Surprise Step Brother Pt. 02


“Hey Wild One,” Nash greeted me. He’d been giving me shit about the whole step sibling and me fucking Alec in his bed thing for three weeks now.

“Oh shush at least someone got laid in your bed,” I snarked.

“Excuse me, but my hand and me have plenty of quality time in that bed,” he snarked back.

“You just dissed yourself dumb ass,” I teased as he led me through the house to the back patio.

The guys had decided to keep this weekend low key and just do a barbecue for the main group. Which consisted of Nash, Jake, Tate, Kade, Gage, Lincoln, and Gabe. Nash, Jake, Tate, and Kade were all in college with Leah and the other three were seniors with Alec and I. There were a group of girls I didn’t recognize however, but I figured they were probably the guys hook ups for the night.

I noticed Leah, Jake, and Alec were nowhere in sight. I hoped Alec would show up soon because I was in serious need of some alone time with him. Our parents had been very over bearing these last few days since they were leaving for a week tomorrow and we hadn’t had sex in days. To remedy that I’d dressed in a very sexy black leather bandeau with a plaid shirt I left unbuttoned to show off my toned flat stomach. I’d also worn some very short denim shorts that I knew drove Alec wild and made my ass look amazing.

“Where’s Alec?” I asked Nash as he led me towards the cooler. He grabbed me a Mike’s Hard which I took gratefully.

“Jake, Leah, and him went to get some burger patties and other stuff for the BBQ,” Nash informed me.

“Oh okay,” I shrugged and glanced around the party again. I noticed the group of girls sending dirty looks my way.

“What’s with the glares?” I asked Nash motioning to them.

“Oh don’t worry about them, they’re just pissed we invited a high school girl… they don’t understand why we want you here,” Nash shrugged like it was no big deal.

“Well that’s not annoying or stuck up at all,” I laughed.

“Oh well don’t sweat it we love you and that’s all that matters,” Nash assured me.

“Thanks Nash,” I smiled hugging him. His arms wrapped around me and his hands moved to the top of my butt, but I didn’t mind in fact I welcomed his wandering hands.

Nash was definitely hot and I wasn’t opposed to hooking up with him. Alec and I had talked about what our thing was and we’d decided to be friends with benefits. Well in our case it was almost step siblings with benefits, but you get the point. If either of us wanted to have sex with someone else then we could if we felt so inclined.

“Someone’s getting a little familiar aren’t they?” bahis firmaları I teased.

“Sorry Kinz, couldn’t help myself,” Nash chuckled. He palmed my ass and gave it a little squeeze before releasing me.

“Well aren’t you friendly tonight?” I giggled as I traced lines up and down his bicep.

“Well you are looking very, very good tonight,” he murmured placing his hand on my bare hip.

His rough calloused fingers from years of work felt odd on my baby soft skin. I couldn’t help but imagine how those fingers would feel somewhere…more intimate. I got goose bumps as he rubbed his thumb in circles just at the top of my shorts.

“I think maybe the cooler needs more ice,” I said hoping he’d catch my drift. I needed to unleash some of this pent up sexual energy and Nash was looking like my best option at the moment. Plus if just his fingers could drive me this wild I couldn’t even imagine how else he could pleasure me.

“Yeah it definitely does, we should go inside and get some,” he grinned. We set down our drinks and together slowly walked inside so we didn’t draw attention.

As soon as we were inside and out of sight Nash crushed his mouth to mine. He surprised me as he kissed me hard and demanding. The intensity of his kiss made me wet and I knew I needed him immediately or I’d go insane with want.

“Pantry?” I panted as I realized there was no way we were making it to his room. Nash didn’t need to be told twice as he ushered me into the small area.

Once the door was closed behind us I turned around and pressed my ass against his crotch begging him to take me from behind. His fingers began undoing my shorts as he kissed my neck and I moaned loudly as he rubbed my clit with those rough fingers. It felt even better than I imagined and I was already dripping wet for him. He pushed my shorts down off my ass and began undoing his own belt and button.

“Are you sure?” he asked as I heard the snap of a condom.

“Yes,” I whimpered as he continued to tease me.

I moaned loudly again as he pushed inside of me and his free hand grasped my throat to silence me. He pulled my head to the side to meet his in a passionate kiss as he fucked me. His tongue massaged mine as his hand moved from my throat and down to my top.

He pulled it down freeing my breasts and squeezing them hard as he pleasured me. My body shook and shivered with my brewing orgasm and I was nearly lifted off my feet with the power of his thrusts. The shelves shook and I dragged my finger nails across the wood painfully as I held on for dear life.

