Summer Suspicions Ch. 02


Knocking on my door woke me up the next morning. My room was bright. I had slept long after sun up. Looking at my arms I could see the dried latex and if the person knocking came in I’d have some explaining to do. Ripping it off as fast as I could, I answered the door.

“He is alive, Mr. Sleepy Head!” Lisa said standing in the hall.

“Yeah, Yeah,” I replied to her mocking.

“Mom and I are going to the mall; you’re welcome to join us.”

“No thanks, following you two around for hours doesn’t sound fun.”

“You’re loss. See ya later.”

After they left I was alone in the house. I got some food, showered and went up to Lisa’s room. I was going to find her stash of patches and condoms, maybe see what else she had. They weren’t easy to find, she had pulled out her dresser drawer and hidden them on the floor under the drawer. It was clever but I knew that trick, it’s where I used to hide my porn, before I got a computer. I took a patch and one condom. She wouldn’t miss either, since she had a boat load.

I started my daily summer chores, feeling a little run down from last night but I managed mowing the lawn and my other stuff. I was watching the video where I left off when Mom and Lisa got back home. Lisa had definitely fucked my cock with her ass. The second time it took me a long time to cum catatonic and she rode me for over an hour according to the time on the screen. She just didn’t keep my cock in her ass the whole time; she let me out only to slide down on me into her pussy for a few minutes before going back to her ass. I really wished she would have done that last night and you never know she may tonight when Mom and she come back to my room.

I was playing with myself, enjoying the way my sister enjoyed screwing me and watching her cum but was unable to get myself off because they came home. Putting my cock away I turned off the video and left my room.

“Oh, good,” Mom said when I came downstairs. “I was just telling your sister I have to leave again. I’m meeting your father for his company party. You two are on your own tonight.”

“I’m sure we’ll manage,” Lisa said. “I’m exhausted from all the walking; I’m going to take a nap.”

I watched her head upstairs, knowing she was exhausted from lack of sleep not the mall. Mom left soon after and I went to my room to finish tossing off. As I got started I remembered the patch I had stolen from Lisa and the condom. The idea for a little payback followed. I took both, put them in my short’s pocket and crept to Lisa’s room, listening at the door to see if she was asleep or not. Braving it, I twisted the doorknob and quietly went into her room. She was balled up on her bed, breathing deeply, apparently out cold.

Moving slowly toward her I took the patch out of my pocket, pulled the adhesive cover off and gently placed it on my sister’s upper arm. I looked at my watch, timing ten minutes like on the video, to wait before seeing if she was unconscious or not. It seemed like time crawled, my cock was rock hard with anticipation. I couldn’t wait to fuck my sister and actually be able to touch her like I wanted last night.

Finally, I moved forward and shook her, “Lisa! Lisa, are you awake? Lisa!” I shouted. Nothing, the patch had knocked her out just like me.

Rolling her on the bed to her back I began to unzip her shorts and tug them off her body, pulling her panties down slightly so I could see the top of her shaved slit. My heart was pounding again and I made quick work of her underwear, dropping them on the floor and admired the view. Big sister had a very pretty little pussy, perfectly formed and shaved to perfection. I spread her legs, and went head first into her sex. My tongue spread her open easily and I tasted her wetness and savored my sister’s essence. My hands crawled up under her T-shirt, finding her bra covered tits. Going under the bra I quickly found her nipples hardened even when she was drugged, as did her clitoris as I licked it.

Just like me her body reacted to the sensations I was causing. She felt and tasted wonderful to me, her breasts were firm and her nipples were perfect to play with. I stopped playing and finished undressing her completely, before taking my own clothes off. My cock was raging and oozing big time so I put the condom on to keep the evidence from getting all over her bed. Once I was covered up I went back to eating her and decided to finger her little ass since she liked to take my cock there like Mom. Before long, though I was too horny and needed to use my cock.

Pulling my big sister’s legs up I held her ankles with my left hand and bent my cock down to ease it into her very wet pussy. I knew it wasn’t just my saliva that had made her so wet. Somehow the patch allowed the body to be stimulated and respond accordingly. She was so hot and wet, smothering my cock in heaven. I let out a long moan as I slid each inch in slowly until my balls were up against her ass. Big sister’s pussy was oh so nice.

“Pay back feel’s good, Sis. Really good,” I said to her closed güvenilir bahis eyes.

