Susan and the Don

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Susan Sutter had a mind of her own. She was the wife of a successful lawyer, mother of two college students and heiress to a fortune. She loved John, her husband, but her hungar for sex was more then he alone could handle. Of course she was careful not to cause talk concerning her “adventures in sex,” which would be terrible for her family, but she pursued sex like some would fame and fortune, with a passion.

Susan was especially fond of role-playing when it came to sexual encounters with her husband and other sometimes other men. In all honesty, she had been with few, other then John. She found it to be very exciting and almost as if it were someone else preforming the very act and she was only watching. This made it possible for her to not feel guilty about cheating on John. The sex within her marriage was very good, but she needed more.

John wasn’t certain of Susan’s faithfulness, but he had no desire to catch her cheating, so he ignored those moments that were questionable.

“I love my husband and I love being married to him,” Susan would think, “But I love fucking even more!” she would shamelessly ended that train of thought.

Susan also loved her horses and could often be found riding in the fields and forests around her home. She was in the process of moving the horse’s stables and had barely missed being ‘caught in the act’ by John one afternoon.

Knowing John would never willingly visit the stables, Susan wasn’t worried about him suddenly appearing there. She had two young men helping her ready the stables for the move that would be happening soon. Watching the two young studs at work soon was feeling very horny. Throwing caution to the wind, she began to flirt with the boys. She felt hot from their hard labor and from watching the young men work. She decided to tie her shirt up, exposing her taunt stomach and after undoing a couple of buttons, the swell of her breasts. Susan’s skin was lightly tanned and had freckles sprinkled across her shoulders. Taking a break from the work, she climbed the ladder to the loft above where the bales of hay were stored.

“Hey guys, take a break.” she called down to the two young men below… “come on up, I’ve got refreshments” she added with a sly grin.

Ashton and Terry looked up at the pretty redhead above them, then at each other. Terry shrugged his shoulders and started up the ladder, Ashton followed his friend after a moments hesitation.

Susan was waiting with a bottle of wine and sandwiches she’d taken from a basket she’d put in the loft earlier. They got comfortable on the piles of loose straw and sat eating in silence. Susan finished her sandwich and lay back on the straw.

“Oh my, this is comfortable” she said, closing her eyes. She could still see both young men through her eyelashes, watching her closely. Susan let one hand move in a lazy circle across her belly. One finger moved to her zipper.. “I’m stuffed” she said as she unzipped her levi’s and let them fall open.

Terry had worked for Mrs. Sutter in the past and remembered how she liked to flirt and play little games. Role Play was her thing he recalled.

He grinned at his friend and said, making his voice deeper. “Well, well, well.. what have we here? It appears we have an escaped slave sleeping her lazy ass off in the hayloft!”

Susan sat up quickly, a look of fear and surprise on her face. Terry stood with his hands on his hips looking down at the woman.

“You will have to be punished miss,” he growled at her. Ashton caught on and joined Terry.

He stood next to his friend, frowning at Susan and said, “Yep, a lazy slave is a no-good slave,” adding “Let’s punish the bitch good.”

Susan’s head hung down and her hands clutched at the tail of his shirt as she pled for mercy. “Oh master please don’t be angry at me! I deserve punishment for sleeping here like a lazy thing but don’t be angry!”

“Lawd it’s damn hot up here,” Terry said next. “Give me your blouse woman, I need to wipe the sweat from my brow.” Ashton raised his eyebrows and looked over at Terry, wondering if she would actually give up her shirt. When he looked back at Susan she had already removed her top and was holding it towards Terry, her head still bowed.

“Damn,” he said under his breath, his grin growing wider. He liked this game.

“I think she should be given a whipping for her laziness,” Ashton said, then added, “and she should be completely naked.” He was amazed to see Susan start removing her bra and then her pants.

“That’s right you little slut, get those garments off and get on your knees.” Terry spoke gruffly, moving closer to her. Ashton could feel his cock growing hard as he watch Susan’s nipples stand out in the warm air. He wondered if she was wet and walked around behind her to find out.

“Wait,” Terry said to his buddy. “Take my cock out of my pants,” he demanded of Susan. As soon as it was free he pushed her head down on it. “Suck it bitch.” Susan obeyed his demand.

