Strickly Business

Strickly BusinessThere was tension between Tonya and I that had been going on for months. She is a very attractive, sexy, strong, confident young woman who likes to be in control. We are Both Office managers in the company but in different offices.One night we were having a videophone conference with our District Supervisor. We were the only ones whose present was mandatory in our district, mainly because the Southfield (mine) and the Royal Oak (hers) were the only offices pushing product and making money.We sat in the darken conference room waiting for the DS to appear and she was doing her usual thing of trying to piss me off and I was returning the favor. We had the TV turned on watching HBO and fucking with one another. The phone ranged about an hour after the conference was suppose to began and someone told us that the DS had been detained and would not be able to join the conference so we would reschedule for next week.As we hung up the phone and started getting ready to leave Sex in the city was coming on the TV. “OH no! I’m missing my show. I never miss City unless there is a flood, fire or plague. Could you hold on for a while so I can watch this, I hate being in this building by myself at night”. I had about another page for our annual report to write so I open my laptop and told her that she owed me one.I was deep into my report when something the women on the show were talking about, as they were having dinner, caught my attention. One said something about men always wanting blow-jobs and another saying she wouldn’t swallow and another saying she did.. for the right guy. Another said she never did and another was saying she only gave head to get head.Tonya saw that the show had my attention and said from the other side of the table “It that true? Men only give head to get head’. She was expecting to get a rise out of me and she did but I refuse to let it show, instead I looked her in the eye and said, “I could be wrong but oral sex should be just another way two people can share something special”.My answer, although total bullshit, threw her for a loop so I added, “As I always say and I quote For all the joy that is two lovers, end quote”. She looked at me stunned “That was beautiful, who said that”? I looked up from my laptop and said, “I did”.She sat watching the show for a while longer then said, “You are saying that sex is only for people in a relationship. And… let’s say I took your dick out right now and started sucking on it you wouldn’t enjoy it. And then take it and stuff it ball deep in my pussy and fuck the shit out of you, you would have some objection, motherfucker please”!She slammed a pen she had been playing with between her fingers onto the table. She stared at me shaking her head and said, “You men are all the same, you got two heads but the one hanging between your legs has the most sense”.I looked up calmly looked up from my work and said with as much sympathy as I could muster “You know it is so sad that the choices in men you’ve made in your life has deprived you of the joy that is found in a good alanya escort bayan healthy relationship. She sat stewing so I added, “And the greatest sadness is that you would have so much to offer a man in a good healthy, loving relationship”. HE’S UP, HE SHOOTS, HE SCORES, I thought to myself.I guess that little thing with the pity in my eyes did it, she rose from her chair knocking it over with fire in her eyes, “What the fuck do you know about me… you…you don’t know shit about me Motherfucker. I do what the fuck I want to do when I fucking want to do it. No man… naw, nobody will EVER tell me how to live my life or who I should fuck or why. I do what I want, if I want and motherfucker…”, she said with a head roll, “How many times I fucking want”. I had her going beyond my wildest dream so I added “Yes yes I know, everybody knows you got it all together, it’s okay just calm down I agree with you… yes I do.. wholeheartedly… you got your shit together”.She took off like a rocket then I thought she was going to hit me. “Motherfucker don’t patronize me, I’m no goddamn c***d… n***** I will…..” She stopped in mid sentence then turned and gathered up her papers and turned to me curtsied and said “Game set match, I bow to the master”. She smiled and pointed her finger and said, “I WILL get you back you clever asshole. You know as well as I know that I will get you back”. She walked around the table and bent and kissed me on the cheek “Watch your ass my friend” she said in my ear “Watch your ass”. The she turned and went out the door.We kept missing each other over the next week then the DS said that we would have that conference the following night. She was sitting at the end of the conference table when I walk in “Mr. Wilson” she said as a form of greeting. “The most beautiful, miss, and I quote, got her shit together Tonya”. I returned. Daggers shot from her eyes and she returned to her papers.The conference started and there was something wrong with one of the cameras so the DS told us to share one camera. Tonya moved from her place at the end of the table and scooted out next to me. When she did I could see that she didn’t have on panties. Her hairless pussy drew my eyes like a magnet. I was distracted throughout the conference but manage to be up on every question put to me and when Tonya was asked about expenditures from last budget I ran my finger over her pussy lips and then pulled her swollen lips. I thought she was going to jump out of her skin but, I got to give it to her, she didn’t flinch an inch.The conference ended with the DS showering us with praise and telling us to keep up the great work. As soon as the screen went blank Tonya turned, slapped my hand me and said “That was dirty, but as you see asshole, it didn’t work”.She put one of her legs over the arm of the chair. Her pussy had opened and the hole was clearly visible at the bottom of her slit. “You know it’s a pity that you think that sex is a gift shared only by lovers. I mean after all this sexual tension between us over the past six months if you escort alanya didn’t believe that then I could just come over there, take that big tasty dick out of your pants, lick