Summertime BBQ: The Sequel


Sally says, “Well the corn is done and I think everything else is ready, Lets grab a fresh drink and see what the guys are up to, shall we?”

“Huh, oh yeah sure” I say as I bounce back from my day dream.” Let’s do that, and hit the pool too”.

I wonder what the afternoon will be like after all!

As I followed Sally to the pool, I noticed she had on a new Venus bikini, sort of an orange and yellow metal flake. It really accented her slim waist. Jen is flaunting a skimpy black string bikini that really shows off her tan. But I feel comfortable in my green and yellow bikini that I wore last time. Mmmm… last time, yes, last time!

Sally and Josh own a big beautiful country home just on the outskirts of the county. The house has a great wrap around porch and is painted pastel yellow. The grounds are majestic, with Live Oaks shading the well-manicured lawn. It has a huge over hang in back, creating shade, with a large kidney shaped pool just beyond. Bob and Josh were best friends in college and kept in touch over the years. When we moved to the area not long ago, it was like they had never been separated. Now it seems like we have all, always, been best friends.

As we approached the pool area, the guys were standing by the grill drinking Rum Runners and talking about the fiery crash last weekend involving Bobby Labonte. Sally announced our arrival by saying,” Ok guys, time to pay attention to us now, no more shop talk.”

This of course caused a round of laughter and whistles. Sam and Josh hold up empty glasses and ask “can we get any service around here?”

Sally says, “Bob, get Josh and Sam fresh drinks!”

Sam, Josh’s big brother, calls me over, “Hey Anne you look hot, come over here.!” I’m hot all right and it is not because it is 90 degrees and the sun is scorching hot, but because…

“How was your week honey?” He asks!

“Long and boring, I’m glad it’s over”. I work for an accountant in town. “But, the weekends sure make up for it!’ I reply as I give him a light kiss on the cheek. Sam is about 6’2”; maybe 225 with penetrating sky blue eyes and medium cropped blonde hair. I figure he is about 2 inches taller than Josh and maybe 30 pounds heavier.

“What were you saying about the weekends making up for something?” Jen quizzes as she bounces over to us giving both Josh and Sam a quick kiss. Jen and her husband Steve own the Sportsman’s Paradise Sporting Goods store in town and have been friends with Sally and Josh for several years. We met them a couple weeks ago at a BBQ here and really seemed to hit it off with them too!

“Here you are guys!” Bob announces as he hands the drinks to Sam and Josh.

Jen turns to me and places her hand in the small of my back and gently pulls me to her and gently, ever so softly kisses me, with just the hint of tongue! Whew, I thought I was hot before. That sent new signals everywhere.

“What about me? Bob whines!

“Bob come over here and help me with this table” Sally commands.

“Sure” He says, drawing a quizzical look from Sally.

Jen is kind of… how can I say. perky. She is about 5’4″,trim, short high-lighted hair, hazel eyes and perfect boobs. Her breasts are milk white beyond the tan line. The nipples, placed forward, lay flat back against the breast and are a beautiful light brown. I am sorry about that, but I think she is gorgeous. Anyway she says, “lets get a refill, it’s hot out here!”

The cool A/C hits us as we walk in the backsliders, it sends shivers down my spine, but feels great. “Wow does this feel good!”

She turns and places her hand on my ass and I lean into her… our lips meet, touch and the exploration and questioning with the tongues begins. She pulls me harder against her as the kiss continues. I reach for her breast and find the nipple erect. She breaks away and says, “Yes it does!”

As she opens the frig door for ice, I run my hand over her smooth ass, working my way around to the front. The door closes and she turns and just looks at me. “Yes” is all she says. I know the time will come, but I need it now… right now.

The ice clinking in the glass breaks my trance. Almost magically the drinks are ready and we are out the door heading back to the pool.

Sally and Bob, my husband, are having quite a conversation on the other side of the pool. I can catch some of the conversation, ” as I say”, “Yes what?’ More bits and pieces filter through to me, “all of… “, and whatever… you… do you… stand” . Oh well I can’t make it out and I guess it’s not important. Let’s see what Jen and Steve are talking about.

“This could be fun!’ Steve says to Jen as I walk up. “Hi Anne” he says as I approach. “Jen was just telling me… “

“OK, everyone we have a new toy here” Sally proclaims. “Bob understands his position now, don’t you Bob?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes mamma”

“That’s better, don’t let it happen again!” Sally snaps!

“Everybody else here is already aware of Bob’s function, but just so you know Anne, bursa escort bayan Bob is to do what ever I say. Period! He is to perform any request I have! Do you understand?”