Susan’s heart was pounding olgun porno with excitement as her lips opened to engulf the head of Terry’s cock. “mmmmmmmmmm,” she mumbled as he thrust it down her throat. Terry looked across Susan to Ashton and grinned then nodded his head, giving his friend to ‘go ahead.’

Ashton rubbed the head of his hard member across Susan’s pussy. It was dripping wet. He slid his cock into her with little effort. “Ahhhhhh,” he groaned, pushing his hard dick as far into the redhead’s cunt as possible. Susan wiggled her ass and continued sucking Terry’s cock with gusto. Terry grabbed Susan’s hair and held her still for a couple of minutes. He felt his cum pushing upward, ready to gush at any moment. “Let’s get more comfortable,” he suggested, moving towards a pile of straw, pulling Susan with him, causing Ashton’s dick to plop out of her.

Terry lay on his back and pulled Susan to his waiting prick, this time having her straddle him so she could lower herself onto it.

Ashton watched for a few minutes then pushed Susan down on Terry’s chest and rubbed his throbbing cock against her asshole. Susan felt alarm and started to protest but Terry quickly filled her mouth with his probbing tongue and held her tightly against him. She felt Ashton spread her ass cheeks and push a little harder at her backdoor.

Susan had never had anal sex and was afraid of the damage it might do. Again she tried to protest but the boys were not paying any attention to anything but their pleasure. Ashton used some of her pussy juice to lube her asshole as he pushed past the tight opening. He didn’t want to cause too much pain, so he went slowly.

Susan relaxed and allowed Ashton to do what he would, since it appeared she had little choice in the matter, besides, it was beginning to feel good. A bit painful but nonetheless, exciting. She lost herself to the pleasure she was feeling, as two cocks thrust in and out of her holes. She could even feel them rubbing against each other through to thin skin that seperated them. Soon she was moaning and begging for more! All three were about to cum when they heard a car door slam and realized they had company. They froze, waiting to hear if their visitor was coming into the barn.

Ashton’s cock jerked out of Susan with an audible ‘plop,’ which made Susan giggle.

Terry pushed her off of his rod and jumped up to grab his pants. He hopped around on one foot, trying to get them on. This too, made Susan want to laugh, instead, she covered her mouth and giggled again. She put a finger to her lips for them to keep quiet and made her way over to a place in the wall of the loft that had a view of the front entrance.

She knew it was John before she even looked. Susan could see the annoyed look on his face as he glanced towards the stable. She couldn’t help but giggle one more time.. John hated the stable and hated the horses, he wouldn’t venture forth After a little while, John got into his vehicle and drove away. Susan looked back at the boys and said softly, “Is my punishment over masters?”

“Get back here,” Terry said gruffly, while stroking his already hardening member. “Trade places?” he ask, looking at his friend.

Ashton grinned and answered, “No problem, bro.” Susan lowered her cunt onto Ashton’s cock with a sigh. This time she leaned forward on her own and used her own hands to spread her lovely ass for Terry to fuck. She groaned as he slid deep into her and started to rock back and forth on the balls of his feet.

“Yeah, that’s it, fuck my ass and pussy! It feels sooooooo good!” Susan moaned loudly. These two young studs were giving it all they had now, as both fucked Susan. It wasn’t long before she had the first orgasim and then a second one, as the two young men continued to use her, each seeking his own release. Susan had her third orgasim just as both young men filled her with their hot cum.

Catching her breath at, Susan got her clothes and started to dress. Speaking in a casual tone, she said out, “Let’s try to get the job finished today boys.” as if nothing had ever happened. They watched her climb down the ladder and start working where they had left off eariler, then looked at each other in surprise. Terry finally gave a shrug and got dressed…Ashton did the same.

Susan shook her head slightly and smiled to herself. “Ah, fantasy is a wonderful thing,” she murmured. She bent from the waist and scooped up a few straws from the floor of the loft.

“Mrs. Sutter, where do you want us to put the equipment?” a voice broke into her thoughts. It was Terry, one of the young men helping her clean the stable, which was to be moved in a few days, and one of the stars in her mind video just now. She laughed out loud. Terry smiled at the pretty woman and was about to ask what was so funny, when he heard the noise of an engine starting up. Looking out from the loft, they watched Mr. Sutter drive away, then returned to their chores. Susan was faithful, but did enjoy porno a good fantasy about other men now and again.

