Summer Ch. 16 Sue and I



This is the end of the long afternoon. The party is over. Peter and Gwen have left after an amazing sexual performance which stunned everybody. Dave and Jackie have ended up screwing on the couch downstairs in the front room and finally I follow Sue upstairs.

The summer continues.


I watched Sue walk slowly away up the stairs, watching me over her shoulder. She was smiling coyly, a glint of laughter in her eye. Half way up she stopped and turned around, “Well, are you coming or do I have to do this alone?” I shook my head and joining in her laughter I set off after her taking the stairs two at a time. Her long legs skipped up the stairs just ahead, her short dress providing enticing glimpses of what I’d just been feeling. Halfway up she stopped and half turned towards me, “Catch me if you can,” she laughed and set off up the stairs at a run.

I needed no second asking and chased after her. Despite her speed and head start I managed to grab her ankle as she reached the top step and she fell forward onto the landing. I was on top of her before she had time to get away and sitting astride her I pinned her arms above her head. She laughed and struggled but I held her firm. “Caught you,” I said, “what do I get for it?”

She looked up at me and smiled, “What do you want?”” she asked coyly, “you seem to have me at the disadvantage.”

“So I do,” I said, shifting my weight further down her body so I was sitting astride her thighs. “What are you offering?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “Search me,” she said with a roll of her eyes. I smiled down at her,

“That’s the best idea you’ve had all day,” I said and she shrugged her shoulders with a smile.

“I try to help” she said modestly. Reaching down between us I pulled her dress up and over her hips. She licked her lips appreciatively.

“No preliminaries,” I said quietly, “I want to see you cum.” Her eyes visibly hooded at my words, almost cat like and a low growl of anticipation seemed to emanate from somewhere inside her. I ran my free hand down her stomach and down between her legs. She arched her back at my touch. She was already extremely excited. My fingers slid wetly inside her and she groaned with pleasure. I released her hands and sat upright but her arms stayed above her head, she was intent on what was happening between her legs, the excitement of the morning and afternoon had built a desire that needed fulfilling, and quickly.

Leaning back for a better view I pulled her dress higher up her body baring her hips and her taut, flat stomach. I pushed deeper inside her and she writhed against my fingers. “Are you ready to cum?” I asked, as she pushed back at me, her juices coating my hand.

“God yes!” she hissed through gritted teeth, “I’ve been ready all afternoon! Just bloody stop talking will you and make me cum!” I pressed harder and her hips rose up off the carpet, I moved from astride her to kneel between her legs forcing her legs wider. I released her hands and she cried out as I reached down and my fingers found her erect clitoris.

“It’s all over now I think,” I said quietly as she rose against my fingers, arching like a bow towards the ceiling, her own fingers digging claw like into the carpet as she fought the waves that were washing through her, threatening to drown her. She cried out and bucked, stretching every sinew as she came, pushing against me, trying to force my fingers deeper inside. Finally she shuddered, a last series of spasms’ that literally shook her from tip to toe, each accompanied by a small ‘Oh Christ!!’ until she lay still.

After a while she opened her eyes as if just coming round from a deep sleep and she looked up at me with self satisfied smile. “Wow,” she said, “I needed that.” I moved back and she sat up, her dress falling back to cover her recently somewhat threadbare modesty. “Oh boy,” she said again, more to herself than to me, “that almost took my head off. Oh wow!” She smoothed herself down and leaned back on her outstretched arms. “Bloody hell I needed that! I was so turned on by this afternoon that I thought I was going to explode!”

I sat back against the wall and admired her long shapely legs stretched out in front of her. “Who got you so excited? Pete and Gwen or Dave and Jackie?”

“All of them!” Sue offered, her eyes wide with excitement and disbelief. “Oh, and you of course,” she offered as an afterthought, a sop to my role in making her cum. “But wow! Where did all that come from? Can you believe Gwen? Gwen of all people! She’s been a prude all her life. Quietest of the group.” She shook her head again laughing quietly. “‘Not a virgin’ eh?” She asked herself, “I wonder who that could have been? She certainly played us for idiots. The sly old fox!”

I Laughed, “Well she’s certainly not a virgin now, we can all testify to that.”

Sue looked at me her eyes even wider, her hand to her mouth, “My God! Did you see the size of Pete’s willie, it was huge!”

