Surprise, Surprise.


I was my boyfriend’s first, but he wasn’t mine. At first, the learning gap was a bit of a frustration for him, just because he thought he was dumb for not be a sexual tiger and having to ask questions. But, I didn’t mind teaching him at all. He was a quick learner, if you know what I mean… One of the things I had to teach him was the proper way to eat a girl out. I taught him all the do’s and don’ts. He got pretty good at it. And once we had all he loose ends tied down, we settled into a routine. We’d go over to one of our houses (whichever was least occupied) and I’d blow him until he came, and then he’d eat me out until I had come a couple of times, or until he was hard again, we’d have sex, and then we’d just laze about. It was nice for a while, but after some time there was absolutely no thrill or excitement anymore. It was all systematic, and while I was getting steady orgasms, they weren’t mind blowing. I longed to tell him I wanted to change it up, but he had worked so hard to get to this point I didn’t want him feeling like he was doing something wrong. So I just let it happen.

One day, out of the blue, he texted me, “Come over here. Now.” It was so uncharacteristic of him. I mean, usually he would politely ask me to come over after a sweet hello. So I started to wonder if something had happened. I texted back asking if something was wrong, and he quickly answered, “I didn’t ask you to talk back, I told you to come here.” He was never this cold. Ever. Even when he was upset about something. Which he rarely was. I assumed that I had done something awful without realizing it and now he was making me go over there to break up with me. I got in the car and drove out to his house racking my brain the whole way trying to figure out what I had done, preparing to beg for a second chance. When I got there, I sat in my car for a second and almost broke out crying. What could I have possibly done?

I got out of the car, and walked up to the front door. I collected all my courage, and slowly pressed the doorbell. The door opened, but I didn’t see him in sight. “Michael?” I asked as I stepped into his house. The door slammed shut. I yelped and turned to him, he was only wearing a pair of dark blue jeans and a look in his eyes that could’ve burned through metal. In my stunned state all I could think about was how good he looked. He worked for a landscaping company in the summer, and as a result, his body was tan and sculpted and his blue eyes seemed to pop next to his golden brown skin. His voice snapped me out of my trance, “You’re late.” Before I could respond (not that I would have known what to say given the chance) he grabbed me, spun me around, and pinned me against the door. I had never seen him like this.

“Wh-what are you-“, he cut me off before I could finish asking. In one hand he held both my hands above my head, and in the other he grasped my throat/jaw line. He wasn’t hurting me, but he put enough pressure that I wouldn’t have even tried break free, had I wanted to. He kissed me long and hard, it was the most passionate thing I had ever experienced. Normally I took charge of our sex life, since I had always been the more outgoing one, but not this time. He was very clearly in control of the entire situation.

When he broke off the kiss, he stared me down and said, “You don’t talk unless I say you can. Now, strip.” He released me and stepped back. I was shocked, I couldn’t move.

I started to say, “Micha-“, he cut me off with a sharp bark, “NOW!”

There was something about his voice that drove me absolutely nuts. It was so demanding, yet so sexy. I could feel myself growing wetter every time he spoke. I took my shirt off and kicked off my shoes and started to unbutton my shorts when he spoke again. “Come on, baby. Seduce me a little. Make it a show.” His voice was still not the one I know, but hearing him call me baby made liseli porno me want please him. I did a slow turn, gyrating my hips, slipping my shorts off a little more each time I moved. When they were to my ankles, I kicked them aside and started teasing him a little. I turned so my back was facing him, I unhooked my bra, and let it slip off my arms. I covered my breasts and did a quick turn, not letting him see. Once my back was turned again, I very slowly slid down my matching panties, taking my good sweet time standing back up, letting him get a nice view of my ass. I hadn’t even heard him get up, but all the sudden he had hold of me. One arm was around my shoulder, holding my boob, the other was between my legs. He simultaneously started to squeeze and rub, nibbling my neck as he did so. I let out a moan and he whispered huskily in my ear, “You always liked being a tease, didn’t you? You dirty little girl.” I didn’t answer, I could only concentrate on his hands on my body. He bit my collar bone, making me shiver, and his hands left my body. I turned around again, wanting his touch, but he stopped me from touching him. “I am in control. Don’t you forget that,” he said, “go upstairs to my room and lay down on my bed. Do not touch yourself. Do you understand?” I nodded. “What was that?” he said, grabbing my ass quite harshly.