Leaning over I began sucking her tits, pulling on her nipples with my mouth and thrusting gently over and over. The excitement of what I was doing was off the charts. My heart pounded in my chest and I had the rush of adrenalin in my head making things slightly fuzzy. I feasted on her wonderful breasts and just kept the same steady in and out thrusting of my cock for a long time. There was no rush, it was early evening and I had plenty of time to enjoy my big sister.

Her room began to get dark from the sun setting and before I realized it I couldn’t see much anymore. Pulling out I turned her light on and flipped her over onto her stomach. I tried to get her ass of the bed more and ended up putting a pillow under her because she would just fall flat on her own.

I wanted to fuck her ass badly, and feel what it was like. Mom’s was so tight and hot, I was sure Lisa’s was going to be even better. Problem was I didn’t have the lube they used. It wasn’t hidden with Lisa’s patch and condom stash. Mom probably had it unless it was something I didn’t realize. I didn’t pay attention watching the video to see what Lisa used. Once she was in position, I tried saliva and her own juices to lube her up but there wasn’t enough and it dried out too quickly. I did notice a lot of pre-cum in the condom from the time spent slowly fucking her pussy. Taking the condom off, I began to squeeze my juice out of the condom onto Lisa’s tight ass. There was a lot and it was very slippery, perfect for ass fucking.

My fingers penetrated her easily and then I moved my uncovered cock into place. Slowly pressing in, my head disappeared into my sister’s ass and it was glorious, tight and hot, just like I knew it would be. Slowly moving forward, I buried my cock into her up to my balls. Without the condom on it felt even better, my flesh wrapped completely snug with my sister’s ass flesh. I basked in the sensations it caused, loving her tight fit and the image of my cock sliding smoothly in and out.

“Damn, Lisa, your ass is fine! Even better than Mom’s.”

After the time I spent fucking her pussy and now her tight ass I was soon ready to drop my load, but since I didn’t have the condom on anymore I couldn’t exactly cum in Lisa’s butt. She’d know something was up for sure when she woke up. Slowing my thrusts, I tried to enjoy the sensations just a little longer. It felt so good, my big sister’s body was a wonderland of delight and I was doing things I had only dreamed about doing before that evening.

Her ass seemed to hug my cock perfectly, especially the tight ring at the entrance. I could feel it latching on to my shaft as I slid in and out. Reaching under her I got more breast time in and even shoved some fingers in her very wet pussy while I fucked her ass slow and deliberate. Heaven was right there in my big sisters room and I was taking full advantage.

Soon the pleasure was just too much and I had to cum. Pulling out I shot my load onto her back, making sure to keep the ropes of cum centered so they wouldn’t run off onto her bed. The excitement and thrill produced more than I thought after being so used lately and by the time I finished, I had several stripes and a good sized puddle on Lisa’s sexy tan back.

Now I had to clean up and hide the evidence.

It took some time but I toweled her off, got her dressed and back in her original sleeping position before taking the patch off and leaving her room. I figured I’d wake her up in a half hour once the drug had worn off. All the work was worth it.


“Lisa? Lisa, are you planning on sleeping in your clothes all night?” I asked, waking her up.

“Huh? Wow what time is it?” she asked.

“Ten, now who’s the sleepy head?” I asked.

“Wow, I really crashed,” she said sitting up.

She adjusted her bra and shirt but didn’t say anything about it. I figured she assumed sleeping had done it to her.

“Did you have plans tonight?” I asked.

“Sort of, not set plans I was supposed to call Lacy if I wanted to get together. I guess I’m not doing that. It’s really ten? I might as well just go back to sleep,” she said laying back down.

“Whatever you want to do,” I said, leaving her room.

She had no fucking clue! Who had the upper hand now, Sis?


Mom and Dad got home late and Dad was overly touchy with Mom so I assumed she wouldn’t be in to visit me and if Lisa never got up I might have the night off. I was watching a zombie movie on the big screen and didn’t go up to bed until 2 A.M. I put the latex on my arms just in case but fell asleep anyway. I figured when they shook me awake, to test the patch, I would hopefully not freak out and ruin the fun I was having. But I wasn’t expecting anyone tonight.

All of a sudden I heard voices in my room, waking me up before they shook me.

“Are you sure this is going to work?” a voice whispered.

I didn’t recognize it, but I did recognize Lisa respond, türkçe bahis “Yes, Lacy, I’ve been doing it all summer.”

“Okay, if you’re sure,” Lacy responded.

