Submissions of a White Wife Ch. 02


After Leo came the second time, I needed a break. His huge black cock was just wonderful. I’d never cum so hard before, but I was exhausted. Yet, I still wanted more.

Sensing my needs, Leo said, “I’ll get us some refreshments,” as he withdrew his black cock, shinny with our mingled love juices, from my pussy.

He knew just what I wanted, and disappeared into the kitchen. I heard the sound of a blender. Shortly he reappeared with a blender full of yummy vodka and juice drinks.

I was thirsty after cumming so hard and often. So, I had quite a few.

He laid down stretching his 6’3″ black frame the length of the bed. His cock finally beginning to soften.

I was seated, legs crossed, enjoying the feeling of his warm sperm trickling out of my pussy. It felt so very natural to be naked before him. I was no longer nervous; even though I had just met the dark stranger before me.

I realized then that I wanted to be always naked for him, so he could take me whenever he wished to.

As we settled down I said, “I love the way you fuck me. I’ve never been fucked like that before.”

“I had no idea it would be like this,” I continued. “I’ve never had such a sexual rush. I came so hard. I never thought I could cum so hard and so many times. I’ve never felt so much like a woman. It’s like this is what my body was meant for.”

“I love fucking you.” he replied. “You take my cock well. You have a great body for fucking.”

“Hell!” he added. “You have a great body for breeding. You ever thought of being black bred? You’d look very sexy with a little nigger baby sucking on your titties.”

The fact was, that ever since my husband Ed mentioned that he thought I should start fucking black men, I had thought about what it would be like to be impregnated by a black man. I thought about what it would be like to walk around with a swollen belly knowing a black baby was growing in my womb. I imagined what it would be like to have a black baby suckling at my breast, and of the looks I would get having a black baby on my hip.

Leo brought me back to the present by repeating the line we’ve heard so many times, “Once you’ve tried black, you’ll never go back.”

“Yes. I’ve heard that,” I replied, “but I never knew it was so true. I expected black sex to be better, but I bursa escort never dreamed it would be in a class all of its own. It’s like there’s sex, and then there’s BLACK SEX! I’ve had sex with men other than my husband, but I’ve never had sex like this before.”

Leo just lay back smiling, letting me talk. He knew I was hooked. He knew I would do anything to have him fuck me some more.

After I prattled on for long enough, Leo said, “How about you showing me what you can do with that mouth other than talk?”

I can take a hint. I moved over to him and began stroking and kissing his cock. I could taste myself on him. I could smell our mingled sex juices. As that beautiful black phallus began to stir, I sucked it to full hardness. I wanted to show Leo just what a fine white slut I could be. I was determined to give him the best blow job he’d ever experienced.

“Ummm…That’s good baby. Where did you learn to suck cock like that?”

I didn’t feel I needed to answer, but I gave silent thanks to other white lovers I’d had who taught me about oral sex.

I was really getting into my work. I love the way a man’s cock becomes hard in my mouth, and the way he starts to move his hips and moan.

Leo stopped me before he came. “Get on all fours,” he directed. Moving behind me, he started fucking me doggie style. Like a rutting bull, he fucked me hard and slapped my ass hard with his hand. His energy had me cumming again in no time.

Then he pulled out and said, “Time for me to tap your sweet white ass.”

I didn’t say anything, but I’d never had anal sex before.

He rubbed something on his cock and up my ass with a finger. Then I felt the head of his cock pressing against my rose bud. Slowly he pressed with his rock solid cock. I could feel my sphincter muscle being forced open and being stretched by that huge black cock.

God! It hurt! I believe I gave out a little whimper, bit my lip, and dug my fingers into the sheets as he continued his invasion of my virgin ass.

I wanted to cry out for him to stop, but I was afraid of disappointing him, and that he wouldn’t want me any more.

Sensing my trouble he said, “Just relax baby, relax for me. Let me get inside you.

You’re too tense. Yield to me baby. Let go and give me total submission.”

I gürsu escort took a deep breath and tried to let go, but my hands still clutched the sheets.