“ye… ye… yes!, I guess so” I stammer. I had no idea where that came from! Ohh, Jen’s hand is on my ass now. Bob is to do as she says? Thinking to myself! God that feels good. Be cool, I tell myself, this is going somewhere!

“Bob, strip, now!” Sally commands.

He hesitates, Swish and whack! Bob jumps. I can see the little crop Sally is holding. Again, swish and whack. Bob begins to strip immediately. The T-shirt comes off, then the swim trunks. Naked he stands before the group, his cock harder then I have ever seen it.

“Show them your ass Bob!” Sally orders.

Bob Turned and there on his ass were two very light red marks where Sally had playfully whipped him.

“Now sit in the chair, and be quick about it!”

“Yes mamma!” As he sits in the chair.

“Josh, Steve! You know what to do” Sally says! “Tie him tight and upright for now! No Blindfold, I want him to watch! she laughs!

Jen and I have moved over by the overhang on the back of the house, in the shade. I end up with my back against the house and Jen facing me. My arms are limp by my side as Jen reaches out and un-does my halter-top. It falls to the ground. Her hands are exploring my large breasts, first flicking one nipple, then taking the other nipple in her mouth. “You are mine, Anne, to do with as I please, aren’t you?” she whispers in my ear as she brings her hand up and cups my chin and lightly kisses me. “Aren’t you? I get to do anything I want with you for my pleasure!” She kisses me again and I feel her hand exploring the wetness in my crotch. “Just like last time, but only better today!” as she nips my neck. “

“Oh god yes, Jen, anything you want!” I whisper back, not believing I am hearing myself say this.

“Anything, my love?” she taunts as her fingers slide into my swollen wet pussy!

Quivering now, super heated and wet, I say, ” Yes, anything!”

She kisses me long and hard, her tongue probing and licking at the same time, her fingers flicking my clit and then inserting them into my hot wet cunt. My hand is on her breast, those perfect little breasts and then my other hand goes to her crotch, seeking her moistness. She is so smooth, shaven completely and my fingers find the edge of the clit. Wet! Wetness is the only way to describe her outer lips!

“That’s right Steve straddle the chair. Rub your cock all over his face, across his lips and make him make you hard!” Sally purrs. “BOB, TAKE HIS COCK IN YOUR MOUTH!” Sally orders! She reaches over to Sam, who is standing next to her and wipes the precum from his hard cock and puts it to Bob’s lips.

Steve slowly slides his cock in Bob’s mouth. Bob resists at first, and then slowly he begins to suck and lick Steve’s raging hard cock in earnest. Bound to the chair and pushed up against the back of it, Bob has nowhere to go, as Steve continues to thrust his cock in and out. Sally slides up next to Steve and kisses him hard as he continues to fuck the new “toy”, Bob’s mouth. Sally grabs Steve’s ass and helps shove the cock in Bob’s mouth.

“Tell me when you are close sweetie” Sally whispers to Steve. Laughing, Sally says this is only the beginning, Bob. You are going to take them all before the day is out!”

Jen has me on my knees once again, playing with my clit and kissing me. “Suck my tit Anne, I love to have my tits sucked!” Sam appears above us, already naked and sporting a nice size hard. He bends to kiss Jen and pinches my nipple at the same time

“Ouch, not so rough, Sam”, I whimper breathing hard.

“Come on girls!” Steve says as he pulls us both up. There is a long coffee table on the lanai and we head towards it, Jens hand on my ass and Sam’s arm around my waist. He turns me around to kiss him as Jen lies on the table. I feel his hard cock against my pelvis. I remember it was too huge to get hardly any of it in my mouth last time. Sam pushes me to my knees and my mouth goes to his cock. He rubs it across my lips and then pulls away. He turns me towards Jen, who is lying on the table with her legs spread. I know what she wants and I willingly lean forward. Her shaved clit is so soft and her scent is heavenly. My tongue darts out to touch her and to gently lick the outer lips. She reaches down and spreads the lips open and my tongue slides in.

“I am cumming,” Steve grunts to Sally.

“No, Not yet Steve”

“AAAAHhhuuugggggggg” as his hot cum squirts in an eruption that fills Bob’s mouth and spills over on his face and chin. ” DON’T SPILL ONE DROP BOB! Take it all, and remember your promise!”

