We’re cuddled close together on the couch on a hot summer evening. We’ve both been working in the yard all day. The air smells of freshly cut grass as it wafts through the house on a warm, gentle breeze. We’ve both showered, but it’s too hot to get dressed. You’re naked skin is pressed against mine, as we lounge in our underwear. Your hair is still wet from the shower. I gently turn you away from me and take the brush from your hand. Pulling your wet hair off your shoulder, I begin to brush it for you with long, gentle strokes. I love your hair! It’s so smooth and silky. I love the way it feels when it glides between my fingertips. And when you rest with your head on my chest, it’s like heaven to feel its cool softness against my skin.

The sun has baked your soft shoulders. It’s obvious that you’re going to be sore. But I DID warn you about working on your flowers with only your bathing suit on. (“Maybe one day you’ll listen to me!” I wink silently to myself). Satisfied that your hair is free of knots, I put the brush on the coffee table and reach for my gin and tonic. The glass is sweating–moist and slick on the outside. The generous wedge of lime floats helplessly at the bottom of the glass. The drink is so cold and the taste is very refreshing. I offer you a drink, but you decline. As I withdraw the drink, the outside of the glass brushes lightly against your red shoulder. You shiver and I notice that your nipples harden immediately.

“I’m sorry baby.” And I truly am. But the sight of your rigid nipples gives me an idea, as a little shiver rocks through your body–and spreads to mine.

I reach into the glass and take out one of the frigid cubes. starting at the side of your neck, I start to run the ice cube slowly downward to your shoulder. You shudder, but a soft moan escapes your sweet lips. (I think I’m onto something here!) The cube sweats out its moisture to your baked flesh, cooling you–refreshing you. I draw small circles with the cube over your shoulder blades. Your back arches as I guide it down your spine. Trickling droplets roll down your back. I can almost hear the steam rising from your luscious body as the water is warmed by your skin.

I gently pull you from the couch and guide you to the floor. Soft music drifts from the stereo as I lie you down on your stomach. I unclasp your bra and gently move the straps off your tender shoulders. After another long pull on my drink, the ice cubes clatter noisily in the glass as I reach in to remove another one. Moving it slowly, methodically over your shoulders, escort bostancı I try to cool you down. My poor sun-burned baby. Your skin glistens and shines in the soft candlelight. You’re so beautiful.

The ice cube is nearly gone. I pop the tiny remnant of it into my mouth and crunch it in my teeth. I imagine the taste of your skin and wonder if a piece of ice could be considered “lucky.” Well, this one was!

My hands, cold from the melting cube reach for your thong. Gliding over your hips and sliding beneath the seam at your waist. You gently lift your hips to allow me to slide it down off your thighs and over your feet. I notice how red the backs of your legs are, too. I think I can fix that, as well.

A fresh cube from the glass starts at your ankles. You wriggle a little, but it’s not a fight. It feels so good to be cooled off. Up it slides–over your calves–first one, then the other–in tight, tiny circles, moving upwards. The backs of your knees cause the ice to melt rapidly. They must be very sore. I lower my head to swirl my tongue in the sensitive nook. I hear you sigh–long and deep. Again, I pop the last remnants of the icecube into my mouth. No crunching this time. Just holding it against my tongue and letting it melt down my throat.

A new ice cube begins where I left off–at the backs of your thighs. No circles this time. Instead, I move it up and down in long, slow, cooling strokes. I can see the muscles in your cute little butt clenching and releasing at the sensation. It feels good, doesn’t it? Now, moving to your other scorched leg, the ice glides over your skin–cool, refreshing, sensual. The cube is getting almost too small to hold. But this time, instead of putting it in my mouth, I gently slide it into your tight little backside. Your hips rise from the floor–almost with a mind of their own. You moan deeply and I see your fingers clenching at the carpeting. I lean down beside you and whisper into your ear–“Hold it in there.” All you can do in response is nod your head and bite your lower lip. (That is soooo sexy!)

I start to move another cube around on the luscious, womanly curves of your ass–then down your lovely cleft. Your hips rise again as it gently treks over your sweet pussy lips. I use the cube to spread them slightly. A loud moan erupts from your lungs as the cube touches your swollen clit. I let it rest there for a moment, then slide it back up and push it lightly into your ass. I can see a trickle of water emerging as the first cube has no-doubt melted in your hot ümraniye escort little behind. I move in for a closer look. It’s so beautiful, your ass. I lie down on my stomach, between your wide-spread legs and extend my tongue toward you. Your cooled skin robs the heat from my mouth. But it is quickly restored as I begin to flick your tight ass with the tip of my tongue–trying to coax the droplets from you.

