Sunday Morning


Daybreak arrives far too quickly. Our bedroom softly glows, lit by a morning sun filtering through the trees. Half-awake, half-asleep, my mind reluctantly emerges from a wonderful dream – a dream replaying memories of last night’s sexual reverie. As I drift into consciousness, I become aware of a presence in bed with me. That presence is you: under the sheets, hidden from view, inspecting my body. Not wanting to distract you, I lay quietly while you continue your exploration.

Your body lays at a right angle to mine. I can’t see what you are doing, but I can feel it. I feel your warm breath on the hairs of my leg. I feel your fingernails along my inner thighs, inching upwards towards my crotch. I feel your hair running across my sensitive skin as you move, leaving goosebumps in its wake. Hovering over my flaccid member, you run your fingertips across its length. You gently take hold of it, the warmth of your hands starting my blood to flow. You softly roll it between your fingers, pausing occasionally, as if inspecting a new-found plaything for the first time.

You once told me how incredible it was that something so small and soft could become something so large and hard. And how you delighted in holding and sucking on my limp cock and feeling it grow within the warm confines of your mouth. You relished that your beauty, your sex appeal, your talents, had such influence over my body. As I drift awake, it seems you are eager, once again, to make my flesh respond spectacularly to your loving care.

You continue your inspection – lifting and looking, tracing the veins, feeling the bumps and ridges that give you such pleasure. Moving closer, you place a gentle kiss on the head and watch for my body’s reaction. Again, with the softest of touches, you place your lips upon my manhood, tenderly kissing its peak. You finish each kiss with a light swirl of your tongue across my most responsive flesh. A low moan escapes my mouth. Sensing I am coming to life, you kiss the crown a bit more firmly, followed by several licks of your tongue along my shaft. My body responds, as always, to your erotic care. My erection grows as you had hoped, filling your mouth and hands with the evidence of my lust and excitement.

You shift your body and move even closer, directly over my cock, and place its head in your mouth. You begin to suck me more energetically, more passionately. My skin is coated with your saliva. From the noisy slurps coming from beneath the sheets, I can tell you are thoroughly enjoying the task at hand. My dick grows steadily under your care, making it nearly impossible to capture its entire length. Undaunted by this challenge, you hungrily roll me around your mouth, licking with your tongue and sucking ever stronger.

My cock swells, its girth filling the available space between your lips. My length pushes against the back of your mouth. No longer able to contain me, you begin sliding your lips up and down my shaft. You eagerness to deliver my pleasure delights me. Gripping my hardness with your lips, you repeatedly travel the length of my cock, pausing occasionally at the peak to swirl your tongue around the head.

Almost reflexively, my hand travels under the sheets to take hold of my cock. You push my hand away, replacing it with your own. You wrap your fingers around the top of my shaft and slide your tongue along the underside, matching your tongue strokes with the movements of your hand. The combined action of your hand, lips, and tongue now have full control over my body. I begin to thrust my hips upward, further increasing the sensation between my erection and your fingers. I push back the sheets and watch intently as you continue licking and kissing my cock’s slick sides, running ensest porno your lips along its length as though you were enjoying a stick of sugar cane. Looking up at me, you flash me a broad smile, followed by a slow, sensual lick across the length of my erection.

“Good morning” you tease. “Did I wake you?”

I don’t bother to answer you, instead reaching for your body. Sliding my hands down your back to your behind, I cup the soft roundness of your ass cheeks and dip my fingers into the valley between them. Following the natural path of your body, I find the sweet wetness of my destination. Upon feeling my fingers, you shift your ass towards me, offering easier access.

Feeling you wet with desire, I am compelled to pull your body around so I can get at you. I raise your leg and maneuver myself underneath your treasure. I gently pull you down onto my face, parting your lips with my tongue. Softly, I begin to lick you. I taste your sweetness, my tongue traveling across your crevice, occasionally flickering your now swollen clit. My hands roam over your ass cheeks, tracing your curves. As mouth works its magic, my fingers probe inside you, leaving you squirming with delight.

