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Hal sits at his desk, six am Sunday morning. He is attempting to start a new habit. Now in his forties he realizes that there have been some missed opportunities in life and some things he could have done different. Realizing this he has been listening to different books about habits and “Expanding” the mind.

The running theme seems to be that small habits can change the direction of things, so why not give it a shot. The first thing he added to his morning was a small exercise routine. Getting out of bed around 5am, first to the bathroom, then checks his weight and then stretches and breaths preparing to do just a few squats and push ups.

One of the things that seemed to stick with him was one trainer mentioning that you shouldn’t do enough to get sore. The argument was that going to the point of getting sore would make you stop. It was better to do five push-ups everyday than ten every five days.

So after a month of this routine Hal is now doing stretches, twenty squats, and twenty push-ups with no soreness and increasing the numbers every few days. With this starting to be a habit he likes, it’s time to maybe add another.

This is why Hal is sitting at his desk staring at a blank word processor screen. He has had thoughts of writing stories but never really tried to put anything to “paper”. So, why not try to make a habit of writing something, at least a paragraph, every morning while drinking his coffee.

This task is easier thought or said than done. Now sitting at his desk looking at his computer, his mind is a blank. Looking at the keyboard and the screen it just doesn’t seem to be working. Then an odd thought occurred to him.

He has been doing his new morning routine without getting dressed. It just seemed to be an unnecessary step in the order of things, since he lives alone and does the few exercises in his room. Would writing at his desk naked put him in a different mind set? Would it free him up to just type anything that popped into his head?

What the heck, Hal got up and took off his shirt tossed it on a chair across the room. Then his jeans and his boxer briefs. It was a bit freeing standing in this part of his apartment with nothing but his wool socks on. Hal thought he should keep the socks, hardwood floors are cold in New England in the winter.

Never having been overly happy with his dad bod, especially since he is not a dad, being naked even in his own place was something new to him. It was another one of the things he was trying to do more often to build confidence and comfort with himself.

Now free of clothes that may have been in the way of creativity, Hal went back to his desk chair and his blank screen. The leather kartal escort seat of his chair was warm on his bare ass since he was sitting in it shortly before, but when his shirtless back grazed the seat back he felt the cold surface that made him sit straight up. Pulling in a deep breath at the surprise he lowered himself back into the chair to get as comfortable as he could.

Hal thought, Ok now… write. Just type anything, whatever comes to your mind. As his fingers hovered there over the keys time seemed to pause. He sat looking wondering what to write, amazed at the pressure of a blank page.

Sitting there naked in almost a frozen state he didn’t hear the foot steps coming towards his apartment door. An apartment door that he never locked because he almost never got visitors, especially this early and especially visitors that didn’t knock.

The person coming towards the door just walked right in and Hal didn’t notice until it was too late. Standing there across the room was Amanda. The sexy, fun bartender and long time crush from last night. In his shock he grabbed anything he might be able to cover himself with but all he could find was a free sheet of printer paper.

Hal started to ask what she was doing there but Amanda made her way across the room much quicker than he expected. As she did she dropped her long bulky winter coat. The type of coat that made anyone look like the Michelin Man but with the design sense to have a faux fur collar.

To Hals amazement she was now standing in her full glory just inches from him. She did keep her almost knee high fur lined boots on, again it is winter in New England. Amanda looked Hal straight in the eyes and said. “If you aren’t going to take any of the hints I was throwing out last night I am going to be as obvious as possible.”

Unbelievable! She came to him. He had always had a thing for her but never thought it was reciprocal. She had this enchanting way about her. An ability to draw in almost every guy in her presence. She was pretty, but not on a magazine model way. Her 5ft 2in body was always fit but not overly sculpted. She knew her strongest physical asset was her large natural soft breasts. Never shying away from their mesmerizing power, she used them to her advantage when tending bar. Those tits made her quite a few extra tips.

Amanda was confident and fun and friendly. Her energy is what made her intoxicating. She also had no issue with talking about sex. There were nights her and Hal would close the bar together and get into long conversations about life and relationships. Mostly her experience in carnal relationships and his lack of relationships carnal or otherwise.

Still looking maltepe escort bayan into Hals eyes and seeing disbelief. Amanda reached out and took the edge of the piece of printer paper pitifully

trying to cover his fully erect cock. With her forefinger and thumb she pinched the paper and slowly drew it away from Hals lap.

