Sunbathing Next Door Honey


Living in south London, there are numerous houses where the architecture is pretty much the same — terraced, Victorian houses, generally with gardens that are about 10 to 15 feet deep. These gardens are enough for a small table and maybe some sun, if they are pointed the right way.

We got some new neighbours this year. It would appear that they are a bunch of young professionals who are clearly enjoying their first foray into the delights of London living after university. There seems to be three of them, one guy and two girls. One of the girls is nothing special but the other one is a delicate, slender blonde with fine features and a slight figure.

I work a lot at home so I get to see them messing around, sorting out the garden on their afternoons off and also I hear them having long chats into the night, over a number of bottles of wine. Sometimes, however, there might be an unexpected treat.

I was at my desk and I noticed the blonde coming out to the garden. She was wearing a sleeveless top and a black skirt. She sat down in one of the seats at the table and proceeded to read a magazine and enjoy the summer sun. I was quite absorbed in my work but glanced over and saw that she had her graceful legs up on the next chair, to catch the sun. As the angle was pointed to me, I could see right up her skirt as she slowly waved her legs apart and together, gripped by some article on some celebrity.

I didn’t want to be caught, so I glanced at her knickers which seemed to be black with little red patterns on them and went back to work. The window was open and I like to work to music so I had the computer knocking out some tunes.

“Who’s singing that?” I heard someone call out. I looked out of the window and she had put down the magazine and was looking up at me, her eyes shaded by a hand.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you with my music. Do you want to turn it down?” I replied, trying to keep my gaze up and not sneaking a peek at her knickers again.

“No,” she said, laughing, “I like it. Can you tell me what it is? It sounds great for this weather.”

“Sure, it’s Zero 7. I love the chilled out ambient sound when I’m working.” I replied.

“Thanks. It sounds good. If you canlı bahis şirketaleri don’t mind, I’ll just listen to it.” she said, smiling at me.

“How can I stop you?” I laughed and went back to my work.

“What’s your name and why are you working when there’s all this glorious sun?” she called out after a couple of minutes.

“It’s Dave and I’m nearly finished so was going to come out and enjoy the sun myself.” I didn’t know why she was chatting to me but I wasn’t going to end it if I could. I still had a lot of work to do but she was rather cute.

“So come over and share a glass of lemonade when you’re done. It’s good to know your neighbours.” she said. “Let me know when you’re done and I’ll let you in.”

“That’s kind of you — I should be about ten minutes.” I said.

“Cool. See you then, Dave” and went back to her magazine.

I rushed at my work and kept glancing at the clock to make sure that I wasn’t going to run over but ten minutes went and I shut my computer down.

“Is that offer still open?” I called out to her.

“Sure”, she smiled. “Come on over.”

I went out of the front door and, by the time I got to her porch, she was standing there, smiling. “Come on through”, she said as she headed back down the hall. “I’m Sarah, by the way.”

As she walked I was transfixed by her petite arse doing its best to mesmerise me. I knew that knowing the colour of the knickers underneath was not going to help my concentration so tried to think of something else, but it wasn’t easy.

We entered the garden and she poured me a glass from a jug of lemonade she had been keeping in the shade. As she gave me the glass, her fingers touched me and she was standing before me, hand on hip, smiling. Did I notice something in her eyes, or was I dreaming?

We sat down and started to talk. She shuffled over so that I could get in the sun and we were side by side, in a pair of garden armchairs. Her legs were up on another chair and I saw her skirt drop back a bit to reveal slim thighs. At this point I wished I had brought sunglasses to mask the direction of my eyes.

We were chatting and getting along fine. She kept on lowering her voice and leaning into me, especially canlı kaçak iddaa when we started to flirt a bit. She giggled a lot and it was turning me on. She kept on crossing and uncrossing her legs before me and it was getting me hard, combined with her giggling next to me.

As she leaned in again, her shoulder touched mine and the conversation took a natural break. She didn’t pull away and I was conscious that I had a sexy blonde next to me, leaning in and showing her lovely legs off.

I turned to her, she lifted her chin and looked me in the eyes so I kissed her. Just the lightest of brushes on her lips. She stared at me, put her hands on my cheeks and pulled me in to kiss her more deeply. I felt her tongue drive into my mouth and I responded as best I could. Our tongues battled for a while, all the time her hands rifling through my hair.

She was pressing against me and I was holding her sides. I moved my hand up to her breast and outlined the shape that was beneath her shirt. I felt her press her chest into my hand so I grasped her breast in my hand and started to squeeze. I heard a low groan in the back of her throat and knew that my shorts were feeling far too tight.

Her hand was caressing my chest and pretty soon, it dropped down and worked its way underneath my waistband. She found my cock and started to rub it up and down. This was getting me as hot as can be, especially as she clearly knew what she was doing, rubbing the pre-cum all over my glans.

I thought it time to return the favour so dropped my hand onto her thigh and started to stroke upwards. I felt her legs drop apart so I zoned in on her knickers and started to rub up and down her moist slit with my fingers. I heard her continue to moan and push back against my fingers so I edged under the elastic and started to stroke her damp slit. Sliding one finger in and using my thumb on her clit, I carried on kissing her and holding her round the shoulders with my other hand.

Her attention to my cock was slacking off but she was clearly enjoying my attention to her so I continued and steadily increased both the motion and the pressure. I felt her start to writhe a bit and then her body started to shudder.

“Don’t canlı kaçak bahis stop, don’t dare stopping”, she grunted. I carried on and she grabbed my hand and forced it harder against her mound. Pretty soon she threw back her head and really shuddered and grunted. She was squeezing my fingers internally and practically falling off the chair but suddenly she went rock solid stiff, groaned through gritted teeth and pressed down on my hand. I felt her flood with juices and I knew that she was one happy neighbour.

As she subsided, I pulled my hand away and thought I should up the stakes so I dropped to my knees on the patio between her legs. She looked down at me as I ran my hands up her thighs and pulled her knickers down. She closed her eyes as I lowered my face and went to work with my tongue, giving long, slow deep strokes up and down her slit. This seemed to be just what she wanted as she was pushing against my tongue in no time and writhing.

I slid one finger into her and played with her puckered hole with another. Pretty soon I was licking her clit and fingering her in both holes, feeling the motion through the pussy wall. She was going for it and started to buck wildly until again that momentous solidity, gritted groan and she pulled my head in as far as she could, flooding my face with her orgasmic juices.

I thought it was my turn for some attention so I sat back in the chair and unzipped my shorts. Out popped my cock and she just grinned at me and lowered her head onto it. I was sitting in my neighbour’s garden, having my cock sucked by the cute one, not half an hour after speaking to her for the first time!

Her head bobbed up and down and she played with my balls. I felt her stretch her hand down into my shorts and feel for my arse and, before too long, her finger was up my ring and tickling away at my prostate. This was getting too much as I could feel myself building and building.

“I’m coming, I’m… I’m…” was all I could get out. She intensified her efforts really bouncing her head up and down on my cock. I felt the surge, unstoppable and intense, as it rose up my member and I exploded in her mouth, pulsing with pleasure and spurts of spunk which she gladly swallowed. She gulped away and kept my cock in her mouth as the last spurt happened, sucking and swallowing to get all the juices.

When I had calmed down a bit, she looked up at me, smiled and said, “I still owe you one.”

I really like this neighbourhood.

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