Your hand closes tight around my cock as my tickling tongue lashes out at you. You press your body down onto my face, forcing me to dip even farther into you. Greedy for pleasure, you begin grinding your body against my open mouth. Your wetness covers my lips. My hands hold your ass tightly as I try to keep pace with your body’s movement. Your juices continue to flood upon me, running down my cheeks.

Sensing myself losing control, I act to prolong our fun. With a subtle buck of my hips, you release my cock from your lip-lock. My hands on your chest, I lift upwards to guide you into an upright posture. You coo lustfully as you straddle my face, placing your treasure chest directly above my waiting mouth. I begin to concentrate my affection on your clit, attempting to bring you to a level of excitement equal to my own. You sway your hips upon my face and mouth, rocking in time to my lapping. Each time I hit your mark, I feel your legs tighten around the sides of my face, squeezing me like a most enjoyable vice.

Looking upwards, I see your hands running across your body. Realizing I had neglected your breasts, I reach upwards to cup each one. I place one in each hand, gently squeezing, fondling, and rolling their fullness. I tweak your nipples between my fingers and tease them into erection. Your hands now freed, you reach down to your pleasure zone. As my tongue explores you deeply, your finger rubs the contours of your clit, causing your body to tremble with excitement.

Nearing your bliss, you shift slightly your position. You pull your lips wide apart, inviting my full attention to your clit. You rock your body in a circular motion, swaying your hips back and forth, pushing yourself down onto my extended tongue. As your legs are shivering against the side of my face, I know we are nearing your final approach. My lips reach out, capturing your clit between them. The tip of my tongue gives its full attention to the very center of your pleasure.

At last, you succumb. Your body goes taut as your orgasm arrives in force. Your head thrown back, you cry out with pure abandon. Your screams of delight further encourage my affection. My tongue, moving as a blur across your clit, causes your body to collapse upon me. Gasping, struggling to catch your breath, your head falls flush with my still prominent erection. We can do nothing but simply hold one another tight, allowing you to regain your composure. After several moments, the waves of ecstasy washing over your body slowly recede.

As escort porno we rest, I am almost lulled back to sleep by the comfort of our shared bed, the warmth of your body against mine. Our stillness ends as you climb off me. “Your turn,” you whisper in my ear. Rolling on your back, you place your head on a pillow and you spread your legs wide. Not one to miss this opportunity, I eagerly move between your open invitation.

As I stand above you, you pull your knees up slightly, exposing yourself even wider. The wetness upon your sexual lips is evident, literally glistening in the sunlight. With one hand, you reach out for my cock, guiding me into your warmth. I slide into you easily. We press our bodies together, our lips and tongues connecting again. Our kisses mimic our movements. With each thrust inside you, I am rewarded with your mouth upon mine, feverishly kissing me as our shared passion grows.

Sliding my cock in and out of you, I can see the joy written across your face. Without a word, your expression alone tells me that you are again nearing bliss. My thrusts become more deliberate, focused on giving you exactly what you need. Your legs wrap tightly around me. Your hands are thrown around my back and neck. Your face is against mine, leaving your mouth upon my ear, breathlessly giving me a description of your pending explosion. With each plunge, you are brought closer to the edge. Bucking wildly, you push your pelvis even harder against me. Gazing upon you, I continue plowing inside your sweetness. After building in intensity, I feel your insights reach the summit. Your legs drop to my side. Your eyes roll back. Your body tenses up. Your lower back arches itself off the bed. You press your body tightly against mine, your sleeve gripping my shaft with each convulsion inside you. Your hips continue grinding up onto my member, pushing your exploding clit against the movements of my prick. You mumble incoherently in my ear, your words revealing nothing except your being lost in desire. Wave after wave of pure pleasure courses through your body.

Breathless, you encourage me to pursue my own release. “Baby, don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” I continue to push myself deep into your body, the walls of your vagina still tight and trembling as you receive me. Your hands grab hold of my behind, pulling me closer towards you with each stroke. Your finger traces the line of my ass crack. One finger probes inside me, causing my balls to further tighten. You whisper your desire into my ear, your warm breath and kisses leaving me ravenous. My own explosion is introduced by a low, guttural moan. Jet after jet of cum spurts into you. Your body responds instantly to my cock pulsating inside you, coating your walls. Your body shudders all over again, joining me in ecstasy.

