Sunshine Pt. 02


In Part 1 Laura Wilson had been in her garden enjoying some sunshine and the attentions of her son’s friend until being disturbed by a scream from her daughter. She had dashed into the kitchen to find out the nature of the problem to be confronted by the sight of her daughter being thoroughly fucked by her brother.

For a few seconds all that could be heard were the squelching sound of a hard cock thrusting into a juicy pussy and the moans and gasps of the siblings sharing forbidden passions. Laura was stunned to see Dan’s cock — her baby boy grown large — glistening with pussy juice as it rammed home again and again into his sister’s soaking wet cunt.

‘What in god’s name do you think you are doing!!’ screamed Laura as her son Dan thrust into his sister. Her daughter, Steph, was bent over the coffee bar gasping and writhing as her pussy was pounded by her brother’s thick cock.

Dan jumped at the unexpected yell from his mother and pulled back out of his sister and turned to face Laura. ‘Mom. We just…’ His voice trailed away as he saw the outrage on his mother’s face. His erect cock started to wilt at the sight of his mother’s face. Shame at what he had been caught doing raged through his mind but was quickly followed up by realising that his mom was standing there with just her bikini top on. His eyes were drawn down to her pussy which he saw was still wet with her juices from fucking his best friend.

Steph squeaked and tried to cover her naked ass with her robe as she saw her mother’s expression of rage. ‘Mum. We sort of got carried away and..’

‘Enough!’ bahis firmaları Laura yelled in her best school teacher voice. ‘I don’t want to hear it. How could you both do this vile thing? Your own sibling! Don’t you realise how wrong that is?’

‘As wrong as being assfucked?’ Dan sneered. His bravado was stoked by his raging libido and he felt that he had nothing to fear at that moment.

‘Don’t you be fucking smart with me.’ Laura snarled. ‘This is my house and I’m in charge here. I pay the bills and you need to obey me.’

‘Obey you. Really?’ Dan smiled and began to approach Laura. ‘Seems to me that obeisance is due to the powerful.’ and with that he lunged forward grabbing Laura in an armlock.

‘Let’s discuss who needs to obey who.’ Dan propelled Laura to the table and with a push sent her face down across it despite her attempts to stop him. His youthful vigour was more than a match for her middle aged body despite the fact she kept in shape. A thrill ran through Dan at the sight of his mum helpless in front of him, her bare arse pointing back at him. He had fantasised about his mother for years. Her body lean from exercise had cavorted through his mind for untold wet dreams and wank sessions.

‘Sis. Get some rope.’ Dan called over his shoulder. ‘Someone needs to be taught a lesson in respect here.’ Steph grinned and scrambled away to find some rope. Her pussy still pulsed with aftershocks from the pounding her brother had been giving her and at that moment she would have done anything to please him.

Laura made attempts to free herself but her son kaçak iddaa was too strong for her. As she realised she was trapped a shudder ran through her as a wave of thoughts ran through her mind. Being pinned down sent confused messages of fear, anger and dread which merged in with her residual horniness to leave her mind awash with panic. Panic that increased with the return of Steph clutching some rope that had previously been a washing line.

‘Tie her hands to the table.’ Dan ordered. Steph looped and knotted the ropes round Laura’s wrists despite her mother’s cries and attempts to get free. At one point she got a hand free but Dan launched a huge smack to her bare arse that caused her to shriek out loud and freeze for a split second. Steph seized her arm again and managed to secure it with the rope. The rope was then fastened to the table legs and Laura was trapped. Now that Laura was bound across the table Dan let up the pressure he had been exerting on the small of her back.

‘I’m going to make you two suffer for this.’ Laura panted. Tears of rage and humiliation ran down her cheeks as she tried to wriggle free of the rope. But the knots were too expertly done, a legacy of time Steph had spent as a girl scout.

‘We’re not the one who is about to suffer.’ Dan scoffed. ‘We think a punishment is required to teach you a lesson in respect. You allowed my best friend to fuck your arse didn’t you? Your perverted sex got me and sis all hot and bothered so this is all your fault.’

Laura shivered at his harsh words. Her confused emotions still paralysed her will and the kaçak bahis sensations arising from her body being pinned across the table were adding to this. Her attempts to free herself had finally dislodged her bikini top and her already hard nipples were scraping across the wooden table top.

‘No, Dan, let’s talk about this.’ Laura gasped. Dan could hear the pleading tone in her voice and he knew that she was now at his mercy. He could see her pussy peeking out between her arse cheeks and he realised that her arse hole and pussy were covered in the residue of her arousal. Dan then realised that spunk was dribbling down her thighs from where his friend Jason had fucked her moments earlier.

‘You’re nothing but a filthy whore. A slut. An ass fucked bitch.’ Dan snarled. Laura winced at his words but a thrill ran through her all the same. Dan saw her pussy and ass clench at his words and he knew she was getting excited.

All of a sudden behind him he heard a voice say ‘Daddy is gonna punish you so hard. You are such a bad little girl and you are going to pay.’ Dan span round to see Jason leaning in the doorway with a huge grin on his face. Jason winked at Dan and continued, ‘Daddy is going to spank you so hard you are going to beg for forgiveness.’

Laura let out a low moan as the words hit home. She was a bad girl and bad girls had to be punished, punished and humiliated. She writhed on the table and pleaded ‘No daddy. I will behave. Please don’t hurt me. Please don’t spank my ass. Please don’t force yourself on me. Please don’t make me suck your hard cock.’

The three teenagers all exchanged glances and realised that Laura was utterly theirs to do with as they wanted. Her writhing body was ripe to be used, fucked, sucked or spanked as they desired.

To be continued…

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