I feel you pushing back against me. Your hips and thighs surge up and back as you impale your tiny rosebud onto my tongue. My chin grazes over your pussy and I realize that it is sopping wet.

I feel you pushing back against me. Your hips and thighs surge up and back as you impale your tiny rosebud onto my tongue. My chin grazes over your pussy and I realize that it is sopping wet. I continue to kiss, lick and suck your sweet backside. But to be completely honest, I can’t stop thinking about your pussy. How I love the way you taste! You seem to be reading my mind. You swing one leg over my head to lie on your back. Then you scoot your hips over so that my face is just inches from your sweet pussy. Your lips are swollen with passion. I can almost SEE your clit throbbing.

I let my eyes scan up your body, over your flat stomach to your heaving breasts. Your nipples are rigid and stiff. As I snake my arms beneath your legs, I raise them–tilting your pussy upward: a gorgeous glass from which to drink. Your womanly scent is intoxicating! My hands glide up your sides–over your ribs and finally to your firm breasts. I let my hands graze and wander over their swell, as I lower my head–my mouth–to your center. Pushing my tongue out, flatly, I begin a long, deep lick at the bottom of your pussy. I feel your lips spreading for me so very slowly as I move up, up, up. I want you clit in my mouth so badly. But, no–not yet. I let my tongue slither back down between your pouting lips, circling and pressing harder–deeper–more urgently–into your sweet, sweet pussy.

My hands linger on your full, lovely breasts–careful to avoid your nipples. As I start my ascent back up your pussy, I reach for the glass of ice. It’s nearly all melted now, but I salvage two pieces and place one in each hand. Holding them over your breasts, the water droplets “sweat” from the cubes and drop in cruel proximity to your nipples. Up, up, up with my tongue–circling and delving deeper inside you. (You taste so sweet). As I near your throbbing nub, I lower the two ice cubes. My timing is perfect as my mouth covers your clit at the exact moment kartal escort bayan the ice strikes your nipples. I suck greedily as you explode into my mouth. Your hot juices flow and pump. Your stomach muscles undulate as wave after climactic wave washes over your sweet body. I roll the frigid cubes over your nipples as my tongue–hot and wanting– rolls over your clit. I feel your hands pulling at my hair but I fight you to keep my mouth on you as the waves wash over you like a warm tidal wave. You scream out, but I just keep pounding your clit with my tongue.

Tears of orgasmic bliss roll down your cheeks as I slide and kiss my way up your body. I kiss your tears away, relishing their sweet salty flavor. My hard, throbbing cock waits at your entrance. I feel your legs wrap around my waist and beckon me forward. I want you so badly. I look into your beautiful eyes. “Please?” You take my face in your hands and pull me down to you, kissing me hard and pushing your tongue into my mouth. I have to have you–NOW! I shove my hips forward and bury my stiff cock deep inside your belly. Your scream lands at the back of my throat and washes over me like a waterfall. My hips start to slam up and down, up and down–now with a mind of their own. Their only purpose is to serve my cock, which you are squeezing and gripping with the sugary walls of your hot pussy.

Up and down, in and out, pounding into you with a passionate fury. Reaching between us, I find your hard nipples and begin rolling them gently in my fingers. Your hips rise from the floor with every thrust–matching me and urging me to go faster–harder–deeper. Your legs pull powerfully at the base of my back as me find our perfect rhythm. Our tongues duel and my fingers close tighter around your sensitive nipples. My cock grows harder, longer and more powerful deep, deep inside you. Each downward thrust pushes you slightly across the floor as I fuck you harder and faster. Electric needles race up my back. My balls rise and tighten. A red blanket floats gently over my eyes as I stiffen–paralyzed by your flexing, tensing little pussy.

The feeling of my hot jets spewing inside you sends you over the edge again. My steaming cum warms your belly and floods you as we erupt in a single, mutual scream of released passion. Your hips continue to pump and writhe beneath me, milking me of everything I have. I collapse on top of you–still locked in a warm, sweet kiss. Rolling to one side of you, I cradle you in my big arms and hold you tight, covering your face with soft, warm kisses. As you lay your head on my shoulder–(Mmmmmm, your hair drags across my chest)–and close your eyes, the ice cubes tinkle as they settle in the glass beside us on the floor. Your eyes shoot open to see what I’m up to. I can’t help but smile at you. You’re so SUSPICIOUS.

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