Summer with Millie Ch. 02


Hours later, Millie woke up. Jack had decided in the meantime to shower and prepare dinner. He’d emerged from the shower nude, no sense in covering up now. He actually enjoyed being nude. He wondered why all this time he just sat here in his pajama’s and never really got nude except to shower. He walked past Millie’s door, it was ajar. He peeped inside and she lay on her stomach sleeping. Her beautiful tight ass perched in the air. Her baby blue G-String ran perfectly up her crack. He smiled and knew he was hopefully in for some more attention after dinner.

While in the bathroom, Jack took the liberty of shaving his cock and balls bare as well as applying some aftershave lotion and generally cleaning himself up. Since his hand job earlier he felt more confident in himself and walked out of her room quietly and down to the kitchen. He prepared a big pasta dinner for the two and found what was left of a bottle of wine he’d had and poured a couple of glasses and even lit come candles.

Once everything was ready, he went back up to Millie’s room and she’d flipped to her back. Her shirt rode up and her tits were in plain view. They were pert C cups with big pink nipples. He noticed she had the top of her hand in the front of her panties just a bit and couldn’t help but wonder if she’d done what he thought she had done.

Nevertheless, he touched güvenilir bahis her arm and said, “Millie, dinner time.”

She easily opened her eyes and did not fight covering up either. She stood and still sleepy eyed, pulled the half shirt off and tossed it on the bed and followed Jack back downstairs. The two ate and laughed and talked and settled down after dinner for a movie. Jack resumed his seat on the couch and Millie at the other end wit her feet stretched out covering the middle seat. He was getting accustomed to her tits now, he’d only looked at them a few times during the movie and he hadn’t gotten hard, so he wasn’t sure what to make of this.

Millie said, “Dad, would you mind if I asked you a question?”

Jack shot back, “No honey anything you want?”

Millie said, “Would I be out of line if I wanted to masturbate?”

Jack said, “No honey I’ll give you your privacy…”

She replied, “No, I mean right here. I’m feeling very horny and just need to get off.”

Jack said, “Well if you can handle your old man watching, then go right ahead.”

Millie stood and removed her blue g-string panties and sat back down and spread her legs. Her pussy was hairless as well and so swollen. Jack knew she needed it bad. He turned the lights down a bit and turned the TV to a music only station and sat there and awaited the performance.

Millie türkçe bahis unabashedly started rubbing her pussy while her other hand explored her nipples, pinching them, tweaking them and licking on them. She strained her head from one to the other in order to get the large pink nipples between her wet lips. She drew her legs tightly up against her chest and reach around each thigh and spread her pussy allowing the gentle breeze to touch her innermost pink folds of skin. She gasped for air a little as the sensations hit her. Jack knew she was cumming. He hadn’t prepared however for this powerful of an orgasm. She grunted and groaned, her pussy juice ejaculating all the way over to his seat splashing upside his head as she threw her head back, she continued shooting stream after stream in her father’s direction. He allowed the juice from his daughter to run down his face and into his mouth. So succulent he thought as he tried to cup his hands and catch the last remaining bit. Jack was on fire, his cock harder than ever before. He moved to one knee as she lay there mouth open gasping for air as her hands worked deeper and deeper into her pink cunt. He began jacking himself furiously. He knew he was too far gone to stop now. He came hard, shooting his cum all over Millie’s face and breasts. Thick globs dripped from her cheek and nose. He almost güvenilir bahis siteleri fell on her as she was building to one final crescendo.

Jack moved to her side and in the heat of the moment took his finger and smeared the cum around his daughters lips. She took it all, sucking and biting his finger. He moved his hand down to her cunt and placed it atop her hand. With only the touch, she bucked, moaned and came so hard that her juice covered the entire couch. She quivered uncontrollably as Jack held her tightly in his arms. He seated himself and pulled her onto his lap. He could feel her cunt pulsating on his leg. He allowed her to subside. She placed her cheek against his and said “Thank you daddy!”

Jack said, “No honey, thank you! That was beautiful.”

She said, “I have to pee.”

Jack said, “I’d really enjoy it honey if you just went right here. The couch is already wet and I really don’t want to let you go…”

She closed her eyes and drained her hot urine across his cock. He allowed it to seep between his legs little by little; he savored her aroma and wanted it more and more. He whispered to her, “Next time honey, I’ll catch it all and clean you up.”

With that Jack held her tightly for an hour or so until at last, he had to get up and stretch himself and shower. He urged Millie to join him which she gladly did and the two shared a very enjoyable shower. Each washing the other as lovers, yet still holding dear to the father daughter time they were sharing. Although Jack knew it was an unconventional love, he’d take it anyway he could get it.

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