I shrugged my shoulders, “I thought everyone Anadolu Yakası Escort knew. All the guy’s have known about it since Pete took his first pee in the toilets in the infant school.” It was my turn to shake my head, “Never seen it raised in anger though. Must admit it was quite impressive.”

It was Sue’s turn to laugh, “Quite impressive? Bloody hell it was massive! How Gwen took all that I’ll never know.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure about that,” I said and smiled ruefully. “The way Pete was looking at you and Jackie I think that now you well might be on his list.”

“You presented me to him,” Sue said defensively, “you held my dress up for him to have a look. What was I supposed to do?”

“Object?” I offered, “Besides, he’s already had his fingers inside you; you put them there.”

Sue nodded and looked down, “It was all just so exciting. I couldn’t help myself.”

I smiled again, trying to be manly, “I know, we all felt the same way.” Sue looked up hopefully, unsure of herself, of how she felt or how she felt she should feel, “Did you? Did you honestly?”

“‘Course I did, everyone did. Look at those two downstairs now. Jackie couldn’t wait to get her legs open; and I’ll bet Dave’s still inside her!”

Sue smiled somewhat sadly. “When did all this get so complicated? I did not want it to be like this.”

“Like what?”

“I thought it would be different somehow, without all this background noise.”

“Background Noise?”

“You know, other people, situations ….” she trailed off ineffectually, “I never thought it would be so crowded?”


“You, Dave,” she paused and looked at me, “Mike, Roy, my cousins, the man in the cinema ….” her voice trailed off.

“The list keeps going on,” I said shrugging my shoulders. She gave a wry smile in response.

She held her dress up and I could see the love bites on her stomach, just above her groin. “From this morning,” she said apologetically, “a present from my cousins. They thought that families should be closer than I expected.” She dropped her dress, her wide blue eyes looking up at me, “For what it’s worth I didn’t ask for it to happen, it just did; and I did put up a fight.”

“But you enjoyed it when it happened,” I said, a statement not a question. She looked down at her hands.

“Yes,” she answered truthfully.

“Like the man in the cinema.”

She nodded, “Like the man in the cinema; although that’s not really fair, you enjoyed that as well didn’t you?”

“Did I? I don’t remember it quite that way.”

“Really? I seem to remember you getting so excited you actually joined in.” I nodded reluctantly; I had enjoyed it, immensely if the truth was told. “Complicated isn’t it?” she said tapping her feet together like Dorothy.

“You’ve been busy,” I said unkindly, trying to sort out my own feelings.

“Not really,” she said, “Until today it was mainly you and Dave and you know it was. Today was slightly out of control.”

“And the man in the cinema?”

“That was just incredibly exciting,” she said and I nodded, I could not disagree.

“And the usher in his cubicle?”

She nodded frowning, “That was scary at first but exciting looking back on it. Closest I’ve ever come to being raped, until today that is.” I looked confused, “My cousins,” she said by way of explanation. I just nodded and shrugged.

“I didn’t realise what we were starting,” I said, almost an apology and Sue laughed wryly.

“Don’t give me that. You knew exactly what you were starting and you were happy with it while it just involved you, me and Dave. It’s just when the others appeared and joined in that you’ve all got upset, especially Dave. I’ve gone a bit ‘wayward’ that’s all, found that I loved the sex you introduced me to and I’ve gone further than you all expected. Not your private little plaything any more. You knew what you were starting alright, you knew exactly what you were starting you just didn’t know where it would end up.”

“I still don’t.” I said with a wry smile. “Look at what’s just happened downstairs, who would have guessed? The ripples are still spreading on the pond.”

Sue looked at her knees and dusted herself off determinedly, “Well you do know where it’s going to end up today don’t you? It’s going to end up here, in bed, you and me. Just you and me. And we are going to finish what you started.” She looked at me. “That’s if you still want to,” she asked, suddenly serious, patting the floor beside her. and I shuffled over. I nodded and smiled. “But I’m not going to bed with all those others,” she said and I looked at her. “You have to promise me that. You won’t be thinking about the others when we make love.”

“I promise,” I said solemnly.

“I’m going to have a bath first. Wash away the sins of the day.” She stood up and smoothed her dress down, “You coming?” she asked, offering me her hand.