She looked down and smiled. “Well it looks like someone knows what’s going on.” Pointing to his cock, “I’m going to play with him until you want to join in” Amanda knelt in front of Hal’s chair placing her right hand at the base of his engorged member. Then leaning in, she gently rolled her tongue around the head then across the tip getting a little pre cum on the end of her tongue. She drew her tongue in looked Hal right in the eyes and breathed out with a long “yummmmm”

Hal took a deep breath of his own then responded with a low drawn out “oh my god”. His body gave an involuntary shiver and Amanda knew she was in complete control. Telling Hal to put his head back she will give him something to remember.

Now pushing his cock to his stomach Amanda lowered her tongue to his balls. Pressing her tongue flat spreading his testicles and drawing up the length of his shaft. Finishing with that same gentle swirl over the head.

Having control over Hal’s joystick was exactly why Amanda was here. She wanted to know what he tasted like and if he could fill her needs. Knowing she didn’t need both hands and her mouth to bring slow torturing pleasure to Hal’s cock, she reached down with her free hand to pleasure herself. Running her fingers through her trimmed tuft of pubic hair she split her lips with her middle finger. The sensation cause her to moan and sent a vibration into Hal’s cock that was now mostly in Amanda soft warm talented mouth. In turn that vibration made Hal flinch.

This incredible culmination of pleasure was a long time coming and neither wanted it to rush by. Amanda worked Hal’s throbbing cock slow and deliberate while pleasuring her pussy, now so wet her juices were starting to roll down her thighs. She gave herself a soft slap to her warm mound making her moan into Hal’s cock again.

This time the sensation urged Hal into action. He placed his hands on Amanda’s face and pulled her up to him, so he could taste her lips and inhale her energy. Hal had lost count of the times he thought of this very moment and now its here. At first he softly pressed his lips to hers, making sure to land with purpose. The intensity of the kiss built until tongues became fully entangled and breathing became less important than the taste of each other. Amidst the passion of the kiss Amanda had crawled up onto Hal’s lap and was escort pendik grinding her warm wet sex into Hal’s hard throbbing cock.

Amanda pulled away from Hal’s lips to take a breath and to smother Hal’s face with her amazing naturally full, soft, supple, creamy, ungodly perfect tits. Engulfed by her tits Hal couldn’t help taking in deep breaths of her intoxicating scent. A mix of perfume and sweat and excitement that added to her irresistible nature. Hal started licking and sucking on every part of Amanda’s soft flesh while she ground her hips forward and back, side to side over his trapped member.

Amanda couldn’t wait any longer, she raised up off Hal’s lap just high enough to bring his tip to her hot dripping waiting cunt. She positioned him just right and lowered herself down over the tip slowly. She didn’t just want to fuck him she wanted to feel him. Every inch, every throb, every twitch, and every moan of pleasure into her ample breast as her muscles tightened around his shaft.

Every part of Hal was lit up with excitement and energy and amazement. This is everything he ever fantasized about and here she is. Arriving all on her own and taking in every part of him and letting him take in every part of her.

He couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to be inside Amanda. She now had his whole shaft inside her and was just moving her hips in a deliberate slow Shakira style while tightening her pussy walls that caused an unbelievable sensation.

Hal was trying to hold on to his load, fighting to make this moment last. Amanda was making the fight more and more difficult as she gyrated on his cock and exhaling her hot breath over his neck while moaning with pleasure in his ear.

Amanda’s movements and breath increased in tempo. Now nipping and bitting at Hal’s neck and ear she breathed “Cum for me. Cum in me” repeating with increasing desire in her voice. Hal could do nothing but pull her in tight with a the response “I’m cumming”. His body tightened up and his hips lifted off the chair as he shot load after load of hot cum into Amanda.

Locked in each others arms until the highs of pleasure passed for both of them. Amanda started to kiss Hal on his neck, up his jaw line and to his lips. After another long kiss she leaned back and told him to close his eyes.

Hal did as he was instructed, wondering what could possibly be next he was definitely spent. He thought she was too, but maybe there was more. With his eyes closed and in a state of post orgasm bliss Hal was happy.

SMACK! Ouch! What the hell! Hal opened his eyes rubbing his forehead a little dazed and confused. He looked around at the empty room and the empty screen glowing in front of him. What happened? That’s when it hit him. He had fallen asleep naked in his office chair waiting for some writing inspiration.

What he ended up with was an amazing wet dream. The drying cum in his lap to prove it. Hal thought to himself “I guess I found my muse”.

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