I pull out of you only after my cock has deposited the last of its seed deep within you. As soon as I exit you, you spin around and stuff my dwindling member into your mouth. You begin resuscitation, eagerly licking and sucking me. You hungrily devour my flesh, your suction seemingly reversing the flow of my blood. You thoroughly lick me clean, savoring the mixture of my cum combined with your own juices. I chuckle to myself, in awe of your insatiable lust and my body’s ability to respond to it.

Satisfied with your rescue efforts, you turn yourself over onto your stomach and raise yourself onto your knees. Your posture leaves no confusion as to what you want. I place the tip of my cock upon your slit, and groan heavily as I watch you push yourself back upon me. Your lips stretch wide as they accept my return. My slippery cock slides easily into your warmth and wetness, deep into your body. gizli çekim porno We quickly resume where we left off: our bodies connected, moving in time with one another, our pleasure in synch.

You feel my balls slapping against your clit, and you reach down between your legs to massage them. Your fingers work to coax another load of cum from me as we fuck. Gripping your hips, I try to hold you steady as I glide in and out of your wetness. Your fingers leave my sac for your clit, where you being to work your body towards one more crescendo. Reaching from behind, I massage your tits. Your breasts are warm, flush with excitement. Your nipples are fully extended, pressing into my palms. Overwhelmed with sensation, you bury your head in the pillows, leaving your ass held high in the air. From this position, I am able to watch my pistoning prick disappears into your folds. Your sex lips seemingly suck on my shaft. Our bodies make a slight slurping sound as the cum from our earlier romp is squeezed out. Our combined juices coat my cock and foams as we fuck. This fantastic view causes me to begin driving even harder into you. In and out I plunge, meeting you as you thrust back towards me, your body swallowing me whole. I reach around you, my fingers joining you at the juncture of your pleasure. This simple touch pushes you past the point of no return. Your climax takes over, your body surrendering to the sensation of my cock pounding you from behind while our fingers stroke your sensitive clit. Your body convulses repeatedly as you ride this orgasm across the finish line.

The intensity of your orgasm leaves me no choice but to follow.

“Mmmm. I’m gonna cum, baby. I’m gonna cum.”

“Oh yes, baby. My mouth. Give it to my mouth,” is your frantic reply.

You quickly spin around, placing your face at the level of my manhood. The juice from your pussy coats your open lips as I slide my cock between them. I thrust inside your mouth, your tongue coating the underside of my manhood each time I approach. Whenever I pause for a second, you close your lips around the crown, licking and sucking greedily until I teasingly pull away. We play this game for a moment, until you grab my ass and pulling me into your throat. It is clear what you wish for me to do.

I lean forward so my cock is pointed straight into your mouth. With your hands pulling on my ass, I am left no choice but to continue sliding between your lips. After a minute of your affection, your saliva is slathered across my length. I watch in amazement as your mouth, somehow, impossibly, takes my length inside. Looking down, I see your full attention is devoted to devouring me. I can feel the tip of my cock reaching back to touch the insides of your throat. Your loving is simply too much for me to bear.

Instinctively, I begin thrusting my hips. My explosion is imminent now, a fact my increased movement alerts you to. You grab my rod and begin stroking rapidly. With one hand you lift my balls; with the other you stroke the length of my hardness; and with your lips and tongue you kiss and lap at the crown of my cock. The result is inevitable. When the first spurt ejects onto you waiting tongue, you close your mouth around me and suck hard, drinking me in. My head thrown back, I can feel you draining me of every drop. My entire body weak, I steady myself by holding onto your head and shoulders. Only after I am completely spent do you release me. But even then, your hand continues stroking me, coaxing out the last of my cum and causing my nerves to tingle. Your hand becomes coated with my love juice and your tongue lashes out to lick me clean.

Completely spent, we collapse into one another, our desire totally satisfied for the time being. Our lips meet with passion. Basking in the afterglow of our love-making, we are satiated, content for the time being to simply kiss and cuddle. The morning sun has now set the room ablaze in light. In the distance, the kitchen clock chimes eight times. Our day has just begun.

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