Susan rode across the property as she did almost every day. Sitting straight upon the beautiful horse, her beloved Zanzibar. She’d heard rumor in town that the property she was currently tresspassing on, had been purchased and she was curious as to whom it might be. The neighboring house, mansion was more what it would be described as, came into view. A long, sleek black car was parked in front of the entry. She didn’t see anyone around outside as she trotted the horse closer for a better look.

A noise behind her startled Zanzibar, making the spirited horse bolt forward, but Susan gained control quickly then looked towards the trees from which the noise had come. Glancing back at Alhambra, she saw four men getting into the car. She turned the horse back to the path and started home. One of the men had looked towards her and their eyes had met for a second. He was probably the buyer, she didn’t know what made her think this, but she felt certain it was so.

Susan felt a thrill of excitement go through her body. John had told her that he’d met the new neighbor, a Mr. Frank Barbarosa, reputed Mafia Don. Of course that was not a proven fact, but just the idea of it being true was exciting. She was certain he was the man whose eyes had met hers the day she had ridden to Alhambra. He looked like a powerful man, even from a distance. Susan planned to ride over to Alhambra again, to introduce herself and explain that allowing neighbors to ride on the property was expected. She wanted to see him up close and find out if he was what everyone claimed…

Several days passed before Susan decided to make a visit to Alhambra. She planned to knock on the front door and introduce herself to the new neighbors. This time she walked across the properties instead of riding her horse. She was curious as to what kind of changes or improvememts had been made to Alhambra by the new people. She had seen work was going on but not exactly what kind. John had refused to go with her or to even go at all. He could be so stubborn and such a snob at times.

No one answered her knock, apparently no one was at home. Susan was disappointed as she walked back to Stanhope. By the time she reached her own front door, she was wishing she had ridden Zanzibar.

“Let’s pay a visit to Alhambra,” she said to John after dinner.

“Why?” he asked, obviously uninterested in such a venture.

“To be neighborly.” Susan answered, feeling annoyed by Johns attitude.

“And since when did you become the Welcome Committee?” John asked.

“Don’t be such a snob,” Susan snapped back at her husband.

“Fine, we’ll call them and invite ourselves over.” he replied, ignoring the tone of her voice. He went to the telephone and dialed. He spoke to someone on the other end for a few minutes then hung up and smiled at his wife. “Tomorrow night, seven.” he turned abruptly and left the room. Susan smiled to herself.

The next morning found Susan up and ready to enjoy a morning ride. She saddled Zanzibar and mounted him then turned to ride across the field towards a stand of trees near the new neighbors place. When she reached she trees, she climbed down off her horse and walked to a spot that would give her a clear view of Alhambra. She stood gazing at the beautiful property and was startled when she heard a voice speak from behind her. Turning quickly, Susan fell into the arms of a man standing behind her.

“Oh God! You scared the hell out of me!” she said before pulling herself away. Her body had been pressed tight against his and she thought she could feel his cock, hard against her for a minute. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she realized he was the man she’d seen the day before. “Mrs. Sutter I presume?” the man asked, a slight grin on his face.

“Yes.” she answered, “and you must be our new neighbor, you purchased Alhambra.” she said matter of factly. She felt annoyed at being caught snooping by him.

“Frank Barbarosa, Mrs. Sutter. I believe we are having dinner together tonight?” he said, enjoying her discomfort.

“Yes, my husband, John, and I will be joining you for dinner.” she answered, sounding like a snob in her own ears. She felt warm standing there and her heart was still pounding hard in her chest. She hoped he didn’t notice her aggitation.

Susan found Frank Barbarosa very attractive in a dark sort of way. He looked every bit like a Mafia Don to her, at least in her imagination. Of course she didn’t believe it to be true. Not at all. That was just talk by nosey people.

“Well… I’ll see you tonight then.” he said, still grinning as he turned and walked back towards his house in the distance.

Susan stood watching him go and wondered why she felt so.. confussed.

John and Susan were prompt, arriving at Alhambra exactly at seven o’clock. Frank Barbarosa greeted them warmly. He made no mention of the meeting between Porno 64 him and Susan that afternoon, which suited Susan since she hadn’t told John of the encounter. She wasn’t hiding it, just not saying anything. The men were talking about the property so Susan strolled around the lavish room, admiring the paintings. She wondered where the ‘Mrs. Barbarosa’ was at. Her thoughts were interrupted by a female voice.

