Sunday Tennis


This will be a short effort. I promised this fun lady I would give her fifteen minutes of erotic fame. I also promised to make the story vague enough so as to not ruin her happy home-life. I’ll refer to her as Michelle. She is pushing 50, has an athletic body, cute face, and graying black hair. I know her through tennis at the local country club. Over the years we ended up playing as a team and met with much success. This made us a popular duo to have on many of the club’s league teams. Over the years we became good friends and practiced or played together or with others nearly weekly. We had even met each other’s spouses at club events and big matches, and we both have kids at the same high school. There were even rumors floating about that we were having an affair. That rumor was false, even though we both flirted a bit and there is certainly a mutual fascination.

As for me, I am in my 50’s, tall, athletic, and at least above average looking. I am told I have a good sense of humor. But nobody wants to hear too much about the men in these stories, especially when the woman in it is so delightfully charming.

After a recent Sunday, where our team won a close home league match, the beer and wine were flowing. The defeated team of 6 people soon departed and shortly thereafter our fellow teammates left in pairs and Michelle and I were left alone in the setting sun on the deck with several half empty bottle of wine.

“I am tempted to hang out here and kill off this wine, so it doesn’t go to waste,” I remarked.

“I might have to help you. I can’t let you drink alone.”

“I bet your hubby is eager to have you back at home and get you out of those sweaty tennis togs.”

Michelle let out a small chuckle. “Nah, he’ll wait until I shower at least.”

“A shame. A sweaty wife could be a lot fun. A human salt-lick.”

“He’s not much of a licker…salty or otherwise.”

“I’d eat you right now,” I could tell I’d had a bit too much wine.

She blushed.

I added, “I bet you are freshly shaved or have a small patch of hair.”

“Wrong. I’m all natural right now. Too lazy to shave much anymore.”

“Prove it.”

Michelle looked around at the deserted balcony.

I pressed on. “See, you can’t prove it.”

With that she pulled one foot onto her chair, giving me a decent up-skirt view, looked around once more, and pulled aside her white panties. Her full bush was güvenilir bahis revealed for about a second before she resumed her normal sitting position.

“Damn, Michelle. That looks like a tasty treat. You should go to the bathroom and take those panties off and wait for me to knock.”

“And get busted by some club-member who knows us both. No thanks.”

“There’s that bathroom out behind court 12. Nobody is playing.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. You said you never get eaten and never when you’re sweaty. You only live once.”

Michelle was well-buzzed and hesitated for a minute. The she packed up her tennis bag and got up. I was worried I had pissed her off. “Sorry, if I offended you. I’m just horny and you’re so damn sexy. Plus, I haven’t eaten a natural woman in decades.”

She winked, “I’m dropping off my gear in my car. Wait for me in that bathroom. And we aren’t going to have sex. Deal?”

I was shocked. “Deal.” I got up and headed to the back courts before Michelle could change her mind. I stood in the rustic bathroom for several minutes. There was a toilet and a small counter with a sink. The light was a bare light bulb in a socket, and there was a soap and paper towel dispenser. The bathrooms in the club were all very fancy. This one was just for players who wanted to avoid a long walk back to the clubhouse during a match. However, it seemed like the ideal setting to go down on a woman who had just played almost three hours of tennis in the heat.

It seemed like ages passed, and I wondered if Michelle had just been teasing and had decided to go home to her hubby. I was about to leave when I heard familiar footsteps on the gravel walkway. My heart raced.

Michelle entered bathroom, set her keys on the counter, and turned the button to lock the door. She looked very nervous. I knew I needed to act quickly and boldly.

“Get those panties off, right now.” She hesitated for just a beat before reaching up under her short tennis skirt and peeling down her undies. “Now hold your skirt up, sexy lady. I want to see that pussy up close.”

She lifted her skirt, and I quickly knelled to inspect her. The cement floor was not comfortable, but it was not my main focus now. Her pussy was reminiscent of the women in men’s magazines I had seen as a youth in the 70’s. It was a large black triangle with long curly locks with a few grey hairs interspersed, just as on türkçe bahis the hair on her head.

