Strip Club Playtime


I’m a man of few risks, reserved and relatively happy. Lately though my life has lacked excitement. I haven’t had sex in nearly four months, and I’m not really sure why. I needed new inspiration in my life, but I just wasn’t sure what that was.

While heading to my next sales call for work, I passed The Dollhouse, a local strip club in town. I’ve driven by The Dollhouse so many times it seemed almost routine, yet never been inside. A proverbial lightbulb lit up in my head, and my mind was made instantly. This would be a different day.

Taking a deep breath, I rationalized to myself why this was a perfect idea. I began to get out of the car but stopped. While in the club, I wouldn’t have any need for my ring. I spun it around my ring finger a few times and pulled it off, placing it in the glove box. What my wife doesn’t know won’t hurt her, will it?

As I walked in the door, I was met by a gorgeous redheaded woman. She smiled and took my cover charge money, along with telling me what to expect once I went inside. While anticipating an audience of degenerates and other random perverts, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. The clientele was mostly average, normal-looking, professional men. Most wore dress shirts and ties – some even in full suits. My guess was they cut out of work early just like me. I found a quiet table near the stage and sat down.

While watching the show on stage, I had a sense that someone was behind me. Turning to look around, I was stunned to see such a pretty girl standing over me. Her eyes met mine instantly – ocean blue and sparkling as she smiled. She had straight light blonde hair that cascaded to her shoulders. Her tall, thin body was amazing. I couldn’t believe she was really talking to me. I was unusually nervous around her, and felt flutters in my stomach. This girl was gorgeous! Her small, wonderful breasts were tucked nicely into her white nightgown, and tiny nipples poked out against the silky fabric. She sat down and introduced herself as Tara.

We talked for a while, and I learned more about this lovely girl. She was so easy to talk to – like we’d been friends for years. It turns out this was Tara’s first week working as a dancer. Her friend had dared her to dance at Amateur Night the week before and she’d won first prize. She told me she was working her way through college; and although this wasn’t her ideal career choice, it beat waiting tables for low wages. She was nineteen and still looking to taste what the world had to offer. I marveled at my good fortunes. All I could think about was how much I was looking to taste what SHE had to offer. I didn’t hesitate when Tara asked if I wanted to pay to have a private dance with her – I bet I’d be her easiest sale all day. She excused herself for a few minutes, saying she had to talk with the club manager, and that she’d be back shortly.

As she walked away, a dark-haired beauty quickly took her place next to me. Wearing a red bra and panties outfit with black lace trim, she was flowing with sexual heat. Her C-sized breasts were bursting out of her bra. Smiling sweetly at me, her beautiful eyes lit up with curiosity. This girl seemed so young and innocent – I guessed she couldn’t be much older than eighteen. She put her hand on my lap, boldly güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri rubbing her fingers against my suit pants. My cock grew and pushed out to meet her touch.

“My name’s Chastity. How you doing baby?” she asked me. Her voice was huskier than I imagined it would be.

“I’m doing great. How’s your day going?”

She frowned a bit, “Crappy so far. It’s slow today, I haven’t made any money, and my girlfriend’s being a bitch. Want to make it better with a dance?”

Laughing to myself, I remembered an old life lesson – ask a stupid question…get a stupid answer. I figured honesty was the best approach. “Actually, you seem really nice and pretty, but I already promised a dance to another girl. I don’t want to be rude to her.”

Her smile turned to a scowl. “Whatever! I’m the one who’s here right now. The other girls here are trashy.” As she got up and walked off, she growled back to me, “Call me when you’re ready for an upgrade.” I sat in stunned silence as I watched her 6-inch heels walk away to the next table, already heading for her next prey.

Again, I had this feeling of someone behind me. Smooth hands covered my eyes from behind. She leaned into me and whispered into my ear, “Guess who’s back?” Tara’s hair smelled so fresh and clean. I felt her soft cheek rubbing the back of my neck – my cock got hard again instantly. We talked about the kinds of dances she had to offer: topless dances at the table, nude lap dances in the dance rooms, or 30 minutes in the private Champagne Room. She explained that the Champagne Room is for special customers, and there are no cameras monitoring our actions. She smiled slyly as she told me that in the Champagne Room, “anything goes.” Rational thought warned me to choose the least expensive dance – she was only a random naked girl after all. I could see more nudity anytime I wanted. However, my own body betrayed me, and I told her I wanted to take advantage of the Champagne Room. I haven’t had physical intimacy for so long, since life at home had become dull, routine and without spark. This was just what I needed. Tara looked at me and smirked. I suspected this was just what she hoped for the whole time.

After taking my money, Tara led me up the stairs and down a long, dimly-lit hallway to the private Champagne Room. My hands felt warm but clammy – I was nervous yet so excited! The loud DJ music faded away as she shut the door behind us, leaving us completely alone. I laughed to myself at the very classy decorations – a leather maroon couch was the central fixture, and beautiful vibrant plastic flowers lined the room. A large plastic palm tree stood tall and proud over the couch. I nearly forgot where I was. I felt for a moment I was vacationing in the tropics (well, except for the cheesy décor, the fact that I was in a dance club, and the money-hungry stripper standing next to me). Tara looked at me and smiled. “I’ve got to be honest with you. This is my first time up here in the Champagne Room. Let me know if I’m doing anything wrong or what you like, ok?” I nodded politely.

Her fingers moved quickly as she began unbuttoning my shirt. I tried relaxing, but this was just too much. Tara pushed her chest against me as she began rubbing my skin. I felt my muscles güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri loosen – her hands were like magic. Goosebumps covered my skin as she dragged her long fingernails down my arms. She held my hands and put them on her shoulders. Just feeling her silky nightgown in my hands was making my cock swell and grow even more. I wanted her more than ever.

