Subject: Strike Two Chapter 38 (Adult/Youth he could see the disappointment in the teen’s eyes. “Why?” Logan asked. “We’re going to be opening a new show in two months. You should come see it.” Carson told Logan and Scott. “I wish I could. I live in Minnesota, so it would be kind of hard to do so.” Logan told Carson and Jack. “Hey, we have to go or we are going to miss our ride.” Jack said to Carson. Logan knew they had to go. It was still early for Scott and himself, but he knew Carson and Jack needed to get to the theatre. “I am looking forward to seeing you guy performing tonight.” Logan said. “Hey, if you are allowed stay after the show and I will show you around.” Carson said smiling at Jack. “Really, that would be so cool and my friend come too?” Logan asked. Both Carson and Jack told him that would be find, then headed down the hall to the elevator. Logan was so excited to be able to go to the musical. Little did he know Scott and logan would be back at the hotel being pounded by the two boys they met in the hall. *** Adian sat in his room looking at the clock. The rain was coming down hard. All games and practices had been canceled for the day. He was waiting for Ryo to come across the hall to let him know when his father got to the Grove. He was excited to go with them to the pool. Ryo said he had a surprise for him once they got there. He wondered what it might be. It was twelve thirty when both Miki and Ryo izmit sınırsız escort bayan show up to his room. Adian grabbed his stuff and the three boys headed down to the car Mr. Abe had for them. “You boys have a special coach again today.” Mr. Abe told them. “Is it the same coach as yesterday?” Ryo asked his father. “Yes, he will be there.” Ryo’s father told the boys. Both Miki and Ryo giggled knowing the secret that Adian doesn’t know. They were already jealous that Adian was able to meet two Pro baseball players and one retired Pro baseball player. As they pulled up to the up to the school. Adian noticed the school buses parked out in front of the school. “Is this the surprise? Do we get to swim and dive with the others high schools diving team?” Adian asked. Both boys snickered as the car pulled to a stop in front of the school. Mr. Abe left with the driver but said he would be back before the boys would begin their diving. Inside the School the boy’s followed some of the teens that had got off the bus, while they got out of the car. Adian wondered where Mr. Abe was going and what he meant by he would be back before the lessons would begin. The rain was still coming down when they left the ballparks. There was no way there would be any practices or games being played today. It also looked like there would be delays to start the day tomorrow. That is if the rain does not stall. The evinde görüşen escort three boys followed the other boy into the locker room. They headed over to the lockers they had used before, they had the combination to the locks so they could store their clothes in those lockers. Adian looked around, he could see other boys and teens in different stages of undress. This was not the first-time he had undressed in front of this many teens and boys. But Adian felt shy because of the of the size of his penis. Sure, he was bigger than most boys back then but not as big as he was now. “You’re quiet.” Ryo said watching Adian undress. “Oh sorry, I am not use to changing in front of so many people.” Adian said as he looked around. All around him were half naked and naked teens and some pre-teens. Adian was surprised that Ryo, Miki and himself were not the only twelve-year-old boys who were above average. But there were others who were below average as well, not just pre-teens but teenagers as well. Adian, Ryo, and Miki were not the only ones checking out the others around them. Several of the boys around them were also checking out Adian’s well-built body as well as his six-inch penis. A few of them were eve wondering if Adian was a new swim team member just joining the group. New talented swimmers and divers were always joining the workouts and clinics. Once dressed the boys headed out to the pools. kocaeli sınırsız escort bayan This school had two pools one for diving and the other was where swim meets would be held. Adian and his friends headed over to the diving pool. Adian saw Mr. Abe talking to a man standing by the soaking pool where three other teens were sitting. The warm up pool was just that, a pool that was that. Its average temperature ranges between 100 to 120 degrees. Its purpose was to keep the divers’ muscles loose between dives. As the boys approached, Mr. Abe stepped aside, Adian noticed a man who looked familiar but was unsure as to who it might be. He remembered his father talking about this man and had even shown him some videos of the man diving in the Olympics. However, Adian could not think of what the man’s name was again. “Hey boys come on over.” Mr. Abe said and the boys walked over to the man and Mr. Abe. As the boys stopped in front of the man Mr. Abe spoke in Japanese to Adian. “Adian, I would like to introduce to you two-time Olympic diving champion Mr. Greg Louganis.” To be continued. Sorry this chapter did not contain any sex. But as I have said before not all chapters will contain sex. Adian is dreaming of his mother again. It is good to see that he has not forgotten his love for his mother. Carson Coleman and Jack Logan are characters from a story Craig P Nifty wrote, that I enjoyed so much the name of the story is Carson gets cast. Here is a link to some of his stories. Nifty Archive Prolific Authors Craig P Nifty. Other stories written by me can also be found at Nifty Archives Prolific authors under Blade Hamer. Thank for reading and please donate to Nifty. So, authors like myself have a place to post stories for you to read and fty/

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