The bathroom was small and painted a bright almost sickly yellow, other than that it was Bostancı Escort a fairly standard council house bathroom, functional and utility. Sue turned the taps on full and poured in a liberal measure of bath oil. The steam immediately began to rise as the bubbles formed giving the impression that the water was boiling and the bubbles themselves were steaming. We walked out and into the bedroom and she turned her back to me, bending her head and pulling her hair clear. As bidden I unbuttoned the back of her dress and leaned forward to kiss the nape of her neck. She laughed, deep in the back of her throat, a rich, sexy, woman’s laugh. “That’s more like it” she said throatily, “a little romance. The sure way to get between a girl’s legs.”

“Sounds like a good game plan to me,” I said taking hold of the hem of her dress. I lifted it and pulled it over her head. She raised her arms to allow me to pull it off. She dropped the dress on the floor and stood with her back to me, her shoulders rounded.

“Unhook me,” she said and I released the clasp on her bra. She pulled it forward off her arms and let it join her dress on the floor. She crossed her arms over her chest demurely and stood with back to me, naked as the day she was born. I stood close behind and put my arms around her, finding her hands and gently pulling her arms down from her chest. There was no resistance, just that delicious throaty laugh again. Taking her breasts in my hands I pulled her back into my chest. I looked over her shoulder and saw that she was watching herself in the long mirror mounted on the wall, watching herself watching my hands at her breasts.

“Like what you see?” I asked and she smiled, her eyes following my hands as they moved across her breasts, pulling gently at her nipples before moving on down her body, grazing briefly across her pubic hair, drawing a sharp intake of breath as my fingers found the lips of her sex. She rested her head back against my shoulder, her eyes still following my hands, one at her breast and the other between her legs, looking like a live original, a warm and breathing illustration for Botticelli’s Venus. I pushed my knee gently between her legs from behind and her legs opened. I opened her sex with my fingers and her eyes hooded with arousal at the sight of her own shining coral pink lips. I slipped a finger into her sex and she closed her eyes with a sigh. “Open them,” I instructed and she obeyed, “you’re going to watch yourself cum.” She looked into my eyes in the mirror and her face took on a wistful, dreamy sort of smile.

“OK.” She said quietly, “if I must.” She settled back, resting against my leg and chest and she opened her legs.

Using both hands I opened her legs as wide as I could, making her stretch, forcing her sex to open before our eyes. She gasped at the sight, her glistening lips moving apart, parting and curling back like a choreographed ballet. “Really beautiful,” I murmured in her ear and she half smiled, distracted, disarmed and beguiled by the unexpected and unrestrained display of her own sex. “Don’t you think it’s beautiful?” I asked quietly. Her sex reflected quietly back on the question. “Makes you want to touch it doesn’t it?” I asked and she responded with an almost imperceptible nod. I reached between her legs and ran my finger very gently the length of her and Sue shuddered. I reached the top of her sex and opened her lips exposing the small hooded bud of her clitoris. Sue’s eyes narrowed warily as she studied the small innocuous cowl that covered the exquisitely sensitive treasure beneath. There was a sharp intake of breath as with a fingertip I drew back the hood to expose the pearl like protuberance beneath.

“Behold,” I said dramatically, like a conjurer with a trick, “your delight; and your nemesis.” Sue looked up and studied my face. “Any bloke who gets into your knickers and his finger on this can have you; and you know it. You just collapse.”

“Most of the time I just cannot cope. It’s almost too sensitive.” She said quietly and seriously, her eyes on my finger which was still exposing her small clitoris. I slid my finger over the soft bud of skin and Sue closed her eyes and rocked back against me, her breath escaping like scalding steam. I stroked her for a few seconds more and then stopped. She shuddered and slowly opened her eyes. “It’s almost like a blackout,” she said quietly, “like some kind of seizure, an explosion of fireworks in your head.” She studied her clitoris again, almost in wonder at the power it had over her. “He takes me over,” she said at last, “robs me of thought; robs me of everything.”

“Even when you do it yourself?”

“Sometimes, I have to stop, but mostly I can control it when I do it.”

“So do it for me.”

Sue looked at me and then back at her clitoris nestling innocently between her shining lips. She looked up at me again before her hand slid slowly down between her legs. “Show me how you cum,” I whispered and her fingers parted the lips of her sex, exploring her own desires. Ümraniye Escort She breathed in as she began to caress the soft folds of her vagina, watching them move under her fingers. She glanced at me almost furtively as first one and then another finger slipped silently inside her. She lay back against me as her fingers slowly explored the dark recesses of her own vagina, her own sexuality; her fingers gliding between her lips with practiced ease.