Finally Leo worked himself in full depth as, ” Ahhhh!” issued from his throat.

“Mmmggghhh!” I screamed out, my face buried in the pillow to silence my agony as best I could.

Leo started pumping my ass slowly, his hands on my hips.

Finally I was able to relax some. As I did, the pain began to subside.

Then I found a way to just let go as Leo had directed. I let him have my body to do with as he wished. That act of submission got me through the pain.

Feeling me finally relaxing, Leo picked up the tempo.

I felt his balls hitting my vagina each time he thrust inside me.

“You sure have a tight white ass bitch,” Leo exclaimed. “It’s an ass made for nigger fuckin'”

He started pumping into me harder and harder.

Then he brought his hand down on my as so hard it stung like hell. And, I started to cum!

I arched my back and let out a loud moan.

“Yyess, fffuck my ass hard!” I managed to get out. “Fuck it!”

“Sure thing baby,” he exclaimed as he slapped me again, and started ramming his cock inside me as deep as he could.

My whole body tightened. My heart was racing, my mouth was dry. Then the dam burst as an even greater orgasm ripped through my entire body.

“How about I cum in your white ass bitch!” Leo stated grabbing a hank of hair. The way he said it, it wasn’t a question.

“Yes, cum in may ass. Let me feel you explode.” I cried out.

“Do you feel me cumming?” I asked.

“Yah baby, I feel you cumming on my black nigger dick.”

With a final push and a grunt Leo started cumming. My whole body shuddered feeling his hot load shooting up inside me, filling my ass with his cum. He kept cumming. His sticky warm cum filling me, giving me a tingling sensation all over.

I lay there spent, limp as a rag doll. I heard a soft pop as his cock slid out of me.

But Leo wasn’t done with me. “Here baby, clean me up.” He lay back motioning for me to suck his cock.

I did as commanded, licking him clean, tasting myself on him as I did so.

“That’s right bitch,” he said as I worked. “Get me hard again.”

Unbelievably orhangazi escort he was getting hard again! The man was insatiable!

“Now lick my ass,” he commanded spreading his legs some and lifting his hips.

I began licking around his ass hole while I kept stroking his stiffening cock with one hand.

He raised his hips a little further and exclaimed, “You’re one bad white slut!” as I started sticking my tongue up his ass and working it.

I felt proud knowing I was making him horny again.

“That husband of yours is a fool, letting you go black like this. You’ll never be satisfied with his puny white dick again,” he boasted as I got him fully hard again.

“You’re right,” I answered. “All I want is black cock now.”

That was the start of an all night nigger fuck. The man had no bounds. He kept cumming in me until I collapsed into exhausted, alcohol induced sleep. When I woke up the next morning, we fucked some more.

After our good morning fuck, we showered. Leo and I washed each other. I loved spreading soap of his muscular black body, so shiny in the water. He made sure I was clean clear through too.

I got dressed in the clothes from the night before. My skirt was stiff where it had been soaked from my excitement juices of the evening before.

Leo took me to a nice restaurant for breakfast. It was fun seeing the attention we were getting. Everyone could see I was his white slut, and I had been fucked hard. I loved the feeling of knowing I belonged to him at least for that morning.

When we got back home, Leo walked me into the house and told Ed what I great fuck I was, and thanked him for sharing me with him. Its nice to hear men compliment you.

Once Leo left, Ed had to know all that happened. He told me how sexy I looked with Leo, and how he was sure I was meant to be a white slut for black men.

The fact was that once I had a taste of what black on white sex was, I couldn’t stop. I was instantly addicted. Like a junkie, I needed more.

There must be hormones or something in a black man’s sperm that a woman absorbs. All I could think about was being fucked by Leo again.

I contacted Leo, and suggested we get together again. Over breakfast, Leo had asked about my family, and I had shown him a photo I had of my daughters. He said he would be happy to come to my house as long as at least one of my daughters was there. My need to be with him again was so great that I didn’t hesitate to say I would arrange it.

When I told Sue, my 18 year old daughter, she was curious enough to agree.

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