it until it was all nice and shiny. Then you know what I would do”? She rubbed her opened lips and I could see the trickle of wetness running between her ass. “I’d take your dick in my mouth and suck just the head at first then I’d take the whole thing down in my throat. I can swallow a dick whole…did you know that”?She had one finger running around the outer lips of her pussy and from time to time it would dip into her pussy hole. “Yeah it a damn shame, I got a big juicy dick right here and I have to go to a bar, pick up some strange dick and let him eat my pussy then put his dick in my mouth and suck the cum out of him.Then you know that I’d do”? She was plunging her fingers deeply into her wet pussy as she spoke, “I would suck his dick until it got hard again then I’d sit on it and let it sink deep inside my pussy”. She smiled at me licking her lips then added, “You know my pussy would be wet then, it would be so hot that the juice pouring out of it would burn his ball but he’d love it. I’d tell him as he fucked me that if he fucked me good that when he shot his load that I would lick his dick clean”.She was looking at me with those drop dead gorgeous eyes. “Do you know what would happen if he got hard again while I was licking his big fat delicious dick”?she ran her tongue along her lips and said in a low throaty voice, “I would bent over and let him put that sweet, big old fat dick in my ass. I would fuck him until we both came again and then kiss his balls and sent him on his way”.I sat with both my arms on the armrest not moving while she spoke and fingered her wet pussy. She then took two fingers and rammed them inside her pussy and began fucking herself. She arched her back as she came and collapsed on the chair.After a moment I stood and unzipped my pants. I pulled my rock hard dick out of my pants and began stroking it. “And you know what I’ll have to do after hearing that exciting tale? I would have to go home to my woman and tell her about what happen. Then I would, without foreplay rip her panties off and throw her onto the bed. I’d lick her legs only until I reach her pussy. I would think of your wet pussy while I ate her. I would think of how the juice ran from your cunt as you fingered it. I would lick her asshole as I remember how yours was wet from the juice flowing down from your dripping pussy. I would try to stick my tongue as deep into her ass as I could. After I reamed her ass I would lick her pussy lips thinking about yours… all swollen as you finger fucked yourself. I would put my finger in her ass as I sucked her pussy lips”.I felt myself winning as she scooted her chair closer until my cock was only a few inches from her face. I leaned forward until my dick was less that a inch from her slightly parted lips. “After I made her cum from my licking her pussy and fingering her ass I would move up her body until my dick alanya escort was so close to her lips that I could feel her breathing on my dick”.She inhaled deeply and moved her head from side to side almost touching my dick. “Then I would push my dick pass her lips and into her mouth. I would slowly mouth fuck her faster and faster until I shot my hot load of cum into her mouth. She would hold my dick inside her mouth until she swallowed all my cum. Then she would lick my shaft then my balls until I got hard again. I would move down and lick her pussy some more to make sure it was good and wet. Then I would place my dick at the opening of her pussy and push and push until my dick was buried deep inside her body.I would fuck her and take two of her fingers and lick and suck them as I fucked her wonderful pussy. I would want to cum but wouldn’t until she could share it with me”. I pumped my dick faster and Tonya moved closer and opened her mouth. My dick was actually inside of her mouth but she didn’t close her lips over it. “We would both feel ourselves cumming and we would rejoice. I would feel her hot pussy grabbing my dick as she came and I would release my hot cum inside her. She may wrap her legs around me and we would kiss as we soared above the clouds”.Tonya had been fingering her pussy as I spoke and she looked up at me and as she did my dick touched her bottom lip. She pulled back a little and just said, “You win” and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking on it. I watched as this woman was ravaging my dick with her hot talented mouth. I stood her up still clamped to my dick, spun her upside down, open her legs and buried my face in her pussy. She hung upside down sucking my boner while I munched on her pussy. She came so hard I couldn’t hold her any longer. I put her down on the table and spun her around again and walked between her legs. I entered her pussy with one stroke we fucked hard and frantic as we raced to our cum. I blasted her pussy with my load and she screamed her orgasm. We held one another still joined. My dick softened and slipped out of her hole. I rose up and Tonya just continued to lay on the conference table with her legs opened. “What are you going to tell your girlfriend.. I mean about what happen here. This wasn’t suppose to happen like this”.My cum was oozing out of Tonya open pussy and I started getting hard again. I walked between her legs again and pointed my dick at her hole. I rubbed it over the opening then pushed forward and reentered her pussy “Oh shit that’s good” Tonya said as I began to fuck her again. “I don’t have a girlfriend anymore”. I told her “She left me almost a month ago I don’t know where she went and she hadn’t come back. She got tired of me coming home after midnight sometimes and leaving before daybreak. This damn job, I hate it sometimes”.She growled and said “Shut the fuck up and fuck me’, she said rising to meet my strokes, “Good you don’t have a woman, now I can scratch the hell out of you when I cum and don’t have to worry about some bitch bugging, now shut and fuck me”.And fuck her I did, it turned out to be the best thing that could ever happen to us. We had someone to give us sex and somebody to have dinner with, when we have the time, but don’t get upset when we have to be working to some ungodly hour.

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