I couldn’t believe this. Now Lisa was sharing me with friends! This had to stop, but not quite yet, because I knew who Lacy was and she was fucking hot! I remembered her from my sophomore year in high school. She was a senior, like Lisa and the hottest girl in school. Gorgeous face, beautiful blond hair, large breasts and an ass every guy in school lusted over. I prepared myself to be shook as my cock began to enlarge.

“I’m sure. Now you said you wanted Luke, so I’m giving you Luke.”

“Okay, I really can’t wait, especially if he’s as big as you say he is.”

“See for yourself,” Lisa said, pulling back the covers on my body and not bothering to try and wake me.

“OMG! It’s huge,” Lacy said.

“I told you,” my sister responded, grabbing hold of it. “Well, don’t be shy, do what you want to him.”

“You can really swallow all of this,” Lacy asked, as I felt another hand grab hold of me above my sisters.

“Yeah, check it out.”

I prepared myself for my sister’s mouth. Warm wet heaven enveloped me and Lisa continued down and down until she had me all. She did it faster this time and even I was impressed.

“Holy shit, Lisa, that’s unbelievable.”

“Thanks, now you try.”

Good hell! The hottest girl I think I’ve ever seen in real life was about to suck my cock. I felt her lips hovering over me, her hot breath on my head but she hesitated.

“Well, go on,” Lisa interrupted.

“He’s enormous, much bigger than Brian.”

“Well, now you know what a real cock looks like, so suck it already.”

“I’ll never swallow it all; I’m not even going to try.”

Finally Lacy’s lips covered my cock and she sucked hard and began to bob up and down only a couple of inches, not trying to take me deep. I risked a peek and was rewarded to see her gorgeous face with my cock in her mouth. She was wearing a nightshirt like Lisa and I could see the large outline of her braless breasts through the thin shirt. I wanted to grab them so fucking bad.

Lisa stroked me along the base of my cock while Lacy worked the upper half. Combined it was very nice; Lacy had a good technique, probably from practicing on whoever Brian was.

“Yeah, it’s too bad your brother doesn’t have a cock like this, but I guess it was good to find out.”

“Yeah, thanks for the patch so I could. But it’s just not worth it, especially now that I see what Luke has to offer,” Lacy said, giggling before taking me in her hot mouth again.

Damn! Lisa let Lacy use a patch to do to her brother what they were doing to me. This was getting bigger than I even imagined. The two girls took turns sucking and stroking me until Lisa spoke again.

“I guess my mom’s not going to join us tonight. Probably busy with my dad. I guess he’s just as big as Luke.”

“Runs in the family, obviously. My dad’s probably tiny then.”

“Yeah, most likely. Okay so are you ready? You want to try him on for size?” Lisa asked.

“Sure, I’m plenty wet, but I’ve never had something this big before.”

“Just go slow, and ease down onto him. I’ll hold it up for you.”

I had been watching the entire time and now, finally Lacy was taking off her night shirt. I about freaked out as she lifted her arms over her head with the shirt, revealing the nicest set of tits I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. They were huge but still firm and perky and the rest of her body was right out of airbrushed playboy.

“Wow, if only he could see you. I know he’d be freaking out right now.”

“Thanks… I think they’re too big actually. But what can I do.”

Nothing! Don’t do a fucking thing because you are perfect! I screamed in my head.

Lacy climbed up over me and Lisa held me up for her as she began to drop down.

“Wait! Oh shit, I almost forgot… we need to put a condom on his cock,’ Lisa freaked, stopping Lacy from easing on to my unwrapped throbbing dick.

I was a little disappointed. I didn’t want anything between my cock and Miss Perfection but it wasn’t to be.

“Oh, wow, close one… good thing you said something. That’s all I need is to get knocked up by a comatose boy who won’t remember shit about this.”

Oh, I’ll remember, Babe, every single second.

They unrolled the condom quickly and began again. Lacy eased down, taking my bulbous head inside her hot pussy and stopped.

“Holy shit, it’s big and wide! I feel like a virgin again.”

“Just go slow, you’ll adjust to him.”

“My legs are shaking already. I’m all kinds of excited. I hope your right,” she said, easing further down onto until Lisa was able to let go and I was supported inside Lacy.

“Oh…. Ahhh… good…. hell it’s big!” she said, as she began to pant.

Her pussy felt like Lisa’s ass it was so tight. The hottest girl in high school must not have been fucked much or just with guys with small dicks. Slowly she güvenilir bahis siteleri let herself fall down onto me until I felt her perfect bubble but meet my legs. I had my cock in the hottest girl I’d ever know and she had no idea I knew it.