I moaned into his mouth as kaçak iddaa I came my entire body convulsing wildly. Nash followed moments later and I kind of wished he hadn’t worn a condom. I’d grown accustom to having a hot load spray inside or on me and I didn’t feel as satisfied without it.

“Fuck Kinzie I have been wanting to do that for weeks,” Nash said as he pulled out of me.

“Well next time let’s go somewhere where we don’t have to keep quiet,” I grinned.

“Deal,” he smirked as we adjusted our clothes.

With one last kiss he opened the pantry door. We smelled of sweat and sex as we left the pantry and I felt very naughty when we rejoined the group. I had an after sex glow that there was no way of hiding, but I didn’t care. When Alec got back he took one look at me and got an amused look on his face that told me he knew. I was glad to confirm that he truly didn’t mind. I’d had guys lie before about being okay with a casual relationship and it had always ended up messy.

“So gorgeous, you excited for tomorrow?” Alec asked as he pulled me away from the group.

“Very,” I purred. I planned to fuck Alec in every room of that house and it would all start as soon as our parents and Alec’s little sister left tomorrow.

“An entire week alone,” he murmured kissing me.

Honestly I was surprised his mom and my dad trusted us enough to leave us in the house alone for so long… I wasn’t about to question it though.

“Hope you’ve rested up the last few days,” I waggled my eyebrows. I wrapped my arms around Alec’s neck and pressed my body against him.

“Oh don’t worry sweet heart I have,” he chuckled placing his hands on my hips. I was still wired from my romp with Nash and just Alec’s simple touch felt amazing on my skin.

The two of us flirted and talked until it was almost midnight and we figured it was time to go home. Alec had gotten a ride there with Jake so the two of us hopped into my car to head home. As we left though I noticed Leah and Jake making out in the living room and did a little happy dance. I had been practically begging her for weeks to hook up with Jake finally and it looked like she was taking my advice.

When we got into my car Alec placed his hand on my thigh and teased me as I put the key in the ignition.

“Someone is feeling a little frisky,” I giggled as his fingers tickled my inner thigh.

“I think we need to find somewhere secluded and treat ourselves to some car sex,” he said bluntly. He leaned across the console to kiss me and I happily kissed him back.

“Mmm I don’t know,” I teased spreading my legs for kaçak bahis him. Two of his fingers pushed into my shorts and rubbed my tender wet clit.

“Come on baby let me make you cum,” Alec whispered in my ear as he kissed my neck.

“Where do I go?” I murmured as he began fingering me.

“Just follow this road until you don’t see house lights anymore,” he said. He began to retract his hand, but I clamped my thighs around his wrist to stop him.

“Don’t you dare,” I warned to which he chuckled.

I backed out of the driveway slowly as Alec unbuttoned my shorts and began rubbing my clit again. It was about ten minutes of your pure torture until we were surrounded by darkness and there was not a soul in sight. I was just on the edge of a toe curling orgasm, but I needed more to get me there and I needed it now.

“Pull over,” Alec urged.

As soon as the car was in park I shut the engine off and nearly attacked him, but he stopped me.

“Get naked first baby,” he said as he laid back his seat. I quickly shed my shorts and thong and shimmied off my button up. The bandeau was a little trickier, but once I managed to get that off I climbed over the center console and crawled onto Alec.

“If you don’t take me right now I’m going to go crazy,” I whimpered.

“Come up here and straddle the head rest,” he grinned.

Alec pulled me up until I was straddling his face and the chair was so far back that my feet just barely touched the floor in the back of the car. As Alec’s tongue darted out and slid along my pussy and I gripped the head rest and moaned in pleasure. He licked and sucked my dripping folds and I gasped, my mouth hanging open in a silent moan. His fingers dug into my skin as he parted my legs further and his tongue wiggled inside my hole. I began playing with my own rock hard nipples as he tongue fucked me.

“Oh yes! Yes!” I screamed as his tongue circled my pussy and his fingers began kneading my clit.

I began humping his face and crying out as he brought my body to a new height of ecstasy. When I came his tongue lapped up my sweet juices and I collapsed against the head rest.

“Ride me baby,” he murmured. He pulled me and I slid down his body until I was straddling his massive erection.

His fleshy rod pressed against my inner thigh and I bit my lip in anticipation. Alec’s lips wet with my cum kissed me tenderly as he positioned himself between my thighs. I could taste my sweet nectar as his tongue prodded mine and I whimpered as his cock slid inside my hole. He pumped slowly inside me, building the friction as my thrusting hips met his.

It wasn’t long before I was moaning as Alec’s cum filled me while my own dampened our thighs.

Nash had been a fun fling, but nothing could beat the pleasure Alec gave me… nothing.

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