Sunday Lunch 2nd Part

Big Dicks

Sunday Lunch 2nd PartWe lay back for a while ,all four of us on the bed ,happy and content though Keiths cock was still hard and ready for more . It was decided that the three of us would bend over for keith in a line on the the bed .Pam was first ,then me and last but not least ,Carol .Keith knelt behind Pam first ,lifting her sexy silky slip up and using his clever tongue and fingers pleasured Pam .Then it was my turn ,Keith hitched up my dress and his tongue went straight up my bottom hole .His fingers pulling open my cheeks so he could really excite my anus and I felt my cock start to rise and my balls filling up again .His finger replaced his tongue as he opened me up but then it was Carols turn and his face disappeared as his tongue and fingers played sexy games with her bum hole and pussy . He returned to Pam picking up a little bag on the way .I looked over at Carol and she winked at me and I heard Pam draw in her breath and looking back at her ,I saw Keith had slid a vibrator up her bum ,then it was my turn ,a creamy finger then a vibrator pushed deep into me .I wasn’t expecting bahis siteleri it to feel so different but it still felt good and then looking on I watched Keiths cock go deep into Carols arsehole .Her anus opening to his thrusts and pushing back on his hard throbbing cock .He pulled out of her and instead of Pams bum he went for me ,replacing the vibrator with his cock .I pulled my own cheeks open and let his love stick hilt itself ball deep .I could feel his cock almost throbbing inside me and I met every thrust .He pulled out and was behind Pam and his cock quickly disappeared up her tight anal hole .Pams eyes were closed as she recieved her anal fucking .Suddenly I felt a cold greased finger bury itself in my arse ,it was Carol and I noticed a realistic phallus hanging between her legs and before long it was burried deep in me .So there was Pam on her knees ,slip up to her waist ,Pink cashmere cardie open ,breasts hanging out with Keiths cock buggering her .Then there was me ,in a lovely light blue Sunday best dress and baby blue cardie bent over next to Pam with Carol fucking canlı bahis siteleri me for all she was worth .The room was full of moans and groans as Pam and I recieved our arse fucking ,my cock had fully recoverd and was ready to go and Carol ended up riding on top with her strap-on cock standing proud as she bounced up and down on me .Keith began to moan ,he had held off so long but it was time and he unloaded deep in Pams bum and as he came so did Carol and it was the first time I had ever seen a woman squirt .Carol collapsed in a heap as did Keith but I was still hard and full of spunk .Pam was still on her knees so I replaced Keith and my cock, first went into Pams open cunt and after a few strokes I couldnt help myself but pull out of that sex hole and then enter her other hole that was fully lubed by Keiths cum .I slid in with ease and started giving Pam arse a good fucking .Carol was already showing interest and it didn’t take her long to slip under Pam and start to lick at her sweet pussy as I kept my steady fucking rhythm .Pam somehow managed to start to lick canlı bahis Carols strapon taking the head into her mouth .Then all change Pam on her back and Carols Phallus burried in her pussy .I couldn’t resist sticking my cock back between Carols pussy lips again and as she got wetter my finger found her anus that seemed to suck my finger in .Next move had to be my cock and at last I was up there, fucking that tight hole for all I was worth .Keith begain to take pics ,his cock back showing signs of life .Carol came first followed by Pam and as both girls moaned I flooded Carols back chamber with my juicey young cock cream .I could feel each spurt and my cock seamed to recoil like a gun going off and I must of cum so much could I could feel my balls bounce .Keith came over and slipped his fingers around my balls ,giving them a gentle squeeze ,making sure they were empty .As my cock fell out of his wifes arse ,he couldn’t resist but sucking my soft cock and then slipping his tongue into his wifes bum ,licking her clean of my young sexy cum mingled with her cum .Pam had fallen foward but the Strap-on cock remained lodged still in Pams virgina and still ready for action .We had all collapsed now on the bed , all coverd in leaking cum though Keith had done his best to clean us all up Where was lunch ,I was starving

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