I quickly began to kiss it and work my tongue through her female jungle. Sadly, a man kneeling before a standing woman is one of the least efficient ways to eat a pussy. I struggled to get my mouth low enough to even find her clit.

I have also discovered that if happily married women are going to be naughty, you have to make them feel totally different than they do at home. Don’t kiss them and fuck them missionary style. They get that every other Tuesday at home. You are better off to pull their hair and spank their ass while doing them doggy-style, and maybe shoot your load onto their tits.

As I finally found her clit and lick it, she began to say, “That’s so nasty,” repeatedly. I wasn’t sure if she was referring to being eaten out in a public restroom, or to the fact that her musky pussy tasted of salt. But aside from continuing to say, “That’s so nasty,” she let me keep licking her. The position we were in made it so I knew I’d never be able to make her cum, so I decided to be bold. I stood up, turned her around facing the small mirror, bent her over the sink, and flipped her skirt up over her thin butt.

What an athletic ass she had. Toned muscular legs, leading up to two small hard buttocks, and a sexy straight tan-line where her tennis skirt stops. Back down onto the cement floor went my knees. In this position I had a delicious view of her married cunt, and better yet my mouth had access to more than just her clit. I attacked her pussy like an easy overhead lob. My tongue explored her, and her breathing grew heavy yet steady. She did remind me a few times that what we were doing was, “So nasty”, but I also could tell that this very proper married lady would cum if I just stuck to my task for a few minutes.

Sure enough, it was perhaps four minutes before Michelle came. She was not loud, but her breathing was heavy, and her cunt became ever wetter. I kept eating her and she was probably going to cum again, when I decided to see just how nasty this sweetheart might be. While eating her hairy pussy I had noticed her little brown asshole…mostly because my nose had been buried in it.

I took my hands and pulled apart her perfect ass cheeks, revealing her crinkled brown star. She was still coming down from her orgasm, and before she could react to having her ass spread open, I dove güvenilir bahis siteleri straight in. She had revealed earlier that her hubby was not a big fan of eating pussy, clean or sweaty; so I assumed that Michelle may never have been rimmed, and surely not after a long day of tennis at the club.

He ass was clean, musky, tight, and tasted like ass. I pressed my tongue firmly forward and her opening relaxed a bit. At that moment she must have caught up with her breathing, because she slowly whispered, “Oh my, that is so nasty,” several times.

In the distance we heard some footsteps in the gravel. In an instant, my tongue was removed from her anus, her skirt was flipped down and, she was wiggling back into her sweaty, white, mommy-panties. I told her to walk to her car and go home and I’d leave a few minutes later. I was going to give her a kiss, but realizing my face was covered in pussy juice and my tongue had just been wedged firmly up her ass, I opted not to.

She left the small bathroom and walked to her car. I heard her say, “Goodnight, Johnny,” to one of the kids on staff who was coming out to lock up for the night. I quickly rinsed by face in the sink, and thirty seconds later, I opened the bathroom door only to find myself face-to-face Johnny who was holding a trash bag and roll of paper towels to resupply the small bathroom designed for only one person.

He looked surprised, and I wondered if he had seen Michelle exit a minute earlier and had put two and two together. I said goodnight in as casual a manner as I could, and walked past him to the parking lot, doing the best I could to wedge my hard on straight up inside my shorts to hide it. Once at my car, I realized my tennis bag was still on the deck. I quickly retrieved it.

I drove home and jerked off: it took about a minute. At that point I realized that I had not even been naked in front of, or even kissed Michelle. But I was still very pleased with the outcome of the day. Two weeks later I was in a tournament with her. She hit a great powerful serve for an ace. I turned around and said, “Oh, that’s so nasty!” She blushed slightly and prepared to serve the next point.

This all happened about 3 months ago, and circumstances never aligned again for a repeat performance. And I am guessing it never will. However, after we win a match and share a quick hug, she does always give me a harder squeeze than she did before the day I ate her hairy pussy and ass in that small out-of-the-way bathroom behind the outer courts.

She is proof that even the sweetest, most devoted mothers and wives can at certain times, in certain situations, be ‘so nasty’.

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