“Yes,” I piped up quickly. He stepped aside and as I scurried past him, he slapped me on the ass. I gave a little yelp, and I heard him chuckle as I ran up the stairs.

I got into his room, and laid on his bed. It was so hard trying not to touch myself, he had gotten me so riled up, but I wanted to do what he told me to. I waited for what seemed like eternity, and then I saw him come in. He didn’t say a word he until he pulled my arms up to meet his wrought iron headboard. He made my hands grasp one of the bars and said, “No matter what happens, do not let go of that bar, understand?”

I nodded again, and when he shot me a look I quickly corrected myself. “Yes,” I said. He smiled this cheeky grin that made him look boyish for a second, and then he kissed me. It was much more sweet this time, not quite as rushed and hard as the one at the door. He took his time, exploring my whole mouth, and gently tugging on my bottom lip. He moved his attention to my ears, and used one of his hands to stroke the side my sensitive ribs, not enough to tickle, but enough to make me want to squirm. He traced my ears with his tongue and nibbled on the lobes, making me groan quietly. He moved down to my neck and collarbone, planting soft wet kisses all over, nibbling here and there. Every time I felt his lips or teeth make contact with my skin a small jolt ran through my whole body, starting at my center, going down to my toes, through my breasts, my arms, and racing up my skull. I have no idea where he learned how to do it. He certainly had never been this damn good.

He was down to my panty line now, and as he continued kissing and nibbling he began to squeeze and tease my breasts, making my nipples stand on end. I was starting to moan continuously from all the stimulation. He moved to my right thigh, starting at the knee and working down closer and closer to my pussy. And as soon as he was close he skipped over it and started kissing up the other thigh. I groaned out of disappointment and I saw him smiling up at me. He returned to kissing my thighs and started back down towards my pussy again. I was so ready for him to just bury into it, sucking my clit and making me scream, but he skipped over it yet again! He rose to my breasts and began sucking my nipples instead. I was nearly going batty from all this teasing, and I realized me holding onto the bars was a part of the torture. If he had tied me up, I would have had no choice but to take all the teasing, but since he hadn’t, this was way worse. If I could have mobil porno I would have taken his hair in my hands and shoved his face into my pussy until I was yelling his name, but if I tried to do that now, he might stop completely…or worse. It was all on me. Control my urges and suffer this sweet torture, or give in and face the consequences.

I was deep in thought about how evilly genius this plan was when I felt him slither his tongue up the length of my pussy lips. I shuddered, shook, and gasped. I heard him chuckle again, and he went back to work. He didn’t hold back anymore. He traced circles around my clit, tapped it with his fingers, and sucked on it until my back was arching and I was moaning like a mad woman. He used his hand and put pressure on my abdomen right above my pussy while using his thumb to tease my clit, and with the other hand, he entered two fingers in my tight pussy palm side up and began to stroke my g-spot. The feeling of having pressure from him pressing down on my tummy and up on my g-spot was so intense I writhed around on the bed, groaning incoherently. I damn near came right then but he slowed down. All his movements were light and just enough to keep me on the edge but not enough to push me over. My pussy was starting to ache and I thought I was going to go insane if I didn’t come.

“Please!” I cried, hoping for some mercy.

“Please, what?” He mused back, mocking me.

“Just please! Aaaowwhhh,” I needed to come. At that point I would’ve done anything to anyone just for release.

“Beg for it,” he growled in the same cold demeanor as before.

“I beg you! Please let me come! I need to come! Please! Please! Michael, please!” I begged. Without shame. And it worked, he started adding pressure and stroking again. He went hard, real hard. With in moments I had the most earth shattering orgasm I’d ever had. I screamed, I writhed, and I forgot myself. Somewhere in the course of those few moments in heaven I had taken my hands off the bar and twisted them around in the sheets.

As soon as I had come down a little and started to catch my breath, he grabbed hold of my hands, pinned them next to my head, and whispered into my ear, “You’re going to have to pay for that.”