“See, told you,” Lisa said.

“Holy… I mean…. Wow, Lisa… it’s amazing. I’ve never felt like this before.”

In the dim light I watched Lacy’s nipples harden and her hands go to both her breasts, to lift and fondle them as she rocked gently on my entire length. I guess she loved the sensation of me fully into her because she wasn’t moving off it. Instead, she grinded her clit into my body, keeping my cock as deep as she could and played with her phenomenal tits. She kept this up for probably two minutes and I enjoyed the firm tight fit of her body.

“I’m going to cum already!”

“Then do it, girl, cum all over my little brother’s big cock.”

“What they say isn’t true… size does matter,” Lisa yelled and I felt her pussy spasm and convulse on my cock.

Without her sliding up and down I wasn’t going to cum, but I did enjoy the pulsing of her twat and watching her play with her large breasts as she continued to climax. It must have been powerful because by the time she was done she was breathing hard and more or less fell off of me, panting next to my body. She was so hot. I wanted to watch her everywhere she went but I didn’t want to get caught looking at her either.

“Wow, you came fast. Luke wasn’t even close.”

“How do you know?” Lacy asked.

“Mom and I have learned to watch his balls, we pretty much know when he’s getting close now.”

“You’ll have to show me. It’s your turn now.”

Lisa hopped on the bed and grabbed my slippery cock, coated in Lacy’s orgasm, not bothering to clean it off. She easily slid down onto me and began to fuck me fast and hard.

“Damn, girl… you really ride him hard.”

“I’ve had a lot of practice.”

Lisa’s up and down fucking was just want I needed. The friction was superb and she loved to bend and work my cock in different directions inside her. She began playing with her own breasts and never ceased her labors of riding me.

“Do me a favor, Lacy… watch his balls, tell me when they start to lift and get tight.”

“Okay,” Lacy said, keeling next to the bed with her head right next to Lisa riding me so she could watch my nuts.

Big sister increased her effort and my pleasure rose in my cock. I was basking in the sensations, letting her do all the work this time for at least ten minutes.

“Their tightening up, I see what you mean now.”

“How tight? Are then up against this shaft?”


“Don’t let them.”

“What? How do I stop it?”

“Grab them and pull them down and kinda squeeze them. It stops him from cumming. Mom taught me. I don’t want him to cum just yet, I’m not ready.”

“So just grab them… like this?” Lacy asked, pulling my balls gently away from my shaft.

It felt good instead of painful and if anything brought me closer to cumming.

“They just went right back,” Lacy said.

“You have to hurt them, really squeeze and pull hard.”

“Seriously? I don’t know if I can do that.”

“Do it for me, or he’s going to cum and get soft.”

“Okay, if you’re sure.”

“I’m sure, do it now.”

I braced for the pain and Lacy latched on to my nuts, squeezed and yanked them down, making me cringe, effectively killing my orgasm.

“I think it worked, he kind of jerked and they didn’t go back.”

“Good, that should give me some time.”

“What else can I do?” Lacy asked.

“Now that you mention it. If you want you can play with my clit and I’ll focus on my boobs. Mom and I help each other get off.”

“Oh… well okay, I’ve never played with another woman.”

“Just pretend it’s your own. I’m sure I’ll like it.”

Damn, their dialog was all kinds of sexy to me and watching Lacy begin to rub my sister’s clit while Lisa pinched her nipples was hot shit. The pleasure was rising again and rising fast. I might beat old Lisa to the punch and cum before her. I wonder how pissed off she’ll get if I climax and go soft before she gets off. Lacy’s breasts giggled as she rubbed Lisa’s clit and I spent more time watching them than anything else. I couldn’t get over how perfect they were.

“Don’t… forget to watch… his balls, he may be getting… close again.”

“Right, okay I thought he’d be good after what I did, but…. Oh wow, you’re right he’s tight again,” she said looking behind my sister.

Damn, Lisa! I was just about to cum and she had to go and remind Lacy to grab my balls again. This time hurt worse, like Lacy had something personal against my balls going tight or something. The pain hurt like a mother and I almost went soft even with Lisa pounding down on me.

“Well done…. I’mmmm….almost………there!” Lisa screamed.

Lacy hurt me so bad the pleasure didn’t return until Lisa was almost done with her own climax. I didn’t really get to enjoy the convulsing pussy of my sister because my fucking balls hurt so badly. I had that sick feeling in my stomach just like when I’ve been kicked in the nuts. Lisa was done and off me and my cock was still throbbing.

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