“Hello, I decided to check on the progress in the kitchen. Dinner will be served in a few minutes. And you must be our neighbors, the Sutters? How do you do..” the blonde woman smiled and waited for her husband to introduce her properly.

A few days after the dinner, Susan stood at the edge of their property, looking at Alhambra. She jumped when a voice spoke close to her.. “Hello Mrs. Sutter. I hope you are well today.” Frank Barbarosa said with his Italian accent more noticeable then before. His dark eyes pierced her intently. He was standing close enough that she could smell him. Soap and expensive aftershave.

Susan’s legs felt weak, as if they might not support her weight for much longer. Of course it was from her fright of him sneaking up on her like he did. She hadn’t heard a sound before he spoke. She swayed a tiny bit and suddenely she was in his arms. His mouth just inches from hers. Susan couldn’t take her eyes off of his mouth. He smiled and pulled her tightly to him.

“Mrs. Sutter, you okay?” he asked, sounding concerned. His voice was deep and had a rough edge to it.

“I’m.. I’m fine.” Susan said in a whisper, still staring at his mouth. There was a long moment of silence, then his head bent down and he pressed his mouth to hers. Susan almost fainted, then responded to the heat building inside of her. Her tongue flickered against his lips, which parted and sucked her tongue gently, before moving on to explore her mouth. Susan moaned and kissed Frank lustfully.

“Yeah baby, that’s it. I could see what you needed the first time I laid eyes on you.” he said hotly in her ear. His lips brushed down her throat while his hand fumbled with the buttons on her blouse. Susan felt the air against her skin when he pulled her top open. His hand pushed the straps of her bra down and cupped a breast. Susan felt helpless to stop him as his head lowered to her exposed tit and captured her nipple to suck.

Susan forget everything, where she was, who she was and what she was doing at that moment. Her skin was flushed with excitement and lust. They were in a strand of trees and couldn’t be seen by anyone. Frank lowered her to a bed of leaves and pushed her pants down so he could touch her pussy.

“Your so fuckin hot lady.” he said as he opened his trousers and pulled his penis out. Susan’s eyes grew wide as she looked at his member. It was huge. Much larger then John’s and bigger than any she had ever seen. Her pussy had gotten very wet and she could feel the heat from it. “Oh yeah, you want to be fucked pretty bad, don’t you Mrs. Sutter?” he said as he pushed her back and straddled her waist.

Susan knew she should stop, but couldn’t make herself do it. She was begging this man to fuck her hard, right there on the ground. She was twisting and turning and lifting her ass off the ground as if in offering. She heard herself saying, “Please Frank, fuck me now… I can’t wait any longer. Put your cock in me Frank, please!”

Frank Barbarosa, Mafia Don, fucked Susan like a stud who couldn’t get enough pussy. He bit her shoulders and was handling her roughly, but Susan loved it. He made sure she knew she had been fucked and fucked hard.

Susan stood looking at John with annoyance. “Why don’t you like our neighbors John? Is there a real problem or is it the snob in you coming out?” she asked.

“Susan, he’s involved with the Mafia, I’m an honest lawyer, the two don’t mix.” he snapped back at her. John wondered why Susan was so determined they mingle with the new neighbors, it was not like her to push like this.

“You know that’s just talk, the bit about the Mafia. You don’t know that it’s true!” she persisted, adding, “And since when did you start believing everything you hear?”

John didn’t bother with a reply, he turned and walked to the door, he glanced back at his wife and decided not to say any more, it would only start a fight that he didn’t wish to deal with.

Susan watched John pull away and head down the driveway, then raced to the bedroom to grab a light jacket. She was working on a painting for Frank’s house and was anxious to go over there. Maybe for more then just to paint.. She hadn’t seen Frank alone since the morning up by the trees. She shivered a little, remembering how wild he had made her. The sex was better then she imagined possible. She wasn’t sure what her feelings were yet. Pushing her thoughts aside, Susan hurried out and across the field to Alhambra.

“Mr. Barbarosa will be down in a few moments.” one of his ‘henchmen’ told Susan, leering at her the whole while. She ignored his look and went into the room where she was working on the painting. Her stomach was full of butterflies as she waited for Frank to appear. After a couple of minutes, she picked up a brush and began to paint. She forgot everything as her attention focused on her art.

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