I didn’t know what he had in mind, but I quickly found out. He pulled me out of bed and put me on my knees in front him. “Take off my jeans,” he ordered. I began to, and he stopped me. “Without your hands. Use your teeth.” I struggled, but eventually got his belt undone, and spent a few more moments on the button. I stared directly up at him while I pulled down the zipper with my teeth. He took care of the rest, hastily pulling off his jeans and throwing them aside. He didn’t have to tell me what to do, I quickly set about starting to blow him. I licked up and down his shift, flicking my tongue right on the sensitive spot underneath the head of his cock. I heard him make a little groan and continued. I sucked a little bit on each of his balls and then returned to the head and sucked the tip like a lollipop. I tried my best to look directly up into his eyes, hoping to catch his gaze. I started to take him deeper, and when I heard him groan again I lightly raked my teeth along his shaft, making him grunt loudly. At this point he took a fistful of my hair and guided my head down the length of his dick. When it hit the back of my throat, I gagged, and he moaned. He let me breathe and then kept on fucking my mouth. I hummed a little bit, making my throat and mouth vibrate slightly, driving him crazy. That’s when he stopped, pulled out his dick, and said, “Not yet. I’m not finished with you.” I was hoping that meant he was finally going to fuck me, but I was wrong. He pulled me up and pushed me on to the bed face down.

He told me to stay right where I was. I heard him pull something out of the drawer and I thought, öğrenci porno “No…he wouldn’t do that.”

I was relieved when I felt something light on my toes. As it traipsed up my calves I realized it was feather, and I began to squirm when it came to the most ticklish parts of my body. “Don’t move a muscle, or it will get worse.” He told me. I tried my best but I couldn’t help it when he ran the feather up my pussy lips. I wriggled away but he pulled me back, I tried to wiggle away, but it was hopeless. There was nothing I could do with my lack of upper body strength. I stayed still, and eventually his hands left my arms, and I waited for the feather to come back. But it didn’t. Instead I felt his hand come down in a sharp smack on my ass. I yelped and turned over but in a second he was on top of me. “I’m giving you a choice, Sammy. Either you turn over and take it or I won’t fuck you. And I know that’s exactly what you want.” I didn’t want to admit it but he was right. He got off of me and stood next to the bed, folding his arms. I took one look at his hard cock and felt my pussy get even more wet. I reluctantly turned over and he chuckled. “There’s a good girl. You didn’t really think your punishment for not following the rules was to suck my dick, did you? That’s hardly a punishment for a little cock hound like you.” What he was saying was true, mean, and impossibly sexy all at the same time. I waited for him to smack me again, but I only felt the feather tracing my spine. And all of the sudden he slapped my ass hard. It went on like this for a little while. He would tease me with the feather and then spank me. I was getting so incredibly hot. All I wanted was for him to fuck me silly. Then, the feather disappeared, and I waited for the smack, but it didn’t come. Instead he ran a finger up my pussy lips and exclaimed, “My my my! We’re awfully wet, aren’t we?” He turned me over onto my back and looked me dead in the eyes, “What do you want, Sammy?” He was on top of me, and his eyes seemed softer than before, so I took a chance and pulled him closer to me.

I whispered into his ear “I want you to fuck me…hard.”

Apparently that’s all he wanted too, because he lifted my legs up and draped them over his shoulders, and rubbed his dick up and down my pussy lips a couple times. When I moaned, he took that as his cue and pushed into me ever so slowly. We both groaned at finally getting to this part. Once he was all the way in, he started pumping, and started to pick up pace. Soon he was slamming into me and we were both moaning and calling out each other’s names as well as the names of various gods and deities. He started slowing again, and turned me over so we were in doggy style. He took hold off some of my hair and started up again. When he was really getting at it, he grabbed my ass and rode me. I could barely control the sounds coming out of my mouth. I was gripping the bars of the headboard so hard my knuckles were turning white and I knew I was close. He kept up the pace and I slithered one hand to my clit and started rubbing feverishly. Within seconds my toes bent and I came harder than before. I screamed and my back arched and it was utterly ridiculous. Seeing me come pushed him past the point of no return and he went into hyper drive. In moments he choked out that single satisfied groan as he emptied himself into me. We collapsed together and turned over to catch our breath. I scooched into him so that my head was resting on the nook of his shoulder and my hand was resting on his chest. He wrapped his arm around me and we just laid there panting together. He was the first one to speak and he was back to his normal sweet self. “Hey, sweetie, that was absolutely incredible. You’re incredible.”

I responded, “No, you are. Where in the world did that come from?” He laughed and said a man’s gotta have his secrets. I giggled and he tilted my chin up and planted a quick soft kiss on my lips.

The rest was pretty much history. We took a shower, and made some dinner. We never had a dull moment sex-wise afterwards. We take turns finding ways to surprise each other and it always leaves us satisfied and smiling 😉

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