Steve is still standing in front of Bob, his cock still close to his mouth, slowly deflating. He steps back and looks at Bob, cum on his lips, eyes wide and says” You’ll get used to it Bob, in fact I think you’ll learn to enjoy all of this.” Bob looks at Sally, trying to catch his breath, cum dribbling down bursa evi olan escort one side of his cheek. As Steve steps away, Sally straddles Bob, and with out touching him she squats down till the tip of his hard cock touches her cunt lips. She is wet and continues to slide ever so slowly down. Stops and rises up and then down again, making sure that his cock is well lubricated. Sliding in and out of her pussy, Bob moans. His cock is so hard it hurts. Sally continues to pump up and down. Taking the full 7-inch very thick cock all the way to the hilt. She sits down on it, burying it to the max in her hot wanting pussy and squirms around. She sees she is driving Bob to the edge and stops. Standing up they come disengaged and she stands over him and says: You can’t cum yet lover, do you understand?”

“Yes mamma!” He moans, light headed, his cock rock hard and throbbing.

Sally sill straddling Bob bends her knees a little and thrusts her pelvis forward a little. Bob, watching is wishing she would continue with the slow fuck, but instead she unleashes a stream of hot piss on him. On his cock, his stomach and his chest. Sitting there he is too high for her to reach his mouth. The hot piss runs down his cock and over his balls, down his chest and across his stomach. “Bob”, she says, ” next time you will drink my piss, do you understand?”

” Yes mamma, it will be my pleasure to please you” He stammers.

Jen pulls my hair and forces my tongue deeper in her cunt. “Oh Anne, Oh my god you are wonderful. You eat pussy like no one else, oh my Godddddd” She shudders and fills my mouth with her juices. For a minute I thought she had peed, but instead she had ejaculated, squirted, in my mouth. I started to get up and she pulled my head back down… “More, baby, more… oh my God you are good… eat me, suck my cunt and make me cum again,” She gasps, breathing hard and squirming on the table.

I dive back in with my tongue, trying to do my best to please her. Her legs are locked around me, when I feel Sam rubbing the head of his monstrous cock on my clit. I gasp… “.Nooooo you will split me open… Nooooo, please no. ” I beg. “Jen please make him stop. Please”

Jen pulls my face back to her wanting cunt and tells me, ” You promised you’d do anything for me, this is just the beginning, honey. It will be wild, you’ll see”! Thrusting her hips to my mouth I almost forgot about Sam.

“AAAAAgggggggggg, Please no” I begged again, but the sound was muffled by Jen crushing my face in her cunt. Sam was trying to be gentle, but he was splitting me wide open. His giant cock was plowing its way into my sopping wet cunt. He pulled back a little and started to shove harder and I came! BANG. “AAAAAHHHgggg, … I buried my face in Jen’s crotch as waves of ecstasy started deep inside and started to roll forth. Deeper he shoved, stronger came the waves. Most of the time I cum a couple of times, but this was one continuous wave after another of ecstasy.

Coming back from my tremendous orgasm I hear “Anne, Anne, are you ok? Jen was asking?

“Get her on her back Jen. I am going to finish fucking her and then you can have her.” Sam ordered, breathing heavily.

Jen pushed me down on the table and Sam spread my legs and wasted no time plowing my cunt with his massive cock. I thought is was all the way in when he shoved again. My god I was stuffed with this man’s giant cock. All the way to the hilt, and I didn’t split. I was taking it all. Oh my God… yes I wanted more… I wanted all of it. ” Oh FUCK ME SAM, YES PLEASE FUCK ME HARD,HARDER. FUCK ME BABY. SAM, PLEASE GIVE ME ALL YOUR BIG COCK.” I screamed! As he slammed into me, slamming his massive raging cock all the way home.

I felt Jen kissing me and pinching my nipples just before it began. It started somewhere deep inside, a place I never knew existed… Over and over and over it rolled. The convulsions of my climax, like waves pounding on the beach, each larger then the previous, combined with the “whoosh… bang” of fireworks. My cunt is on fire and gripping Sam’ cock… milking everything from it. I wrapped my legs around him, wanting it all and not wanting him to stop. Dizzy and trying to catch my breath, I went limp, exhausted from the greatest fuck of my entire life.

I remember Sam standing over me… ” You are the best Anne, the best” I looked down and saw his cock starting to deflate, cum still dribbling from it, glistening with our mixed juices. “I am getting a drink, and while I do, Jen why don’t you clean her up and out. When I get back I want to watch her cum in your mouth” He said, smiling!

I collapsed back down on the table, limp and exhausted. I barely felt Jen move down to my swollen and puffy cunt. Her tongue began to stir the tingle in me again as she lapped up Sam’s cum from my pussy, legs and tummy. Just as Sam sat down on the sofa by the table, Jen started in earnest to bring me over the edge one more time.

Untying Bob, Sally asks, “is that what you wanted? We still have some bursa otele gelen escort unfulfilled desires if you want to continue?

“God that was wild, Sally”, Bob admits. “Yes, I want to, if you do!”