Smooth, beautiful tits graced me as her lingerie fell to the floor. They were tanned and firm. Her rose-colored nipples were so small and prominent. I could tell she was just as excited as me. Maybe this really was her first time in the room. I got chills when she leaned in and kissed my neck slowly, blowing gently on my moistened skin. Pressing into me, her bare breasts rubbed against my chest and then up to my face. She brushed her tit against my lips, giving me permission to kiss it. I opened my lips, sucking slowly as she threw her head back. Her nipple moistened in my warm, wet mouth. Licking slowly in circles around her perky bud, I playfully grazed my teeth against her.

Moaning in response to my advances, her hands held my head and pulled it harder against her tit, forcing me to suck her more. Weaving her fingers into my hair, she yanked it hard as her arousal intensified. Tara moved down and brushed her mouth across mine. I moaned as she outlined my lips with her tongue and then kissed me. She had that “fuck-me” stare as she then slid down between my legs.

Tara unzipped my pants and then enthusiastically pulled them down to my ankles, taking my boxers with them. Her stare was captivating – those blue eyes piercing into my body and soul. She returned her attention to my cock and grabbed it excitedly. This girl was on a mission. Her eyes lit up as she squeezed my member, and a clear glob of precum formed at my slit. She followed its path as it leaked down my tip and dribbled down the shaft. The tip of her tongue touched the clear fluid; and as she pulled it away, a glazed line of precum joined my cock and her tongue. My eyes got big as in one swift motion, she put my entire cock in her mouth. She slurped my warm fluid as her mouth clenched and sucked me. I couldn’t help but wiggle as I felt my tip push deep into her throat. Tara really was amazing at giving head. She bobbed up and down on my shaft and then pulled me out, leaving only my tip inside her. With her hand, she jerked me off. Warm sensations continued filling my body. It felt so good to have her give me a hand job and blow job at the same time. No girl had ever done this to me before. I felt I could cum any minute. Tara stopped this, pulling me out of her wet mouth.

She was ready to be fucked, but I had other plans. I had her sit back on the leather couch and snaked my way down between her legs. Her silky white thong panties were right in front of my face, and I marveled at the wet spot right in the front of them. I leaned in and dabbed my tongue to the fabric, tasting her and soaking in her juices. Her smell was intoxicating – so sweet and delicious. I pulled her thong back, exposing her pussy. Tara moaned as I examined her – lips tan outside and bright pink inside. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. Her swollen lips were engorged and shining from her leaky slit. The closer I came to güvenilir bahis şirketleri her pussy, the harder her breathing became. She wanted my tongue in her. I fulfilled her pleas and licked the undersides of her lips. Tara pushed her hips against me, forcing my tongue deep inside her wet walls and making me tongue fuck her. I held her hips tightly, pinning her to the couch. Tara’s moans of pleasure increased the speed of my fucking. She flowed precum all over my face. I was a mess, my lips and cheeks stained with her glazed juices. I knew she was close to cumming. She begged me to set her free – to make her cum. But I stopped, looking up at her and smiling. I wanted more.

I pushed her back against the couch and moved in close. She took the initiative and grabbed my cock. Rubbing my tip into her wetness, her pussy sucked for my head. With a slow move, she sank my entire shaft into her innermost depths. I could feel her pussy adjusting to my thickness. It clamped down on me, and sparks of pleasure radiated from within. Her hips rose and began to buck, leaving my cock in her the whole time. I knew she had me at the perfect angle inside. Our tempo grew faster – her fluids leaking out of her puffy slit and down her legs into the crack of her ass. I could tell she was close. Her glazed eyes told me what was about to happen. Screaming and pulling my hair, her muscles tightened and released, a wild orgasm sweeping her entire body. I felt the rush of her fluids flowing all over my cock inside her.

This was all I needed. My warm seed was building inside and ready to burst. Just as I was ready to cum, I pulled my cock out of her dripping pussy and knelt above her stomach. I writhed and moaned, spurting cum all over her breasts and nipples. Panting and heaving, I shot an extra cum rope on her, coating her belly button. She was a sticky, gooey mess and I loved it! Tara really was great at everything. I know she’s a sex professional and this is her job, but I really think she felt I was something special.

The smell of sex filled our room. We kissed tenderly, each of us tasting the other’s cum on our lips. As we dressed, I thought about how much I was really starting to like Tara. We clicked on so many levels, and obviously the sexual chemistry was there. I knew it was wrong, but I wanted to see her again. Before I left, I figured I’d take a chance. “I had a great time Tara. You’re really pretty and fun. Can I have your phone number and maybe we can go out sometime and do this again?”

She smiled warmly. “You’re a lot of fun too. I’m sorry, but I don’t date guys. I love girls way too much. Actually, it was my girlfriend Chastity who talked me into working here after she saw me dance on Amateur Night. She works here too. I think you met her already. I’ll tell you what though. Come back to the club sometime soon and I’ll show you another good time.” She took my hand in hers, guiding my ring finger into her mouth. Sucking it seductively, she dragged her tongue along my finger, her eyes never leaving mine. I smiled back.

So many questions popped into my mind. Instead of asking, I gave her a smile, hugged her warmly and walked out. A smile pursed my lips as I walked down the creaky steps and out of the club. I shook my head and laughed at myself. I should have known. As I got into my car, I wondered why I couldn’t find this sort of excitement at home. I reached into the glove box, grabbed my wedding ring, and slipped it back on my finger. Time to head home – it was nearly dinnertime. I hoped my wife wouldn’t be mad that my work meeting had run late.

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