stopping to kiss, to nip, to enjoy my tender flesh.

He turned my head to the other side and worked the same magic up to my other ear where he stopped to whisper words I don’t know I even understood, my body was too far gone, too far melted to understand the soft words he spoke. He bit down on my ear lobe and my body pulsed in reaction, brazzers my nails dug into his shoulders, and my hips pushed up into him. My fingers drifted up to lace through his hair as I pulled his mouth to mine. I savor the sensations of his mouth on mine. He adjusts our bodies so that he can slowly enter me, keeping a slow steady rhythm matching that of his tongue as he moves slowly over my body. It is a slow burn, but a hot one. Seconds melted into minutes as he continued the slow, seductive rhythm. The orgasm that shook my body was not a sudden flash, but the result of the slow, sultry movement. My breath came in short pants as I feel the blood pulse through my body, through my muscles as I try to press my self even closer to him.

As my breathing returned to normal, I opened my eyes to meet his ice blue gaze and sighed, “wow.”

He smiled down at me, “Like that did you?”

“Don’t look so smug, damnit,” I said as I pushed on his shoulder, thinking to roll both of us over.

“I don’t think so,” he laughed, “I’m not through with you here just yet.”

“Mmmm, what else did you have in mind?”

“You’ll see,” he said as he ran his hands down my legs to pull them up so that my feet were planted on his chest. I expected a faster rhythm as he began again to move inside of me, but he continued the slow torture. His hand ran down my thigh, and around to stroke my ass. He dug his fingers into the flesh, squeezing, massaging with firm, strong movement. I pushed my hips forward, trying to control the movement if only for a moment, but it was enough to bring another orgasm slamming through my body.

“Oh, wow,” I sighed.

Instead of letting me recover, he kept moving, with maddening control, strong sure strokes, like he did everything. So sure of himself, and of what he was doing to me. His hands roamed fake taxi porno my body, teasing, touching, caressing in an unhurried way. I felt my body moving to climax again, and wanted release frantically. I wanted him to feel the same desperate need that I was feeling. I tried to hang on, wanting to prolong this pleasurable pressure I felt, but, even of that I didn’t have control. His hand slid to my belly, then below, to lightly graze over my clit, and my hips bucked forward in release. The tremors that wracked my body were more intense than any earthquake, and the small aftershocks that seemed to keep coming as he continued the light caresses over my clit.

Again, my eyes drifted to his, reading the satisfaction there, the near gloating in his eyes as he smiled down at me again. He enjoyed that I had no control over my body, or of his. He enjoyed knowing I was satiated, satisfied as I lay there beneath him. As if sensing I could not take any more of the slow torture, he began moving again, but with a more frantic tempo. I saw a change in his eyes, I saw the same animal desire that I knew mine held for him. Finally, I saw that he was not quite so unaffected by this as he wanted to be. There were no pretenses in the look he gave me. It burned into me, that heavy lidded gaze, seeing my own passion, my own wants and desires being given right back to me. He now held my hips, holding me in place as he pushed harder and faster into me, not stopping, even as I rode through one, then another orgasm. He stopped only to push farther into me, harder into me, as I felt him finally cum, pulsing into me, filling me more than I realized I could be filled.

“Wow,” he said lightly against my ear as he collapsed beside me.

“That’s my line,” I smiled as I turned to him.

“Yeah, well, it seemed to fit.”

“Yes, yes it did,” I murmured as I watched him close his eyes, slipping slowly into sleep. I took the opportunity to run my hands down his body, exploring his body as he slept in vulnerable peace beside me. Soon, though, I too stretched, rolled to my stomach, and closed my eyes as well.

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