“Oh yes, Lover, and then you have to fulfill your promise!” as she reaches up and kisses his lips, detecting a hint of Steve’s cum still there. Sally reaches down and grabs his cock, still hard, still waiting to cum. ” Mmmmmmm, I can hardly wait” She whispers.

In the kitchen, refilling drinks for Bob and herself, Sam walks in as Sally comments on Jen and Anne, saying, “now they look like they are having fun!”

Sam says, “Man, Anne was unbelievable! There have only been a few that could take it all, and she was begging for more!” laughing and shaking his head. “Hey Sally, will you fix me another, sweetie?”

I guess I’m exhausted. Jen is doing a wonderful job on my clit, but I think it is worn out for the moment. No, maybe not! ” Yes Jen, a little harder baby, Oh, yes to the right… oh yes, now, now, now… oh God, yes! No more, no more”, I say laughing, pushing her head away.

“Kiss me” I whisper to her. As our tongue entangle, I taste my juices and Sam’s cum all in one!

Steve pulls her from me and pulls her to him, kissing her hard on the lips. ” Lets go up stairs for a while” he suggests! ” Anyone else?”

“Come on Sam”, Jen encourages, knowing he has been dying to have some time with her.

Sally walks over to where Josh is standing and kisses him. As she reaches down for his cock she eases him back on the couch. As he lays back she moves down his chest to his crotch. “Come on Bob, help me with this”, she calls. Bob kneels next to her and kisses her as she strokes Josh’s cock up and down. Sally turns her head and licks the head of Josh’s cock and then turns back and kisses Bob. Bob moves over to lick and suck Josh’s cock and Sally shares it with him, kissing and licking and sucking at the same time. Sally licks her finger and slides it down Josh’s crack, until she finds his asshole. Gently she pushes in and feels his cock grow in size. As Bob is licking and sucking Josh’s cock, she purrs” Mmmm you like that don’t you? Baby, you like my finger in your ass?”

“Oh yes Sally”, moans Josh. She joins Bob again and again she wets her finger and this time inserts it in Josh’s ass, slowly in and out, then faster. Now Bob and Sally are both licking and sucking when Josh announces he is cumming! ” Oh god please suck me dry, yes take my cock and suck me… yes in my ass… more, more… more… aaaaaagghhhhgggggggggggg” Josh’s cock erupts spewing cum in Sally’s and Bob’s mouths and on their faces.

Jen wastes no time crawling between Sam’s legs as he spreads out on the king bed. His hands go to the back of her head as she begins to lick and suck the monster cock. She feels it already growing as Steve begins to lick her nipples and rub her ass.

” Come on Steve, fuck me while I suck on this wonderful cock”, Jen moans.

“Jen you were so hot eating Anne, just watching her cum while you were eating her was enough to make me cum…!” Sam admits. “MMMMM oh baby, that’s so good, come on you know what Sam likes, yes lick my cock baby!”

Standing behind Jen Steve slowly guides his cock in her soaking wet pussy… she jumps and pushes back. All the way in, Steve squirms around, driving his cock deeper and Jen crazy. Steve rubs his finger around her cunt … so wet… and moves some of the juices to her ass. He inserts a finger in her ass as he continues to slowly slide his cock in and out of her. He adds more spit to his fingers working in and out of her ass.

Jen moans, her mouth too full of Sam’s enormous cock to speak, however her body language is enough to tell Steve what she wants. He slips his cock from her pussy and rubs the tip on the opening of her ass and then back into her wet pussy again. After several times he is satisfied she is wet enough. Standing on his toes he places the head of his hard cock on the edge of her ass and pushes gently. Jen immediately rock back to meet his thrust. Her ass is so tight he almost slides aside, but he uses his hand and guides his cock into the wanting ass. Feeling the head slide past the tight muscle and beyond lets him know he is in. Jen moans and starts to rock forward and backwards, meeting his thrusts. Now he is driving himself in the full length of his cock with each thrust.

Anne, standing silently in the door, watching Jen being sandwiched between Steve and Sam takes her free hand and can’t help but rub her tits as she sips her margarita. Her hand drops to her clit and she feels the tingle begin.

Josh returns with fresh drink for all of them and they raise their glasses in a silent toast to great hot sex. Sally leans over and kisses Bob, saying, ” Now remember your end of the deal”.

Sam’s is close to cumming and Jen knows it… he is using his hand to help… beating off as she struggles to take as much of his cock as possible. She feels one hand on her head and he moves the other to her shoulder. She knows and wants what is next… he puts both hands on her shoulders and pushes her as Steve thrusts from the other end. With Steve’s hard cock thrusting in and out of her ass and Sam’s cock pistoning in and out of her mouth, she can almost lay still and be rocked between the two.

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