“Make yourself cum,” I whispered again and her fingers took up a more determined and explicit rhythm. She lay back against me with her hand between her legs, her fingers moving in and out of her sex. I didn’t touch her other than where she lay against me. We both watched her masturbate, watched the gentle sway of her breasts keeping time with the rhythm of her fingers. Her nipples were hard and cast shadows in the strong light from above. Sweat began to glisten on her skin in the increasingly warm atmosphere. Her fingers began to move more rapidly, slick within the folds of her sex, her breathing becoming laboured. She watched the light flashing on her juices and heard the sounds her fingers made.

“Touch your clitoris,” I whispered softly, the slave at his Masters shoulder and her fingers slid higher up her sex. She stiffened as her fingers drew back the protective covering and conjured sudden fire from between her legs. Her tongue darted out and wet her lips as her fingers moved over the same small point, slick circular movements lubricated with her own juices. She began to tremble as the flames burned up through her tummy and into her chest. Her fingers stroked the fire between her legs and her breasts glowed, her nipples ignited and burned with wild, bright intensity. Finally she cried out as the fire engulfed her completely. Her fingers twitched erratically at her sex and her body shook, she clasped her legs together, trapping her own hand between them. I wrapped my arms around her as the violence of the climax took her, holding her, keeping her safe. She rocked and cried out, her fingers plucking the last drops of ecstasy from between her legs until finally she fell silent, rolling forward, deflating, shuddering fitfully as the aftershocks of her self-induced climax rocked through her.

She sat quietly for a while as the room slowly came back into perspective. I held her until full awareness had returned. “Oh my God,” she said looking around her, pushing a hand distractedly through her hair, “that was a wild one. I’m sorry,” she said embarrassed.

“What for?” I asked and she shrugged her shoulders, her breasts moving enticingly with the gesture. “I thought it was fantastic,” I offered truthfully and she smiled gratefully.

“You should know, you’re the expert on seeing me cum.”

“It’s been a while.” I said and laughed.

“Well that made up for it I hope.” She stood up on shaky legs and turned to look at me, “I’ve never seen myself before, cum I mean, like that, between my legs…” she finished hesitantly, her voice trailing away. She was embarrassed, she had exposed herself completely in every sense of the word and now she was unsure.

“I loved it,” I tried to reassure her; “I thought it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.”

“Honestly?” She asked, the young girl showing through the beautiful, naked young woman.

“Honestly,” I said laughing. “Your bath is still running.”

“Hell!” She said and ran from the room.

I followed her into the steam filled bathroom. The bath was full of bubbles. “Caught it just in time,” she said adding some cold water to the mix. “Jacks and I are always in trouble for letting the bath overflow. Dad reckons the floor will rot and one day we’ll end up sitting in the bath in the lounge.” I smiled at her rambling monologue, an antidote to her recent embarrassment. She swirled the water with her hand testing and equalising the temperature. When she was satisfied she stood up and looked me up and down. “Are you getting in with your clothes on?”


“Your clothes, you’re still wearing them. Aren’t you getting in with me?”

I laughed somewhat coyly, “I’ve never done this before.”

“Neither have I; but there again, I’ve never watched myself cum before and I really enjoyed that, so who knows, you may even enjoy having a bath with me. What do you think?”

“I’m willing to give it a try if you are.”

“Loose the clothes,” she said and stepped into the bath. I needed no second bidding and I quickly discarded my clothes as I watched her settle slowly down into the foamy water.

“Move up a bit” I said as I stepped between her legs.

“Easy,” she said as she shuffled back, “don’t flood the place, “my Dad will kill me.”

“Only if you tell him who was in the bath with you.”

“It’d be you he killed, not me. Although my Mum would stick up for you, she likes you. Although thinking about it she’d probably kill you as well,” she added as an afterthought.

“Not much of a choice either way then.” I settled myself into the water, looping her legs over mine, our crotches almost touching in the small bath.

Sue laughed, “Snug.”

“I think you must have put on weight,” I said and she splashed water at me. I slid my hand down between our bodies and cupped her sex. “Let me check you out,” I said.

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